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Leighton Meester & Ed Westwick: Upper West Siders

Leighton Meester & Ed Westwick: Upper West Siders

Leighton Meester and co-star Ed Westwick film scenes for Gossip Girl on Tuesday (August 9) in NYC’s Upper West Side.

The 25-year-old actress (wearing a Louis Vuitton dress) and 24-year-old actor got into character as Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass to shoot a scene while walking a dog.

Last week, Ed was in California where he got to work on the CW show with Blake Lively and Chace Crawford aboard a yacht.

Check out this video below of Leighton chatting about Vera Wang‘s Lovestruck fragrance, which she’s the face of. She also talks about how she feels when she’s lovestruck, her love for NYC, and what she finds romantic!

10+ pictures inside of Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick filming on the Upper West Side…

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leighton meester ed westwick gossip girl west side 01
leighton meester ed westwick gossip girl west side 02
leighton meester ed westwick gossip girl west side 03
leighton meester ed westwick gossip girl west side 04
leighton meester ed westwick gossip girl west side 05
leighton meester ed westwick gossip girl west side 06
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Photos: Fame Pictures, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Cole

    Chuck + Blair = Only good thing about Gossip Girl until the writers f’d them up since season 2!

  • Lila

    Way to freaking expose the two are back together. Ugh! Chuck and Blair(sperately) are kind of destroyed by the writers. They turned Chuck into a lowlife, and Blair into a desperate, needy girl which she never was. The only character who is the same is Nate. He’s still lost and just kind of hanging around.

  • marinĂ©s


  • Alina

    They both look happy and gorgeous.So excited for season five and Chuck and Blair scenes.Love them.

  • Bruno Mercury

    Leighton is voluptuous, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful.

  • Elena

    Chuck & Blair!!!! I wish it weren’t a dream or something like that!

  • megan


  • samantha

    god, does anyone else think Blair And Serena Look like absolute shite now?
    The boys haven’t changed.
    But the clothing for blair is so weird, (though i do like this dress) her hair is always in perfect curls and now, it’s this mess. I mean, those would be OK if they had volume.
    And serena’s hair is just as shit she doesnt have the effortless curls or anything now.

  • Strawberry Jam

    Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick are the only good actors in GG.
    I can’t believe Blake gets much more attention when she’s just being herself when portraying Serena.
    @ # 5 : you should check the definition of the world “voluptuous”.
    It doesn’t apply to a tiny framed woman like Leighton.

  • BrianneD

    I love how down to earth Leighton is in real life. You can tell she’s very laid back and just likes to be comfortable in life. Very admirable trait a celebrity like her can have! I’d love to meet her in person!<3

    Oh. And Chuck&Blair FTW!!! Main reason to watch the show. No doubt. But what’s he doing walking a dog? Lol. But I love that they are interacting! :D

  • hale

    @Strawberry Jam: How do you know Blake Lively is the same as Serena? We don’t know the girl. We don’t know the entire cast.

  • pili

    I can not believe he only hurts blair

    team dair

  • Citygal

    finally! new chuck & blair photos! what the world has been waiting for.

  • gg fan

    dair get what they deserve :D
    they are so cute FINALLY!

  • Me

    Wth? Chuck & Blair are going to get back together :/ I have lost all hopes for this show.

  • Katie

    I love it! They look so good together.

  • ck

    Can’t tell..could be a dream sequence or the like, so be careful thinking they’re back.

  • f.

    Love the dress, hate the curls but she is still amazing!
    They are so cute!


    I’m so fed up ! Whether they are together for good whether they’re not ! This is getting ridiculous , Nicky + Victor 2.0 ! Same goes for Serena and Dan or Serena and Nate ! At least Vanessa left thank god !


    @Strawberry Jam: How is Blake like Serena ? Just bevause they both love Louboutins doesn’t mean they are the same ! It’s like saying BeyoncĂ© is the same as Sasha Fierce to me -_-’


    AND BTW BRING BACK JENNY ! At least she was real drama !

  • nina

    I used to like this show and chair but the show is becoming sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooo ridiculous, I can’t even watch it without laughing at all the chuck and blair things! it sucks, only the fashion is good. and by the way, leighton was pretty in the first two seasons and then just faded away, she doesn’t look good on these pics, but the dress is lovely……

  • vrag

    I still think Dan and Blair should hook up. As fun as Chuck is, he is SO past tense – we’ve been there, we saw that, now we demand something else.

  • vrag

    @PARISNYC: YES. And she should be with Chuck. Somehow, they FIT.

  • Me

    I haven’t watched since like the middle of season 3 just because they completely destroyed Chuck and Blair and if anyone pays attention to the ratings then you’d know that just because over the internet there seem to be alot of ‘Dair’ fans it doesn’t translate since ratings have really dipped since they started that pairing. But if this is a Chuck and Blair reunion then im so back on board!

