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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Puppet Show with the Twins!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Puppet Show with the Twins!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt head home with their 3-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, after leaving a puppet show on Saturday (August 13) held on a boat moored in Richmond, London, England.

Also attending the puppet show were the twins’ big sisters, Shiloh and Zahara!

Earlier in the day, Angelina and Brad brought their sons Maddox and Pax as well as Zahara and Shiloh to a bike shop in nearby Isleworth.

The Jolie-Pitt clan is in town while Brad films World War Z, his latest project.

10+ pictures inside of the Jolie-Pitt family leaving a puppet show…

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angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 01
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 02
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 03
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 04
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 05
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 06
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 07
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 08
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 09
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 10
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 11
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 13
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 14
angelina jolie brad pitt knox vivienne puppet show 15

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  • lurker


    please we donot care about jjb problems

  • justsayin’


    o.k angel2/aisha :)))))))))))))

  • http://na angierocks

    So ticky’s relaysh w stumpy is paying off in a way ben stiller has mentioned her.BARF.This chick is so over.

  • huv : )

    Here: one mention of a child’s bulbous cranium can send you all into wild conniptions, crying a trail of baby tears all the way to JJ for help and justice….while we watch with rather large smiles,poking, prodding, and laughing at your insanity.
    The endless pleasure is truly immesurable.

  • lurker

    my dear say whatever you want,we donot care about jjb problems

  • Dl

    Angelina said it best ” I believe I’m good mom, but it’s not up to the world to decide my parenting, it’s my kids” I couldn’t have said any better.

  • Dl

    Angelina said it best ” I believe I’m good mom, but it’s not up to the world to decide my parenting, it’s my kids” I couldn’t have said any better.

  • lurker

    @huv : ): @angierocks:
    i saw that silly thing with ben stiller,very tastless,as if she cares for haiti,she never donated to them

  • pokey

    The Order of Things:
    we laugh
    we poke
    you piddle
    you lash out
    we laugh again


    Lurker, ME TOO!

  • lurker


    thats a sweet quote



  • lurker

    september 8 TIFF,september 14,RC of moneyball

  • lurker

    bye fans have fun,trolls hate kills,love heals

  • http://na angierocks

    I am LMAO even the millionare matchmaker thinks,patti stanger thinks stumpy and ticky are moving too fast in their relaysh lol….,um it’s fauxmance geez what do yah expect….I know this is ridiculous but funny ridiculous…..
    according to patti “so it’s a matter of what really went down that he jumped ship from this girl he lived with for 16 years, something’s not right there,” Patti told RadarOnline. “That tells me he jumped ship from one girl to the other. Then he moves in with her in LA, now they’re looking for a nicer house, it’s moving a little too fast.”

    the photo that came with this article is with stumpy riding a motorcycle channelling lorenzo lamas Bwahahahaha.How old is this guy acting like he is in his 20′s or soemthing.

  • busted

    @huv : ):

    good because we are planning on doing this for many many years to come.

    You better stock up on some supplies.. this is going to be a long event.

  • justsayin’

    @huv : ):

    we have a name for this,
    it is called trolling, and you sir, are a self aware troll, truely the worst sort of troll.

  • KIKI

    Yeah, too fast since he was telling heidi they were just friends, and heidi was making plans to go to hawaii with justin, only justin is now there with ticky,,,,,what must ticky have lured him with? sure not her looks or intellect.

  • Passing Through

    Crikey…I’m channel surfing looking for something to watch and apparently today was proclaimed Bad Ticky Movie Night and nobody warned me. FX has The Dog Flick on and Oxygen, Ticky’s new home away from home, has on TBU. Thankfully I’ve found The Road Warrior on AMC…

  • hag

    we fans have so much to love about the JP’s!!!! the hags……………………….

  • justsayin’

    @huv : ):

    because trolls are never wrong? iamrite?

    at least the brad hater troll really does hate brad, you just flame on purpose, which, btw, is supposed to be banned here.

    tears of a butthurt troll.

  • aimee

    Look at miss Viv bouncing around all happy and excited! Precious children all of them.

  • anustin

    family outing…precious!

  • Blood and Honey

    OMG what gorgeous pictures we have had today. Thanks JJ for the threads, I have to catch up now, but I had to say that I love Angelina Jolie jacket too, and also love the first outfit from the bike shop earlier, when Angelina dressed in white like the beautiful angel she is!! I just love that color on Angelina., And little Zahara!! Dressed in white like her mommy. So cute how the JP babies all love and admire their mommy and daddy so much! Some of the expressions they make, just gives that look of pride and joy, away!

    Don’t know why the Bio kids make the trolls head spin backwards?? Could it be, that unlike their idol who is full of such fakeness right down to the different film guy she’s bedding, the birth of the JP twins and Shiloh are products of all that wild and passionate love feasting, Brad Pitt and his baby momma Angelina Jolie, are having?? !!

    Oh you know that HW’s most handsome man and the world’s most beautiful of all women, can’t keep their hands off of one another for too long.

