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Zac Efron: Pumped Up on 'Paperboy' Set!

Zac Efron: Pumped Up on 'Paperboy' Set!

Zac Efron shows off his muscles in a white tank top while on the set of his new film The Paperboy on Wednesday (August 10) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The 23-year-old actor plays the brother to Matthew McConaughey’s character in the upcoming flick, based on the 1995 Pete Dexter novel.

The thriller will follow a Miami Times reporter as he returns to his Florida hometown to investigate the imprisonment of a death row inmate.

Zac picked up the award for Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon: Male at last weekend’s 2011 Teen Choice Awards.

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zac efron pumped up on paperboy set 03
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Credit: Sinky/Butters; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • IllWill

    Good looking guy

  • xoxo

    stop hanging out with matthew haha, lately I don’t find him as hot as he used to be

  • Pamela

    He looks like a little boy – so petite! he’s cute for a shorty!

  • boston61

    Not even a little bit sexy. Hope he cleaned his ears.

  • Wes

    very nice!

  • disney


    Exactly, he can put on all the muscle his frame can carry, but he still looks like a kid no matter how much Hollywood tries to make him look like a leading man.

  • felicia

    not attractive.

  • Yo-Landi

    He’s buff but not ripped…… lol that’s odd. I don’t know how to describe it. He’s in shape without being totally in shape. He could be a little more. It’s almost like he’s on his way to chubbiness. Haha. I’m not criticizing!!! I think he’s cute nonetheless. He has the most beautiful eyes and something is attractive about him. Maybe the fact that he seems like a good nice dude. I’m looking forward to see more of his movies. He’s certainly not the worst actor I’ve ever seen. Compared to Vanessa Hudgens, he’s Oscar worthy. Well, I’m looking forward to seeing her movies too. They have to show their guts. For the moment, I can’t claim that they’re very good actors. The HSM scar is still too painful for me

  • Zzz

    Him and shia, two guys who’s appeal ill never understand. They both come acorss as dirtbags to me. Liked for the same reasons i think, because they look good. ill admit shia has some acting chops, he’s still a dirtbag but ill give him that. This guy not so much

  • Vivi

    he looks really good! is his hair lighter though?

  • oopsie

    he looks so trannylike

  • genie

    no offense to this kid, I have nothing against him, but there’s nothing special about him. Which probably explains why his career has stalled in the past few years.

  • kyle

    He’s smokin’ hot!!!

  • the UNHCR

    Where is Angelina?

    Why s she not in Somalia, Kenya, ….
    Why do they not hungry at the people?

    It is not to promote a new movie – Angelina, please
    go to Africa now!

  • beatriz

    Damn! he’s fine.

  • camilla

    pfff he makes me feel sick i hate him

  • athena

    I can’t wait to see his new films. Thanks to you haters on board, he’s probably more guarded now.
    He’s a better actor than Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattison that’s for sure.
    He almost looks a little bulky in these pics. Hot no doubt though.

  • nick

    the dud is so gay;i mean who breaks up with such hottie like vanessa.i swear even if i was gay i wont breaks up with her “jerk”

  • lola

    i used to love him but no sorry nooooooooooo

  • Nicky

    @nick: they had serious reasons to break up, they didn’t break up bc they had nothing better to do. stupid idiot.
    I’m pretty sure that you’re gay. If someone is straight then it’s Zac.

  • kerri

    Beautiful. Gosh he makes everything seem amazing lol. Love you Zac :)

  • Butterfly

    @nick: But you do not know what she is actually like. No disrespect to her, but she is probably nothing like you think. You base your views on her looks and public image. These people are probably nothing like we think they are. looks alone do not make a relationship.

  • Zzz

    Oh please, the only reason people like this guy is because of looks, personally I don’t see what the big deal is. But that’s all he has to rely on

  • Frozoid

    Almost 19 years’ difference in age between Zac and Matthew. Odds are low that they could be brothers.

