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Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio makes a quick escape in his car while leaving Madeo restaurant on Sunday (August 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor ate dinner at the fancy bistro before heading off in his black Lexus sedan.

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Last week, Leo and his rumored girlfriend Blake Lively were spotted grabbing groceries together at Gelson’s in Hollywood.

In case you missed it, check out this preview picture of Leo in character as J. Edgar Hoover for his latest film J. Edgar, which is set to be released on November 9!

Bigger picture inside…

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Credit: JML; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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150 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!”

  1. 1
    Fan of Beauty Says:

    He looks good…. but where is his pot of glue, Miss Plastic Surgery?

  2. 2
    huh? Says:

    Where’s your Prius, Leo?
    Did you drop that like you dropped flying commercial and started taking private jets with your buds?

  3. 3
    hahaha Says:

    I just loved Jared! He still refers to Fake Blake as `rumored girlfriend`! Any Leo sighting without his horseface girlfriend is a pleasure! Keep them coming, Jared!

  4. 4
    @huh? Says:

    Have you ever heard of a hybrid Lexus? Or hybrid Ford? Or hybrid Nissan? Toyota is not the only one anymore with hybrid cars! BUT I see your point he turned out to be a hypocrite.

  5. 5
    @Fan of Beauty Says:

    I thought “the pot of glue/Queen of Plastic surgery” could have been hidden in the back seat, but we would have spotted one of her hideous hats.

    BR, stop your idiot impersonation, it’s ridiculous.

  6. 6
    DQ Says:

    If Fake Blake was there I bet she would have made sure that she is pictured with him. She`s a hustler after all…

  7. 7
    Simon Pigg Says:

    He’s a good actor and seems like a decent guy but he needs to grow up and find someone his own age to settle down with who can give him the kick in the balls he needs such as Winona Ryder, Melissa George, Cameron Diaz, Denise Richards, Kristen Wiig, Sandra Bullock, Neve Campbell, etc. Blake should be with someone around her age as well like Shia LaBeouf.

  8. 8
    rolling eyes Says:

    You had to mention HER didn’t you?

  9. 9
    Naomi Says:

    It is indeed a pleasure and a relief to see him without that long man’s face. PLEASE JARED, from now on show us only pictures of Leo (AND LEO ONLY) and stop mentioning Flake’s name in your captions.

  10. 10
    DQ Says:

    @Leo the best: Probably the truth that hurt the pr princess. Whatever it was I`m sure she deserved it!!!!

  11. 11
    Just Says:

    He’s gross

  12. 12
    Jane Says:

    Bar deserves better ,Leo is a loser

  13. 13
    Daisy Says:

    I think Jared dislike Blake Lively

  14. 14
    Daisy Says:

    I think Jared dislikes Blake Lively

  15. 15
    Daisy Says:

    @Fan of Beauty:
    Every one is plastic in hollywood

  16. 16
    genie Says:

    this post has only one pic..

  17. 17
    Betty Says:

    ugly old man

  18. 18
    L.A dish Says:

    Shes back in LA….They were both spotted coming out of the beverly hils hotel yestrerday so shes probably lurking around there somewhere,

  19. 19
    limit Says:

    uhhh why didnt they get more pics, he looks really good and looks super sexy in black…useless paps

  20. 20
    gg Says:

    @Betty: If leo looks ugly to u honey, then what would be beautiful ?

  21. 21
    Betty Says:

    Check your eyes ,he’s normal at best ,if he’s not rich ,no one thinks hes hot

  22. 22
    camera fones anyone? Says:

    leo and kevin connolly were at GOAL last week and were singing kareoke frank sinatra…hahaha i would pay good money to have seen that!!

  23. 23
    Nancy Says:

    No wonder Bar dumped him

  24. 24
    L.A dish? Says:

    … is probably a bellafreak spreading the info based on a tweet.
    I bet she’s around for some PR before he gies to Sydney.

  25. 25
    tut Says:

    @LA dish leaving a hotel eh, wonder what they were there for…..have another girl at home in your bed already leo?! itl be like those pics of them leaving the hotel in italy where fake clearly had sex hair, WHAT a s l u t.

  26. 26
    Slig o lambert ^_^cute Says:

    Leonardo best

  27. 27
    c Says:

    he comes across as such a loser

  28. 28
    Slig o lambert ^_^cute Says:

    Leonardo cute

  29. 29
    L.A dish Says:

    @24 im a bellawhat?? making up words ar we….i live and work in L.A in the entertainment industry and get inside info on things. Thats all i say.

  30. 30
    Fenny Says:

    Leo’s fans are uneducated

  31. 31
    kà simply amazing Says:

    leo is beautiful man in hollywood

  32. 32
    fan Says:

    wel he definantly wasnt dining alone,…

  33. 33
    IHeartBSB Says:

    This has no foundation in anything at all, but I’m just not feeling him with Lively! She’s so a transition girl! Dump her now please!

  34. 34
    Happy Says:

    I have never found Leo as an attractive man. But hands down he is a good actor.

  35. 35
    @tut Says:

    Having lunch or dinner maybe?

  36. 36
    @LA dish Says:

    Inside info? Your inside info is a tweet from yesterday posted by a belkafreak ( you know very well what that means ).

  37. 37
    "NY dish"... Says:

    wel so long as were “dishing” … i dont live in LA or NY but i have a couple of friends who live in NY and this one friend who does the odd acting gig and she was drafted in as an extra on gossip gril last week, had to stand around pretending to be party goers, she said the set is pretty crazy and theres always paps and fans around. Anyway me being a leo fan i asked her about blake and she siad shes very pretty in real life much better than in photos (good as i thought she was quite blaaah in pics) and that she and leighton spent a lot of time together laghing and talking but the majority of the time she saw her she was on her phone texting or whatever…ANYWAY on to the good bit which i must say is quite hilarios, i dont know whether this is true or not but apparetly they had some “wardrobe difficulties” with blake she was supposed to be wearing a lowcut silk type dress to one of these so called parties but she ended up nt being able to wear it as she had what was described as “a massive hickey” in the chest area and with all the lighting it’d pobably be seen so he wouldnt/couldnt wear the dress. Safe to say nearl DIED when i heard this story but again i dont know if its actualy true it was like a funny “set rumor” but she has been wearing pretty high necked threads lately….LOL anyway my friend only spent like 3 days on set and never got to actualy speak to any of the main actors but she did say they all seemed very nice and friendly. so ya thats my dish, be kind with the thumbs haha..

