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Gerard Butler Parties at Playhouse

Gerard Butler Parties at Playhouse

Gerard Butler gets behind the wheel of his car after hitting Playhouse nightclub on Thursday (August 11) in Hollywood.

Earlier in the week, the 41-year-old Scottish actor was in his home country, where he participated in a charity soccer match and also showed off his ripped physique in the locker room.

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Gerry recently signed on for the FBI thriller, The Bricklayer. He’s set to play a rogue former agent who’s called in to help fight a criminal group demanding ransom payments.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Gerard‘s other film, Coriolanus!

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399 Responses to “Gerard Butler Parties at Playhouse”

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  1. 76
    Oh dear Says:

    @ debbie

    Sad but I think very true. He doesn’t seem to have much respect for the ladies when it comes to intimate relations.

  2. 77
    Latesummer's Eve Says:

    Just because Gerry goes out to a club once in a while doesn’t mean he disrespects women. If he blatantly showed disrespect to any woman, we would have heard about it by now.
    Picking up a willing adult woman is not a crime and even though we all speculate he does this frequently, I don’t think he does. I will say if he wants to get his freak on, I’m sure he has those he can call on. I think he just likes to hang out, socialize and gawk at people.
    It would just be too easy for some young, niave girl to go to a tabloid and blab her story out of revenge of having her butt grabbed or being disgruntled because she was hustled out of a big HW star’s house in the hills early in the a.m. by a PA and given cab fare. Think about it.
    And you say, well she wouldn’t tell because it would be embarrassing and humiliating for her. Give me a break. The fame and attention she’d get would well be worth it to any opportunistic little social climber and star wannabe. Remember “plane girl”? And she never even made it the bedroom! LOL!

  3. 78
    PsychoB Says:

    @Manny: my plans also today Manny. hope the monsoons decide to stay away until tonight.

    @Debbie: I agree. Gerry seemed to treat someone he wants to sc/rew completely different than everyone else in his life. I don’t think he needs to settle down. But he can treat everyone with respect, even someone he plans to sleep with. And I think the amount of tweets and FB remarks from potentials saying that he doesnt, is enough proof for any non-phannie that he has issues in that area.

  4. 79
    justsayin'too Says:

    Latesummer’sEve- I have to agree with you. In this day and age with so many young people looking for their 15 minutes of fame and the availability of twitter, FB, etc…I think a lot less goes on than the public realizes. I think GB is a huge flirt and loves attention but according to the man himself is “paranoid” about anything scandalous. He eluded to this during the Tiger Wood fiasco. Bottom line, he is a businessman and career focused and nothing and no one including a woman will ever interfere with that. He is trying to get and stay at the top of the Hollywood heap. The sad thing is sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for because the reality is nothing like the dream. Just my opinion.

  5. 80
    Debbie Says:

    Hey guys I’m not trying to tarnish his image or anything coz I know he has such crazy idolising fans that even if he did something horrific they could see him do no harm! I wish he would go into politics as so many ppl will follow him like the piped piper story lol I’m only basing my views of his behaviour around someone I know & it was A few years back so he might have changed but I love his acting, he’s good-looking man, good business man but on the ladies department I have to give thumbs down! The most alluring thing about a good looking man & woman is them them not being aware of it!

    And as for the young girls who want to sell stories or grab attention trust me this man is very very clever has a great team backing him & anything tht does get realised is immediately removed or fanatic fans cover it up like hes their family member! Plus this man has hot a very bad temper wouldn’t like to be on his wrong side! What you see in interviews his charming witty personality is there too but he has another side too anyway good luck to him in whatever he does

  6. 81
    so gullible Says:

    @Debbie: Yes it seems he is too cheap to go with high end escorts like many of Hollywood’s finest, where you are guaranteed a sure good thing, you can order to your tastes and fetishes and you are far more likely to have absolute discretion, no Martina or Beatriz or model on the plane situations.

  7. 82
    so gullible Says:

    @Latesummer’s Eve: Um Eve when you call a girl up the next morning and asked did we hook up last night that speaks volumes. Many men have a double standard there are women you “hook” up with and women you actually take seriously, that you date, partner with/or marry and of course many men have both at the same time. It doesn’t say much about the men’s attitude towards women as rather disposable but then many women behave the same now so equality ain’t it grand! Long as everyone is on the up and up and not telling lies or leading people on and everyone is practicing safe sex and being honest if they are not STD free, it is what it is. But we all know a lot of men and women do not operate that way.

  8. 83
    Oh dear Says:

    Latesummer’s eve and justsayin’too

    Totally diagree with you both. Too many public incidents of distasteful behaviour – violin girl; videos of him openly exchanging numbers PYTs like a horny overdulged teenager; jaunts to strip clubs; trips to Latin American countries hanging with not one or two, but whole groups of twentysomethings chickks; admissions to threesomes, admissions of having several women at the same time on the go, finger incident with Jennifer Anniston, lewd comments about Halle Barry.  If we were talking about fortysomething single woman behaving like that, she would be seen as nothing but a dirty, wretched, desperate, immoral, old *****, with a borderline personality disorder, who has no respect for herself or other women. From what I’ve just said – which is all factual- his attitude towards women, when it comes to sexual relations looks very very poor, particularly when you consider his age, upbringing and social background. There’s nothing wrong with being single and having a healthly sex life at any age, but it’s how you carry yourself and treat other people. 