  • nepenthes


  • Roadhouse

    Looking good Zac. Can;t wait for your movies to show.


    Wonder how many licks it takes to get to his center.

    Anyhow, his BODY is PERFECT here – lots of muscle with a little squeeze to please. Personally, I’m waiting for a booty-shot.

    PS: And yes, he has a baby-face, which is GOOD in HW because it allows him to play parts written for various age groups (he can play 18 or 35).

  • YAY ZAC!!!!

    @WICKED WENCH: You make me giggle! you say the things I would never dare say in public!!! LOL Yeah peeps, we find him attractive, but he is talented too. As shown by how much work he is getting at the moment!!

  • Butterfly

    @Frozoid: Acting is not about your physical age. and there are 15 years between me and my sister. not everyone has all thie kids in a short space of time, there can be quite large age differences in some families.

  • cutie

    I can’t wait to watch this movie…
    Proud of him!!

  • florence

    Wonder how long it will take him to start gushing over Nicole like he did with Leslie Mann, boy was he gross when he was talking about Leslie and showed no respect to the fact that she is married with kids especially with his comments like how great it was to kiss her and he hopes that they can do it again, what a dirt bag talking about someone’s wife and mother like that.

    And no doubt he will do it with his stupid wink that he still does at nearly 24yrs of age and the stupid grin he has on his face.

  • Mark

    shouldnt zac be playing matthews son? The age difference between the two makes more sense that way.

  • ?????????


    maybe if you check back interviews Leslie was gushing about Zac too. so is that ok for her to do especially when he was in a relationship.

    omg this place sucks especially with double standards

  • tumblr

    What me and Zac Efron have in common:

    * Looks
    * Acting
    * popularity
    * fame
    * awesome hair
    * singing talent
    * money

    * We’ve both seen Vanessa Hudgens naked
    unfortunately :/

  • tumblr

    why in the comments does not work HTML???

    What You and Zac Efron have in common:

    * Looks ??
    * Acting ??
    * popularity ??
    * fame ??
    * awesome hair ??
    * singing talent ??
    * money ??

    * We’ve both seen Vanessa Hudgens naked
    unfortunately :/

  • maria

    @tumblr: You are shameless. What was your point in mentioning Vanessa? She has nothing to do with him anymore. Leave her out of this.

  • tumblr

    @maria –> “What was your point in mentioning Vanessa?”

    It’s simple. I just thought it was funny.

    btw. Personally I would not want to be with a girl that everyone has seen naked. Especially in those poses, and in such a way :/
    A woman should be mysterious and subtle, then it is attractive..
    but this is my personal opinion

  • tumblr

    @maria –> “She has nothing to do with him anymore.”

    thanks god, amen
    this guy definitely breathed .. just look at him .. He is happy and focused on work

  • maria

    @tumblr: And so is she happy and focused on work. And there is nothing “funny” about rehashing a stupid teenage mistake. She wasn’t thinking about whether she was being “mysterious and subtle” at that age. Get over it. She apologized and placed no blame. Don’t get me started on all the a$$hole things he has done. You are obviously a very shallow person, since looks, popularity, fame, awesome hair, and money are all that’s important to you.

  • go sox

    @tumblr: That comment is so stupid. Many celebs, actors, etc have been seen naked, as well as many in the world…….especially if you live on the internet. The difference is, that was an innocent coming-of-age set of pics, when all adolescents explore sexuality in different ways, and they were STOLEN from her. KEY point. Other celebs and actors willingly pose naked with the purpose of everyone seeing the pics. THAT is the difference.

  • maria

    @tumbrl: Well, you obviously forgot to cross out the last one, cause you claim everyone has seen them. I’ll assume that’s you as well. Oh, and you have a lousy sense of humor.

  • Butterfly

    IMDB have confirmed Zac in ‘Liberal Arts’ another film to look forward to. Another comedy!!

