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Gerard Butler: Morning Coffee & Afternoon Surfing!

Gerard Butler: Morning Coffee & Afternoon Surfing!

Gerard Butler chats on his cellphone as he picks up a cup of coffee and the Los Angeles Times on Sunday morning (August 14) in Malibu, Calif.

Later in the day, the 41-year-old Scottish actor hit the beach and surfed the afternoon away!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the week, Gerard partied the night away at the Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood.

Gerard recently signed on to star in the FBI thriller The Bricklayer! Gerry will be playing a rogue former FBI agent, and has also signed on to co-produce the film!

FYI: Gerry is wearing Burberry 3051 aviator sunglasses.

40+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler grabbing coffee and going surfing…

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gerard butler surf coffee 01
gerard butler surf coffee 02
gerard butler surf coffee 03
gerard butler surf coffee 04
gerard butler surf coffee 05
gerard butler surf coffee 06
gerard butler surf coffee 07
gerard butler surf coffee 08
gerard butler surf coffee 09
gerard butler surf coffee 10
gerard butler surf coffee 11
gerard butler surf coffee 12
gerard butler surf coffee 13
gerard butler surf coffee 14
gerard butler surf coffee 15
gerard butler surf coffee 16
gerard butler surf coffee 17
gerard butler surf coffee 18
gerard butler surf coffee 19
gerard butler surf coffee 20
gerard butler surf coffee 21
gerard butler surf coffee 22
gerard butler surf coffee 23
gerard butler surf coffee 24
gerard butler surf coffee 25
gerard butler surf coffee 26
gerard butler surf coffee 27
gerard butler surf coffee 28
gerard butler surf coffee 29
gerard butler surf coffee 30
gerard butler surf coffee 31
gerard butler surf coffee 32
gerard butler surf coffee 33
gerard butler surf coffee 34
gerard butler surf coffee 35
gerard butler surf coffee 36
gerard butler surf coffee 37
gerard butler surf coffee 38
gerard butler surf coffee 39
gerard butler surf coffee 40
gerard butler surf coffee 41
gerard butler surf coffee 42
gerard butler surf coffee 43
gerard butler surf coffee 44
gerard butler surf coffee 45

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249 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Morning Coffee & Afternoon Surfing!”

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  1. 151
    GFW Says:

    Missed one…
    11) It doesn’t look like she has forgot Gerry.
    No, she’s a Player playing a game like you and Freddie and whomever else is blabbing to you… shame on you all.
    Oh and just for laughs, who could for get him you stupid a stink bug? Did you even LOOK at these pictures?
    Kind of hope she’s reading. LOL She can see how you betray her not even knowing her –god forbid with a friend like you who needs enemies– and Gerry. Great friend you are. Who could live like this? No wonder no one want to come out. Cos of people like YOU! Not his FANS you stink bug. LOL
    REALLY hope the lug is reading this distressful nonsense about his private life you can’t seem to shut up about but it isn’t you I blame it is those FEEDING you to watch you perform.
    This is his f’n life you’re babbling like baboon on crack about, you louse. Shame on you. Shame on Freddie and shame whoever else is feeding you.

  2. 152
    redOctober Says:

    @Appilonia G. MontiNegro:


    “…steamy photo of Gerard Butler smooching a brunette …” ; D

  3. 153
    XXX Says:

    I don’t think the Blonde in the Bruno Press pics is a GF the body language speaks volumes.She has her arms folded across her body which is a tell tale sign.Maybe she is an assistant (not his usual one-someone @WO said it isn’t Amy) or someone from the business.
    Also the guy in the blue check shorts was with them, both on the beach and at lunch as were other friends.
    I do agree with everyone who says that he looks a lot more relaxed and happier.Glad that there are no smoking pics..wonder if hes given up again?.It’s good to see him smiling and having fun….was worried for a while ,there .
    ——————————————————————————————–@GFW (139)
    I don’t think she is causing anyone any distress by what she is saying,no one believes it.

  4. 154
    Manny Says:

    Red you are rocking the house. :))))))))
    That is a good point. Well it is never a done deal until it is signed. We have seen that over and over again. :)

  5. 155
    Latesummer's Eve Says:


    “I hear ya. Men seem to prefer perky over droppy any day. :) 5′10″ – you are a tall glass of water. :) Like I said, I work very hard to keep the body rocking. Squats every morning to keep the backend taut and run or Zumba every week day… Nothing feels better than putting on a bikini that you know you look smashing in IMO. BTW cheekies keep my man drooling… :P Keep rocking it sista.”


