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Lady Gaga: Late Night Recording Session

Lady Gaga: Late Night Recording Session

Lady Gaga leaves a recording studio late on Friday night (August 12) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old entertainer, who signed autographs for fans as she left the studio, wore a sheer one shoulder black chiffon evening gown by Versace with small gold buckles on the strap with a black patent leather clutch.

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On Friday night, Gaga wore a one shoulder cocktail dress by Versace as she dropped by La Maison de Fashion in Los Angeles.

20+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga leaving a recording studio on Friday night…

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lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 01
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 02
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 03
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 04
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 05
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 06
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 07
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 08
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 09
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 10
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 11
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 12
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 13
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 14
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 15
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 16
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 17
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 18
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 19
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 20
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 21
lady gaga sheer dress recording studio 22

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  • jas

    Sunglasses by Victoria Beckham !!

  •!/timby95 timby


  • lola


  • ace11


  • Lana

    she looks normal, and even pretty !!! i hope she keep this kind of look because im kind of tired of seen her always so weird like this looks so much better

  • Lady Newbie Plagiarist

    Lady Caca refuses to lose the Christina Aguilera wig.

    Another day, another thing stolen. What’s new? That’s all Lady Poop does.

    Lady Caca keeps looking like everyone else out there. She is everybody and everything except herself. She is the biggest troll, try-hard, wannabe I’ve seen in a long time! The biggest! How Lady Caca has fans, it baffles me. I’ll never understand how people can have such stupid taste.

  • Mllllllef

    Is she wearing a dental prosthesis ?

  • cameil

    WOW another decent dress in a few days i have to say im impressed i way prefer her plain cloths over her crazy stuff

  • Annie

    Go away horseface.

  • Lady Caca

    Lady Caca is running out of ideas of things to copy. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lady Caca and her team are tired of looking through Google and Youtube all day long to find things to steal.

    Those shameless thieves and trolls.

    Lady Caca and her ugly vocal style (messed up, super fail riffs and adlibs) + her boring average piano playing + her stupid redundant repetitive, idiotic lyrics + stolen beats = A FACKING DISASTROUS MESS.

    Lady Caca and her stinkin’ wigs = epic wackness.

  • Yo-Landi

    @Lady Newbie Plagiarist: I KNOW RIGHT. Apparently it doesn’t seem to bother anyone that her hair looks exactly like Christina’s a few years back in 2008 (when she was outrageously and unfairly accused of “copying” the newbie Gaga when she had been in the business for an entire decade and was already legendary ugh). Her wig here looks EXACTLY like Christina’s. Platinum blonde. If Xtina did this, people would be all over her saying she’s copying that thing UGH. People/haters/Gaga ass kissers/suckers sicken me!

  • Yo-Landi

    From the platinum blonde hair to the tiny little fringe at the top, it looks exactly like Christina Aguilera’s hair back then and no F.U.C.K.I.N.G one is babbling about how she’s copying legendXtina. Ugh.

  • Nate

    Christina WHO? Lady Gaga looks BEAUTIFUL ;)
    She is a legend.

  • Bev

    Fraud. Who steals from charity? She has millions of dollars.

  • trixy

    She looks amazing<3

  • moonlight

    Thank good …I pray a lot fo she to be normal …and finally it workout
    She looks normal,with cute hair and nice clothes

  • Lady Wannabe


    All 3 of these poor bastards are all jealous of Christina Aguilera. They wish they could sing like Christina and look pretty like her.

    But never in a trillion, quadrillion years will anyone ever come close to Christina’s vocal style. Christina takes an immense sh*t on all her envious haters. She always wins, by default.

    Stay bitter, haters.

  • Lady Pooop

    I bet Lady Caca is really nervous about Christina Aguilera’s upcoming new album.

    Lady Caca is trying to steal Christina’s trademark looks in an attempt to make Christina Aguilera look less outstanding and original.

    Remember how Lady Caca decided to make an appearance with her hair very short and slicked back, with her lips really red and that big necklace thing… only a few weeks after Christina had premiered her video for “Not Myself Tonight”?

    Lady Caca and her fraudulent team of trolls know exactly what they’re doing… fwaking clowns.

  • Lady Pooop

    And the crimped hair too, recently? Lady Caca was seen with crimped hair.

    That is such a Christina Aguilera look. Nobody was doing crimped hair before Xtina. Xtina brought that sh*t back in 2011. And she was also doing that crimped thing back in 1999! Who else??

  • Lady Fame-Obsessed Monster


    Lady Excrement is shameless. Absolutely shameless. A monstrous fame-whore, indeed.

  • Monster Destroyer

    LOL at the Lady Caca fans giving the comments negative thumbs down.

    They are angry and mad at the TRUTHS and FACTS about Lady Copycat.

    LOL Hilarious.

    Did Lady Gaga and Interscope not in fact use Christina Aguilera’s name in paid ads all over the Internet? HUMMM….. YES THEY DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lady Gaga was unknown for almost a year, her debut album was flopping before the sabotage of Christina Aguilera, by Lady Gaga herself, Interscope, Akon and Perez. FACT.