  • tumblr

    @ maria–> “You are obviously a very shallow person, since looks, popularity, fame, awesome hair, and money are all that’s important to you.”
    OH!! C’mon, it was just a joke!!
    besides, these words should be crossed out, but the HTML did not work here
    it should look like this:
    example [strke]{TEXT}{/strike} –> TEXT

    Maria@ –> “Well, you obviously forgot to cross out the last one, cause you claim everyone has seen them. I’ll assume that’s you as well.”

    No! because that burned my eyes

    @maria–> “Oh, and you have a lousy sense of humor.”

    it’s not true. This joke would be funny if you had not reported to the admins for deleting my comment. [after editing]

    @maria–> “Don’t get me started on all the a$$hole things he has done.”

    Ha.. what O_o??
    What is your language?

    btw. Yes I know what he did ..
    He worked harder than anybody else because he wants to be the best at what he does. He has a natural ability and he knows how to use it. Obviously he has a lot of talent. He realizes his dreams and creates its own autonomy//independence for himself.

  • maria

    @tumblr: Give me a freakin’ break…..oh, let’s bow down to his majesty. He is just a perfect God, and the only one in the world who works hard. Yup. He was working real hard on his partying for 6 months of this year. Yup. And I did NOT report you, ever. Sorry to disappoint you.

  • Butterfly

    @maria: Yup! He partied hard! But now he is working hard, as he was between parties before. This is not a 5days a week, 52 weeks a year job. Regardless of the hate, he’s a hard working boy and he’s entitled to enjoy himself in whatever way HE chooses when he’s not working. Isn’t that what everyone else does?

  • tumblr

    @maria –> “Give me a freakin’ break…..”

    Yeah. It’s clear to see that you need this..
    Then you will not be so tense and pathetic.

    @maria –> ” oh, let’s bow down to his majesty.”

    Ok. but You first, then You tell me how was it

    @maria –> ” He is just a perfect God ”

    I do not know. I have never seen a God, but I trust in Your words

    @maria –> ” and the only one in the world who works hard”
    Youp. The others just cut a coupons.

    @maria –> ” Yup. ”
    so you agree with me .. finally

    @maria –> “He was working real hard on his partying for 6 months of this year.”
    Yeah! The partying is also hard work.. You do not even know how these drinking is tired .. especially on the second day.. I always feel tired.
    This is a serious and tiring job.

    @maria –> “Yup.”

    Ok. Take a stop, because they will start to think that we like each other..
    btw. it’s to much “Yup”

    @maria –> ” And I did NOT report you, ever ”
    because loyalty is paramount !!!!!!11one
    I_ but one day you do it.. You will.. be patient

    @maria –> ” Sorry to disappoint you.”

    Do not worry. You did not disappoint me. Sometimes you have to reduce the requirements.
    anyway.. big hug & xoxo ..[ whatever that means]

  • maria

    @Butterfly: I said that because SOME people around here implied he’s the only one who works hard. Just wanted to remind people he wasn’t doing much until he started working just recently. EVERYone has down time and they’re free to do whatever. But please, he’s not the only one who works hard.
    @tumblr: THere are no words for you.

  • tumblr

    @maria—> ” THere are no words for you.”

    Oooh, you hurt my feelings!
    You can give me a 1+ point on the counter in return .. Then I will feel much better .. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease…ase..ase..ase..

  • http://@leylita4ever leylitaheart

    ashhhhh ustedes me dan risa hablan ingles pero muy malll oieee les doy unas clases son tan idiotas ke ni lo ke digo les va a sonar porque ni su idioma hablan bien komo para hablar español bye locassssssssss
    te amo zac efron

  • d. b. wilyumz

    “why his career has stalled in the past few years”

    Say what? You are looking at a photo from the set of his FOURTH movie to shoot this year, in this case with an Oscar-nominated director. In what way has his career “stalled”?

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