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Angelina Jolie, Zahara & Shiloh: Toy Store Trio

Angelina Jolie, Zahara & Shiloh: Toy Store Trio

Angelina Jolie takes her girls, Zahara and Shiloh, to a toy store on Monday (August 15) in Richmond, London, England.

The 36-year-old actress and her little ones visited the store late last month, too!

The Jolie-Pitts took home a sticker book and a few plush toys after their shopping trip. Shiloh stuck her tongue out at photographers as they left the store – ha!

Over the weekend, Angelina and partner Brad Pitt were spotted taking their twins, Knox and Vivienne, to a puppet show on a moored boat.

FYI: Angelina is wearing Dolce&Gabbana 2073K Gold Edition Sunglasses.

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angelina jolie zahara shiloh toy store 02
angelina jolie zahara shiloh toy store 03
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angelina jolie zahara shiloh toy store 05

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135 Responses to “Angelina Jolie, Zahara & Shiloh: Toy Store Trio”

  1. 1
    November Jones Says:

    Please put 10 pounds back on.

  2. 2
    Abi Says:

    Her figure is disturbing. I hope she will begin to put the weight back on and return to her normal size. She shouldn’t be one of those super-skinny Hollywood types.

  3. 3
    luvangie4ever Says:

    I love her smile, she’s absolutely radiant when she’s with her loved ones. Read the short interview EW did with Angie over the weekend. I’m so excited about her directorial debut! Didn’t realize where the title of the movie actually came from until now.

  4. 4
    Lara Says:

    Beautiful girls, happy to be having fun together. Love Angie’s top – looks like the top half of the Coleen Atwood she wore in Korea for Salt promos.

  5. 5
    PJ Says:

    Oh boy here we go again. Happy to see you beautiful girls once more.

    On megapost
    Just saw the little bikes the JP’s brought Sunday and what looked like a little silver scooter being put in their car. One black, one pink and a very small pink bike. I hope they have great fun on them.
    Scooter for Knox?

  6. 6
    WBPfan Says:

    Thanks for the new pix Jared!

  7. 7
    PleaseDebra Says:

    From previous thread:
    PleaseDebra @ 08/15/2011 at 11:36 am
    I know Debra from JPO posts at JJB but not sure if she posts here (I don’t post at JJB only lurk). If you do post here, Debra PLEASE finish your story. I keep returning to JPO to read your story which began over a year ago and there’s no new chapter. Sadly, I don’t contribute stories but then I get hooked and authors seems to abandon them. I know beggers can’t be choosers but…..please!

  8. 8
    total rec Says:

    god these constant posts about them are boring me yeah their great but seriously?? u seem obsessed jared

  9. 9
    Another Fan Says:

    I love this family! Haha, Z with her trademark papz stare and Shi imitating her Rolling Stones t-shirt!

  10. 10
    WBPfan Says:

    I enjoy the daily Jolie-Pitt pix! If there are posts of people don’t like or who bore me, I simply skip those posts. simple.

  11. 11
    Kirsten Says:

    Cute! Love their expressions. Beautiful girls.

  12. 12
    anustin Says:

    happy and content smile!!!! sigh!!!

  13. 13
    Sammy Says:

    Shiloh & Zahara are the prettiest sister duo ever! =)

  14. 14
    Blood and Honey Says:

    Thanks JJ for another thread!! I can’t get enough of Angelina Jolie, and awweee so lovely to see more pictures of the beautiful ladies doing some more shopping!! Angelina Jolie is so hands on with her little ones. Love the expressions Zahara makes at the crowd of cameras flashing at her. And beautiful little Shiloh holding onto her mommy, thats pure love on Mamma Angelina’s beautiful face, she is always glowing around her little ones. Love seeing the family living their life and being happy!

  15. 15
    Richard P Says:

    Beautiful girls.

    My girl Angie .I love her smile

  16. 16
    PJ Says:

    It looks as if Pax has had a word with Shiloh about what to do to the paps.
    Or maybe it was Brad I remember a photo of him showing Pax how to stick his tongue out.

    They must get fed up with a camera flashing every time they leave the
    You stick your tongue out baby if it makes you feel better. I would.

  17. 17
    from JJB Says:

    dulcinea13 wrote


    About the photoshoot that Brad did yesterday (Sunday) in London

    One of the photographers on the shoot got a pic of Brad hitting him with a baseball bat, all in good fun of course.

