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Lady Gaga: Snakeskin Saturday!

Lady Gaga: Snakeskin Saturday!

Lady Gaga waves at her fans as she leaves her home on Saturday (August 13) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old superstar left her house in a Versace snakeskin yellow dress, high heels, and long red fingernails, where she offered to sign autographs for swarming fans!

Later that same day, Gaga boarded her private jet to take her to her desired location.

Lady Gaga recently wrote on her Twitter account that her 1000 tweet will reveal the music video for her latest single, “Yoü and I.”

“Less than a week,” Gaga followed up with a new tweet, presumably in reference to the video release! Can’t wait!

10+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga rocking her snakeskin in Los Angeles…

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  • njomac

    Now this is shocking…She looks NORMAL!

  • Agatha

    How Sweet Aguilera lend Gaga her shoes.

  • S

    shes been looking so pretty these days!

  • Happy

    OMG! I can’t believe my eyes! Lady gaga is wearing normal. She is not only in her underwears, but a dress. She should try this “normal” style more often.

  • xax

    This is kinda how she looked when she started out.

  • MaryBoBins

    OMG..she looks so normal..and i like it! she looks great i mean..NORMAL!

  • http://CourtLee1125 Lee

    The most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

    Haters keep on hating. You are so ugly on the inside.

    You will never be a Little Monster.

  • http://CourtLee1125 Lee

    I LOVE YOU GAGA!!!!!!!!!! Nobody can touch you… nobody :P jus keed

  • moonlight

    She is …she is ……..NORMAL …..It can’t be true how nice to have normal GAGA on street TNX GOD


    GAGA The GREAT !!! Gaga is going to put on a amazing performance at the VMA’S. She lives for the stage and giving it her best . Love, Love, Love.

  • NineInchNail

    She looks sexy but she’s probably thinking well, im in l.a., mine as well dress like every other fake bimbo girl here, lol this is so not her.

  • cameil

    The 3 normal outfits she has worn have been such nice picks for her i really like this dress

  • WoofWoofGoesAniston

    nice how she is copying xtina lately. anyone find it interesting that she lets her fans pick on xtina and adele? gaga is a contrived copycat fraud that exploits the oppressed.

  • hmm…

    I really don’t get the Christina A comparisons. They aren’t the first singers with white/blonde hair.

  • lafamepoma

    I love that dress and those glasses make me mad, they are from “Bad Romance” era and I fell in love with them. Is like she is in 2009 again.

  • BoomBoom

    Yet she said she STILL lives only in her apartment. I’m not entirely shocked she lied. I mean she’s based her whole career on lying.

  • siennagold

    Ladty Gaga has been looking normal lately. What’s up Gaga. :)

  • Lady Wannabe

    Lady Poop is a stupid, arrogant, insane, delusional newbie that shows no real respect to all the veterans and legends. She steals and copies from them all, including artists from the other side of the Atlantic ocean, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. She copies others just for the heck of it, because her and Interscope are the definition of TROLLS.

    I can’t wait for the day when most people will wake up to the reality that Lady I-used-Christina-Aguilera’s-name-in-paid-ads-because-my-debut-album-and-me-were-unknown-and-flopping-for-an-entire-year
    is faking terrible, her and her music for imbeciles.

  • Lady Wannabe

    Lady Caca and Interscope know what they’re doing.

    Lady Caca is stealing some of Xtina’s trademark looks in an attempt to make Xtina look less outstanding and original.

    I mean does Lady Caca really need to wear her hair long and blond and parted to the side when Christina is doing exactly that at the moment? Did Lady Caca really have to COPY and PASTE the crimped hair a few weeks ago, AFTER Christina did the crimped hair?

    Really, you troll???? Really?
    A f*cking mess. Lady Caca’s career was ignited because of comparisons to Christina Aguilera. I guess she really likes being compared to such an amazing vocalist. Lady Caca wishes she could steal Christina vocal style. That’s not going to happen in a million years, though. Lady Sh*t and Interscope can dream.

  • Xtina poops on the trolls

    Lady Caca and Interscope must be having nightmares about Christina majestic upcoming album……

    POOR THEM. Christina will always be the most talented popstar, no matter what! It makes Lady Poop and Interscope VERY ANGRY.

    Xtina Aguilera’s many talents also make AKON and PEREZ and JULIE PILAT from KISS-FM radio very VERY BITTER AND ENVIOUS.
    Poor fools.

    Christina is here to stay. You can keep trying to steal her wigs, it changes nothing. LOL

  • lola

    Somebody finally probably spoke out and told her she didnt need the wacky outfits! Hopefully this look will stay :) She looks so good! And stop insisting that she is copying Christina.. The only people who see the comparisons are the ones who WANT to see them. They are two different people with blonde hair and they sing!

    Are you going to compare celebs like Leighton and Blake next because they wear the same boho-chic style?…
    No. Of course not.

    So stop with the whining and accept the fact they both can sing and are awesome!

  • Mary

    When she looks normal, she is unrecognizable. She looks elegant. Didn’t Fergie wear the same dress last week?

