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Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Poster!

Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Poster!

Check out Gerard Butler in the poster for his upcoming action movie, Machine Gun Preacher!

The 41-year-old Scottish actor stars as Sam Childers in the Marc Forster-directed flick, which will hit theaters September 23.

PIC: Gerard Butler in Machine Gun Preacher – First Look!

“Sam is a guy of our times,” Gerard previously told USA Today about his character, a former drug-dealer who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who’ve been forced to become soldiers.

“There is more complexity in a modern-day character who’s a drug addict and a biker turned businessman, missionary, and soldier. You don’t get roles like this very often,” he added.

Bigger pic inside

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gerard butler machine gun preacher poster

Photos: Relativity Media
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  • Huh

    I don’t get it at all. What is it about this guy? He does nothing for me.

  • ha ha

    wow, that’s when he USED to look hot!!

  • Sharp

    YAY!! Jared referred to G as “Scottish actor” rather than “Scottish stud”! This is a good sign!

  • Manny

    No there’s the man we know and love…

  • Manny

    Oops… Now…. there’s the man we know and love…

  • redOctober



  • niknoks

    Wow, looking good, GB back in the days where he looked like a stiff breeze wouldn’t knock him over. Got high hopes for this film.

  • BEAN

    The kid is cute

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    ..Another bad movie.

  • ib8

    @Huh: I ask myself the same thing. But you better watch what you say about GB on these threads. You’ll get 20 thumbs down and obese cat ladies coming after you.

  • legends

    This is actually supposed to be a critics’ darling – even Oscar buzz surrounding Gerard’s performance! Can’t wait! Finally, a film to capture the subtle nuances of the man and the actor! I hope the public goes to see it! Go Gerard!

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    Manny, I’m sorry about your loss and in honor of your son, let’s call a truce. At the very least we don’t have to speak to one another. Do the memory of your son proud and stop with the all the childish zinging and berating. Deal?
    Now, back on topic, love the poster! Can’t wait to see a trailer!

  • N.

    A trailer puleeese.

  • Enough Already

    @Latesummer’s Eve: Nice of you to say this. I’m not sure why everyone needs to bicker and put others down here. It would be nice to just talk about Butler and his career for a change.

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    @Enough Already:

    That’s why we come here afterall! I totally agree!

  • Latesummer’s Eve


    I hope the public goes to see it too. My only fear is that many don’t agree with Sam’s prinicples and use of violence and some even say why not start by helping kids in your own back yard. Of course, there is no comparing the two situations. We’ll just have to see how it all plays out.

  • Latesummer’s Eve


    Yes they did and that’s a good thing but he’ll still always be our little Scottish stud! LOL!

  • just sayin



  • MAN-FACE Pippa Middleton

    This movie looks ridiculous. Who the hell wants to see this bag of dung?
    To whomever asked…ARE you kidding me??
    Truly…We are just ‘humoring’ that Brooke character LOL! None of us believe her, it’s just fun ‘getting her goat.’

  • Ha!

    I know who he’s f*cking…and it AIN’T Brooke nor her imaginary friend

  • kelly

    cant wait to see this movie

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    Some just can’t stand it when people are congenial. LOL!

  • lolita

    Manny and Maggie left you a post on the last thread.♥♥

  • SwansongPaisley

    He looks amazing in this photo. My biggest concern about this film is that it deals with a conservative Christian pastor, and at the moment society is not too fond of that demographic. Lets just hope that Gerry’s performance and the script make MGP a moving and worthwhile experience for people in general. I am very excited to see this film!

    (in other news, I just became a first time Grandma to a baby girl! So excited!)


  • XXX

    Oh Lord, not another one.@Ha – well give the name or you are just going to classed the same as “the other one”.Some people really need to get out
    Really looking forward to seeing this movie (MGP) .

    @Manny & @Maggie PU
    Very sorry to hear of your loss.

  • XXX

    Congratulations on becoming a grandma.

  • sockpuppet

    @N.: tweet at WO said trailer soon.

  • N.

    @sockpuppet: A big thank you!

  • Latesummer’s Eve


    Congrats, Swannie! I’ll bet you’re over the moon!

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Hey @Sharp #3…long time no see!!! :)..Yeah..I agree..It’s good to see that Gerry is referred to a “Scottish actor”…and from the looks of the Coriolanus trailer..I can see why there’s oscar buzz ..from that..and this poster of MGP…. looks fabulous..It’s going to be Gerry’s year..I have no doubts..

    Sharp..did you see the Celtic vs Manchester United game?..I followed it on a live stream..Great to see the crowds out!! and Celtic just crushed Dundee in a match!! Maybe Gerry brought them some luck :)..Hope so…Cheers!

  • justsayin’too

    Ha- Don’t be another Brooke, give names or it ain’t happening.

  • Who Cares!?!?!?!?!

    @Ha!: Seriously who cares?!?!?!?! I don’t , he is a grown man, I’m sure there is somebody or not.