    What a hypocrite you are! LOL! One minute you’re chastising Butler’s seemingly shallow choice in superficial looks over substance and now you seem to be condoning it! I thought you abhorred shallow men who “preferred” that? LOL! Your true self emerges! I hope people are taking note!
    So then my question to you would be, why would a person who feels so vehement about how a man views and treats females feels it necessary to work so hard to have the “rocking body” that most of those types of shallow men desire, over say a woman who cultivates a healthy body, mind and spirit and just being a decent person? Wouldn’t that make YOU just as shallow? You certainly aren’t a decent person so therefore, all you got is a rockin body and ergo a shallow man? LOL!
    And your man, if there is one, might be drooling but it’s not over your loving and wonderful personality! He must be just as shallow, or maybe just hard up, if he’d settle for a foul mouthed, whining, mean spirited, bully of a person, such as yourself just because she’s got a rockin’ body! No man but a wimp would put up with someone like you! Not in a million years! A betch is still a betch, no matter the package.
    My guess is no Mr. Manny exists or if he does, perhaps you’ve brow beat him in to submission and then come here and talk about how wonderful you treat him to convince some of these gullible people that you’re really a nice person! What a joke! I know your type too well!
    If a person like you will lie about one thing, you’ll lie about another! No one like you only shows this side of their personality part of the time and switches it off and on. Impossible. You come here to find someone to take your angst out on because if you pulled this crap in real life, someone would hand you your teeth! LOL!
    You come here because you are so miserable with your own life, mostly due, I would suspect, to being such a dispicable person. Then you go out of your way to falsely proclaim it is so picture perfect. You try too hard to do that which makes it all the more unbelievable.
    You can conveniently hide behind a keyboard here and make up anything you want, spew your meaness and lies and be the coward that you truly are here without any fear!
    This cyber reality is your life! If you didn’t have it, you’d go nuts! That’s why you fight so hard to maintain this facade! You want so badly for people to like you here, look up to you, follow you, believe you, and revere you because you don’t get that in your real life. But sadly, who you are comes out here too because of people like me and Swannie and a couple of others who see how phoney you are.
    You fake niceness to a few only who remain non threatening to you or who spinelessly condone your behavior. I have no use for people like that either. You’ll eventually turn on them when you run out of others to direct your vitriol to.
    You fake interest in Butler, for what reason I don’t know other then he’s someone you’ll never get near or anyone like him for that matter. And because of that unobtainability, you cut him down. Makes you feel better. Manny can’t stand not having what Manny wants so make it bad so it wasn’t worth the effort anyway. Sour grapes!
    Then you turn on a dime and resort to juvenile attacks on me and a couple of others who dare stand up to you. You’re sudden personality changes are indicative of severe bipolar disorder. I think another description for that is mania!
    You must be one miserable and sick person because no body who is happy with their life or themself calls other adults names, goes out of their way to follow them around a public forum and chide them on to instill an argument. You behave like a third grader on a playground! Do you even listen to yourself sometimes? Do you not see that you need help and soon?
    A bully is a bully all the time and I feel for any man, child or animal in your real life who’s stuck with the likes of someone like you! I just pray to God you don’t have children! They’d be a mess by the time they grew up! I fear for any pets you might have too! Bullying tactics don’t stop with humans or adults! Please, tell me you have no kids!
    Get some help, Manny. Seriously.

  6. 156
    niknoks Says:


    That b*stard is cheating on Lolita?

  7. 157
    Latesummer's Eve Says:


    @Latesummer’s Eve:
    And yet here you are….
    So you didn’t answer the question… do you fold your flour sacks into your bra or tuck them into your waistband???

    You never asked me a question, not that I would bother to answer it anyway. I don’t even understand what the above question means other then some other demeaning caddy remark you think is funny! I don’t see anyone laughing or giving you your coveted thumbs up! LOL!

    You’re a pathetic looser, Manny and that‘s all. Get next to it. You come here as well as other places around the Internet, to get the much needed attention you crave and that you can’t get anywhere else in your real life.
    You know, if you’d be nicer person, you might be a happier person and not feel the need to be in control all the time and lash out at people for your enjoyment. What kind of person gets their kicks out of verbal attacks and name calling? How sad!

    Call me all the names you want to and kiss up to all the ones who are spineless here on this site but the fact remains, you are still nothing…..but…..a…..common…..bully!

  8. 158
    redOctober Says:


    …and it’s not the first time ; D


    …just a bit of fun ; )

  9. 159
    Latesummer's Eve Says:


    “P.S> btw OFFS is a great Butler fan but you guys were too much for him. Too bad because it would have been nice to have a guy’s perspective on here. I warned him though , he may have survived 3 tours in Iraq, but that ain’t nothing compared to some of you bit.ches He’s funny, loyal and brave and y’all missed out. Perhaps JJ ers should not be so hard on the new posters. Buggin out now.”