  • towanda

    love her bot don’t like her hair.

  • Me

    Also i agree about the hair ugh i was looking at some old on set pictures and her hair was so beautiful S1-S2 first it was black with big curls then she went a lighter color and softer waves ugh i miss that now it seems like the hair and makeup crew dont even care like Leighton and Blakes hair is just a second thought

  • Polo

    @Me: Exactly. Serena’s hair used to be curled in Season 1 and from then it became a frizzy mess.

  • anon

    Guess shes not marrying the prince guy lol

  • mari

    I’m sad to say but I’m hoping and crossing my fingers that they wont get back together as a couple.I liked them and rooted for them for like 2 season,3 seasons I was still half way ok,but after 4 one.It got boring.Their relationship got really annoying.Cause they like became one of the big arcs of all those seasons.They break-up,then they play around,then they get back together,then one of them (mostly Chuck) does something bad and they break again and still keep fooling around.Its not nice and pretty anymore.Neither they stay back together for good for more than 3-5 episodes,like for a whole season and maybe longer or they just get together as friends with no side trips to bedroom.Because how long can you keep going with this circle?

  • ds

    I love Chuck&Blair! wanna watch it now!!! it seems like a funny scene :D the most beautiful part of GG <3

  • Megan

    I really love Chuck and Blair and hope there are many scenes with them next year.

  • Jaz

    Love seeing Chuck and Blair sharing scenes! They’re the only reason I still watch Gossip Girl and Ed and Leighton have the best chemistry. I really hope they’ll get back together sooner than later.

  • Becky

    Finally some Chuck and Blair!! Now I’m getting excited about Season 5. They’re so cute together. It would be a shame if they didn’t have as many scenes together as possible. They’re the only good thing about Gossip Girl. Ed and Leighton are on fire when they share scenes!

  • Emily

    YAY! Thanks for all the Chuck and Blair pictures. I absolutely adore them together and cannot wait for more scenes from them. Sigh, I miss when they were happy. Hope it’ll happen again soon!

    BTW, that dog is the most adorable thing!

  • Sandy

    Yes to more Chuck and Blair! So excited! They look gorgeous!!!

  • Emily

    Love them so much together, and they look beautiful. Chuck and Blair + dog for the win!

  • http://@GGFan73104 GGfan73104

    LOVE the CB! Hope this is the start of reuniting them! Can’t wait for season 5 :)

  • Sarah

    Chuck, Blair and a dog! So adorable! Only Chuck, Blair and Baby Bass can top all this cuteness. Thanks for these beautiful pictures. I absolutely love Chuck and Blair and cannot wait to see them interacting. Ed and Leighton own the show!

  • Lisa

    Love these photos! I only watch Gossip Girl for Chuck and Blair so I hope we get many many more of these types of photos. I really hope we see them reunited once and for all this season.

  • Angela

    Aww. I hope this means they’re going to finally redeem Chuck for all the awful things he’s done and rebuild Chuck and Blair. I’ve missed them so much. Leighton and Ed have insane chemistry. The show isn’t the same without them. ;)

  • atmydesk

    love them so much!! they look gorgeous and EL chemistry is incomparable!! Im not sure this is a reunion but don’t care, will always love them and scenes together steal the show!

  • Mia

    They’re absolutely adorable in that pic! Love them! Can’t wait for that scene! I’m now excited for next season!!

  • Celina

    sexiest GG fiming of this season. They look perfectly beautiful and sexy. I am excited to watch their scene. Chuck and Blair tops everything!

  • Marni

    I love the dress! And they look so happy together. Are they getting back together?? I lost interest in the middle of Season 4 with all the Blair/Dan tediousness and boring storylines for Serena and Chuck. If this is what the start of the new season looks like I’m so in!

  • Kalinda

    This warms my heart! Chuck and Blair and a cute Benji dog! I hope this means they’re back. I hated how they were destroyed the last 2 seasons. It’s been awful and the show has suffered because of it.
    Please let this mean redeeming Chuck and a nice, sexy slow rebuild for Chuck and Blair’s relationship. ;)

  • Vanillalatte86

    I love Chuck and Blair! I hope they get back together an soon!!

  • Chelsea

    They look so in love! Season 5 was looking so boring until now! Finally a reason to tune in! :) Chuck and Blair FTW!

  • Anna

    Finally some CB!!!!!!!!!! And finally a reason to watch season 5….. Ed & Leighton both look great. Every time they share a scene their chemistry practically overwhelms you.

  • Nelly

    CB are the picture of perfection. So much love, adoration and bliss in Chuck’s eyes…..OMFG, I LOVE how tender he’s holding her inn his arms.