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Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise & Suri Head to Their Helicopter

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise & Suri Head to Their Helicopter

Katie Holmes and her 5-year-old daughter Suri leave their apartment on Tuesday (August 9) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress, along with hubby Tom Cruise, 49, and Suri, who carried an umbrella, headed to a nearby helipad to board a helicopter.

Earlier in the day, Katie stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where she promoted her new flick, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, and also played Pictionary.

“What I love about Guillermo [del Toro]‘s writing is that he doesn’t write victims,” Katie told USA Today about the horror film’s producer and screenwriter. “[In the horror movie] women are not afraid, they don’t just sit back.”

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Suri heading to their helicopter…

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  • Madam Gaga

    Isn’t it about time they had another child? You would think Katie wants a son as well but she doesn’t seem interested. Her relationship with Tom Cruise has been basically stagnant since 2006. They could have had at least 3 children by now.

  • family

    @Madam Gaga:

    maybe she & he only want one. their business. he has his kids living with them too…full house.

  • family

    @Madam Gaga:

    Perhaps they just want one. They seem very happydespite all the negative talk on JJ about them. I bet they have a long happy marriage. Besides, his teen kids live with them, it’s a full house.

  • doll

    Love them!! Suri is so darn cute with her doll and umbrella!

    A real GIRL huh? lol someone else should take note, this is how a 5 yr old girl is. not carrying swords and dressed in boy pants shirts and damn, even shoes!
    Tom looks younger then ever, great shape too.

  • family


    repeated this as 1st didn’t take :)

  • evan

    I really can’t stand this family. Tom and Katie are the worst parents ever. Suri always looks pissed and she is only 5 years old. Look at the nervous way she is holding her umbrella. To me, that baby’s got some serious problems!!

    sorry for my english

  • leave the kid alone


    Oh Please! You take a pic and know all about the kid. She usually is very happy, looks like maybe she just got up from a nap. She’s so cute, right away “problems”. No problems, she’s being raised a Girl not a Boy. Normal!!

  • Who Cares

    I think it’s pretty stupid and unethical that Suri Cruise has a tag.

  • annie

    that’s one way of not having to look directly at the paps …use an umberella. clever girl!

  • Mari

    She looks awfully a lot like Joshua Jackson on the left picture and also like she is in the middle of a tantrum, lol. :D


    @evan: Maybe the paparazzi are pissing her off ! And i just realize paparazzi , don’t follow Tom or Katie but Suri !!!

  • Family time!

    I just realized they are taking over for Ben and Jen for now. Since she
    Is now promoting her movie. Don’t be afraid of the dark! Never seen
    Suri at the gym which is nice! Thanks

  • Annabelle

    Oh! Sure can actually can WALK! yay !!!

  • shocka

    Does this family ever stay home?! It’s like they’re always on a hamster wheel. Tom, get off the hamster wheel… Stay home for once…. Settle down! Slow down in your older years. What’s with the personal helicopter?! BORING

  • vrag

    SICK, all of them.

  • Uneducated

    Katie should look up the definition of a victim. She’s so arrogant.

  • KC

    Katie needs to ditch those ugly booties things she’s been wearing everyday for the past two months!

  • Sonia0404

    I am wondering why the real star of the movie, Guy Pierce stays half a planet away from the multiple premieres?
    Reminds me how the real talent, Anna Paquin(sp?), in ‘The Romantics’, the one this Zombie made with Fergie’s husband, never showed her face for the promotion?

    I think they all know now how toxic the Zombie to the production.
    However, so long as Tommygurl keeping buying parts for the no talent wannabe, the industry will be more than happy to give her exposure.

  • OMG!

    she was busting out of her clothes last night on Fallon! She needs someone who checks her before she goes out on stage. and not suri. she’s five.

  • Sonia0404

    You’ve got to cut this zombie some slacks.
    She barely made it through HS, then signed the contract to the beard of an HS dropout.

    Most of the time, she talks vapid, looks vacuum. Don’t expect her to know how to use the dictionary.

  • @Uneducated

    Exactly! There is a big difference between “being” a victim and “playing” the victim. She may be in denial about circumstances in her own life and therefore, doesn’t get it.