    He hasn’t posted the pic.

  18. 18
    anustin Says:

    dear…ur concern will kill you.want holly’s #? maybe anjie will please u.hehehehe

  19. 19
    Lara Says:

    Shi is a real mummy’s girl, all of them are stunners. Brad is a very lucky man.

  20. 20
    oo) Says:

    @November Jones: @Abi: i agree but you can’t say that here because the fans will have a heart attack. Angelina looked miserable on the two outings with Pittstain.

  21. 21
    sissysissy Says:

    beautiful mom and adorable girls!

  22. 22
    Agatha82 Says:

    Shi is so funny, thanks JJ

  23. 23
    margo Says:

    popsugar has more pictures. you can see shiloh working crowd control for her mommy to move through! soooo freaking cute.

  24. 24
    ls Says:

    Angelina is so beautiful.

  25. 25
    sara Says:

    little boy needs a haicut

  26. 26
    Yo-Landi Says:

    What a beautiful smile! She has the perfect face<3

  27. 27
    Alice Says:

    Jonah Hill is in London today. I bet more photo shoot for Moneyball.

  28. 28
    Lynn Says:

    Angie really has a wide nose.Never really noticed.

  29. 29
    PJ Says:

    Angie may only be here for a month or two but she sure is making the most of it.
    I think people forget Angie lived in Fulmer ( just outside London) for a long time when she first had Maddox.
    She knows her way around London and now able to show her children around.
    .Enjoy JP’s.

  30. 30
    teri Says:

    Thanks for the new thread Jared. Looks like the family is having such an awsome time in England, they look so at peace there. Love how they get so many art supplies, stickers and such to keep them busy. Angelina looks so gorgeous, love her top.

  31. 31
    Roxy Says:

    @Lynn: ….her nose. Really….you’re joking right. Why don’t you go take a long look at someone else’s nose, and see whice one is bigger

  32. 32
    teri Says:

    The JP family is darn near perfect, haters will regardless find something to complain about. I just can’t stand nit pickers.

  33. 33
    Kylie Says:

    such cute pictures of Mommy and girls. Shiloh is such a character!

    Angie looks lovely as usual, I like her top.

  34. 34
    Sonia Says:

    Oooooh, Shi is mommy’s girl! What a sweet little girl! Shi loves mommy so much!

  35. 35
    QQQQ Says:

    Jared and minions, why did you delete my post. All I posted was FIRST! It’s fr*gging annoying that nasty and disgusting posts gets posted but fans’ posts are deleted.

  36. 36


  37. 37
    Just Saying Says:

    Looks like Angelina and Brad have 3 bodyguards in the making – Pax, Z, and Shi. LOL!

  38. 38
    andu Says:


  39. 39
    Sarah Says:

    Judging from the hateful posts that always accompany the JP threads, there is a couple of things we can say without a doubt about these people. Angie has class, grace and compassion, something these low-lifes undoubtedly do not have. But they are typical of the type of fans Maniston has. They emulate her where as we should strive to emulate Angie.

  40. 40
    vickifromtexas Says:

    the kids are so adorable. i think they do very well dealing with adults yelling their names, photographing them and infringing in general on family outings. when they do on occasion express annoyance it is really very cute.

  41. 41
    georgie Says:


  42. 42
    Passing Through Says:

    LOL at Shiloh sticking her tongue out again. Wonder if Pax or her daddy told her to do that. Clearly Shiloh is not a fan of Z’s much more subtled cut-eye/I-smell-something-stinky technique.

  43. 43
    bizzy bee Says:

    Thanks Jared. the jp’s fans are having as much fun seeing the kids having a good time we love it!!!

  44. 44
    ebmo Says:

    Shiloh is such a hoot! Nobody is going to dictate to her about looks clothes, whatever she wants to do. She has angie’s spirit!

