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Gerard Butler Parties at Playhouse

Gerard Butler Parties at Playhouse

Gerard Butler gets behind the wheel of his car after hitting Playhouse nightclub on Thursday (August 11) in Hollywood.

Earlier in the week, the 41-year-old Scottish actor was in his home country, where he participated in a charity soccer match and also showed off his ripped physique in the locker room.

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Gerry recently signed on for the FBI thriller, The Bricklayer. He’s set to play a rogue former agent who’s called in to help fight a criminal group demanding ransom payments.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Gerard‘s other film, Coriolanus!

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@2fyne 2dfyne:
The comments he made about Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry were JOKES. Did you think he was being serious? Do you object to him telling jokes?

Latesummer's Eve @ 08/13/2011 at 4:08 pm

@Oh dear:

I see you’re one of those people who don’t have a good sense of humor or the capability of reading between the lines. You’re taking what he says too seriously and then interpreting it as some kind of “fact. Shows, luv, that you are a bit anal retentive when it comes to someone joking around. You should stay clear of people like Butler then! You’ll be in a constant state of shock and mortification all the time! LOL!

@Oh dear:

“high opnion of myself? Oh really. That’s a bit rich coming from you girl. The one who never plays “oh I’m from England” card – as if that’s so special.”
I am from England, now that is a FACT. Yes, I have mentioned where I’m from as have a lot of other people. I have never said that being from the UK makes me superior. You seem to read things in people’s comments that just aren’t there.

Latesummer's Eve @ 08/13/2011 at 4:16 pm

href=”/2011/08/12/gerard-butler-parties-at-playhouse/comment-page-6/#comment-18610803″>Oh dear:

” @niknoks

high opnion of myself? Oh really. That’s a bit rich coming from you girl. The one who never plays “oh I’m from England” card – as if that’s so special.”


Uh oh! Now you’ve done it! She hits people for less, like saying “Go Liverpool”! But cuttin’ down a gal’s country is no doubt “fighten words!” Hey, Niks, is it “go time”? I’m right BEHIND ya! LOL!

@Latesummer’s Eve:

Think I may disagree with you there ‘oh dear’ seems to see and read a lot of things that just aren’t there. Poor mare seems to live in a permanent state of a paranoia.
Passes her opinion off as fact
Thinks she ‘knows’ way more than she does
Thinks she is morally superior to others
Reads things that just aren’t there
She appears to lack any kind of sense of humour
Thinks any and every joke told about a woman is sexist
‘Oh Dear’ is the Sarah Palin of the JJ board.

Latesummer's Eve @ 08/13/2011 at 4:22 pm

@2fyne 2dfyne:

” just joking then talks & imitates his orgasms sound effects”


Gerry imitating an ******? He did that? Where, when, what interview was that! I must have missed it! Gawd please give me the link to it! I have so little to cling too! LOL!

@latesummer @ nik noks

if you two ladies can call it or me whatever you like. But facts are facts. Carry on defending your poor baby Gerrybear. I will join in with my comments at my leisure:)

Boy I wouldn’t line myself with Eve Nik. She believes women are trash and should be treated as such. Her own words. Sorry but you guys are beating a dead horse. If you NEED to believe the saint Gerry exists than maybe you should stop and be a little introspective for a while. Gerry treats women like blow up dolls. He can admit it, why can’t you guys?
Oh Dear, don’t waist your time with Evie, she is ignorant.

Latesummer's Eve @ 08/13/2011 at 4:27 pm

“@Latesummer’s Eve: Think I may disagree with you there”


You’re disagreeing with moi? We’ve been singing the same song all day! LOL!

@Latesummer’s Eve:
Don’t say that, ‘oh dear’ doesn’t understand jokes, she would probably take your comment as being literal, she’ll be battening down the hatches and sleeping with a baseball bat….

Latesummer's Eve @ 08/13/2011 at 4:29 pm

Well that’s weird! Why aren’t I allowed to write “******”??? They only count if they’re mulitple?? LMAO!

@ latesummer’s and nik noks

oh my dears. You can take me on if you like. But as far as I’m concerned-you two are way too easy to wind up. It’ll just be way too boring. But I’ll have a good giggle reading your comments. Too easy. Way too easy


This isn’t about siding with people, my opinion is completely autonomous. My whole point was about not believing everything I read, good or bad, but apparently if you don’t believe GB is a complete ‘see you next Tuesday’ you’re a ‘phannie’. There is no grey area with some people. That’s what I object to.

Latesummer's Eve @ 08/13/2011 at 4:31 pm

@Oh dear:
” But facts are facts. ”


Well, when you start producing some, we’ll talk.

@ nIk noks

Your 155 comment. Very poor. Surly, you could do much better than that. Being from England and all. Come on. Try again. Impress me.

@Latesummer’s Eve:

Well that’s weird! Why aren’t I allowed to write “******”??? They only count if they’re mulitple?? LMAO!
HeII yeah, it’s the only time I count them…. ;-p

dargabriel @ 08/13/2011 at 4:34 pm

Cholita, come to us with some beautiful words. Love,dargabriel


I did. You just didn’t like them.

You’re right Psycho B. I should just ignore Latesummer’s eve. Bless her, she goes a bit off kilter when anyone says anything remotely negative about GB’s attitude towards the ladies. Point taken.

@Oh dear:

You seem to have an inferiority complex about people from England. You’re the only one that keeps bringing my ‘superior nationality’ up. I can’t help you with that.
For the record, you shouldn’t flatter yourself you don’t have the capacity to wind me up. I’ve seen too much and got way more important things going on in my life to get wound up about. This is just light-hearted banter for me, a form of escapism. :-)

Maggie P.U. @ 08/13/2011 at 4:47 pm

Ummmm Nik (NikNoks) sorry I see you are on a roll LOL…where is Canterberry Canterbury? Is it close to London?

Thanks GF! Carry On…..!!! LOL!!!



Latesummer's Eve @ 08/13/2011 at 4:47 pm

@Oh dear:

LOL! I think it’s much more fun to allow someone to show how stupid they are! I guess though since you’re loosing this debate, you’ll switch to the old, “just winding you up for amusement” bit! Someone else’s strategy she uses on here as well when cornered. LOL! Might you be one in the same?


Psycho B, what does the “B” stand for? Isn’t that a rather degrading term for women? LOL!

@Maggie P.U.:

Canterbury is in Kent which is on the South East coast of England. It’s about 60 miles, give or take, from London.

Maggie P.U. @ 08/13/2011 at 4:57 pm

@174 Thanks Nik…. going on how things are at this time in that area my cousin is going to be out there and as a joke I told her to go there and get me one of those choclate eggs…you know the ones with the goo that come out for Easter. She doesnt know they are seasonal and I am not going to tell her LOL!!!



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