  • Car Dancing

    Awkward interview. “So, I hear that you dance in the car…” Then Katie does a lame over-rehearsed car dance. We all know what her actual spontaneous dancing is like:
    (go to 0:50)

  • lmao

    i couldn’t believe she couldn’t draw harry potter for pictionary! she’s pretty bad. maybe she does the sketches for holmes & yang. that would explain a lot.

  • Just Say No!

    Why does Mrs. Cruise always look drugged when she is with Mr. Cruise?

  • Katie’s Ocassional Lisp

    Interview starts at 1:52

    Is she wearing a flipper or toasted?

  • Lissa

    I feel bad for Suri. She always looks sad.

  • toria

    It is a constant source of wonderment to me how someone with so much money and access to styling resources can look so bad most of the time. Honey, those booties have to go. Not to mention she is wearing skinny or straight leg jeans with them. Hello Katie bot – this is why they make jeans called BOOT jeans! And why does she always wear those awful white tees underneath everything. We know you have no boo-bs. A bra would be so much better.

  • Another Shallow Interview

    Actress Katie Holmes dresses up more when she is in Europe because she likes her style to reflect the city she’s in.

    Katie Holmes dresses up more when she is in Europe.

    The 32-year-old actress – who has a five-year-old daughter Suri with husband Tom Cruise – hates to stand out in a crowd so changes her wardrobe to match where she is in the world.

    She said: “I like dressing to suit the places I travel to.

    “So if I’m in New York, I’ll wear a little more black. In Europe I try to be extra dressed up and in LA I’m probably my most laid back. I lie to fit in.”

    The ‘Kennedys’ star insists she isn’t always glamorous and prefers to be “comfortable”, particularly in her everyday life.

    She told Britain’s Marie Claire magazine: “When I’m taking Suri to school or if I’m doing chores, I like to wear sweats.

    “I’ve always been the same – comfort comes first and I’m often found kicking around in my UGG boots.

    “I buy my casualwear from FreeCity, Abercrombie & Fitch and American label James Perse. It’s expensive, but I think it’s worth it – the pieces last forever and are so soft.”

    Katie is a fan of European designers, particularly when choosing her jackets, as she likes the shape they give her.

    She said: “If I’m meeting girlfriends for a lunch date, I’ll probably wear slim jeans, usually by Current/Elliott and some kind of shirt or top by Isabel Marant – I like her stuff.

    “I’m quite keen on European designers for neat, tailored jackets, so I’ll put something from MaxMara on top.

    “Their clothes are such high quality and I know I’ll be able to keep them in my closet forever.”

  • sam

    @Madam Gaga:

    Isn’t it about time they had another child? You would think Katie wants a son as well but she doesn’t seem interested. Her relationship with Tom Cruise has been basically stagnant since 2006. They could have had at least 3 children by now.

    u kidding? She does NOT need another child! You dumb as well?
    Look at the abnormal brat she has!

  • Just somepoints

    ^hanks Another Shallow Interview. That was so shallow and she always looks like crap or thrown together or trashy, punkish, unkempt.

    shokca and Zombie, I agree.

    Once again, they carrying Suri, a 5yr. old. She doesn’t go to school. Has no friends, playmates, lives here, there,all over.
    Why can’t they keep this feral kid in one home base long enough for her to have a kid’s routine, school, away from paparraiz’s view.
    It works for The Affleck kids and Halle Berry’s daughter.
    Except, the papps really should take less pics of the kids. In Suir’s case, she IS ALWAYS in paps view put their by her parents.

    Yeah, I heard someone amke a Brad and Angelina mention too. Yeah, their kids should be homebased for a good portion of the year. Fly them out to the parents movies or homebase them in the palces for the movie time.
    Cars, palnes, trains, helicopters is not normal and even in their world, it is not really nomralwhere one can gaurantee this will be done forever or it is how folks in their world live.

    Prince William and Prince Henry-if they live normal lives for them in their world, then anybody can. They went to school. Made friends. Didn’t make some friends. learned things. Studies. Passed classes. Chose their friends. Are relativiely normal even in our regular folks world to a point.

  • miri

    The little princes… yeah, when they were little they went to school and all, but I understand that they were in a boarding school after the elementary one… many rich English kids are sent to those old money schools. In my opinion, that’s not perfect either.