  45. 45
    andu Says:

    i like see brad and angie together

  46. 46
    bizzy bee Says:


  47. 47
    QQQQ Says:

    Dailymail tidbits
    Speaking to MailOnline Karen Khatchik, who runs the store with her husband and sister-in-law said: ‘She bought lots of small items like craft-making, stickers, tattoos, they were things for a trip they have planned.’
    Mrs Khatchik said: ‘Angelina was so nice, she shook hands with me and she gave me a birthday card after I revealed it was our fifteenth anniversary.’
    ‘The family came to the shop before and Angelina said they really liked it here and the children wanted to come back.
    And speaking of the two little girls Karen told MailOnline: ‘They are lovely children, chatting to me and they were telling me a lot about what characters they liked and didn’t like.’
    Lovely girls: The shop owner said that the girls were very chatty and animated as they looked at the items in the shop

  48. 48
    M Says:

    Shiloh looks exactly like Jon Voight here! They all are beautiful. Angie once said that she spends more time with girls and Brad with boys and it seems to be true. They both can be great role models to their kids.

  49. 49
    Passing Through Says:

    # 35 QQQQ @ 08/15/2011 at 12:54 pm
    I’ve had a few posts disappear, too. I’m not sure if this is due to a software glitch like the moderation problem, but if it’s not, then Jared needs to post a sign saying the site is now moderated. It’s common courtesy, but at this point I guess that’s expecting too much from Jared.

  50. 50
    Passing Through Says:

    # 47 QQQQ @ 08/15/2011 at 1:27 pm
    Hmmmm…either Angie’s going someplace with the girls or everybody’s headed to Scotland for a while. KFP2 does open in Japan on Friday and normally big movies have premieres there, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Angie and some of the kids are headed to Japan for a day or two…

  51. 51
    Bambi Says:

    I just love assisting Brad in Scotland too.

  52. 52
    jaliah Says:

    Credit to: Daily Mail

    A newspaper (I use the term loosely) that I dislike generally but on this outing it seems to have been reported in a straight forward manner.
    They have been taking in the sights and sounds of London and given their bank balance Hollywood A-listers Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt could spoil their brood rotten. But today the Salt actress decided to take her girls to a family-run toyshop in Richmond, one she visited two weeks ago.

    Angelina, 36, went on a low-key shopping spree with two of her daughters Shiloh, five, and Zahara, six. Angelina Jolie and her girls visited their local toy shop in Richmond, one they visited two weeks ago
    Karen Khatchik, who runs the store with her husband and sister-in-law said: ‘She bought lots of small items like craft-making, stickers, tattoos, they were things for a trip they have planned.’
    But while Jolie and beau Brad could afford to buy the entire stock in the shop Karen said the mother-of-six spent no more than her other customers.
    Lovely girls: The shop owner said that the girls were very chatty and animated as they looked at the items in the shop and they were telling me a lot about what characters they liked and didn’t like.’

    Mrs Khatchik said: ‘Angelina was so nice, she shook hands with me and she gave me a card after I revealed it was our fifteenth anniversary.’
    ‘The family came to the shop before and Angelina said they really liked it here and the children wanted to come back.

  53. 53
    Ang Says:

    Beautiful woman and her beautiful girls. We fans are getting spoiled seeing the family out and about. LOL at Shiloh. I guess we all know what she thinks of the photographers. Her older brothers are good teachers.

    Angie’s top looks like the dress she wore at the Salt promo in Korea. Maybe she recycled it. I love that idea.

  54. 54
    juju Says:

    angelina looks stunning
    nd so do zahara nd shiloh
    i wish the paps
    wouldn’t be on
    their faces

  55. 55
    juju Says:

    angelina looks stunning
    nd so do zahara nd shiloh
    i wish the paps
    wouldn’t be on
    their faces

  56. 56
    juju Says:

    i was at jjb
    nd the sicko
    that spends her days
    in here pretending to
    b angelina fan
    is in there w/ a new name
    this obsession of hers
    is going to kill her
    poor sicko

  57. 57
    FilthyANISTONWhorePanties Says:

    TO FilthyJolieWhorePanties :

  58. 58
    Just Sayin Says:

    People in Glasgow have gone insane over Brad’s coming to the town.

  59. 59
    andu Says:

    comment 51#

  60. 60
    ughh not again Says:

    Another post again with a trip to a toy store??Getting as tiresome and predictable as Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes posts with their kids

  61. 61
    Brad In Glasgow Says:

  62. 62
    yes Says:

    “And she really seems to enjoy the attention she gets on these outing. Woman is smiling like a hyena.
    She must really need attention. She goes toy shopping
    every day. Judging from the way the kids and her dress,
    maybe she should try clothes shopping. “

  63. 63
    sami Says:

    @Sarah: yes im a jen fan but think that bp and aj r great together and i have never said anything bad about them or the children ,

  64. 64
    cancer sticks Says:

    Brad is so old and ugly. must be from all those cancer sticks. I think Money ball is going to bomb.