  38. 38
    @36 Says:

    dam whats your problem dude, chill…

  39. 39
    lolaru Says:

    @ “NY dish”…hahaahaha if thats true thats HILARIOUS…..leo u DOG!! :D

  40. 40
    hickey? Says:

    I’m not an expert but I’m sure a hickey could be covered up with makeup.
    @38: No problem just not buying the ‘inside info’ stuff…

  41. 41
    katchitup Says:

    Maybe it was her good old friend, Harvey who gave her the hickey!

  42. 42
    Elena Says:

    ugh finally leo is solo and we get one measly picture. laaaammmmeeeee.

  43. 43
    i've seen her twice Says:

    @“NY dish”…:

    I’ve seen Blake in person too (two times), and she is definitely not pretty. Your friend is lying to you dear. She’s got a long horse face, but she has a very nice body. I cant picture leo getting it on with her. she is blah and has no sex appeal whatsoever. Her face is too manly to be considereed ‘pretty’. But I think it’s funny that there are PR on this thread so early in the morning with their ‘inside info’. Like really, get a life. you must think readers are stupid and cant tell PR when we see it lmao

  44. 44
    Cammie Says:

    So glad he is going to Australia soon, mostly away from Fake Lively…and back to acting on a script, not a PR romance

  45. 45
    i've seen her twice Says:

    @“NY dish”…:

    if its your friend who’s telling you this, than how can you not be sure if it’s true or not? has your friend been known to lie to you in the past lol? your tall tale sounds phony and made up. Nice try at trying to convince of Blake being pretty, but you can’t fool some of us who have seen her in the flesh. lol

  46. 46
    same person Says:

    LA dish and NY dish are the same person. haha so obvious.

  47. 47
    hmmm Says:

    An entertainment industry bird was eating dinner in Madeo at the same time ( just like Bill Mahr ) but I guess it’s not a ‘dish’ since Flakey wasn’t mentioned!
    Hickey? Wasn’t there a post here on JJ just the other day ( after BL left LA and Leo ) on the NYC set if GG? She was wearing a low cut shirt and there was no hickey there!

  48. 48
    hmmm Says:

    An entertainment industry bird was eating dinner in Madeo at the same time ( just like Bill Mahr ) but I guess it’s not a ‘dish’ since Flakey wasn’t mentioned!
    Hickey? Wasn’t there a post here on JJ just the other day ( after BL left LA and Leo ) on the NYC set if GG? She was wearing a low cut shirt and there was no hickey there!

  49. 49
    greek Says:

    @L.A dish:

    Leo’s looking hot. Hickey? Give me a break. Blake is his girlfriend. Deal with it. She was with him this weekend. She has a J O B in New York to get back to.

  50. 50
    greek Says:


    A few are off their rocker. Don’t just us all by them.

  51. 51
    greek Says:


    She’ll be visiting him on her breaks. He’ll be visiting her on his breaks. It’s the way it is. Deal with it.

  52. 52
    greek Says:

    Why bring her up in your very first comment when she’s not pictured?

  53. 53
    @cammie Says:

    You heard these wise words. Of course she is going to Australia when she has a chance. The ( PR ) show must go on no matter what. I guess the paps will be able to find them down under wherever they go.
    I’m not so sure Leo is going to kill himself to go and visit her when he will be on a break…

  54. 54
    @greek Says:


    deal with what? do you really think anybody is losing sleep over Blake and Leo. I feel sorry for him that he has to sleep with her when we can all clearly see what her face looks like. And it’s not a *pretty* sight. You don’t get it, I doubt anybody is jealous of Blake for being with Leo. It’s more a feeling of disbelief that he’s lasted with her this long. Nobody can believe it lol. I cringe when I look at her face, so imagine what he must be going through?

  55. 55
    the real betty Says:

    @18,21 someone using my name Get lost.Het your own name

  56. 56
    greek Says:


    Your posts speak for themselves. Don’t waste your time feeling sorry for him. He doesn’t care about you and he’s living his life exactly the way he wants to. If you’re going to feel sorry for anyone, look in the mirror. You sound tragic.

  57. 57
    kate Says:

    @greek: He wouldn’t be visiting her on his breaks, cus he didn’t did that with ANY of his girlfriends in the past!! maybe after he FINISH filming, but not on his break. Blake is no difference then any of his ex girlfriends. and I actually gives THIS romance less then five years.

  58. 58
    oy Says:

    Oh, we have a know-it-all again talking from her high horses! Wonderful!
    @ @greek: I totally see your point! It must be a torture to look at her for more than a minute! It’s impossible to do so while looking at her attempting to act!

  59. 59
    @greek Says:


    I’m not wasting my time, this is fun for me. It’s a way to pass the time at work, calling out the fake posters is fun. haha. btw, I’m sure you are Blake or someone close to her. Stop using her relationship with Leo to build her up. Nobody is buying it, and nobody is jealous of her *at all*. I know that making us think she’s drop dead gorgeous is part of your PR strategy to garner attention for her, but it ain’t gonna happen, so give it up!!

  60. 60
    greek Says:

    Of course you do, crazy. I expect nothing less.

  61. 61
    @greek Says:


    haha, crazy is trying to make people believe that Blake is pretty. Now that is definitely *C R A Z Y*

  62. 62
    oy Says:

    @ @greek: It couldn’t be more obvious that greek is a fake fan or part of her PR team. Waste of time reading her comments or replying!

  63. 63
    SM news Says:

    To the intuitives, give us some SM info please? Its much better to talk about than this bickering.

  64. 64
    @63 Says:

    Talk about a soulmate? More like daydreaming or fantasizing about someone who doesn’t exist or something that’s not gonna happen. This soulmate thing is your excuse or escape from the fact that Leo has no taste in women. Just accept it already! This was going on while he was with Bar and continues with Blake.

  65. 65
    good luck Says:

    I hope Leo will have better luck with his next girlfriend. Blake and her ghouls are really pathetic and are hurting her image rather than helping it. Just like what happened with Bar. People can see through the fakeness and the lies. but unfortunately they won’t see it until it’s too late.

  66. 66
    villedeville Says:

    Jane @ 08/15/2011 at 8:31 am
    Bar deserves better ,Leo is a loser
    Bar is a nobody who deserves nobody.

