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Gerard Butler: Morning Coffee & Afternoon Surfing!

Gerard Butler: Morning Coffee & Afternoon Surfing!

Gerard Butler chats on his cellphone as he picks up a cup of coffee and the Los Angeles Times on Sunday morning (August 14) in Malibu, Calif.

Later in the day, the 41-year-old Scottish actor hit the beach and surfed the afternoon away!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the week, Gerard partied the night away at the Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood.

Gerard recently signed on to star in the FBI thriller The Bricklayer! Gerry will be playing a rogue former FBI agent, and has also signed on to co-produce the film!

FYI: Gerry is wearing Burberry 3051 aviator sunglasses.

40+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler grabbing coffee and going surfing…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler surf coffee 01
gerard butler surf coffee 02
gerard butler surf coffee 03
gerard butler surf coffee 04
gerard butler surf coffee 05
gerard butler surf coffee 06
gerard butler surf coffee 07
gerard butler surf coffee 08
gerard butler surf coffee 09
gerard butler surf coffee 10
gerard butler surf coffee 11
gerard butler surf coffee 12
gerard butler surf coffee 13
gerard butler surf coffee 14
gerard butler surf coffee 15
gerard butler surf coffee 16
gerard butler surf coffee 17
gerard butler surf coffee 18
gerard butler surf coffee 19
gerard butler surf coffee 20
gerard butler surf coffee 21
gerard butler surf coffee 22
gerard butler surf coffee 23
gerard butler surf coffee 24
gerard butler surf coffee 25
gerard butler surf coffee 26
gerard butler surf coffee 27
gerard butler surf coffee 28
gerard butler surf coffee 29
gerard butler surf coffee 30
gerard butler surf coffee 31
gerard butler surf coffee 32
gerard butler surf coffee 33
gerard butler surf coffee 34
gerard butler surf coffee 35
gerard butler surf coffee 36
gerard butler surf coffee 37
gerard butler surf coffee 38
gerard butler surf coffee 39
gerard butler surf coffee 40
gerard butler surf coffee 41
gerard butler surf coffee 42
gerard butler surf coffee 43
gerard butler surf coffee 44
gerard butler surf coffee 45

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  • lolita

    Looks like he got his hair styled, it doesnt look so wild. Looks good.

  • GerryLover

    Beautiful man!

  • sockpuppet

    @lolita: yey, some lady tweeted she saw him at the salon a day or so ago, so he looks a little less wild. Kind of like the wild look sometimes

  • debk

    Gerry is looking happy and relaxed. I hope this thread will be filled with only positive comments!

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    New thread already? It does look a bit darker too, his hair that is.

  • Anna

    He is sexiest man alive there is no-one better than sexy Gerard my god what a sexy hot body. XXX love Love..

  • Manny

    Wow what a news flash…. Gerry gets coffee again………

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    Frist i see

  • grace

    Fetching picture x

  • A True Fan

    OH Mr. Butler you look so beautiful!!! I’m soo glad the brassy blond is gone and your beautiful dark curls are back!!!!! Major swooning over here.

  • sockpuppet

    @sockpuppet: more beach pics at; be sure to put in Gerard Butler, not Gerard (Gerry) Butler.

    kinda small pics though.

  • Manny

    Looks to be shorter, that would explain it looking darker too.

  • it smells

    ugly troll

  • lolita

    @Manny: Manny, I agree, he looks better with more meat on his bones. Maybe after his body adjusts to the weight loss he’ll look more natural to us. I think he got his roots done on his hair, doesn’t look so gray. He is something to behold that’s for sure.

  • niknoks

    He does look a more more relaxed than he has done in recent weeks, still needs to eat some carbs though…..

  • annie

    Only one thing to say to these…


  • Manny

    Who would have thought his fans would be telling him to eat just 18 months after Barbados……
    Kind of like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland… who knows what awaits around the corner in Butlerland…

  • lolita

    Ok, don’t get angry with me because I still think he is very handsome but the skinnier his face gets the bigger his nose looks.
    Those Barbados pics are what created this man today.
    Now signing off, have a great evening.

  • Manny

    You have a point there. G’nite ♥

  • sockpuppet

    @lolita: big nose, big hands, kinda big feet…I think I heard something good about that. ha.

    from wo a fb quote: “Marianne Tsyrkina Just had the most fascinating and sad experience in the entertainment world. Gerard Butler, whom we asked who he was as we had no idea, was sitting next to us at a bar in Hermosa “and all these girls left their boyfriends hanging while they tried to have some one on one conversations with him. The boyfriends came up to them at some point to see if the conversation was coming “to an end but were toldd to leave them alone That is so messed up, I am so disappointed in my fellow women…” 9 hours ago 14 Aug 11, 12:11

    Marianne Tsyrkina It seemed like everyone was in love with him. I had no idea who he was and when he walked I was like “look girls, that guy is the type of men I like”

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    I think he got it trimmed a bit as well.

  • sockpuppet!/profile.php?id=587315671&sk=wall
    14 Aug 11, 10:29
    From a waitress “Jen Roireau Gerard Butler…YES his beautiful butt sat at my table!! : ) definatly the highlight of my night!”

  • a question

    Who’s the blond in the Bruno Press photos?

  • http://deleted Brooke

    There is only ONE reason why he looks more relaxed and happier than in recent weeks.You know what it is.