    What a bunch of baloney! He was condescending as hell telling us ladies maybe we needed a little “cuddle” or something! And who are YOU to call anyone a betch? Are you a misogynist dude too? LOL! Give me a break with this crap! Men don’t come to sites like this to discuss another dude. He came here to be a condesending A hole to a bunch of lowly women! Glad he’s gone!

  10. 160
    Latesummer's Eve Says:


    YOU’RE AN IDIOT, DO YOU KNOW THAT? LOL! You’re stroking her dck like a two dollar ho!

  11. 161
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @148 GFW…

    “I’m not the only one who can see through you Brooke. You better be careful. This is Gerry’s private life you’re toying with.”

    I agree with this remark due to fact it is “suitable” in a court of law. Know personally someone who was sued for defamation and slander…. including putting words in someone’s mouth. It was very costly to him financially and time wise (did time in the cross-bar motel aka County Jail). Have a nice day “G”.



  12. 162
    cubedweller Says:

    @sockpuppet: “I have been in an art class once; they wold love him there!”
    Well, Sean Connery got his start as an artist’s model, so that’s an idea. I think Butler would have a difficult time holding a pose for 25 minutes – he’s just too jumpy. But he’d be great at quick sketch posing, don’t you think!

  13. 163


  14. 164
    sockpuppet Says:


    start here?

  15. 165
    How Do I Put This...? Says:

    Look at ALL of the pics on Bruno Press and GBGals.
    There are pics of him, the blonde, AND another dude.

    When GB is hamming it up on the beach, there is a gentlemen has on no shirt, blue plaid shorts standing just beyond her, facing both G and the woman. He’s been cropped out on other sites.
    Some other shots, GBs is sitting next to the same man (with shirt on, same plaid shorts), frenching the dog on a balcony. She is sitting OPPOSITE them on the balcony.
    These pics are selected and purchased by these outlets to build a non-story, people.

    I doubt this is more than a platonic/professional “relationship.” She’s probably with the dude who has been conveniently edited out of these pics. The fan fiction other posters have sullied this thread with is more salacious (read ridiculous).

  16. 166
    Manny Says:

    @Summer’s Eve
    I like to feel confident in what I wear, love wearing sexy underwear, and I keep myself in shape for myself, my health, and for my hubby. Don’t you?
    I’m on my feet for hours at a time and have to jump and run in a second’s notice. Much easier when you are in good shape and don’t have to huff and puff to an emergency.
    Plus sex is better when you are uninhibited because you are comfortable with who you are and how you look IMO. Nothing is more freeing than to have him say, “Let’s get naked” and to know you will look great…
    Your post makes you seem like an old sour apple. Trying to in some extremely odd way make this about Butler and his take on women. If it makes you feel better I guess……..
    So you can’t take what you dish out I see. Making fun of manb00bs and then you can’t take a snark about your droppies… Bad form Summer’s Eve and quite immature. Don’t dish out what you can’t take next time…..

  17. 167
    Observing Says:

    This is like a really bad soap opera that I know is ridiculous, but sometimes can’t look away from. “Will Gerard Butler ever find his other half?”….”Will Brooke be forced into shutting up or will she find a way to somehow prove herself to everyone once and for all on Just Jared?”…..”Will Manny and Eve ever make amends?” …..Will the asylum find out that their computer room is being raided by the patients”? …..*holds the back of hand against mouth with anticipation*.

  18. 168
    lolita Says:

    @wtf?: WTF, how the heck are you? Miss you when your not posting. You tell OFFS to get his butt back here. It is good to get a real man’s perspective on Gerry and his crazy life. Not all of us are meanies.

  19. 169
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    HAHAHA…#167 @Observing..
    Too Funny!! I think the same way when I read these posts..What Gives??…

    “As The Just Jared..Turns”..still tuned for another jammed packed Episode…

  20. 170
    lolita Says:

    @redOctober: Hi Red, thanks for the pics and the fun. The big brute even cheats on his little Lolita, Bad Gerry!! Shame, shame.

  21. 171
    lolita Says:

    @sockpuppet: Socks, love that picture, Got Melli going to when she saw it. Love those long, long legs.

  22. 172
    so gullible Says:

    As the Stomach Churns for the not so Young and Restless where we need a Guiding Light.
    This picture is giving me evil thoughts.

  23. 173
    lolita Says:

    WO, has found the MGP poster at IMBD, WOW, he looks gooooood.
    I hope the movie kicks some butt at the box office.

  24. 174
    question Says:


    No todos los que leen aqui encuentran tus comentarios negativos Cholita. Tu eres parte del balance, pero no cualquiera puede verlo. Quiero preguntarte, te estas describiendo a ti misma como la futura Sra. Butler? o eres mensajera igual que la Sra. Dargabriel?

    Muchos saludos!

  25. 175
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @172 SG… and so the old sayin’ “Hold that pose” takes on a whole new meaning……… **goes back to the gutter again…..



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