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Alexander Skarsgard Films 'Maisie' in Manhattan

Alexander Skarsgard Films 'Maisie' in Manhattan

Alexander Skarsgard gets to work on his new film, What Maisie Knew, on Friday (August 12) in New York City.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor shot scenes with his young co-star, who held onto his arms as he swung her up in the air.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The drama, based on the novel by Henry James, centers around a young girl named Maisie who gets caught in the middle of a custody battle between her parents.

The day before, HBO officially announced that Alex‘s hit show, True Blood, will be returning for a fifth season!

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard filming What Maisie Knew in NYC…

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alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 01
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 02
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 03
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 04
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 05
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 06
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew 07
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152 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Films 'Maisie' in Manhattan”

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  1. 126
    intresting Says:

    is it just me? but in that video@117 posted, where alex and that joanne ? chick are eating, she is talking to him/looking at him and he is just intrested in eating his food?……….

  2. 127
    Jessie Says:

    Some links to watch TB live if you don’t get HBO.

  3. 128
    Dani Says:


    Are these safe though? thanks

  4. 129
    Camille Says:

    I’ve used them and they seem to be ok.

  5. 130
    Camille Says:

    LOL looks like little missy wants to feel some muscles. Cute

  6. 131
    Jessie Says:

    Not sure, I got them off yuku. I would think they’d be ok though because I think some of them use that to watch because they’re from overseas.

  7. 132
    Jen Says:

    THANKS!!!! You’re my hero!! LOL

  8. 133
    Jessie Says:

    No problem. Those links usually will work every Sunday.

  9. 134
    Camille Says:

    Eh….not the best episode, or is it just me? The shower scene was a let down, as I assumed it would be. AB is officially an idiot IMO. He robbed everyone of what they wanted, and he did it on purpose. The snowy bed scene didn’t make up for anything if you ask me, it was kind of cheesy actually. The previous episode was way better.

  10. 135
    Dani Says:


    Thank you, was good for me too.
    That was quite the ep holy crap!

  11. 136
    Camille Says:

    Eric parts of the episode

  12. 137
    Jessie Says:

    Alex shooting another movie, right after Maisie?

    Hey True Blood fans – a little bird told me Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) is headed to Nashville to film a movie very soon

  13. 138
    Jen Says:

    Yeah, the shower scene didn’t go anything like the way I thought, and the snowy bed thing was kinda meh – I’d expect that of Twilight and not TB to be honest. Last week was sooooo much hotter, so this was a let down. The only redeeming thing out of the shower scene was the nice long shot of that gorgeous backside. For that I’m thankful, but Allan Ball still owes me that shower scene!!.

  14. 139
    amazing Says:

    wow – amazing, just amazing like, he can walk and talk and just amazing and incredible and awesome, and everything, he can be a dad and everything like, and it’s just amazing and awesome and wow, look at that, he’s got an ipad and he can walk and talk and have lunch. Wow, he’s going to have lunch again, amazing and awesome and he’s so sexy, come on JJ put up another post. he’s just too incredible and amazing and wow, another picture of him walking HOW DOES HE DO IT?!!!!!! and another picture of him having lunch, more more more JJ it’s all just too awesome and he’s so incredible and amazing ……. boring boring boring boring


  15. 140
    ladybug Says:

    @Jessie: Could be possible, but I’ll wait until it gets confirmed by someone associated with Alex and/or the movie.

  16. 141
    Canuck Says:

    Ok, if that was supposed to be the shower scene, I’m going to quote Pam. “This is sooooo f’ing LAME”! I guess the snow thing was supposed to signify the melding of the two, daylight with snow blah blah, but as others have said here, it was a ridiculously sappy Twilight moment, veering into jumping the shark territory.

  17. 142
    ladybug Says:

    @Canuck: I’m more than ready to have the old Eric back.
    I don’t know what AB was thinking (or not thinking) with the shower scene. I don’t think it was jump the shark for the series, but perhaps for AE.

  18. 143
    Jessie Says:

    The snow scene was terrible. It could have been good, but the frigging dialogue was so bad that it made it totally cheesy. All is possible? What the hell? It was painful to listen to those terrible lines. I think the snowy bed was supposed to be reminiscent of Mr. January, but it was poorly done. Plus afterward when Eric is whining how he just wants to be with Sookie and nobody else was bad. Since when does Eric whine? Ugh, you just know AB will have Bill save the day.

  19. 144
    Canuck Says:

    @Jessie: I’ll stake AB myself if he pulls that crap… Lol. And totally agree on the cheesy dialogue, it was bad, bad, bad!

  20. 145
    Camille Says:

    Last week was hotter. Allan Ball wrote this episode I think. For some reason I think he seems bent on making Eric as lame as he can and making Bill seem awesome. I just hate that.

    It was terrible dialogue. It was pretty groan worthy actually. Instead of having a heart to heart about their feelings they pulled that crap. It was seriously bad, and probably embarassing to say for the actors.

    I get the same feeling, seeing the preview makes it look that way and Sookie is supposed to have that three way dream according to spoilers, so it would make sense if that happened. Stupid! Then the Inside the Episode, AB said that Eric isn’t going to be there for Sookie and he’s now a slave to the witch and sweet Eric is going to be gone. Ugh, none of this happened. Making Eric someone’s slave is stupid.

  21. 146
    Camille Says:

    Apparently, since he pretty much confirmed that sweet, innocent AE was gone now that he’s Antonia’s slave. Ugh, what a waste of a scene. AB is a terrible writer.

  22. 147
    Camille Says:

    Ugh, good grief JJ. Well I guess I can’t include the link so if anyone wants to see new pics of Alex on set today then go to

  23. 148
    Canuck Says:

    @Camille: Well, that pretty much ends me watching for the rest of the season then.

  24. 149
    Camille Says:

    A bunch from the other day that I don’t think we’ve seen.

  25. 150
    Camille Says:

    It’s been a let down, as per usual. AB is just bent on making Eric not as good as he could be. I think he’s actually p*ssed off at how much attention Alex is getting from the show. When they booed Bill and Sookie getting back together at CC you could tell AB was annoyed with that.

    Ok, I just posted a crap load of pics from meatballs tumbler, and at first they were there and now they’ve been removed. Ugh!

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