  67. 67
    good luck Says:

    @SM news:

    I have to agree, I enjoyed the SM talk much more than all this this fake PR stuff. I think it’s true that these “inside sources” are people that are working hard to make this Blake thing happen. It’s sad and truly pathetic. And believe it or not, as much as I think he’s stupid for allowing people to use him, I do feel sorry for him. I think he should give some serious thought to moving away from Hollywood for a while. Maybe leaving LA and moving out to the country, and staying as far away from the models/actresses/users as he possibly can, so he can gain some perspective. If he were an ugly man, who has to pay to be with a hooker I can understand. But why in the hell does a guy who is good looking, smart, successful and has so much going for himself need to settle for women who are just there to use him? I seriously can’t wrap my head around that. It was the same with Bar and in a way for me Gisele was also using him despite what people think, she was also using him to get more famous.I think maybe getting away from it would bring some clarity perhaps? or maybe he’s just doomed to get used forever or something, is this a karma thing? maybe the intuitives could shed some light cos I honestly don’t get it.

  68. 68
    good luck Says:

    And like another poster mentioned, Blake is really not that pretty. She is an ugly duckling with a nice personality. So this PR game they are playing of making her seem like she’s this great beauty who Leo has fallen for is ridiculous, cos home girl is not a great beauty by any stretch of the imagination. she’s borderline ugly ducking is what she is. :S

  69. 69
    larson Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I am starting to TIRE of this man. Really. I mean this whole thing with Blake is not interesting like Brad and Angie, it’s rather boring. Blake is not a good actress and is unattractive and Leo looks bored with her in every pic. I can say that I love her legs and have at times wanted to be taller, BUT I am much happier in my smaller, petite more feminine frame. 5’4 and loving it. Not to take anything away from taller women, but I just find shorter and petite women more feminine. And Leo in a suit is HOT. Leo not in a suit in NOT. If I saw him in one of his Armani suits on the train in NYC, I would think that is a good looking man. Him in his regular clothes, probably not. On the sm front, to me it’s like fan fiction, but it is interesting. What would be better is for the psychics on this board to pick up on LEO and not a person who might not exist or that he might not ever meet. Like his personality(real one), what kind of women he likes, what he likes to do, and for me, why does he like rap music so much? He’s been with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nas and even dapped Rick Ross. He also hangs out with Usher who sings r&b. At least I get that he’s not one of those weird white people who get uncomfortable around black people, lol.

  70. 70
    Soho Says:

    I don’t know what the paps were saying to her on the set last Friday, but the guy next to her is sending them his finger….


  71. 71
    Abbie Says:

    Thanks Jared for the pic.

  72. 72
    eye sore Says:


    that is one picture where she doesn’t look so bad because only half of her face is showing from the side. Thank God our eyes were spared hehe :D

  73. 73
    SM news Says:

    @ good luck: “But why in the hell does a guy who is good looking, smart, successful and has so much going for himself need to settle for women who are just there to use him? I seriously can’t wrap my head around that.”

    I completely feel the same way as you regarding this statement. I don’t understand why someone would allow people to use them? Maybe its his lesson to learn in this life, who knows? I would like to know what the intuitives have to say about it as well.

    @larson: Aww, you actually made me feel better about my height!(*blushes*) I am the same height as you. I never thought about it in that way before. I always considered it a nuisance because pants are always too long. I don’t feel so bad about it now :) I agree, the man looks amazing in a suit, but I also think he looks good in regular clothes. Even when he is dressed horribly, there is this dorkiness to him that I find endearing. You bring up some great questions that I would love to see responses from the intuitives. I also like that he doesn’t seem uncomfortable around people of different races. I am not African-American, but I grew up in an African-American neighborhood and I grew up listening to rap music, watching African-American Tv shows/movies, I’ve used a hot comb on my hair, use an afro pick to detangle it, etc. My neighboors that I grew up with are more family to me than my own relatives. So I have been influenced greatly by the African-American community. Maybe he grew up exposed to people of different cultures and that’s why he is comfortable around everyone.

  74. 74
    YUMMY Says:

    Really sexy, babe. Only one photo? Why do not more… he’s really very beautiful, nice and so sexy. HOT, HOT, HOT <3

  75. 75
    good luck Says:

    @SM news:

    I was laughing at your comment about pants always being too long. That really is one of the most annoying parts of being on the shorter side isn’t it? LOL. But I also agree with Larson, about the shorter petite frames. I think we are cuter, no offense to the tall girls. But Blake does have great legs and a great body, I will give her that. I won’t take that away from the girl :) But If I had to choose, I would rather be short despite the setbacks of having to alter my pants every time I turn around (rolling eyes) LOL


    LOL Larson, I love your posts girl. Maybe it’s because I hate dressing up but I kind of like that he dresses down.. I’m a lot like him in that i love to dress down and be comfortable, so I can relate I guess lol. I’m sure you will enjoy the wardrobe in Gatsby though. He will be wearing a lot of suits in that movie, so I’m sure you will enjoy that :)

  76. 76
    ichi Says:

    is true I’m short too, and my pants never have the long that I need, but I like my figure, I’m a Latin girl really curvie, I have good breast and sorry as……ss, and you know thats the kind of type petite women has. we all have pequeñas cinturas!

  77. 77
    SM news Says:

    I also like it when he dresses down. I like when he wears hats and when he wears them backwards :) He’s just too cute with a backwards hat on.

    @YUMMY: LOL, I love your comments! Yes, he’s hot, but his behavior recently with the PR relationships isn’t. Hopefully he will snap out of it soon.

    @good luck: I am also a more casual dresser, so maybe that’s why I also like it when he dresses down. I’m glad I made you laugh with the pants comment :) It’s funny, eventhough I am short, I LOVE tall men!! I just wanna jump on them and like them to carry me around :)

    @ichi: LOL, i know clothes can be such a challenge when you’re short. I’m glad that you like your figure, and I understand epecially since you have a small waist. be proud girl!

  78. 78
    good luck Says:


    si, las cinturas pequenas y el culo grande LOL Me too Ichi, I am the same :)

    @SM news:

    Oh yeah, ditto on the loving taller men comment. I want to jump on them, and I don’t mind being man-handled a little bit too. hehe;)

  79. 79
    YUMMY Says:

    I don’t like to comment about his relationships… this is not my business. I like him, only him. I come here to comment on it, because I cannot keep talking about his girlfriends… later, in a few days he’s with other hot models and I’m here, the village idiot!

