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Katie Holmes: 'So You Think You Can Dance' Guest Judge!

Katie Holmes: 'So You Think You Can Dance' Guest Judge!

Katie Holmes and director Kenny Ortega give a standing ovation during the live taping of So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday (August 10) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actress, wearing a Lacoste + Malandrino Pointelle Polo dress, served as a guest judge for the top 4 performances along with Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy.

Before the show went on the air, Katie ran into the audience to give her 5-year-old daughter Suri, who held a sign that read, “We Love You Katie, a hug!

People also reports Suri munched on a gigantic cookie and danced in her seat to the music, while older brother Connor Cruise sat with friends in a nearby row.

The winner of this season’s SYTYCD will be announced TONIGHT at 8 p.m. on Fox!

10+ pictures inside of Wednesday night’s So You Think You Can Dance taping…

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Credit: Adam Rose; Photos: Picture Group, Fox
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  • Bandolino

    Yeah. People Mag also said food wasn’t allowed in the audience…so as usual Suri gets away with “it” because her parents are actors.

    Katie suc-ked big time as a judge. Woman couldn’t string two words together. Sounded illiterate with all her pauses, ums, ers, and inane comments. Used amazing and magical to describe Marko. Used amazing several times. She says she takes dance several times a week. Yet her comments centered on the clothes and shoes and outward appearance of the dancers. She couldn’t say anything intelligent about the dance moves, choreography (except to tell one of the choreographers she put an amazing routine together), or any of the moves.

    This woman needs to stay home.

  • Ali

    She is not the best commentator on performance. She doesn’t seem very bright. It seems difficult for her to have an original thought.

  • ck

    Katie Holmes was trending on Twitter much of last night/this morning. People were stunned/horrified at what they were seeing re her “judging.”

  • dani

    She was really horrible last night. Not only are those watching horrified, bloggers, other dancers and many media outlets are also “atwitter” with amazement at her awesomely bad performance.

  • WHAT?

    @Bandolino: What? The food wasn’t allowed in the audiaence because Suri was there? WTF? She is not a president’s child!

  • http://B Slig o lambert ^____^cute


  • kà simply amazing

    she dont know how to dance. why is she there?

  • kà simply amazing

    hello slig ;D

  • dani


    No, no food is allowed in the audience at all. People had in parenthesis (despite a rule prohibiting food in the audience) – Suri was allowed to have a cookie.

    Clearer now?

  • Bandolino


    No food is allowed in the audience-period. Suri was the exception.

  • WHAT?

    @dani: Yeah it is. Thanks for clearing up!

  • Jessica Simpleton

    This simple-minded slowbrain is no dancer, and is a lousy parent. She has no intelligence whatsoever. I guess that’s why Tom chose her; he knows he couldn’t mold a smart woman into what he wants.

  • ilieana

    Probably her wn dance teachers are **ss kissers, and hey probably tell to her WOW, to every lousy movement. I saw her at the Jay Leno show, at the end with the Serbian dance, and I know she wasn’t ready, but it was painful towatch. really pathetic.
    Just as her designing clothes, she probably enjoys it, good for her, but PLEASE do not do around buying gigs as if you were A) an actual stylish clothes designer B)A runner C)A dancer talented enough to JUDGE.
    Tom willprobably get her some acting gigs, hey, she had those since before transforming in the first lady of scientology, but please, spare us!!!

  • Michelle

    Katie was a horrible judge on SYTYCD. And people had some nasty things to say about Gaga. I mean at least Gaga made sense on her judging of the dance routines. Remember years about she tried to sing and dance on SYTYCD and that was just as bad.. She didn’t even need to be there since her comments weren’t worthwhile to listen to.. You could tell by the reaction of the audience and the choreographers and dancers when she spoke. Kenny Ortega was a great judge on the show and everyone was thrilled he was judging last night.

  • Cat

    She was an awful judge- why did they ask her to be part of the panel. Dreadful!

  • sia

    what an insult to the dancers….serious,talented, hardworking dancers, to be judged by katie! these people are working so hard for their big break, they want and deserve good, instructive criticism that will help them..katie is in no way qualified just because she takes dance classes and likes to dance!!! RIDICULOUS

  • teddie

    I like fashion and enjoy sewing, but that doesn;t make me a professional designer; I like to dance but that doesn;t mean I can judge and critique other dancers more talented than I.

    Somehow Katie (and Tom) hasn’t realized this,

  • marq

    Like all of you nurture so well. Like you are the very fans to inspire Katie to encourage Suri to stick with gymnastics and dance for, as Tiffany Billings puts it, “the twenty-thousand studio hours before your 19th birthday.”