    Keep spinning your ugly heads, loser trolls, maybe if you do this enough you’ll get it screwed on right one of these days.

  • huv : )

    things are not always what they appear to be.
    we are here to help you with your unhealthy obsessions and projections in our own way.
    and you are very welcome

  • Richard P

    I love them
    Knox and Vivi are cute

  • Passing Through

    # 37 dianad1968 @ 08/13/2011 at 1:23 am +13


    I am 100 % sure Brad and Angie don’t read, know and certainly don’t care what these dumb f*cks in the sleazy tabloid world write about their family. Too many wonderful things going on in heir lives.

    Now Ticky on the other hand….
    Yeah…Ticky reads the tabs and feeds stories to them, too. I was reading the new issues last night and LMAO because notOK, OuttaTouch, Lies & Shite, Star and US Lies Weekly all had essentially the same tale of marriage and baby carriage about Ticky and Count Stumpula. Honest to God – it all read like a press release from Huvsy. By the time I got to the 3rd magazine my eyes were starting to glaze over because the story was so familiar. The only difference was that the HBIC at US have undoubtedly received a snippy e-mail from Huvsy chastising them about their continued insistence on printing that Ticky hit that shite last fall on the Wanderbust set when Stumpy was still dating Heidi Bivens, that Stumpy originally planned to take Bivens on this Hawaiian vacay because he was planning to use the time to work on a script he’s writing AND then pointing out that Ticky is essentially trying to find herself a male Angelina…which, as I noted Thursday, they stole from ME, but whatevs.
    While I’m talking about the tabs let me take a second to rag on Peeps. For their weekly tour of Ticky’s anal cavity they had a big ass photo of Count Stumpula – about life-size – with a bunch of arrows pointing out all of the tats on his pint-sized pins. Get this…he has tat below one knee that reads, “The rich will set you free.” Which, quite frankly, sums up why he’s with Ticky, but the point is – why is Peeps telling us about Stumpy’s tats at all? He’s a fvcking nobody. Obviously they’re being fed this info by Huvsy. Between them and Jared it’s harder to tell who’s further up Ticky’s ass right now.
    One other tab funny – Lies & Shite cracked me up. They said Ticky has narrowed down her wedding dress designer to 2 people: Valentino (her main RC ho) and…Alexander McQueen. I’m not kidding. I was laughing so hard the pharmacist over by the magazines shot me a dirty look. Somebody needs to tell those losers at Lies & Shite that Alexander McQueen committed suicide over a year ago. Him designing Ticky’s wedding dress would be one helluva coup for her. L&S probably meant the HOUSE of Alexander McQueen…but that ain’t what they wrote. They were trying to insinuate that Ticky’s dress was going to be designed by Sarah Burton who designed Kate Middleton’s dress, but again…that ain’t what they wrote. This is why Lies & Shite is a bottom-feeder. These losers can’t even afford a broadband connection so they can Google shite rather than looking like complete amateurs. And they wonder why people won’t pay $2.99 for this shite?
    Oops…I lied…one last tabloid funny – Somebody get me the phone number for the HBIC at OuttaTouch. I need to tell them that this is soooooooooo NOT 2005 and a 2 page article on Angie’s past “wild sex life” is a wee bit out-dated. The premise of the story was that Angie likes it’s “rough and kinky” and that poor, naive, untried and sexually repressed/ignorant 47 year-old Brad has been dragged into her kinky world in order to keep her. Yeah…right…Angie had to force Mr. Squeeze-Her-Ass-In-PUblic-While-Looking-Down-Her-Cleavage into tying her to the bedpost with Shiloh’s neckties, tickling her all over with a feather, slathering her in chocolate syrup and whipped cream and slowly licking it off with his tongue while…I’m gonna leave the rest of that to your imaginations… I’m stunned as I’m sure you all are, too. After a paragraph of that nonsense they dragged out that babysitter who, apparently, will be selling Angie out every week for as long as OuttaTouch can afford to pay her, to impart her haven’t-seen-Angie-in-20-plus-years opinion on why Angie likes sex so much…like she’s the only one on the planet who likes sex (insert your own Tiger Woods/Jesse James jokes here)… The babysitter, Krisann Morel to refresh your memobries, says it’s all JV’s fault because he was a big perv who cheated on Marcheline and then told Marcheline all about his sex life with Stacy Pickren (the ho he dumped her for and who subsequently dumped him a few years later for a woman – payback’s a biitch, ain’t it?) and the babysitter says she THINKS Marcheline said JV even said they had a – gasp! – threesome (hence JV should have known Pickren was into women, too)…and it was hurtful of JV to tell Marcheline this crap and therefore that’s why Angie likes sex so much…cuz it’s genetic, y’all, and Angie got that gene from her daddy. Apparently you can’t get the like-sex-a-whole-bunch gene from your mother who had several live-in boyfriends over the course of her lifetime… But…hey…that’s just my take on it. I’m no expert faux-babysitter backstabber, so what could I possibly know. Below this ridiculous story they had a sidebar with a bunch of pix of Angie at various ages – at the Oscars with JV at 12 (I still don’t know how that fit into the nympho story), modeling at 16 and “looking sexy beyond her years” (guess L&S doesn’t understand why it’s called MODELING and hasn’t heard about the 10 y.o. French girl), kissing JLM (shame on Angie for kissing her HUSBAND!), on the RC with BBT grabbing her boobs (double shame on Angie for letting her HUSBAND grab her boobs in public!)…all of this before the age of 26…and then they had NOTHING. All pix stopped at the 2001 premiere of LC – 10 fvcking years ago! But…the article kept yammering on about how much Angie loves sex and how sexual she is yet they couldn’t produce a risque post-BBT photo of Angie while telling us all about how she forces Brad to cater to her love of S&M and “other wild things he’d never dreamed of doing before!” More cackling from me ensued…and followed by more Z-inspired “Sit down, biitch!” looks from the pharmacist. This is the kind of drivel that OuttaTouch used to write in 2005 and 2006. Anybody who doesn’t think Brad Pitt already knew his way around a pair of handcuffs, a whip and a blindfold BEFORE he met Angie is just too stupid to be on this planet. Thank God human tissue is biodegradable.