  65. 65
    LoriLori Says:

    Love seeing pictures of the Always Beautiful Angelina Jolie and her Adorable children, awwww the kids are sick of being bothered by the paps.

  66. 66
    elle fanning Says:

    she is extraordinary

  67. 67
    ana Says:


  68. 68
    cancer sticks Says:

    Brad Pitt = overexposed and an old hasbeen. nobody wants to see his old cheating behind on the big screen anymore. Not when Chris hemsworth and jason momoa are making films. HELLO! hmm who would i rather look at for 2 hours brad old wrinkly pitt or fione as hell Chris hemsworth and/or Jason Momoa. I can see Brad for free on the blogs no need to pay for a movie when his life with Angie is way more entertaining to watch on blogs and tabloids. over.

  69. 69
    Rose Says:

    @Cancer sticks, I guess that’s why his x wife is so old and ugly because she is also a cancer stick smoker. I would wish all people would stop smoking for health reasons, not because of their status in life.

  70. 70
    Lucy Says:

    JP family soon will be heading to Glasgow. I can’t wait for the new on set pictures.

  71. 71

    Hey, don’t hate, hens, the world loves Jolie and her kids. She is the queen of Hollywood and on top of ther world. Like it or not, you prove it by posting in here day in, day out, while deserting your old idole’s thread EN MASSE.
    i understand you, you have zero interest in Maniston and her midget. .
    Have you seen one single oulet in the media picking the ‘Radar Online’s picture about the news of them taking off from Hawaii ? NOPE ! They are unpopular, unattractive, unappealing even to their fanbase. Little Bieber and his lolitta make more news than Dracula & vampirella do.
    Maniston couple is already obsolete, period !. Herself is a milf hag who is getting fatter and fatter while her new beau who looks like a perv, never smiles in her company !.
    And who cares ? Maniston hens don’t care, the media doesn’t care. Nobody care.
    So, so sad for Aniston’s ongoing popularity contest against the queen and the king of Hollywood …NOT !!!.

  72. 72

    Oh Jen Jen you look so bad ass with your cancer stick !
    It goes very well with your new bad girl, man stealer persona.
    Hope the short legged midget whose allergic to underwears will tolerate your nicotine related bad breath…

  73. 73
    agnes Says:

    it sad how Angelina’s fans hate J Aniston. You ‘love” Angelina so much that you think you have right to hate someone else.

  74. 74
    debra77 Says:


    I will update it before the end of the week. Sorry life gets in the way.. But the end is near.. I’m actually almost finished.

    thanks.. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.

  75. 75
    debra77 Says:


    I will update it before the end of the week. Sorry life gets in the way.. But the end is near.. I’m actually almost finished.

    thanks.. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.

  76. 76
    bizzy bee Says:

    cancer stick #68,

    Jealous, small minded, pathetic moron. You are one ant out of a trillion who mean nothing to JP fans and obviously nothing to Brad. I’m only responding to you because once in a while, I don’t let stupid little people get away with their comments.

    Brad is living his life, making the best movies of his career since he left your monkey faced drag queen.

    What you fail to mention is that Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa are going to be 47 one day, then what will you say? You’ll just jump to the next trend, right? People like you never stick around long enough to become a true fan.

    I for one will love Brad to the bitter end and beyond.

  77. 77
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    cancer sticks @ 08/15/2011 at 2:53 pm

    Let me see. Brad is 47. TOL came out this year and so will MB & Happy Feet. Cogan’s Trade & WWZ come out next year. If that’s a has been career, I am sure Brad or any other 47 yrs old actors would love to have this has been career.

    Also, who give a fcuk if you don’t want to see Brad’s face. The fans want to see him. Futher, Jason Momoa has his own thread. Why don’t you go there but I’ll bet you won’t. You would rather be on Angie & Brad’s thread. Troll like you love to b11tch about how much you hate the JP and how much you love other celebs but you wouldn’t go to other celebs’ threads. You would rather waste you time on the JP threads instead. Go figure.

  78. 78
    sop Says:

    It is always nice to see angie and her girls. I like the top she wearing.She definitley is talking the best out of their stay abroad. I hope the japan permiere stories are true so it will be nice to see red carpet pics.If true Brad can’t make it but still will be nice before the moneyball red carpet. The MB movie is getting good buzz but because it is a sport movie I doesn’t look like it will be a big hit but it would do decent up to 60-70 by the end of it run some of them saying .