  • Monster Destroyer

    Oh I forgot…. JULIE PILAT from Kiss-FM radio, also!!

    Boycotts Christina Aguilera, because Christina is a huge threat to the lame newbies.

  • sarah

    ugly gaga not lady gaga,she scares in the day light what abt if she comes in the dark,

  • sarah

    ugly gaga not lady gaga,she scares in the day light what abt if she comes in the dark,@ace11: put glass

  • sarah

    ugly gaga not lady gaga,she scares in the day light what abt if she comes in the dark,@ace11: put glasses

  • lovelydee

    She looks beautiful.

  • margo

    I love Victoria Beckham Eyewear.

  • Lady Whatever

    Lady Dog Poop is a stupid, arrogant, insane, delusional newbie that shows no real respect to all the veterans and legends. She steals and copies from them all, including artists from the other side of the Atlantic ocean, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. She copies others just for the heck of it, because her and Interscope are the definition of TROLLS.

    F*cking pieces of sh*t. I can’t wait for the day when most people will wake up to the reality that Lady Sh*tty Gimmicks is f*cking terrible, her and her music-for-imbeciles.

  • Sherrilyn

    @sarah: Learn how to spell dip sh!t


    GAGA The GREAT !! We love you if you dress up as Gaga or Lady Gaga and today you were LADY GAGA. As, for Lady G leaving the recording studio it may have something to do with her mixing something with Britney Spears, Cher or Madonna. We have to wait and see.

  • NineInchNail

    Platinum blond wig, hmmm you all are right christina did INVENT that, therefore, she has every platinum blond wig patented, wait a second, let me go to wikipedia (just to confirm this)……………. yep, just as I thought, did you know that platinum blond hair existed almost 11,000 years ago? hmmmmmmmmm, so that tells me something people aren’t as inventive as they might seem, that being said, what was invented is a video called bad romance, and another video called not myself tonight. I’ll let all you cunts figure out the rest lol.

  • Lady fwaktard

    The Lady Caca fans want to ignore the backlash and criticism Christina Aguilera went through because of BANGS, back in late 2008.

    As if Lady Caca had invented bangs.

    But now, Lady Caca literally copies everyone and it’s supposed to be okay?

    GTFO now, you hypocrites.

  • sarah

    @Sherrilyn: i know u looks like her.hhhhhhhhhh

  • jane

    she’s normal now?!?! ahh we need her and her crazy stuff!

  • joe

    love people saying she’s copying christina because she’s blonde. lmfao.

  • jackie


    Actually, this EXACT hair is the hair/style is what Christina has been rocking for quite some time now. These crazy fringe bangs, Christina rocked after people idiotically accused her of accusing Gaga in 2008. NO ONE ELSE has worn these in the pop world. She’s been looking exactly how Christina is looking currently. She even used the crimped hair that Christina has been rocking. She is the biggest fraud in the business and it’s sad that no one seems to care, yet Christina got crucified for looks that she’s been rocking for years.

  • Jonsi

    I honestly believe the conspiracies that have come out about her and her team sabotaging Christina. She always does things after Christina does them and somehow makes it her ‘own’ look/thing and people buy that she was first. It’s like she’s just trying to take Christina’s place in pop music and completely replace her. She’s even been mimicking her career. Making a 80′s/90′s throwback electro album, wanting to do a classy jazz album, duet with Elton, duet with Patti Labelle, duet with Toni Bennett, duet with CHER. I think Gags knows what she’s doing.

  • Aly

    LOL at Xtina stans. Neither of them invented that hairstyle, calm your asses down.

  • Aly

    @Lady fwaktard: Neither Gaga nor Xtina are the first to have any of those hairstyles. You are stupid.

  • Aly

    @sarah: Learn to speak English before you comment.

  • Aly

    @Lady Wannabe: If anybody’s bitter, it’s you because you’ve been repeatedly posting on this article under like 4 different names. Xtina and Gaga are both great singers but they aren’t 100% original.Nobody in the music industry is. I don’t know what you’re trying to prove because they’re both on good terms with each other, all this drama is being created by BOTH Gaga and Xtina stans. Both sides need to quit stanning and grow up.

  • Aly

    @jackie: “NO ONE ELSE has worn these in the pop world. ” LOLWUT. So Debbie Harry, Madonna, Lita Ford, and Stevie Nicks don’t exist then? Crimped hair has been around since the 80′s.How the hell can Gaga be “copying” from Christina when everything about both their music and images was lifted/inspired from someone or something that came decades before either of them were born? Arguing about originality is pointless when it comes to music, because nobody [that includes older musicians and people you laud for being OMGSOORIGIONAL] comes up with everything 100% on their own. With that said, both Gaga stans and Xtina stans should both just shut up and enjoy the music. I happen to like them both. Neither of these women have beef, so why should their fanbases?