    All about him… OK. I’m interested. But don’t call me for talk about his girlfriends. That I will not do. Thanks @SM news :).

  80. 80
    sab Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I havent commented on here for a while….hope you are all well and having a good summer.
    i agree with you yummy, i only want to talk about leo…..his looks, his personality…..the man!!!!……i think what makes him so attractive (to me anyway) is that he doesnt even try….its like hes reached the stage where he knows that he is fanticized about by a million people and doesnt need to make the effort anymore…and theres nothing sexier than an ‘ I dont care attitude’. also i like it when hes in his ‘slob’ mode..probably cos i cant be bothered most of the time myself to make the effort. the way i see things is that if a guy sees you at your worse and is not repulsed…that makes you feel attractive (i know it sounds twisted…but its a fact)……i also get the feeling that leo is a very private person in that he does not let people get too close. the only thing he has left is his sanity, emotions, insecurities etc….after titanic, the media, fans….they all took a piece of him……what he has left he keeps very close to himself. i dont think there is anyone besides his parents who actually know him and he feels 100% comfortable with….not even his closest friends, lucas etc. that is why he has never been in a serious progressive relationship because he has never shared himself totally with someone. i think he knows this about himself and when he is able to and wants to share himself 100% with someone then he will have definately have met his match. what we know for sure is that he loves a challange…he thrives on hard work, its what drives him……hes not stupid…he does not waste his time and energy on things that are irrelevent in the greater scheme of things but he does try to have a good time. i believe he knows exactly what he is doing…..but i think that he still has not met anyone who he is willing to open up with… actually share his life with. ……to be honest i dont think he gets phased by anything…he just does not care about what people think…..he does what he wants to do…..ok i ve gone on enough..sorry about the waffle…..its just my take on him.
    by the loving him with the longer hair and he is looking very fit lately….the only thing that i dont really like are the shorts he always wears AND with socks and those sneakers, they would look better if he wore flip flops…he has great feet…..and we all know how great his hands are.!!!
    does anyone know when he will be going sydney?…i thought they were due to start filming in aug…..theres only 2 weeks left.

  81. 81
    hahahaha Says:

    @good luck: ‘people’ is just you and two of your hate filled trolls, get over it, Leo is with her because he wants to be, nothing more, nothing less, have any of you thought he may really like her personality?? all you idiot go on about is her man or horse face, you’re ridiculous. go look in the mirror, what would Leo think ot you? losers :)

  82. 82
    well Says:

    the fact is that she indeed has a face of a horse on her worse days. on her better days she looks like a man. her talent is nonexistent on any day just like charisma or being natural. pretentious and fake. if he indeed likes her `personality` that speaks volumes about him and his…

  83. 83
    Amused Aussie Says:

    I posted in an earlier thread:
    Heres another update:
    Our Sunday telegraph had a report this morning that said LD is due to fly into Sydney this week (in the middle of the week). Tobey, carey and Isla follow the week after. Filming is not expected to start for another 3weeks- Baz is still casting extras and finishing preproduction stuff.
    LD is not staying in a hotel but has rented a house – though they said the location is being kept secret obviously!! Filming is predominately at the fox studios- although there will be some filming around Sydney.

    As someone who lived and worked in Randwick for 5years (fox studios is next to Centennial Park and Randwick)- my guess is the house will probably be in the closest beach burbs Bondi, Clovelly, Turramurra- or possibly something like Double Bay with views of the Harbour

    SO its now 9pm Tuesday – I suspect there will be photos from Sydney airport Wednesday pm or Thursday Am.

    The latest local gossip (and apparently the strongest rumor yet) the house is located in Point Piper ( next to Double Bay) harbour side not really beachside. The source of that particular info (house locale) only has (at best) 50% strike rate. They also said BL would probably be with him- can’t see that if she is still filming in next 2 days.
    WE shall see ay??!!

    Oh and the Gatsby cars were rolled onto fox studios lot today. Way cool! Immaculate vintage cars!

  84. 84
    sab Says:

    @Amused Aussie:
    thanks for the info

  85. 85
    butter face Says:


    LOL get over what? there is nothing to get over, we were having a nice discussion until you butted in with your gibberish. And I agree that he most likely likes her personality. I myself like her personality. She has a nice body too, but you forgot to mention her butter face :) lol

  86. 86
    @amued ausie Says:

    BL will be there? Maybe she got some role in the movie too and the public has not been told so, so far….. coz they all want it to be a SPECIAL SURPRISE for us? 3 weeks before the shoot is gonna be lonely, who is he gonna bang meanwhile if not ms.FLively? Can’t go on banging strangers all the freaking time. *LMAO* Anyhow…. guess LEO D can’t stay away from the leggy-long-legs-flakey. I seriously don’t like her body, i mean….. it’s tooooo huge! the legs are longer as compared to her torso….. femininity comes from longer leaner torsos…… and she’s not sexy or hot either. I’m sorry i just can’t seem to bring myself to like her, and it has nothing to do with LD. I switched the channel while i was watching “Sisterhood of the traveling pants” when i saw BL in it. I was like ‘I soo don’t like her’. Couldn’t stand her. And this was waaaaay before. Didn’t know that THAT girl was BL up until LD happened. She seems the annoying type. I doubt I’d ever want company like hers. How on earth does LD stand her? Is it Love? Or just the Oscar Winning DESIRE of his that he’s makes a bigger fool of himself with each gf of his?

  87. 87
    Cammie Says:


    She will chasing behind him like a lost puppy on breaks, ducking in cars, wearing silly big hats…Her PR team will be upset.

    Fake Nose is nothing but a hole to Leo, more then any of his other GFs she had to work extra hard to get his attention.

    When this little honeymoon stage is over, he will move on to the next, lower profile, foreign, model…

    He probably wanted to be with that Polish model Anna J but she turned him down, so he took the leftovers..Plastic Blake.

  88. 88
    DiCatchaho OR LaDouche Says:

    Monday, August 15th 2011
    Blind Items: I Guess, You Guess

    This A list movie actor who has always been close to his mother snapped on her last week. They were at a restaurant and started arguing over his latest romance and he got up and said, “What? Are you jealous? I’m not supporting you anymore and that starts with you finding your own way home. *****.” (CDAN)

    Leonardo DiCatchaho or Shia LaDouche?