  79. 79
    Star Says:

    Poorly behaved child.

  80. 80
    Hypocratia Says:

    Not again!
    She´s doing anything to better her image! Using those kids as an alibi. Scelletina go away your ugly, selfish and manupulative disgrace of a woman and mother!

  81. 81
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Poor name changing troll. Same shiit on every thread.

  82. 82
    naaa Says:

    - that little guy does not like the Paps

  83. 83

    @89 STAR
    Hey STAR, as your poor educated, crass, obscene idole will say publicly to the paps :

  84. 84
    Raichill Says:

    Let’s be honest. Zahara is really scary-looking when she scowls.

  85. 85
    Chandrika Says:

    That little hippie needs some hot sauce poured on that tongue. Then she”ll keep it in.

  86. 86
    Chandrika Says:

    tobasco sauce is the cure for bad behavior mhmm

  87. 87
    huh? Says:

    how can anyone claim brad or angie are hasbeens, lol they are at the top of the game now, brad has several movies coming out, he is in big demand and ANGIE, people are fascinated even when she isnt working.

    she is THE actress who gets sent the major scripts , only when she turns something down do others get a chance, well not maniston cause she doesnt even get to read scripts of high caliber. My word the trolls make fools of themselves with their ignorance.

  88. 88
    Orchid Says:

    73 agnes @ 08/15/2011 at 4:00 pm
    I can’t say that I hate anyone, agnes. Definitely not people I don’t even know and who have done nothing to me. It’s just that JA’s fans act as if that’s the only divorce ever and Angie did the ‘stealing.’ How stupid are JA’s fans?
    Now there’s a new book out in which Brad and Angie are mentioned again (yes, mention them to sell a book), and it says that it’s Brad who went after Angie.
    Seen the picture in post # 72?
    I think that’s a horrible sight – a woman walking down the street with a cigarette dangling from the mouth!

  89. 89
    ot Says:

    Not trying to be mean but, if trolls can mention Angie’s weight, well….I saw those pics of Aniston leaving Hawaii, and girl looks kinda chunky puffy..not baby chunky exactly, wonder what is up with her?

  90. 90
    from JJB Says:

    Brad Pitt is negotiating for the lead in New Regency’s “The Gray Man,” a script from last year’s blacklist by Adam Cozad that will have Pitt playing an assassin for the first time since “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Variety’s Rachel Abrams exclusively reports. James Gray will direct. More to come …

    Posted by Variety at 02:26:46 PM



  91. 91
    Orchid Says:

    80 Hypocratia @ 08/15/2011 at 5:02 pm
    Why are you here? You looked and then you post dumb things. LOL

  92. 92
    bdj Says:

    BREAKING: Brad Pitt is in negotiations to star in the New Regency/20th Century Fox drama The Gray Man. James Gray was set in January to direct the film, an adaptation of Mark Greaney’s thriller novel. I’d heard Pitt’s name back then, but the studio and actors reps denied the Moneyball star was doing it at the time. Script was written by Adam Cozad, who also scripted the Jack Ryan franchise reboot for Paramount with Chris Pine and director Jack Bender. Targeted by a powerful multinational corporation, a former CIA operative-turned ultimate assassin must fight his way across Europe and past special forces teams from around the world in order to save the life of his handler and the handler’s family. New Regency’s Navid McIlhargey is steering the film and Shine Pictures’ Paul Webster and Stephen Garrett are producing. Webster produced Gray’s first two films, Little Odessa and The Yards.

  93. 93
    Troll in Pain Says:

    Nothing gets the trolls so hurt as a happy family- shows how sad their lives are. After seven years and six kids, the JPs are happier and more successful than they ever have been. The harder the troll(s) try to destroy the JPs, the more powerful the JPs become. So much failure must be DEPRESSING, even for a delusional troll.

  94. 94
    Frenchy Says:

    Hellllo all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The JP girls are having a blast. IN the near future, Vivienne will be joining them more often.

    Some may not realize this but all of these outings are an education unto themselves for the children Their conversation skills with others as well as understanding and differentiating different accents are put into practice in real life. Shiloh is beginning to realize that her mom is “somebody”. I see that Maddox has taught her a few things about how to react to paps. This phase will pass.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the summer…

    Waving to all fans!!!!!!!!