    Who here can even name any dancers? Here’s one, at random:

  • hey nitwit marq

    It isn’t OUR JOB to encourage Katie to inspire Suri. Doesn’t look like she needs help since according to Katie, Suri is amazing and magical in everything she does. Seems like katie has been indulged and been made to think she is good at things she really isnt very good at, at all. Now suri is going to be the next one to use Tom’s connections and money to get her parts and gigs or jobs that she is not qualifide for.

    And I don’t know a lot of dancers, but I know a few, and KATIE is not one of them.

  • poor tom and katie

    they are going to be very disappointed if Suri grows up to be average, like her mother.

  • Bella wants to be magical,too

    What a farce!

  • lala

    katie homes drinking game: every time she says amazing, magical and strong; everytime she turns around and mentions the choreographers name; everytime she says the dancers are great together; everytime she reads her notes. call the ambulance beforehand to treat everyone for alcohol poisoning and possible death from self-strangulation.

  • @Marq

    I took dance for ten years–grammar school and middle school. I could have done better than Katie.

    And as another poster mentioned, it isn’t our job to nurture Suri. To encourage Suri. To develop Suri’s talents.

    It is Katie’s.

    And as for naming dancers, I bet I can out name you when it comes to ballet, theater, and jazz dancers. Others–well quite frankly I don’t care.

  • marq

    Suri will benefit through nepotism? Of course she will have opportunities come her way by virtue of her prominent parents. But not a sure thing? Her very name connotes her success, a sure thing, in her own right.

    Posts about her are already a joy.

  • marq

    @@”Marq”: By all means, please drop some favorite names. (I’ve traveled internationally with a dance troupe as part of production, not talent, although I did get to chat with Russian and Cuban dance directors.)

    I have much respect for the hours you indicate you have put in to dance. Please do say, although if you envoke my nick again, I don’t pretend to be a dancer, I washed out of dance class at age 10, but with a single plaque to commemorate my efforts..

  • dani

    I must admit I felt tremendously embarrassed for her watching her stumble through her comments. She sounded as though she had no clue as to what was going on. She seemed more interested in the clothes and shoes the dancers wore rather than what they actually performed. And she sounded like she was giving a speech for the first time–lots of stumbling, fumbling, and general poor presentation.

  • Kylie

    what has happened to Bella? I pray that she has escaped that cult.

  • annie

    I believe the problem was – that she was” too nice”. was it really her job to point out the faults of these dancers- or would it even be fair to to the dancers to have done so, the resident judges can do that, or maybe people like Kenny O, who maybe that’s their line of work, but not guest judges – I don’t think it’s their place.
    She’s involved in Dizzy Feet, Nigel Lithgo seems to like her and most importantly wanted her and as Kenny Ortaga said
    ”she’s beautiful and I thought she added such grace tonight. she has a wonderful unique point of view of dance and art, what a lovely lady”
    ”such grace” is something her husband has used a few times to describe her as well.
    I saw the video of her judging them. and I thought her comments were lovely….she didn’t want to offend anybody, because it wasn’t her place to do that.
    If I thought otherwise I would say it.
    I have been a forever fan of Katies, and I hope that she will always have everything wonderful in her life because I think she is one of the worlds genuinely nice people.
    Loved how she ran to hug Suri in breaks. Loved how Suri and her friends had a Love you Katie sign, and I like how Connor obviously likes her and supports her in things she does, so he must look at her as a very cool step mother, or maybe a very good friend.
    And maybe Kenny O saw all this himself, and that’s why he and other people from years back talk so highly of her.
    So really you guys can say whatever you want.
    And as for the Scie thing she and her husband were at the Katy Perry concert the other night, not at the Scie do, so you don’t know how far her involvent is in that ot that of her husbands anymore either. so stop hating!

  • dani


    We all appreciate that you are one of her major fans. But how can you sit there and say she was lovely. It was absolutely excruciating to watch her fumble to say something. If you watch the show then you know the other guest judges gave the dancers far meatier comments that they could take back home and work on the faults pointed out. I do feel bad for her. The bloggers and the commentors as well as mainstream media–many of them are absolutely brutal in commenting on her “performance.” And I hate to say this, but she deserves a lot of it. As dancers they know their careers depend upon them being the best and that means taking critiques of their work and doing their best to be the best. Do you think they care that Katie likes their clothes and shoes? They would far rather have her say something like “I thought you were a little slow getting on pointe” rather than Wow, you took his pants off and everything you did lead up to that moment.

    And although this is not a Katie friendly blog, cringing from her horrible performance isn’t hating. If one is cringing then it must really be bad. And if you troll the internet for mainstream media and blogger comments about her judging, well, lets put it this way, I’m not the only one that was cringing. Several of them said the best they could say is that Katie looked pretty. I hardly think that is a ringing endorsement of her judging credentials.

  • Bandolino


    Yes, Annie, it was her job as a judge, even a guest judge, to give a critique of the dancers and their dancing. Epic FAIL.