  • boston61

    I would love to see her in a polo some cute shorts and sneakers and socks. Kids need to be able to move. Not wobble around in a dress and flip flops like a middle aged woman.

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    Wow, how hip. TMZ has a video of Tom grabbing Katie’s butt during the Katy Perry Concert!

  • Lilly

    What the heck ? Two a day ” Cruise Mess” photos?

  • NYC Broad

    WTF!?! It was 90 degrees with 95% humidity in the city yesterday. Why the hell is KrazyKatie wearing a sweater?? That’s what happens when you have bulimia/anorexia. You’re cold all the time. Girlfriend needs to eat a sandwich and get a good lawyer for when Cruise dumps her with no warning.

  • Suri Hates NYC
  • anon

    @Madam Gaga:

    They won’t have another child. Katie said so in InStyle or some other interview. I guess it’s because Tommy isn’t the sperm donor. That child is not his or she’s not contractually obligated to give him another spawn.

  • Toria

    Hey it’s photo op time, OVER HERE CAMERAS. It is truly amazing how they can come and go with no paps whenever they want to, but when they need the PR for a film or just to stay relevant then the paps are all over this couple. Do they really think we don’t know that someone “leaked” their departure time? Or they could have hopped in their limo or SUV on the sly and gotten to the airport to catch the GMD’s private jet?


    God I hate those damn booties she wears. They’re neutral yet they somehow manage not to go with anything she ever wears!? How the F%^& is that even possible? If I could get my hands on these booties and that damn little hat she is so fond of wearing I would do everyone, including her, a favor and burn them! Geesh, Katie stop listening to Tom and Suri and start dressing your own grown azz self!

  • Romeo

    I wish all parents were as ‘bad’ as TomKat are, #7.

    You’d then just say that TomKat really aren’t getting any more offers, #15.

    Arrogant how, #17? What did she do wrong?

    That’s untrue, #27.

    You have absolutely no idea how any of these kids were raised, #31. Mind your own children.

    Make up your mind, #39. Either they parade her around when they aren’t promoting anything or they parade her around to promote something. Be consistent.

  • Romeo

    I wish all parents were as ‘bad’ as TomKat are, #7.

    You’d then just say that TomKat really aren’t getting any more offers, #15.

    Arrogant how, #17? What did she do wrong?

    That’s untrue, #27.

    You have absolutely no idea how any of these kids were raised, #31. Mind your own children.

    Make up your mind, #39. Either they parade her around when they aren’t promoting anything or they parade her around to promote something. Be consistent.

  • Alina

    For such a physically attractive child Suri sure makes some awful faces. Given the way she has been raised, there is no doubt she will continue to be in the public eye for the majority of her life. It will be interesting… or maybe frightening is a more accurate word, to hear her speak her mind on matters. God knows she is growing up with a warped world view.

  • Bandolino

    SNORT. Katie just used the words amazing and magical to describe Marco’s performance on So You Think You Can Dance. She is definitely way out of her league as a judge.

  • dr

    such a pickled faced brat!

  • NG

    Here’s the video that goes with these pictures:

  • Susi

    Why is Suri wearing flip flops and a light dress and everybody else boots and a sweater? She should dress her kid much warmer! Sorry for my bad english.

  • Bandolino

    Wow, she is getting savaged for her judging on SYTYCD last night. I dont’ get it. She is an actress yet she can’t seem to string one intelligent sentence together off camera. Basically, she seemed sweet and looked good, but she rambled, gave obsequious and nonsensical observations, she stuttered, did the ums, ers, bit way too much and basically had nothing to say of any import. For someone who fancies themselves a dancer and has taken lessons supposedly a minimum of several times a week, it is utterly amazing that this magical person could only critique the clothes and a jump now and then, and could not come up with one intelligent comment about a dance move, the choreography (except to compliment the choreographer on an amazing number, amazing), or execution of the performers in the numbers. Heck I could have done a better job with only grammar school ballet and tap.

  • Sandra

    Awww.. always cute.
    Love suri..!!

  • Robot?????

    Suri is not being raised as a child..she’s like a robot!!!!!i dont like comparing but if i’ll see Shiloh JOlie pitt,,i remember Suri,,,Shiloh is a very healthy,happy and seems very down to Earth child while Suri is a very spoiled child_…

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