  89. 89
    I think it's Shia Says:

    @DiCatchaho OR LaDouche:

    sounds like Shia Ladouche to me, I don’t think Leo would ever talk that way to his mother. Shia on the other hand is an annoying, little brat imo. I don’t understand how he gets all these roles in these big blockbuster movies. The kid is annoying as hell and has one of the worst cases of ADHD I’ve ever seen..

  90. 90
    @89 Says:

    And since when is Shia an A list actor?

  91. 91
    sos Says:

    @sabGreat post!@Amused Aussie:Wow we got our own Australia intel here. Thanks for the info and the updates keep it coming,even if it’s crap.Not sure if Bl will be there or not huh,she is working though so?Shouldn’t surprise anyone like commenter@53 said,if and when she does show.It will happen just to ruin our Leo only post streak we got going 3 in a row!Although it would have been nice to have more then one pic,in each
    @DiCatchaho OR LaDouche: I think it’s Shia too.
    I watched an old Leo movie on cable yesterday morning,Critters 3.It’s been a dog’s age since I’ve seen

  92. 92
    I think it's Shia Says:


    I guess your’e right, he’s not A list… but damn, I have a really hard time believing Leo would snap at his mom like that. :S Can it only be Leo or Shia? how come they only have those two choices listed on the website?

  93. 93
    It indeed IS Leo Says:

    well…. i kind of think so. He may not have used the word….. And…. u all have to agree that Leo is waaayyy out of his mind this time. BTW, what happened to that incognito on lipstickalley, all that he/she said was almost right up until the new peggy dicaprio story came up. And apparently shia is a-list – i don’t know WHY, but he is.

  94. 94
    Me Says:

    @It indeed IS Leo: Tell more on that story and the peggy dicaprio please.

  95. 95
    DQ Says:

    DiCatchaho? LMAO! That`s funny and so true! Especially with the new `catch`!
    I have no problem believing that the A-lister is Leo. Shia is NOT A-list and the rumor of Irmelin not liking B. Manly is around for a while. You know where there is smoke there is fire…

  96. 96
    I think it's Shia Says:


    I don’t think Leo would ever call his mom the B word in public or in private for that matter. I just don’t see him acting like that towards his mom. This sounds like something Christian Bale would do or someone with mental problems would do. Shia is probably considered A list because of the movies he’s been in. I still don’t understand why he keeps getting picked for all these blockbuster movies. But if the only choice is between Shia and Leo, than for me it would have to be Shia. Shia is a very weird guy, and I think he’s got some emotional/mental issues, so I wouldn’t be so surprised if its him. Leo on the other hand, I seriously can’t see him lashing out at his mom in a restaurant and calling her the B word.

  97. 97
    @93 Says:

    that incog on lipstick alley said that Leo’s mom is “in the loop” now…so if Irmelin knows that Leo/Blake is a showmance, then i don’t see why they would argue about it…

    @92 – Leo and Shia is who the blogger at dlisted thinks it is…usually he posts the blind items with his own guesses…it could be someone else though…

  98. 98
    @93 Says:

    that incog on lipstick alley said that Leo’s mom is “in the loop” now…so if Irmelin knows that Leo/Blake is a showmance, then i don’t see why they would argue about it…

    @92 – Leo and Shia is who the blogger at dlisted thinks it might be…usually he posts the blind items with his own guesses…it could be someone else though…

  99. 99
    sab Says:

    i dont believe this incident happened the way its portrayed and has to be wildly exaggerated if it concerns leo……if however it relates to shia, i have no idea what kind of person he is and whether he has the balls to speak to his mother that way.
    as for leo…………..i dont think he would ever spaek to his mother that way………she is the one (female) person on this planet that he has total respect for and holds in the highest esteem……with him, once you have his respect and loyalty, there is no way he would betray you…..and especially his mother!!!!!!!!!!!!…also if they were having a ‘disagreement ‘ about his gf, i do not think that they would discuss such a topic in a public restaurant………….they know how it works in la la land……………such discussions would be done behind closed doors at home…………….no matter how angry he got (he is only human)….he is so grounded that he knows that it is his mother that has made him what he is today with her support and sacrifices……………..there is no way that he said “What? Are you jealous? I’m not supporting you anymore and that starts with you finding your own way home. *****.”
    i dont believe it.

  100. 100
    YUMMY Says:

    Leo is a person very polite and courteous to do something like that. Shia can’t be considered an A-list actor, but Leo with certainty didn’t say in that way with his mother… I cannot see it. Leo is a gentleman with his mother… this is just to confuse people’s minds.

  101. 101
    The Great Eye Says:

    Leo is not an angel and not a demon, he’s a human being just like all of us with his own dark and bright sides. I don’t buy these blind items, they all sound like somebody’s sick fantasies :) btw, it’s funny that BL is still considered to Leo as his rumored gf, maybe they’re not dating at all and we’re all give too much fuss about them xD anyway, hope she won’t be with him in Australia ;) I’m getting tired of this talantless actress’ name concerning to Leo in every article about him :(

  102. 102
    I think it's Shia Says:


    Even if he does have a potty mouth that doesn’t mean he’s going to call his mom a B in a public place and lash out at her over Blake Lively, a girl he barely even knows that well mind you.. he’s only known her for what? 1 or 2 months now? LOL I think MOM takes precedence over Blake and always will..sooo, not buying this story.
    And like someone else mentioned, this is a conversation they would be having at home, not at a public location..and wouldn’t we have tweets about this incident if it were true? these tweeters tweet about everything nowadays. I swear, one of these days we will be reading a tweet of him taking a dump at a public restroom or something. It’s seriously heading in that direction with this twitter obsession.

  103. 103
    fance Says:

    @DQ: DQ, Blake tis moving with him in his LA home. She has already moved half of her staff from the house she was renting near by his home. He, on the other hand also moved his some of his stuff to her place in NY apartment were she is living.
    Now, go SCREAM till you die. LOL What you going to do about it. HUH!

  104. 104
    alli Says:

    @fance: I know that already? LOL
    You are too late for the news. By the way, she actually didn’t rent any home in LA because she mainly live in NY, and when she come to LA, she stays at her family home were they live in LA. Yes, she move her staff to one of his Malibu place, quiet some time ago. As the matter in fact, she her dog Penny is currently living at leo home. I don’t know about him moving to her NY apartment, but i know they have been staying there whenever he is NY. Actually there was a tweet about him and Lukas spotted coming out her apartment building like 3 weeks ago. So ya, they pretty much moving fast together. I didn’t believe all US weekly stories first but my sister who works for publication net work, in entertainment industry told me that she Blake and her brother were spending time with him at his place in LA playing Basketball and all that. So too late on your report but this is the overall correct information about living place status.