  95. 95
    bdj Says:

    Variety abounds in Hollywood’s fall and holiday seasons as studios pack the schedule with Oscar hopefuls, action flicks, comedy and music-themed tales, as well as a family lineup that brings the return of the Muppets, dancing penguins, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Puss in Boots.

    Real people provide intriguing stories as Streep seeks to add to her record 16 Oscar acting nominations, playing the British prime minister in “The Iron Lady”; Pitt takes over the Oakland A’s front office as pioneering baseball strategist Billy Beane in “Moneyball”; and DiCaprio takes on the sweeping life of FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover in “J. Edgar,” directed by Clint Eastwood.

    In “Moneyball,” Pitt’s Beane takes over the A’s and builds one of baseball’s most cost-effective teams through “sabermetrics,” a statistical analysis that broke with conventional Major League scouting by identifying undervalued players.

    “It’s tough, tough material in a sense of how do you make a dramatic film out of sabermetrics? But there is a story of going up against a system,” Pitt said. “If we hadn’t been doing it this way for so long, is this the way we’d begin if we were starting today? Like our use of oil. You could ask the same question if the automobile was being invented today. Would we really be going oil?”

  96. 96
    PleaseDebra Says:

    Debra #74 & 75 , Thank you so much for your reply (for the life of me, I don’t know why my post was thumbed down so much– I don’t think people knew what I was talking about). I’m so happy you’re going to update soon. Sorry for the pressure but I really love your story and wanted to see if it ends like I imagine it ends!!!

  97. 97
    bdj Says:

    We culled the best soundbites from EW’s Fall Movie Preview for your pleasure below, from Brad Pitt’s struggle to get Moneyball made and Steven Soderbergh killing off Oscar-winners in Contagion to what Mickey Rourke has in common with the animals in Cameron Crowe’s We Bought a Zoo.

    – Brad Pitt on the long road to getting Moneyball on the big screen: “It just spoke to me on so many levels. I just couldn’t let it go.”

    - Angelina Jolie, on writing and directing In The Land of Blood and Honey (pictured): “When you write something, it’s like you’re an actor playing all different have to keep pushing your personality and write from different angles, sit down and put words on paper was terrifying, because it’s so personal. I found that much more difficult.” She shot the film in both English and Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian: “I wanted to make it as accessible as possible for people.”

  98. 98
    Lara Says:

    ————————-New Brad Thread—————————

  99. 99
    Marieme Says:

    Gawd, Angelina is extremely patient and good-natured! I’d be driven mad with the paps stalking me and my kids. All you’d have are pictures with me flipping off photogs. Not very mature or helpful, I realize. She’s an amazing person. Both she and Brad are.

  100. 100
    adriana Says:

    why the blond one is always dressed like a boy ?

  101. 101
    LUYN Says:

    TO adriana :
    why the blond one is always dressed like a boy ?

  102. 102
    XIII Says:

    Why is adriana always hitting on a blond child? pedo!

  103. 103
    MJ Says:

    @ticky jolie: So you think Angie is done in the movie business? Are you that stupid? Angie’s next project is CLEOPATRA baby in a big budget with a big well known director. Hmmm, maybe you meant Anuston, she’s the one who is done in the movie business, now she will appear in soap opera on TV( where she belong). Anuston’s next project after WONDERBUST is nothing cause Boring Girls don’t have a financier yet unless she will beg a script from her friends and allow them to use her saggy vag*na. Poor SPORT F*CK Anuston.

  104. 104
    andu Says:

    jen winner a ???????
    Angie =oscar ,golden …the list is so large

  105. 105
    legs Says:

    Shi, what did I tell you about mouse-eating? I told you that if you have to eat a mouse, at least don’t eat a whole mouse all at once. Have the head for lunch, and save the butt for dinner, otherwise your tongue will get all stretched out. Did you listen?! Now I am NOT helping you get it back in!!!

  106. 106
    angierocks Says:

    Angie looks great as always.Kids can never have too much toys,shi and z were annoyed by the paps.Love the Jolie pitt Crew:)

  107. 107
    angierocks Says:

    haters losing their ***** because of sighting after sighting of the Jolie pitt’s having the time of their lives, are sending the haters to the ocean to scream.

