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Halle Berry & Nahla Have Lunch with Olivier Martinez's Father!

Halle Berry & Nahla Have Lunch with Olivier Martinez's Father!

Halle Berry, her boyfriend Olivier Martinez, and her daughter Nahla, enjoy lunch together at Mirabelle on Saturday (August 13) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 44-year-old actress and her 45-year-old beau were joined by Olivier‘s father! Olivier‘s dad carried little Nahla out of the restuarant, and gave Halle a kiss on the cheek as they said goodbye.

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The day before, Halle picked up Nahla from school, where the little one brought home some arts-and-crafts hearts she made!

Halle, Nahla, and Olivier were last seen out together at the end of July, where they enjoyed lunch in Malibu.

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  • jk

    Gorgeous mom and girl.

  • ItWas

    The crazies are about to come out, yelling Halle is trying to replace Gabriel.

  • Zoe Moon

    Love seeing pictures of Nahla. She is beautiful, just like her mom!

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Olivier’s a rebound, a place to hide out so she doesn’t look like a lonely loser during the divorce.

  • c’est

    Today is Halle’s 45th birthday!

  • cierra

    so cute. i hope they get married. they look good together and the dad looks like her grandpa already. so cute.

  • I_Love_Shiloh

    Nahla is so beautiful!!!!!!

  • caucasian

    The older man is not Olivier’s father.
    Jared take a look at your own pics:
    Published October last year.
    Happy birthday Halle!

  • Yo-Landi

    Aww look how adorable Nahla is. She is SO pretty =O it’s amazing. Look at her haiiiir<3 She looks like a little Cherub. What a beauty she’s gonna be

  • catchy

    nahla is such a beautiful girl

  • mikaloca

    She was not married to kfraud….sensible since her track record with that istitution is nothing to brag about

  • Verity


    Good call!!!

  • louisvega

    happy birthday gorgeous.always a wishes.god bless.

  • Julie

    I looooove this couple!

  • anon

    Happy BIrthday gorgeous!

  • Parisienne

    I’m french from Paris and in my country this guy Olivier Martinez sounds like some kind of loser man. Ok he looks sexy but he is not interesting at alI, boring as rain. Anyway, I really do not understand why Halle Berry which is one of the hotest woman in the world, makes bad choices for her sentimental life. So pity !

    (Sorry for my bad english, I’m learning day by day :p)

    By the way, I love this site, thanks to JJ

  • breen


  • Xcllnt call #8

    Excellent call #8. JJ/BB & Eunice what’s up with the 2nd time in 3-4 days on Halle’s board you’ve printed incorrect info relying on the unreliable UK tabloid, Daily Mail. It’s one thing making the mistake of Halle’s assistant, publicist, agent being her mother without doing a Google/other search etc. Now, #8 brings up an excellent point, you are too busy to check your own file archives? Hire a fact checker.

  • OM will be history

    Enough with the drama, Martinez is not taking over. Regardless of Nahla and maybe OM being present (guess Gabe wasn’t available this weekend), it’s a business luncheon–the man, not Vince, her manager or Neal, her lawyer, is a business associate. Anytime Halle’s with an associate i.e. Vince, Neal, assistant, it’s business regardless of who’s else in tow–OM, Nahla, nanny etal.

  • OM will be history part 2

    Let’s see how long he will still be around after their film has it’s November international release (supposedly and still doesn’t have a US distributor). Cloud Atlas starts filming soon. New Years Eve will be released in December. Halle will soon be very busy. OM isn’t working (on a film) , right? May effect his Visa, he can’t keep coming in and out of the country every so many months, right? If someone knows please explain.
    Don’t see him around for the long haul despite all of the recent photo ops. Then again, I said the same thing about her arrangement with Gabe which ended up lasting 4-4.5 years? Oh well, who knows why she has hooked up with this drunk, chain smoking has been actor to be a rebound/business relationship with or have around her kid. Just because he’s got a penis, a pulse and isn’t gay/bi doesn’t make for a great make me feel good moment?

  • The other Liz

    The gentleman may be associated with Halle/Olivier’s movie, because I think Olivier may have been present then or at another session when he tried to get into it with a photographer.

  • Mejay

    Your English is way better than my French.

  • Karina

    Oh my Nahla is soooooo beautiful!

  • Roe

    @ItWas: You know they are on a H.B. post always. Anyway Nahla looks like an angel

  • Jimma

    Happy Birthday Halle, you look flawless and ageless per usual, and Nahla is the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen. <3

  • Rollergirl

    This is the second time I’ve seen this man at Mirabelle. I agree, that is not Olivier’s father. Just curious to the writer, why did you think it was Olivier’s Dad?

    He certainly seems like an incredibly sweet guy though. I like his face. Olivier looks so handsome this day too. Thank you for the pretty pictures. :D

  • @Rollergirl

    @Rollergirl: Because the took the info from the Daily Mail UK/Radar Online or another source w/o fact checking their own pix files. The did the same thing last week thinking that her new assistant was her mother. Some think it’s his mother, not.

  • @ItWas

    @ItWas: It may be or was a full moon…the crazies haven’t come out too much today. Don’t think the rants about JJ’s poor fact checking skills or nipping things in the bud, constitutes them as crazies. Generally, I would say yes.

  • laverdadduele


  • Amazed

    Happy Birthday Halle,
    Looking good as always and Nahla is gorgeous and as for Oliver Its between the two of you.

  • Rollergirl

    After doing some checking I believe the older gentleman’s name is George Germanides, owner of Mirabelle Restaurant on Sunset Strip, Los Angeles. ??? Again … not absolutely sure. :D

  • kiki

    she got that nappy hair, shes not a cute kid sorry.

  • gr8 call RollerGirl

    @Rollergirl: Gr8 call Roller Girl. Yes, you are correct that this George Germanides, the restaurant own, which explains why is always there to seat Halle and the usher to her car every time she eats at the restaurant where Martinez is present or not. Or why he was the one interviewed when OM got into it with the pappi. JJ/BB/Eunice–interesting someone else other than me did the fact checking? Seriously, think about my offer….

  • gr8 call RollerGirl

    @gr8 call RollerGirl: RollerGirl you may want to get a job as a fact checker.

    JJ/BB/WEunice was being half serious. I know you will contact me if you are considering my offer…if not, no sweat.

  • great pr

    Nos. 8, 18, 21, 27, 28, 31, 33,34 —George Germanides and Mirabelle Restaurant are getting gr8 pr from Jared’s and the Daily Mail UKs f–k up, thinking the owner is Olivier Martinez’s father and blogs have been having a field day since they don’t always fact check.

  • october16015

    Halle little girl is very pretty, and looks alot like her father.
    Halle needs to focus on her daughter and stop bed hopping, with different white men,

  • Camila

    Nahla is absolutely gorgeous! Halle is an awesome mom.