  105. 105
    ok Says:

    @fance: That is not true because Leo has his own place in NY and he is not that stupid to move in a girl who he hardly does not know.

  106. 106
    alli Says:

    @alli: Thanx for the info but what’s up with the Sarcasm! LOL

  107. 107
    I think it's Shia Says:


    oh yes, thanks for that inside scoop, my mind is swelling with knowledge now that I heard all this wonderful news for the day LOL
    I’m sure she had a swell time moving her “staff” into Leo’s place LMAO… alli and fence are the same exact person. I love the fact that you used the word “staff” in both of your comments, and love how you enjoy having conversations with yourself hehe. Omg, this place can be hilarious sometimes :)

  108. 108
    france Says:

    @alli: I am just reporting from the people who knows about their relationships that work on gossip girl sets. I also have people who knows about them closely than your sister who works on gossip site. LOL
    @ok Yes, i know he has his own place in NY but his building is not ready to move in completely. That is why he has been staying at a hotel whenever he is NY. I don’t think he is staying in a hotel anymore when he come to NY. I think he will stays at her place from now on when he comes to NY.

  109. 109
    alli Says:

    @france: I will ask about the NY living status but i can only tell you now that there are spending time at his place in LA whenever she comeback from NY setting. This week she was staying here in LA for about 3-4 days, but she is going back to NY by thursday to shoot GG again.

  110. 110
    ok Says:

    @alli: Still i just don’t believe, say what you want I don’t believe at all because alwaaays rumors about Leo relationships it turns out to be false all the time.

  111. 111
    LOL Says:

    Don’t we just love this self-conversationalist from Fake’s PR team? ‘I have a sister who works fir a publication whatever’ Sure, Us Weekly? ‘ I know people who know their relationship’ but I come here to JJ to tell all this. Give me a break! Leo and Lukas were seen leaving her apartment and that’s the proof that he moved in? Sorry but how stupid are you? You really think people will buy that? Lei’s place is not ready to move in even though he bought it years ago and he stayed there with Bar this spring?
    When the bike riding photos were posted all of a sudden we had someone whose friend saw everything. The story was posted right after someone said Leo left her behind. Now we have not one but two people here with inside info posting in the same style minutes after each other! I soooooo believe it! LOL!

  112. 112
    LOL Says:

    Also has anyone noticed that both alli and france make the same kind of grammar mistakes? I bet it`s just a coincidence! LOL!

  113. 113
    Elena Says:

    @LOL: yeah, and in one post it’s misspelled “fance” instead of “france”, meaning they probably changed their name in between posts. not incredibly crafty!

  114. 114
    LOL Says:

    ` I am just reporting from the people who knows about their relationships that work on gossip girl sets. I also have people who knows about them closely than your sister who works on gossip site. ` Priceless! People on GG set know their relationship or a sister who works for a `publication net work` but the info is posted here… Don`t we just love the 6th grade Gossip Girl fans?

  115. 115
    the self talkers crack me up Says:

    @LOL: @Elena:

    tell me about it, I couldn’t stop laughing when in both posts she made the same exact grammatical error under two different names. And than to top it off she even starts talking to herself in the same exact style, with the same broken English LOL These inside scoops keep getting better and better… yesterday it was Blake had a hickey , and now today she’s moved her “staff” into Leo’s house LOL

  116. 116
    larson Says:

    @the self talkers crack me up: @LOL: @Elena: LMAO, guys stop it. LMAO, and they say we are the crazy ones.

  117. 117
    hahahahaha Says:

    @butter face: Well if making rude comments about someones appearance is ‘a nice conversation’ to you this says a lot about you and yours.

  118. 118
    @117 Says:

    Rude? Rather TRUE!!!!!
    I have just read an article about Kate Winslet who is against cosmetic surgery and she started some sort of league against the pressure of undergoing these surgeries in Hollywood. Given the fact how close she is to Leo as a friend I bet they`ll have a nice conversation about it and about Leo`s new plastic and unnatural girlfriend.

  119. 119
    LOL Says:

    I can`t wait to see what`s coming today! What kind of `dish` we`ll read from people with inside info? LOL!

  120. 120
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    Awaiting moderation again!!!!! Curses you fakelively ninjas, you know I got something to say

  121. 121
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    I’ll say it quickly….vaccuum cleaner +pr= hickey….ha! Maybe they were inspired by hoover….hoover? Get it?…..yes I.m reaching on that one, i’ll go get my “staff” and go home. So transparent fance,france, alli …whatever, just like this fauxmance. Get yourself some elecution (not electracution) less and hang with the ggteam! Oh wait! You do!…..riiiiiiight!

  122. 122
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    Crap! I said less instead of less… Fance’s engrish is rubbing off on me! DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECT!

  123. 123
    DQ Says:

    @Tigershavefeelings2: Moderation is in full swing on JJ. Even if you manage to post your comment it can get removed pretty quickly afterwards…
    Hoover? Good one! LOL!
    Any news on upcoming movies? Maybe a sequel to `The Break Up`? Way overdue!

  124. 124
    Elena Says:

    LMAO a freaking hickey on her chest, puh-leeeeeze. first of all i don’t know of any guy over the age of 16 who would give a girl a hickey anywhere, and while i’m sure your cousin’s buddy’s sister’s dog walker who used to date a production assistant for gossip girl is an infallible source of information, it’s a freaking bruise. i can see four bruises on my body right now and i have no idea where they came from. and even in the unlikely scenario it is a hickey, what the hell does it matter? it doesn’t mean she is anything more than a f*ck buddy which even the most anti-blake person here admitted was a probability.

  125. 125
    YUMMY Says:

    Dammit! Can we stop making every post that comes out of Leo into a war over their new relationship? I, as a fan of this great actor, I see crazy people do it and everyone goes to comment on these rumors meaningless. It’s all gossip, rumors and lies… get it all! I had said I would not comment on his girlfriends because it sucks! Leo is so beautiful in this picture, his new movie (J. Edgar) is to debut, he will begin recording another (Great Gatsby) in Australia, is running for a prize of greater international celebrity to fight for the preservation of the environment (you can vote for him here:, many about him and his career… and all you do is comment on his personal life because of rumors that some crazy **** are posting here. Enough!