  108. 108
    mwannir Says:

  109. 109
    lylian Says:

    LOL! Smoking is sooooo glamourous! When was this photo taken? Probably a while back because Dedn was really skinny and she’s put on some weight. Perhaps she has given up smoking – which would explain her weight gain as well. Good on her if she has given up smoking.

  110. 110
    _bhonita!!!!! Says:


  111. 111
    _bhonita!!!!! Says:

    Let me guess,,she is a fan of that Suri that is why she is bashing Shiloh!!!!!BTW….SHILOH RULES!!!!!!!

  112. 112
    gracie Says:

    It has been great these past few weeks; we have great pics of the JP Kids and their parents. They’re always happy and Angie gorgeous as always. The kids are growing so fast and these rare views with their different personalities on display are pleasure to watch. Wishing them God blessings.

  113. 113
    dark angel Says:

    I’d take Angie’s way of raising kids any day!

    Hi to all JP fans!

    Hi neleh!

  114. 114
    Gingerbread Says:

    Lucky Brad! Tnx Jared

  115. 115
    s.k Says:

    Angelina is so sexy and i like her child thanks j.j

  116. 116
    Amazed Says:

    Poor girls they are clearly tired of being stalked by the paps

  117. 117
    Lara Says:

    ————————–New Thread—————————–

  118. 118
    jk Says:

    Gorgeous Angelina.

  119. 119
    sally princess Says:


  120. 120
    Observing Says:

    Very cute family.

  121. 121
    LUYN Says:

    MEDIA WH@RE J/P’s:

  122. 122

    She needs to get a hair cut urgently. She is desperately trying to hang onto her youth by keeping it so look. It just makes her look desperate. Pitt & Jolie were extremely beautiful in her 20s and they are finding it very hard now that their looks are starting to wither with age.

    Their faded beauty defined who they once were and their careers of being movie stars rewarded their beauty. But who do they become without that beauty? Their worst fear – ordinary. Just like the rest of us.

  123. 123
    dromeda Says:

    the Bosnia movie is going to sink.
    it’s a propaganda movie from a rookie.
    no art whatsoever.

  124. 124
    LUYN Says:


  125. 125
    LUYN Says:


  126. 126
    Marcus From PA Says:

    Hi Jolie-Pitt fans I see on the last page trolls are in meltdown mode again. What else is new heard that the family took a train to Scotland.

    Can;t wait to see photos of them in Scotland

  127. 127
    JEN IN REHAB Says:

    Laughing at the troll!! Your 45yoa botoxed big chinned idol can’t find Work

  128. 128
    JEN IN REHAB Says:

    Crazy old JA doesn’t look happy with the midget, she can’t stay in flip flops forever HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Desperate old Hag needs the JP’s to stay relevant she will never stop stalking AJ

  129. 129
    Knoxie Says:

    Angelina is gorgeous. The kids are adorable. Knoxie= Angie

  130. 130
    groundcontrol Says:

    These troll posts are almost as funny as the illuminato Monarch slave tinhat gibberish the trolls post elsewhere.
    Idjits. Pure and simple. No wonder they are taken in by every tabloid and con artist on the internet. LOL!
    Brad and Angie are nurturing a wonderful family. Unfortunately many of these trolls from IUC and FF have troubling personal issues with their own families and children and can’t help themselves from lashing out at those who have what they do not. It’s an old and sad story.

  131. 131
    groundcontrol Says:

    And you need your tubes cut so you can’t reproduce. I’d call that an even exchange.

  132. 132
    Angela Davis Says:

    Zee looks very militant.

  133. 133
    Anonymous Says:

    Shi is sooo funny.Finally we see her poking her tongue out for the paps and showing them what she really thinks of those guys. And who still dares to say that Shi isn´t dear to her mum is either blind or simply stupid. One can see how close Angie and Shi are. it´s so cute to see how Shi clings onto her mum although she´s already 5. Zee is once again giving her trademark “´death stare” to the paps. She is a beautiful young lady already. Hard to imagine that soon she´ll be 7 years old.

  134. 134
    legsfan Says:

    Ohhhhh… So *that’s* who “Marcus” is – some sort of a horned lizard thingy with a long flicking tongue!!!

    Happy Birthday Shi!

  135. 135
    legsfan Says:

    Ohhhhh… So *that’s* who “Marcus” is – some sort of a horned lizard thingy with a long flicking tongue!!!

    Happy Birthday Shi!

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