  • http://yahoo Paige

    The Christana comparisons are just getting out of hand on this site with the same person using different dumb names to post dumb comments.One, Gaga looks like her Fame days here. She looks very pretty dressing normal. Since Christana wore white blonde hair no one else can other stars have worn it too and saying the shoes she’s wearing are copying her, someone is being far fectched. That’s like saying Fergie wore a purple mini dress that means no other female can wear one also. Some comments crack me up.!

  • Monster Destroyer

    You stupid Lady Caca fans are forgetting the harsh criticism Christina Aguilera faced, back in 2008 because of BANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did Lady Caca invent bangs?????????? As far as I’m concerned Christina Aguilera’s been using BANGS for years, it was nothing new to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where the f*ck was Lady Caca? She was NON-EXISTENT!!!

    Stupid @sses. Have a taste of your own medicine, you idiots.
    Lady Caca is looking like Xtina these days ON PURPOSE!!!!!!! Lady Caca is so CALCULATED!!!!!!!!

    Lady Caca IS a plagiarist, opportunist, newbie wannabe. FACE THAT FACT, it’s THE TRUTH.

  • Monster Destroyer

    Where the f*ck is Lady Caca’s stinkin’ very neon yellow wig? Or the sh*tty green wig?

    Why doesn’t she go back to that sh*t?

    I will laugh so hard if this fool tries to steal any of Xtina’s things when Xtina’s new album comes out.

    You all know this newbie troll will NOT let Christina win… she and Interscope will NOT tolerate it. Christina Aguilera IS the one to beat… even though she’s not number 1 on the charts all day long. Christina is the most TALENTED one.

    Xtina = Better lyricist, actress, singer, etc.

    You mad, monsters? You mad, Akon? You mad, Perez? You mad, Interscope? You mad, Julie Pilat? You can stay mad and ugly, you lame-@ss haters.

  • Monster Destroyer

    Christina takes a gigantic sh*t on the ugly monsters, deformed Lady Caca Troll Copycat and brain-less haters.

    A huge sh*t, I tell you…


  • Natalie

    She looks… GOOD! But I’ve got my eyes on those hot bodyguards ;)

  • hahahahaha

    @Monster Destroyer:

    Oh my god.. do you even realize how pathetic you sound?
    You make rest of us Christina Aguilera fans look bad with your lame comments.

  • Stay mad lady caca fans

    Who gives a flying f*ck how people in here sound??

    The fact remains that Lady Caca is a wannabe, a newbie that keeps copying everybody else out there!

    Right now, she’s doing the Xtina look. Tomorrow, she’ll probably be someone else. She is everything and everybody except her real self. She is a troll and a clown. That’s the bottom line.

    The monsters can cry all they want about how “Christina fans” sound bad with their comments, but it is what it is!!! Lady CACA is in fact a troll! The truth hurts.

    LOL!!!! Poor monsters. You will all have to get used to hearing some of us remind you all of what a terrible plagiarist and fraud Lady Caca is. Remember how Caca started her career in the first place?


  • Stay mad lady caca fans

    Lady Caca f*cking sucks.

    Her failed riffs and adlibs when she sings (Xtina must be laughing somewhere….). The terrible copied beats for her music. The horrific, embarrassing, repetitive lyrics. The boring piano. The ugly stinkin’ wigs + outfits.

    Need I say more? Lady Caca SUCKS! It’s incredible how people like that sh*t. LOL

  • Mister_Gaga

    Long blond hair to the side, very short bangs, sky-high Louboutin shoes, tight dress : very Xtina-ish.

    WTF? Why would Lady Gaga go with this look all of the sudden? Of ALL the looks she could have instead? A mess. She must be crazy.

    Christina does it better, by the way.

  • njomac

    To continue my first comment-If she keeps this up for awhile, I will be a fan again…She looks HOT!

  • sTaRR

    Why has she looked so much like Christina Aguilera lately? I realize that blond hair is generic, but she literally is wearing the same hair, hairstyles, shoes, clothing style that Christina is right now. It’s really weird. I think she really is trying to make Christina obsolete in the pop world. Sad that people believed that Christina copied her, when she has been ripping her off for YEARS. There are so many blatant examples of it, yet no one bats an eye. Hoping Xtina keeps her new stuff/look a secret and doesn’t let this troll steal from her anymore.

  • sheneequa

    I really, REALLY hope she keeps this look because she look’s pretty, maybe she finally realized she don’t need to wear freaky clothes to be recognized, she only has to show her TALENT!

  • Jesse

    GaGa looks stunning in Versace. Is GaGa the face of Versace?…I really HOPE SO! However, i’m tired of same old Loubies or bondage heels. Go for some custome Pierre Hardy or Charlotte Olympia. That’s all. Thank you too.

  • j

    She’s so HOT!

  • VanM

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Christina is a washed up hag….she is unattractive and looks way older than her age………………………….

  • Lady Monster Poop

    Lady Gaga used Christina Aguilera’s name in PAID ADVERTISMENTS all over the net to promote her debut album, back in 2008.

    Lady Gaga allows her friends Akon and Perez to talk negatively about the amazing vocalist Aguilera.

    Lady Gaga copies Aguilera extremely often, since the very beginning.

    In other words, Lady Gaga is a demented troll and piece of sh*t. There’s no other way around it.