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Alexander Skarsgard Films 'Maisie' in Manhattan

Alexander Skarsgard Films 'Maisie' in Manhattan

Alexander Skarsgard gets to work on his new film, What Maisie Knew, on Friday (August 12) in New York City.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor shot scenes with his young co-star, who held onto his arms as he swung her up in the air.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The drama, based on the novel by Henry James, centers around a young girl named Maisie who gets caught in the middle of a custody battle between her parents.

The day before, HBO officially announced that Alex‘s hit show, True Blood, will be returning for a fifth season!

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard filming What Maisie Knew in NYC…

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alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 01
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 02
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 03
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 04
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 05
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 06
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 07
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 08
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 09
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 10
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 11
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 12
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 13
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 14
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 15

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152 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Films 'Maisie' in Manhattan”

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  1. 101
    Camille Says:

    I was laughing at those too. I’m on vacation also, and it’s been nice to have lots of hotness to look at daily. Seriously, this stuff with the girl is killing me.

    @Gina the 1st:
    It’s totally adorable isn’t it? How can someone say he won’t make a good dad someday. Clearly he enjoys spending time with her and she looks like she’s in heaven using him as a personal jungle gym.

  2. 102
    FandomJealoysyStrikes Says:


    He looks AHMAHZINGGG in that pic too! Who cares if he has overbite. It’s cute and adorable and btw, Stephen Moyer and Joe Manganiello are not flawless either. Yeah I know there’s lots of negative Moyer/Manganiello action on Alex threads everywhere ;D

  3. 103
    Hello Nelly Says:

    I agree having much younger siblings would probably give him a comfort level around children that other single men wouldn’t necessarily have. Also, he was also a child actor. He would probably be more likely to go out of his way to make this fun for a child co-star than others on set would. It’s cute.

  4. 104
    LuLu Says:

    omg he is so cute **,

  5. 105
    tim Says:

    he shaves his armpits?!

  6. 106
    Canuck Says:

    @Camille: They’re killing me too. Plus I harbour somewhat less than pure thoughts about using him as my personal jungle gym too. ;))). Lol
    @tim: No, look at the pix a little closer.@Hello Nelly: I was thinking too that he might be inclined to make the set time more pleasant for the kids, especially if someone had done the same for him as a child.

  7. 107
    Jenn Says:

    Love the arm porn but I gotta admit it’s CREEPY how hard he stares at the little girl. WTF is that about???

  8. 108
    Canuck Says:

    @Jenn: You never had staring contests as a kid?

  9. 109
    Nolly Says:

    Alexander has 7 younger siblings!! so, stop saying he would be a “great father”…
    Keep your embarrasing dreams to yourselves.

  10. 110
    Canuck Says:

    @Nolly: Sorry, making the observation that someone who obviously likes kids and is good with them will make a good Dad is hardly an “embarrassing dream”. Why would that be an embarrassment? It’s not as if we are sittng here saying he’s going to be the father of anyone’s children but the woman he eventually chooses to settle down with. Maybe you should keep your own fantasies in check before projecting the on the rest of us.

  11. 111
    gonebad Says:

    actually he has 6 younger siblings.
    can you believe he has a 2 year old brother?

  12. 112
    Nolly Says:

    Oh, you are right: 6 younger siblings.

    Probably is a bit strange to have a little brother at his age, but fun.
    - – - – -
    Canuck… craaaazy.

  13. 113
    blah Says:

    @Nolly: What’s crazier than having a 2 year old brother is that his stepmother is the same age as him! I don’t think he gets to see Ossian all that much though, and I doubt he was around Valter quite as much when he was a baby, since Alex had already moved out by t he time Valter was born, in the military, then Leeds, then NYC before back to Sweden around 22, starting his career, but with the other siblings, he definitely would have had a hand, if only as a free babysitter so his parents could have some time to themselves.
    In any case… these pictures = ovaries exploding. So adorable with the ‘teacup humans.’ Plus, Alex has said how he’s looking forward to being a father someday, so it’s safe to assume he enjoys children.

  14. 114
    keyzlvr Says:


  15. 115
    youyou Says:

    the bessssssssssssssssssssst

  16. 116
    mforman Says:

    Some of you people scare me. As a chid actor he knows how boring it must get around the movie sets with nothing to do, so he is making sure to let her have a fun experience I cannot believe what some of you guys are thinking.
    AS has an amazing reputation in both HW and Sweden and he has earned that with hard work, treating everyone with respect and just being an all around a good guy.
    So let us just enjoy all of these amazing photographs that we are lucky enough to be gettting daily and then we will get to enjoy his new films.
    I have said this before, I have been a fan of his since forever and I am so excitedd that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

  17. 117
    What Maisie Knew Aug 2011 Says:

    longer version

  18. 118
    Camille Says:

    Agreed. It’s a pretty normal observation to make. You don’t see anyone else playing with that little girl but him. Especially in the video, it’s obvious that everyone else is doing their own thing but Alex is spending time with her and he’s doing it by choice.

  19. 119
    Canuck Says:

    @Camille: Lovely man :)))

  20. 120
    seeshay Says:

    oh yeah, these photos and videos of him with the little girl are beyond adorable. And yeah, I agree with you guys above that he looks to have the makings of a terrific father. That little girl so obviously has a huge crush on him already. Look at her expression when he’s picked her up to cross the street. Awww….

  21. 121
    Camille Says:

    In pretty much every way possible!

    That little girl totally has a crush on him, you can tell. She’s excited to be around him.

  22. 122
    Camille Says:

    I have to laugh at the paps in the video contemplating how tall he is, and then saying he can’t be making much in this movie. How would they know that? LOL

  23. 123
    Camille Says:

    Some new pics from set.

  24. 124
    Camille Says:

  25. 125
    Cafélady Says:

    @Camille: I guess, the tea-cup humans “fan-club” becomes bigger and bigger…lol…
    Obviously has the other little girl in the second pic a crush on him too, not only onata…lol …he is so sweet with the kids…I would claim he is actually an “kids-type”, someone who can really easy and natural interact with kids.

    I guess, would it be possible then I would like him now more, than I do it already – just for this… really cute.

    Thanks for posting these pics.

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