  126. 126
    sm Says:

    in media we had a lot of various articles more and more from bl’s close friends(pr) and in comments we have pr gossips these days full of lies!it’s so horrible to see leo in this awful situation! there’s not any laugh on it, it’s full of cry! i’m def. so so sad and upset because of it! his mom is right to be “in the loop”! leo for god sake open ur eyes do u think this is what u deserve it?!if bl is in love u darling so why she uses u and we have these news from her friends in tabloids? if she is not behind it and doesn’t like it why is she saying these personal info.s to her friends while she is looking good all of her words are coming out from her life and from ur life by her best friends? i don’t think u can say all of these gossips are lies,well how many can be lie?!! ur mom def. is right for saying doesn’t like her! i don’t know what u want from these disaster relationships but as i see u don’t has nothing after these and ur girls have a lot of fame, money and success in thier career more than they can have without u because of just using u!it’s like as u r a loser at this point althogh i don’t like to say it! do u like her for her personality? so why did u breake up at least 5 times as it came in public? so there’s not love; there’s something wrong! and u r in holywood u know exactly a strong personality doesn’t have any attantion to be in news like bl and doesn’t need it! i wish u had an honorable vision for choosing ur gfs as u have for ur career honey!moms can see the truth, if u listen to ur mom it doesn’t mean u r a moma boy at least now nobody can’t find it out u did it because of ur mom’s words because u know exactly how u can hide it from public and let it be just between u and ur mom and by doing this u will be success more because the real success is having people’s hearts and as every bodys know bad images can’t help to have hearts! pleassssss look at urself more and live as u deserve it: living in happeness and as isee u r not happy in this pr relationship !it’s obvious! although i don’t like advising at all , look at u in this awful tragedy is so so so hard for me! i love u and i wish u meet ur right woman(sm) so so soon and be happy that time forever and ever;even if u don’t belive sm yet!i will pray for u! i think u need it honey!

  127. 127
    oh shut the hell up already Says:


    oh shut up you moron. Does it look like I really care what you think? NO, I don’t care. And Blake has a butter face with an Enrique Iglesias mole on it. LOL that is funny to me, sorry if it upsets you so, but like I said I don’t really care what you think, cos this is just a gossip site, not bible study class. Get over yourself dumbass!!

  128. 128
    mmm Says:

    @DiCatchaho OR LaDouche: i dont know ladouche but about leo:if leo did it ,now we had it on the tweeter, news, tabloids, sites, everywhere even if it happened yesterday not past week! leo is in honor and in love his mom! if he was in crazy bl as this so why he did brouk up at least 4/5 times in just 3 monthes AS BL’S PR SAID?! he never ever do this with his mom even writhing leo’s name for something like this is so so ridicules and mockery!
    _if we just pay attantion to leo’s pics with bl and his treads with her in front of cameras and behind of cameras like hot and cold/ splitss and …. he is not moving in bl at all! bl’s friends said he did breoke up with her just 2 in one week;so she was dumped 2 in one week then came back again?he is going to aust. for 4 monthes , now he is moving in bl ? and leo has 2 appartment in nyc , one in tribeca and another eco-frindly in mannhattan as i read in wikipedia! now why he got to move in bl’s apartment which even cant be big and luxuray as he has?if he is in love her as this so why when bl is at work whole these weeks leo never went ny for her while he was in his free time these days? he just went there 2/3 times in these 3 monthes just for his movies as we know by articles, came back so soon without pay attantion to bl and always bl was the body who flew for leo?!! oh my god we can say a lot of reasons to show leo is not over her! enough these silly comments!

  129. 129
    mmm Says:

    hicky?!c’mone! i dont look at bl’s pages , just as i see her fotos in jj’s main pages, when she was at work last week her upper boobs was able to seen, how could it possible somebody between people saw her as can say she had a massive hickey?they change thier clothes at a trailer/ a car which is not able to see them as we know unless the reporter was from back of camera so why her friend come to say she is not pretty sure and if it was true,it could to came in gossip articles as we know these pr games,from gg’s pr not even from bl’s!and if it was true why just one person saw it not other peaple?theres not nothing even in tweeter as we know about it! its completely fals pleassse don’t talk about these fake rumors at all!

  130. 130
    I'm calling out the FAKE LOSER Says:

    that poster @hahahahaha: is possibly Blake’s PR, do you guys remember that person who came on here saying that they had inside info on Leo and Blake and they said that Leo “was really into Blake” and we would hear news about them dating soon… And than that same person would come on here and fight with everyone because we were seeing through the Bull Sh*t PR fake relationship that this is? well, doesn’t that hahahha person sound just like that moron? hmmm :S Yup, it sure does!!
    these people are seriously pathetic, why waste their time on spreading this fake propaganda on a website like JJ of all places?? LOL how freakin pathetic and desperate… I actually always thought Blake was a nice person, but this whole charade is making me see her differently. Maybe she really is a casting couch or whatever people were saying about her… It’s making me scratch my head this whole Inside sources bull crap and all these posters who have all this “inside info” on Leo liking her… yeah right… PHONY BALONEY dude, I wasn’t born yesterday. How about getting a real job instead of working in a field of LIES and DECEPTION and phoney make believe stories!!
    Like the poster above said, I hope Leo wakes up and stops associating with these kind of people. He is a serious actor in Hollywood, not some Hollywood puppet.

  131. 131
    They are moving together Says:

    Blake and Leo are looking for a place to move together in NY.
    After all, the people on jj post who said they have inside info are not lying.

  132. 132
    @131 Says:

    Have you read the article you posted? The story is DENIED, NOT TRUE!!! It’s coming from Star magazine so obviously it’s crap! How stupid are these people? It’s denied and it’s posted like it’s true and all that ‘inside info’ is legit! Unbelievable!

  133. 133
    daniel Says:

    @@131: Well, well, well, this story might be true or not but couple weeks ago, when star claim they have broken up, everyone was joining the bandwagon. So, now if the story is not what you would like to hears then it must be a lie. LOL.. Anyways, you people act like teeny girls who hasn’t lost your virginities.
    Whether they are moving together or not, i don’t care that much about his personal life unless it involve me personally. I wish actually that happen. I couldn’t have wait to see you all faces. LOL..