    The Attention-Seeker
    Motivation: to be the centre of attention
    Mindset: control freak, manipulation, narcissism
    Malice: medium to high; when held accountable, very high
    emotionally immature

    ****selectively friendly – is sickly sweet to some people, rude and offhand to others, and ignores the rest ****

    (I think this one is particularly key.)
    ****is cold and aggressive towards anyone who sees them for what they really are or exposes their strategies for gaining attention****

    *overfriendly with their new target, especially in the initial stages of a new relationship but beware
    *over helpful, ditto
    *overgenerous, ditto
    *manipulative of people’s perceptions, but in an amateur and childish manner
    *manipulative with guilt, ditto
    *sycophantic, fawning, toadying

    *****uses flattery to keep a person on their side****
    (another good one)

    *everything is a drama, usually a poor-me drama
    *prefers not to solve problems in own life so that they can be used and re-used for gaining sympathy and attention
    *capitalizes on issues and uses them as a soapbox for gaining attention
    *exploits others’ suffering and grief as a vehicle for gaining attention

    *****misappropriates others’ statements, eg anything which can be misconstrued as politically incorrect, for control and attention-seeking****

    *makes excuses for everything
    *shows a lot of indignation, especially when challenged
    *lots of self-pity
    *often as miserable as sin, apart from carefully constructed moments of charm when in the act of deceiving
    *demanding of others

    ****easily provoked and prone to angry outbursts using childish slurs, putdowns and name calling****

    *feigns victim hood when held accountable, usually by bursting into tears or claiming they’re the one being bullied and harassed
    *presents as a false victim when outwitted
    *may feign exclusion, isolation or persecution
    *constantly tries and will do almost anything to be in the spotlight
    *includes Munchausen Syndrome
    *the focus of their life is to be the centre of attention

  • niknoks

    Someone has way too much time on their hands…..

  • legends

    Beautiful bod; beautiful face!!! He’s just . . . well, dreamy.

    As for his nose looking bigger, when he’s thinner – personally, I love big noses on men (small noses turn me off) and really, it’s not that big. I goes with his face somehow.

    He’s still the best lookin’ thing I’ve seen. Love the hair.

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    @a question:

    Looks like Jenny McCarthy at a distance but I doubt it. Kinda looks like his assistant. Just a friend probably.

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    Now there’s surfing pics too! I wondered when he was going to get back to practicing those moves!

  • http://deleted Brooke

    @Latesummer’s Eve
    “she looks like an assistant”
    Wow did the big red notebook give it away.LOL. Yep she is just helping him to organize (I can’t tell you – sorry).You’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Maggie P.U.

    @28 Late Evie..thought it was Amy his assistant. Anyway, like I said before, something about going back home and recharging your batteries then coming back and hitting it again…. he has always said going back to Scotland helps him regroup.

    @25…wasn’t that the same post but on the last thread?



  • Latesummer’s Eve

    That wet suit! Breathtaking! LOL!

  • Observing

    Lord, Brooke you really need a cup of shut the hell up. Noone cares what you have to say. Give it up and get a life already.




  • Latesummer’s Eve

    @Maggie P.U.:

    I do believe you are correct! Good observation!

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    How tough would that job be as his assistant to be able to lay on the beach with the boss? What a job!

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Looking GOOD Mr. Butler..trimmed hair..dyed abit and now back to the surfing…:)..Just watching PS I Love You on the LIfetime channel..

    Hope it’s a good week for everyone!!

  • Latesummer’s Eve


    Grow up.

  • Enough Already

    That is NOT his assistant.

  • http://deleted Brooke

    I’m only dropping a few hints,so that it doesn’t cause such a huge shock when it happens.You know how some people around here are going to react.No-one might not care now,but they are going to -believe me.

  • bored now

    he’s such a simpleton

  • Yep!

    Glad to see somethings haven’t shrunk, ………..swoon……thud*

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    Man’s got quite the “package” on him! Whoever thinks this man isn’t sexy as hell is dummer then dirt and dead! LOL!

  • http://deleted Brooke

    @Enough Already
    I don’t know if she is his usual assistant,one he has all the time.However, I do know that she is helping him with his planning for what he is organizing.

  • Latesummer’s Eve


    Yes but it looks like time well spent and spot on! LOL!

  • Maggie P.U.

    @42 Yep! Yep!!!! Something about certain materials shrinking when it gets wet (guess he didn’t read the label when he put it on) ….. and when one is in something that is shrinkable…things tend to “appear”…. OK! OK!!! I confess my eyes went directly south of the border after seeing that chest!!!!!! “OH LAWD”!!! **heads to gutter babbling*****

  • Observing

    Hahaha and it’s your job to do that? To make sure everyone is aware that a grown a*s man may have a girlfriend? On a gossip site? Wow, just wow.

  • Maggie P.U.

    @43…Late Evie…thinking the same thing about the “package” but more so what he is “packing” DId I say I am wrapping up finals…. yeah…finals…. paper…not packing or package…..



  • http://nananana Brooke

    You people are so thick! She’s back in his life and he’s planning to dump her this time to get her back! lol

  • Manny

    Gee everyone… apparently having a big d!ck is Summer’s Eve’s only need. Gee I hope she gets laid soon. *whispering to Summer’s Eve* Vi@gra and a blindfold may help Mr. Summer’s Eve’s problem…
    Ignore Babbling Brooke…… same sh!t different day with her…