    Back to topic, I can’t wait for this movie, not because of Mr. Butler but because the real machine gun preacher is awesome!!!!

  • Manny

    Sincerely Swannie. Congrats… a new baby is the best thing in the world IMO.

  • Manny

    @Latesummer’s Eve:
    To all you lovely JJers….
    Again everyone, thanks for the kindness.

  • Manny

    Again, I can only aspire to have as gentle of soul as you do… *hugs*

  • The Noise In The Walls

    @Manny @Maggie
    No one should have to go through those kind of losses..It is heart wrenching..I am so sorry..My condolences..

    Swannie – Congrats..what a beautiful blessing!!
    and to all.
    Have a Great evening..

  • Manny

    Well Butler movie fans… the expanded release is September 30th in the USA. So mark your calendars if you are of a mind to support the Great Scot…
    In honor of Butler and picking at something…

  • Maggie P.U.

    @23 loli….got it compadre’…responded… took awhile sorry had to get back in the groove…

    To all JJers…. did some ramblin on the previous thread… might want to read them if havent they are for all ya’ll. It took a while had a good boo-hoo…but fine. Kind of p-od at myself….. should have gassed up the wheels earlier after driving to Malibu!!!! HA!!!!



  • Observin’

    I dunno which thread to be in.

    Also: I want to snuggle that little kid.

  • Maggie P.U.

    @ 25 triple x and 36 Noisy…. thanks peeps. ‘Preciate the kind words.



  • Maggie P.U.

    @ 35 Manny.. AMEN to that sista…you got that right…also GF got a response for you on the previous thread…:) kinda got off focus… eyes was still wet…but finished.



  • 30rocks

    New thread folks.

  • Jasmine

    Can’t wait for this movie :)

  • No no no

    I am really sorry but I find this poster almost offensive.

    Maybe it will work in the USA but to this European woman, I find the image of the small african child holding onto GB really un-necessary.

    GB as Childers is fine – but the image of him and the gun and a tiny child is, to me utterly crass.

    I totally accept that this is a movie about one gun happy American conservative preacher saving a whole group of African orphans, but does the poster have to tag it in such a blatant and obvious way. The poster without the child is even more powerful as a movie poster? With the child in the poster it is like a comic book version of the story telling – just there for shock value or shorthand tick box for a movie audience: GB (tick), Machine Gun (tick) Starving Black African Helpless Child holding onto GB (tick), back drop of conflict zone (tick)!

    The poster would read just as clearly without the blunk instrument of the orphan child. Sorry, but this has actually put me OFF going to the see the movie. I don’t want to be preached at on the poster too, I want to make up my own mind and find out more about Childers and the Sudan situation.

    Also, the poster does not say ACTION MOVIE. Mind you, I don’t think that the movie has a clue what it is trying to be.It seems to be Action plus social comment, plus drama, plus religion, plus GB doing his big serious acting thing, all wrapped up into something that is supposed to be (Marc Forster’s words ‘An artistic expression of reality’. Confusing much.

    I rarely comment on the board, but this particular poster has turned me off seeing what might be a good role and opportunity for GB. No thanks Relativity Media/ distributors – doesn’t work for me at all.


  • Dane

    Really looking forward to this film. I hope Gerry can bring the EU premiere to Glasgow like he did with LAC. That was a fun premiere…..

  • Truth

    @No no no:

    Don’t focus on the messenger, focus on the message! Don’t allow the poster to keep you from seeing a informative and inspiring movie. Haven’t you ever heard don’t judge a book by its cover?

  • No no no

    @Truth: no point in buying the book if the cover tells you everything! LOL

  • gossiphound

    @No no no: Give me a break, the media and might I add aid organizations raising funds in North America and I dare say Europe too use the same or similiar imagery every single day. I see it every day because we have a TV station that has a one hour broadcast for VISION every weekday, trying to raise money for to support kids in third world countries.

    And the reality is the real guy has saved the lives of some African children, like it or not. I am sure the kids being saved don’t give a damn about the politics of the situation. They are just happy they are out of a bad situation.

  • GFW

    @24 “My biggest concern about this film is that it deals with a conservative Christian pastor, and at the moment society is not too fond of that demographic. ”
    Really? How so? Care to explain?
    Love the poster but the tagline more, brilliant! SO glad to see this out… now I want to see it EVERYWHERE. Did I say EVERYWHERE? I do.

  • gossiphound

    And just to further inform, Sam is and was primarily saving kids who were forced to be child soldiers for an African group that also claims to be Christian lead by a psychopath and setting up orphanages for their refuge. So the the reality is the child in the poster is just as relevant as the imagery of starving children, with their swollen bellies and flies on their faces as they use in ALL the aid organization’ s fundraising commecials. And for the person on her European high horse, quite sure Sir Bob Geldof used the same imagery to raise money and awareness for Live Aid and his efforts since. It is what it is.