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Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio makes a quick escape in his car while leaving Madeo restaurant on Sunday (August 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor ate dinner at the fancy bistro before heading off in his black Lexus sedan.

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Last week, Leo and his rumored girlfriend Blake Lively were spotted grabbing groceries together at Gelson’s in Hollywood.

In case you missed it, check out this preview picture of Leo in character as J. Edgar Hoover for his latest film J. Edgar, which is set to be released on November 9!

Bigger picture inside…

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Credit: JML; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Fan of Beauty

    He looks good…. but where is his pot of glue, Miss Plastic Surgery?

  • huh?

    Where’s your Prius, Leo?
    Did you drop that like you dropped flying commercial and started taking private jets with your buds?

  • hahaha

    I just loved Jared! He still refers to Fake Blake as `rumored girlfriend`! Any Leo sighting without his horseface girlfriend is a pleasure! Keep them coming, Jared!

  • @huh?

    Have you ever heard of a hybrid Lexus? Or hybrid Ford? Or hybrid Nissan? Toyota is not the only one anymore with hybrid cars! BUT I see your point he turned out to be a hypocrite.

  • @Fan of Beauty

    I thought “the pot of glue/Queen of Plastic surgery” could have been hidden in the back seat, but we would have spotted one of her hideous hats.

    BR, stop your idiot impersonation, it’s ridiculous.

  • DQ

    If Fake Blake was there I bet she would have made sure that she is pictured with him. She`s a hustler after all…

  • Simon Pigg

    He’s a good actor and seems like a decent guy but he needs to grow up and find someone his own age to settle down with who can give him the kick in the balls he needs such as Winona Ryder, Melissa George, Cameron Diaz, Denise Richards, Kristen Wiig, Sandra Bullock, Neve Campbell, etc. Blake should be with someone around her age as well like Shia LaBeouf.

  • rolling eyes

    You had to mention HER didn’t you?

  • Naomi

    It is indeed a pleasure and a relief to see him without that long man’s face. PLEASE JARED, from now on show us only pictures of Leo (AND LEO ONLY) and stop mentioning Flake’s name in your captions.

  • DQ

    @Leo the best: Probably the truth that hurt the pr princess. Whatever it was I`m sure she deserved it!!!!

  • Just

    He’s gross

  • Jane

    Bar deserves better ,Leo is a loser

  • Daisy

    I think Jared dislike Blake Lively

  • Daisy

    I think Jared dislikes Blake Lively

  • Daisy

    @Fan of Beauty:
    Every one is plastic in hollywood

  • genie

    this post has only one pic..

  • Betty

    ugly old man

  • L.A dish

    Shes back in LA….They were both spotted coming out of the beverly hils hotel yestrerday so shes probably lurking around there somewhere,

  • limit

    uhhh why didnt they get more pics, he looks really good and looks super sexy in black…useless paps

  • gg

    @Betty: If leo looks ugly to u honey, then what would be beautiful ?

  • Betty

    Check your eyes ,he’s normal at best ,if he’s not rich ,no one thinks hes hot

  • camera fones anyone?

    leo and kevin connolly were at GOAL last week and were singing kareoke frank sinatra…hahaha i would pay good money to have seen that!!

  • Nancy

    No wonder Bar dumped him

  • L.A dish?

    … is probably a bellafreak spreading the info based on a tweet.
    I bet she’s around for some PR before he gies to Sydney.

  • tut

    @LA dish leaving a hotel eh, wonder what they were there for…..have another girl at home in your bed already leo?! itl be like those pics of them leaving the hotel in italy where fake clearly had sex hair, WHAT a s l u t.

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    Leonardo best

  • c

    he comes across as such a loser

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    Leonardo cute

  • L.A dish

    @24 im a bellawhat?? making up words ar we….i live and work in L.A in the entertainment industry and get inside info on things. Thats all i say.

  • Fenny

    Leo’s fans are uneducated

  • kà simply amazing

    leo is beautiful man in hollywood

  • fan

    wel he definantly wasnt dining alone,…

  • IHeartBSB

    This has no foundation in anything at all, but I’m just not feeling him with Lively! She’s so a transition girl! Dump her now please!