  • Romeo

    So the five year-old daughter of a judge ate a cookie, #1. Who cares? It’s not exactly going to corrupt her. And where do you get this ‘as usual’ thing? You don’t know how she’s raised!

    And how do you know any celebrity parent is lousy, #13?

    She’s a dancer, friends of the producer and co-founded a charity that promotes dance, #15.

    Quit acting like you know them and can predict the future, #19.

    And nobody asked you to, #21.

    Well she was judging FOR the first time, #26. Give this poor woman a break already. She’s never done anything wrong.

    You make some great points, #28.

    If it was anyone else, they’d go much easier on Holmes’ judging last night, #29. They hate her just because of who she is.

  • annie

    sorry danni, but if i’m not qualified, i’m not going to pick bad things- she played it safe- didn’t want to offend. because she loves dancing , takes lessons, dances in the kitchen- doesn’t make her an expert to pick out their faults, she only commented what she found visually good to give her opinion on.
    danni you have never said anything good, so i don’t expect you to say it now or ever for that matter- and there’s not many sites that i go to because i can’t be bothered.
    i’m tired of reading, know it all people on the net, other blogs, other sites that judge people for their dress for this for that, and you look at these pathetic people like Joan Rivers, or Lainey Gossip giving their opinion, and the worst part – they actually gets paid for it- laughing at all of us who go or have gone there.

  • Jen K

    “she played it safe- didn’t want to offend. because she loves dancing , takes lessons, dances in the kitchen- doesn’t make her an expert to pick out their faults, she only commented what she found visually good to give her opinion on.”

    That is EXACTLY why she shouldn’t have been a judge. She is no expert, so she should not be on a panel of expert judges in a dancing competition.

  • To annie

    The Cruises were at the Katy Perry concert the night AFTER the Scientology Party at the Celebrity Center. They were absolutely, positively at the Celeb Center for the Scieno Party. They just didn’t walk the red carpet. Connor Cruise DJ’d the kids party next door. Not only was Cruise there with Holmes, Cruise’s entire family, including his Mother, sisters, nieces and nephews were all in attendance. I saw them with my own eyes.

    Please close your mouth if you’re uninformed. Cruise is still very much a Scientologist and still very, very close to David Miscavige, the Chairman of the Board of Scientology.

  • dani


    Annie over the years I have said good things about her. Many times when she has dressed well, i.e. put together a good solid outfit. I have complimented her on color and make up and hair at times. Several times over the years I have defended some of her parenting. And a couple of times I have defended her limited acting skills.

    However, all the reasons you gave for her being a judge are the reasons she should not have been a judge. Look at the other judges. Some of them have negative comments and when they do–it is exactly for the same reasons Holmes is being savaged. Sounding ignorant and vapid about dance.

    Katie is supposedly taking dance lessons several times a week. Don’t you think she could have come up with something other than “wow, what an amazing dress.” The contestants would have all appreciated a fair critique of their skill rather than an inane compliment of their clothing.

    Think about it. And if I may point out there are at least two to three Danielles and Danis on this thread. Not all of them are me.

  • Bandolino


    Romeo, KH is supposedly a professional and as such she should act like one. Her inane judging comments were awful.

    As a “dancer” herself she certainly is no poster child for whoever is giving her her lessons. She was inarticulate about the dancers and their skills.

    If you weren’t an obsessed and blindly in love with her fan you would agree. Only an obsessed fan would defend her performance and you definitely are obsessed and a fan.

  • annie

    my appologies, if you saw them what can i say, other than my uninformed mouth is def closed.

  • ‘ellie’

    Katie did a fine job…and no big deal Suri had a you know Tom is a Superstar..Everything bothers you people…


    She looks pretty… BUT she would have been better off keeping her mouth shut and just looking pretty from the audience, or better yet sitting on her couch watching from home.

  • @Ellie

    Why is it okay for Suri to have a cookie, when anyone else in the audience would have food taken away or be shown the door since they have a strict no food policy in the audience? Why should Suri be exempt? Just because Tom is a superstar–doesn’t cut it. Just makes people resent this family more for taking advantage of the superstar status.

  • toria

    Well 50 percent of the votes on Katie as judge in the US mag poll gives her an F. 30 percent a C. Only 20 percent give her an A or B. Comments aren’t hateful. They center around the fact she didn’t critique and that she was not knowledgeable about dance. Dance blogs are also highly critical. She may be nice. She may be pretty. But she sure as heck can’t dance or judge.

  • annie

    It would have been an Epic Fail for you whatever she said anyway, because if she ctiticiqued something that you didn’t agree….you would be the first to have said, she’s not a pro -what does she know. She can’t win either way.

  • Rocky


    ITA! She was AWFUL!! She kept looking at her notes. Why would you even write anything down if you KNOW about dance? Why the show had her as a judge is beyond me.