  134. 134
    I'm calling out the FAKE LOSER Says:

    @They are moving together:

    LMAO, gossip cop just dispelled the rumor. Did you not read that part at the bottom of the article? And if you think a 36 year old man, would ever fall in love with a girl just after 2 months of knowing her, than you are really really really stupid sweetie pie. I’m close to his age, and I can pretty much assure you with 100 percent certainty, that we don’t fall in love that easily at this age. Maybe we can fall in love with a cute little puppy, or if I had a baby, I would of course love it to death. But falling head over heels in love is very rare once you get into your late 20′s and 30′s. It just doesn’t happen, and even more so for guys I would imagine!! so sorry, but gonna have to burst that little fantasy bubble of yours.
    Hey have you guys noticed that it’s always Blake’s people that dispel all these rumors to gossip cop?. Leo’s side always stays mum. Blake’s people seem to be very much more open and willing to talk than Leo’s people… Which to me tells me that it’s so obviously her people that are leaking all these stories to the media and posting all these fake inside scoops on here? Anything to keep the attention on her I guess LOL

  135. 135
    @daniel Says:

    The story was denied. So what does it have to do with what do we want to hear, genius. You don’t make sense at all just like the self-talker yesterday. Coincidentally you made some similar grammar mistakes like those ‘two’.
    If you don’t care about his personal life why are you here posting about it? Are you for real?

  136. 136
    JENNY Says:

    @I’m calling out the FAKE LOSER: But if i come out and say that i have inside info that they have broken up, you will be ecstatic and believe me right away. You don’t realize that you are hypocrite as just as them who claim they have inside info about their relationship. The truth is nobody has but one thing we know for fact is that they are dating and if you don’t believe that then you don’t believe the earth is actually circle. LOL.
    Oh by the way, i am nobody camp or PR. In fact, nobody here is professional PR association. If you believe that, then, you also believe the earth is flat or other fantasies and imagination. LOL..

  137. 137
    whatever Says:


    actually, you are the one who sounds like a teeny bopper who hasn’t lost her virginity. You sound like one of the crazies from Bellazon. LMAO

  138. 138
    daniel Says:

    @whatever: You say bellazon freaks but you go and check information about Leo anyways over there. Who is the teeny ‘s popper now.LOL..
    The government should have ask you for an ID to check on blogs. Then, we all wouldn’t have to deal with chicken girls like you. LOL..

  139. 139
    I'm calling out the FAKE LOSER Says:


    actually, you are mistaken. The person I was referring to in my first post #130 did say they worked closely with Blake and Leo. He/she admitted that they worked in the industry and chose this website to post their inside scoop about Leo liking Blake… so there you have it sweetie, I am not living in lala land like you and your Bellazon posse. I hate people who use others to get ahead. If you can’t make it on your own, and you need to use people to make yourself relevant in your career, than you’ve got some real problems and you deserve to be talked about in a negative way (aka Blake and her pathetic PR posse).

  140. 140
    DQ Says:

    There are new photos of Leo driving a sports car today in LA. Popsugar has the photos and they pointed out that it’s Fake 42nd … I mean 24th birthday ( she looks more like 42 than 24 ) tomorrow. So she’ll be dumped within a year. No Dicaprio girlfriend ‘survives’ turning 25!

  141. 141
    The Great Eye Says:

    Isn’t her birthday on August 25th?

  142. 142
    DQ Says:

    I have no idea and honestly I couldn’t care less. This was posted on popsugar. What a way to ruin an only Leo thread!

  143. 143
    larson Says:

    @JENNY: I actually agree with you on this. People do get happy and tend to believe the break-up rumors over the stay together ones. There’s actually a name for that, it’s called framing errors. People usually will ignore negative info in favor of positive info. As I have said I don’t hate Blake, I dislike her. She’s an unattractive, fake, pretentious, name-dropper who I absolutely believe to be a casting couch actress/”style icon”. There is nothing iconic about this girl’s style. I see better dressed girls in soho everyday. But like I said this isn’t my life to live. If he’s happy, I’m happy for him. But it most definitely isn’t looking like he’s too happy. He’s back to his normal grumpy looking self.

  144. 144
    busy bee... Says:

    Wait a minute, isn’t Fake Blake’s birthday August 25th???? I actually wonder if Popsugar confused her birthday with Leo leaving for Australia, isn’t he supposed to head down there this week? Either way she’s about to be 24 but looks 40…

  145. 145
    i love you leo Says:

    It doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks, what matters is reality and the future for leonardo. And that has yet to be lived. Leo, i know that your a real person who behaves as a real person and is genuine to himself and others (thats what i see who you really are). Leo babe do what you think is right and i know that you do, all these people envy you and would love to be you and thats why they say all these things about you and others. Never loose yourself and your direction, smile for me baby.

    Ps. thanks for all the movies you have made for me.

    i love you always and forever

  146. 146
    sos Says:

    @The Great Eye: @busy bee…: According to the Internet Movie Database it’s August the 25th.

  147. 147
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    ur right DQ totally over due. They had to push back the release date because green lantern was going to be such a big hit! ….ha! the way leo looks lately its more like the green mile

  148. 148
    DQ Says:

    Agreed, the sequel should have been released by now. That would be an award winning movie for him. Good riddance, Leo!

  149. 149
    Gossip Gurl Says:

    Apparently Leo met with Bar in mykonos Greece he staying way low key.. think he wants to keep things amicable…oh boy so why all of sudden ?I read on some gossip site …she was looking very happy… rumors have been flying that she and David broke up last month …and Leo been calling her ..notice Blake doest look too happy in the lastest pic,somethings goin on maybe he broke it off with her,probally the old “I need space “line lol! If he does dump her I think she could get a lot of sympathy twice as much as Bar received especially on the Freakallon I mean bellazon web freaks…lol… so wonder who hacked Bar”s computer she keeps posting random twitter pics… of herself looking a hotmess maybe,Blakes mom had her computer hacked …?? U never know! Leo really needs to be by himself and descide what he REALLY wants… and with the BS …if his SM does exsist then she needs to rescue him like Jack did Rose in I wonder what Kate really thinks of all Leo,s gf? I keep thinking that she..that deep down inside she is really inlove with him ,but just doest know it… they seem so insync when they are together the interaction flows…oh well and no Im NOT 12 …. “I d Rather be his who$re than your wife” -Rose (every womans thought about Leo) ;)

  150. 150
    @149 Says:

    And when did this meeting in Greece happen? Because Leo was seen at LAX at the Quantas lounge after he went shopping with Blake. Quantas is an Australian airline so how and when did he end up in Greece? Doesn`t make sense at all!

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