  • Ang

    I just noticed that Miss Vivi left the house without a purse. I hope the little fashionista is not slacking of in her accessorizing efforts and it was just an oversight on her behave……….lol

    Would like to know what jacket Angie is wearing. Like other posters noticed it looked a lot like the one she wore in TT.

  • anustin

    lovin the meltdown of the IUC’s and the FF hagz. bahahaa.choke urselves piglets.

  • TheGR8NPwrfulOZ

    Angie looks great here! I’m loving the light colors on her. But Brad needs to shave that beard and cut/change that hair as soon as he can! He is to handsome to hide under all that.

  • anustin

    who.reniston on board!!!!!! peen hungry.

  • http://na angierocks

    we all know ticky and charity somehow does not go well in the same sentence.does’nt this hag still owes money to haiti…..

  • anustin

    can’t believed she ruined a 14 yr old relation just to please her demo.nic act.

  • lora

    how cute the kids are, viv is beyond adorable! love the pic of her running…

  • mmsic

    Hey JJ,whatever happened to #1 and 2,Lorraine and serious? Did you vanquished them like the three charmed sisters do? LOL.You’re a good man,JJ!!!

  • aniston

    charity is not my thing, so leave me alone. so what if i promised money to haiti, of course i didnt really mean it people!!!

  • hag

    another lie shot down so the freaks spam…sooo boooring….
    pics of the loving JP family contrary to the negative lies make the hags crazy as being exposed as LIARS. so they SPIN. sooooo old and tired and redundant but guess what?? jenhags buy it for their own sick reasons and that is what keeps the “triangle” which the CHIN coined her loser self alive.

    tranny clown looser is nothing without scrapping and dragging along brad and angie’s coattails.

  • shaking my head

    I think Brad is going to lose it He never make anyone happy fully because he is a bit of a chicken, he is not happy and he will be more and more the same . Sorry to be harsh on him but it is the truth. I hope all work out for them but I doubt it.

  • cook


  • sop

    OK As long as her creeps and the hos who hide behind her didn’t stop insluting anyone who say nice things about Brad or Angie , I will start insluting Stiller, day, etc and the rest of them who clap where the winds blows around her. I will find one for each and everyone of them.
    I only insult cu**nts like Cunntia who went off on angie after 17 men in that puss*YY and who kept her cunnnnt mouth shuut about 14 years old relatiionship when the old whhore went to her show I read.

  • sop

    @cook: shut up cook. You are on of those idots who are here 24/7 who are addicted to THE BRAD.

  • Lucy

    Gorgeous couple, gorgeous family. They really have it all.

  • sarah

    they are a strong couple.they gives much time to theire childern,i see that more stars tryin to do the same

  • ToJustsayin’

    What happened to Niawtori? I love her Brad and Angie videos.

  • Zenith

    Jolie Pitt family is always together. They enjoy being together. I don’t see another hw family like them. Love them.

  • Angie12

    I know this has been asked before, but has anyone answered the question of why Angie is always so OVERDRESSED! Not critisizing, but my theory is, and I hope I’m right, is that Angie is a VERY busy woman and she tries to squeeze a lot into a day because of her restless/endless energy, and as such she probably has meetings set up and business appointments and she just tries to get all those things done and do things with the kids also and just never has time to change. I hope thats it, I would really hate it if I never sa this beautiful creature in Jeans again, I would take any casual wear at this point.

  • hag

    why is CHINMAN UNDER-DRESSED?? because a 40+ woman is trying WAY TOO HARD.

  • why is anuston always naked?

    that is all she has to offer, but alas, her body is going downhill now……

  • sop

    @Angie12: She never look over dressed where? a purse a wedge shoes and a simple top and a white pant her hair in her shoulders? It just about the same effort to put on a white shirt and a jean and a tennis shoes.

  • to Angie12

    I texted Angie, will let you know when she answers