  • Cyd Charisse Cyd Charisse Cyd

    She drops that same name every time she is discussing dance, She didn’t know her or work with her. Kate watched her movies so she is an educated authority. Me too, I guess.

  • Bandolino


    Annie, if she had muttered half way intelligent thoughts I don’t think she’d be under the criticism that she is under. Do you read dance boards? A lot of these dancers don’t follow actors. One of them I read had the following sequence of comments “Who is Katie Holmes?” Answer: “Tom Cruise is married to her.” Comment by original questioner “And that qualifies her to do this?” Answer “No, her celebrity status does.” Another commenter “She should stick to acting because she knows nothing about dancing.”

    And that says it all.

  • To Annie, Romeo

    Annie and Romeo:

    Since when is expecting a judge to be knowledgeable and articulate about the area or subject they are judging equal to be a hater? If Katie does know dancing it certainly did not show. She was “hired” to do a job. In the real world without her connection to Cruise she would not have been on the show in the first place. And she would have heard the Trump words “YOU’RE FIRED.” How is that hating?

  • cara

    Amazing what Tom’s money can buy, a spot on judging dance which she has no business being a part of. Was she even known to be a “dancer” before she met and married Tom?? I don’t recall her having anything to do with dance before then? But her team has marketed her as a dancer in the past couple years (likely knowing her “acting” was not going to get her very far). Incredible. I used tow work with dancers and choreographers and they would be insulted.

  • Hollywood Gossiper

    @To annie: They won’t let Cruise go even if he wanted to, they got blackmail material ON ALL THEIR MEMBERS…….Hubbard was a clever guy, better he was a consultant to the CIA rather than make up a fake religion, but the latter made him very very rich.

  • Hollywood Gossiper

    Just think if Scientology lost its status as a religion it might solve the deficit crisis in the US.

  • coupon lady

    It is a travesty that Scientology has religious status in the first place. They charge their members for everything at way over inflated prices. They are one of the richest “religions” around as they have made a profit off of their members. If you find yourself in financial straights and have no money to “donate” to them or to buy their services and other gadgets, then they drop you like a hot cake. Their charitable endeavors are nothing more than a recruiting tool.

    And as tax payers we should be outraged:

    From the NY Times:
    New York Times, 9 March 1997
    The full story of the turnabout by the IRS has remained hidden behind taxpayer privacy laws for nearly four years. But an examination by The New York Times found that the exemption followed a series of unusual internal IRS actions that came after an extraordinary campaign orchestrated by Scientology against the agency and people who work there. Among the findings of the review by The New York Times, based on more than 30 interviews and thousands of pages of public and internal church records, were these:

    * Scientology’s lawyers hired private investigators to dig into the private lives of IRS officials and to conduct surveillance operations to uncover potential vulnerabilities, according to interviews and documents. One investigator said he had interviewed tenants in buildings owned by three IRS officials, looking for housing code violations. He also said he had taken documents from an IRS conference and sent them to church officials and created a phony news bureau in Washington to gather information on church critics. The church also financed an organization of IRS whistle-blowers that attacked the agency publicly.

    * The decision to negotiate with the church came after Fred T. Goldberg Jr., the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service at the time, had an unusual meeting with Miscavige in 1991. Scientology’s own version of what occurred offers a remarkable account of how the church leader walked into IRS headquarters without an appointment and got in to see Goldberg, the nation’s top tax official. Miscavige offered to call a halt to Scientology’s suits against the IRS in exchange for tax exemptions.

    * After that meeting, Goldberg created a special committee to negotiate a settlement with Scientology outside normal agency procedures. When the committee determined that all Scientology entities should be exempt from taxes, IRS tax analysts were ordered to ignore the substantive issues in reviewing the decision, according to IRS memorandums and court files.

    * The IRS refused to disclose any terms of the agreement, including whether the church was required to pay back taxes, contending that it was confidential taxpayer information. The agency has maintained that position in a lengthy court fight, and in rejecting a request for access by The New York Times under the Freedom of Information Act. But the position is in stark contrast to the agency’s handling of some other church organizations. Both the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and an affiliate of the Rev. Jerry Falwell were required by the IRS to disclose that they had paid back taxes in settling disputes in recent years.

    In interviews, senior Scientology officials and the IRS denied that the church’s aggressive tactics had any effect on the agency’s decision.

    They said the ruling was based on a two-year inquiry and voluminous documents that showed the church was qualified for the exemptions.

    Goldberg, who left as IRS commissioner in January 1992 to become an assistant secretary at the Treasury Department, said privacy laws prohibited him from discussing Scientology or his impromptu meeting with Miscavige.

    The meeting was not listed on Goldberg’s appointment calendar, which was obtained by The New York Times through the Freedom of Information Act.