    In regards to more girls going to the press. Tiger Woods was married, Butler is not. And it took Tiger Wood’s wife bashing his car with a baseball bat in public before all his ladies came out of the woodwork. And let’s face it Butler is no where near as famous as Tiger Woods -I know some of you may find that difficult to believe.

  9. 84
    redOctober Says:


    Thanks for your words ; ) I’m recovering the use of my hand, not sure if I’ll be able to go biking or horse riding any time soon. But I’m working hard.
    Have a great weekend you all.

  10. 85
    A.J Says:

    @so gullible:

    Plus ppl don’t won’t to kiss & tell because it may affect their reputation too e.g STD etc I remember so many girls e-mailing whosdated who requesting their names be taken down linking them to him! Thandie Newton refused to do full on sex scene with him on sets of R&R as their was rumour that he was ill & caught something & has passed on lots of these presents onto girls aswell! Whoever he finally does settle with is going to be one brave woman to accept his colourfull past!

  11. 86
    Oh dear Says:

    @ Debbie

    Thanks for the insightful comment about Mr Butler’s firey temper. I don’t why but that doesn’t surprise me. How bad is it? And how frequently does it ignite?

  12. 87
    so gullible Says:

    Exactly “Oh Dear” it took a precipitating event to bring the rest of the women out of the woodwork including paid escorts and probably because the press were trying to dig up all the dirt they could and were going after the women. It also came out that Tiger was lying to many of these women, you know what they say don’t get mad, get even.

    Plus Gerard has never not pretended to be Mr. Disney, like Tiger Woods squeaky clean family man. If he were one of the Jonas Brothers or Zac Efron might be a different story and I suspect their PR people earn their money.

    Now if a single actor hooks up with someone underage, has an affair with a married celeb [remember Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan, seems so long ago now] or spreads something nasty to his lady friends then the tabloids are interested.

  13. 88
    niknoks Says:

    I generally think when it comes to GB and women, the people that say all he does is pick up young girls and treat them like sh*t are just as bad as the ones that insist he’s an absolute angel.
    Is he perfect? Of course not.
    Is there smoke without fire? Not usually.
    Has he had his fair share of women? He’s probably had a lot of people’s fair share.
    Does he and his management pay off every woman that has alleged to have slept with him, as some have suggested? If they did, GB would be bankrupt by now and that’s still no guarantee that they would keep quiet.
    Is every woman who has reported to have had a bad experience with GB lying? Of course not.
    Is every woman who has reported to have had a bad experience with GB telling the truth? Of course not.
    Generally people who sell stories (or tweet them, or put them on Facebook) about celebs whether positive or negative are doing it for their own ends and they should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  14. 89
    Debbie Says:


    Completely agree with you on this it’s not like he hides most of it does it in full view & doesn’t care as he never admits it & keeps ppl guessing aswell! He likes the young girls because they are vulnerable & easy to control with lovey dovey words etc he doesn’t go with career minded, confident, strong willed woman as he knows theyl thrash him he likes the fame hungry attention seeking desperate types! He feeds off the attention

  15. 90
    so gullible Says:

    @Oh dear: We have seen it enough times ourselves usually involving the paparazzi. We know he is moody.

  16. 91
    Debbie Says:

    @Oh dear:

    He can be very scary & his mood flips like a volcano thank god he quit drinking otherwise he wouldve made a nasty drunk

  17. 92
    Oh dear Says:


    I wasn’t giving you gossip. I was stating publicly known facts. Going on the facts I stated it’s pretty obvious to most that the guy has a poor attitude when it comes to intimate relations with ladies.

  18. 93
    Debbie Says:

    And I think his fans need to know that not every woman wants to bed him they are some very classy & respectful decent girls out there with morals & values & he likes to portray he uses woman etc & won’t commit but there’s some who won’t put up with him & look for the exit sign before he does

  19. 94
    Oh dear Says:

    @ Debbie
    What kind of things set him off. So quickly. After all he’s life ain’t that stressful. He’s loaded. All he has to do is think about himself, his dog, all his expensive stuff and all his money. He’s got no wife and kids.

  20. 95
    Debbie Says:

    @Oh dear:

    Just no apparent reason very unpredictable he’s an old fashioned male type very chauvinist he has struggled a lot to get where he is but gets bored very quickly & has anxiety can’t sit in one place! But really wished he had better manners with ladies if he was not a celeb he wouldve been bashed by now!

  21. 96
    Oh dear Says:

    @ debbie

    Good for them. Shame he has such a poor attitude towards women though. Wonder why?

  22. 97
    A.J Says:

    Kids@Oh dear:

    Kids that were maybe not aware of I sometimes struggle to believe how after so much women no one has been knocked up even in his young drinking days I think one day he might do an arnold schwartz and come out with a secret child lol but saying that no decent man would ever hide a child if they lived them

  23. 98
    Debbie Says:

    @Oh dear:

    My guess is as good as yours but all I’m gona say despite his talents & good work he’s a dirrtyyyy vulgar man sometimes & before I get crucified, taunted, & all sorts of grenades thrown on me I shall leave it at that

  24. 99
    Oh dear Says:

    So what happens if a decent woman puts him in his place if he’s disrespectful towards her. Does he just throw a stupid immature strop? That’s ridiculous! No wonder he’s single then. Needs to sort that attitude out if he wants to be a truly content man.

  25. 100
    Oh dear Says:

    @ Debbie

    Methinks GB is in dire need of a swift kick up the a*** to help him learn some manners when it comes to ladies. Thanks for your comments.

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