  • Happy

    I have never found Leo as an attractive man. But hands down he is a good actor.

  • @tut

    Having lunch or dinner maybe?

  • @LA dish

    Inside info? Your inside info is a tweet from yesterday posted by a belkafreak ( you know very well what that means ).

  • “NY dish”…

    wel so long as were “dishing” … i dont live in LA or NY but i have a couple of friends who live in NY and this one friend who does the odd acting gig and she was drafted in as an extra on gossip gril last week, had to stand around pretending to be party goers, she said the set is pretty crazy and theres always paps and fans around. Anyway me being a leo fan i asked her about blake and she siad shes very pretty in real life much better than in photos (good as i thought she was quite blaaah in pics) and that she and leighton spent a lot of time together laghing and talking but the majority of the time she saw her she was on her phone texting or whatever…ANYWAY on to the good bit which i must say is quite hilarios, i dont know whether this is true or not but apparetly they had some “wardrobe difficulties” with blake she was supposed to be wearing a lowcut silk type dress to one of these so called parties but she ended up nt being able to wear it as she had what was described as “a massive hickey” in the chest area and with all the lighting it’d pobably be seen so he wouldnt/couldnt wear the dress. Safe to say nearl DIED when i heard this story but again i dont know if its actualy true it was like a funny “set rumor” but she has been wearing pretty high necked threads lately….LOL anyway my friend only spent like 3 days on set and never got to actualy speak to any of the main actors but she did say they all seemed very nice and friendly. so ya thats my dish, be kind with the thumbs haha..

  • @36

    dam whats your problem dude, chill…

  • lolaru

    @ “NY dish”…hahaahaha if thats true thats HILARIOUS…..leo u DOG!! :D

  • hickey?

    I’m not an expert but I’m sure a hickey could be covered up with makeup.
    @38: No problem just not buying the ‘inside info’ stuff…

  • katchitup

    Maybe it was her good old friend, Harvey who gave her the hickey!

  • Elena

    ugh finally leo is solo and we get one measly picture. laaaammmmeeeee.

  • i’ve seen her twice

    @“NY dish”…:

    I’ve seen Blake in person too (two times), and she is definitely not pretty. Your friend is lying to you dear. She’s got a long horse face, but she has a very nice body. I cant picture leo getting it on with her. she is blah and has no sex appeal whatsoever. Her face is too manly to be considereed ‘pretty’. But I think it’s funny that there are PR on this thread so early in the morning with their ‘inside info’. Like really, get a life. you must think readers are stupid and cant tell PR when we see it lmao

  • Cammie

    So glad he is going to Australia soon, mostly away from Fake Lively…and back to acting on a script, not a PR romance

  • i’ve seen her twice

    @“NY dish”…:

    if its your friend who’s telling you this, than how can you not be sure if it’s true or not? has your friend been known to lie to you in the past lol? your tall tale sounds phony and made up. Nice try at trying to convince of Blake being pretty, but you can’t fool some of us who have seen her in the flesh. lol

  • same person

    LA dish and NY dish are the same person. haha so obvious.

  • hmmm

    An entertainment industry bird was eating dinner in Madeo at the same time ( just like Bill Mahr ) but I guess it’s not a ‘dish’ since Flakey wasn’t mentioned!
    Hickey? Wasn’t there a post here on JJ just the other day ( after BL left LA and Leo ) on the NYC set if GG? She was wearing a low cut shirt and there was no hickey there!

  • hmmm

    An entertainment industry bird was eating dinner in Madeo at the same time ( just like Bill Mahr ) but I guess it’s not a ‘dish’ since Flakey wasn’t mentioned!
    Hickey? Wasn’t there a post here on JJ just the other day ( after BL left LA and Leo ) on the NYC set if GG? She was wearing a low cut shirt and there was no hickey there!

  • greek

    @L.A dish:

    Leo’s looking hot. Hickey? Give me a break. Blake is his girlfriend. Deal with it. She was with him this weekend. She has a J O B in New York to get back to.

  • greek


    A few are off their rocker. Don’t just us all by them.