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Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio makes a quick escape in his car while leaving Madeo restaurant on Sunday (August 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor ate dinner at the fancy bistro before heading off in his black Lexus sedan.

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Last week, Leo and his rumored girlfriend Blake Lively were spotted grabbing groceries together at Gelson’s in Hollywood.

In case you missed it, check out this preview picture of Leo in character as J. Edgar Hoover for his latest film J. Edgar, which is set to be released on November 9!

Bigger picture inside…

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150 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!”

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  1. 51
    greek Says:


    She’ll be visiting him on her breaks. He’ll be visiting her on his breaks. It’s the way it is. Deal with it.

  2. 52
    greek Says:

    Why bring her up in your very first comment when she’s not pictured?

  3. 53
    @cammie Says:

    You heard these wise words. Of course she is going to Australia when she has a chance. The ( PR ) show must go on no matter what. I guess the paps will be able to find them down under wherever they go.
    I’m not so sure Leo is going to kill himself to go and visit her when he will be on a break…

  4. 54
    @greek Says:


    deal with what? do you really think anybody is losing sleep over Blake and Leo. I feel sorry for him that he has to sleep with her when we can all clearly see what her face looks like. And it’s not a *pretty* sight. You don’t get it, I doubt anybody is jealous of Blake for being with Leo. It’s more a feeling of disbelief that he’s lasted with her this long. Nobody can believe it lol. I cringe when I look at her face, so imagine what he must be going through?

  5. 55
    the real betty Says:

    @18,21 someone using my name Get lost.Het your own name

  6. 56
    greek Says:


    Your posts speak for themselves. Don’t waste your time feeling sorry for him. He doesn’t care about you and he’s living his life exactly the way he wants to. If you’re going to feel sorry for anyone, look in the mirror. You sound tragic.

  7. 57
    kate Says:

    @greek: He wouldn’t be visiting her on his breaks, cus he didn’t did that with ANY of his girlfriends in the past!! maybe after he FINISH filming, but not on his break. Blake is no difference then any of his ex girlfriends. and I actually gives THIS romance less then five years.

  8. 58
    oy Says:

    Oh, we have a know-it-all again talking from her high horses! Wonderful!
    @ @greek: I totally see your point! It must be a torture to look at her for more than a minute! It’s impossible to do so while looking at her attempting to act!

  9. 59
    @greek Says:


    I’m not wasting my time, this is fun for me. It’s a way to pass the time at work, calling out the fake posters is fun. haha. btw, I’m sure you are Blake or someone close to her. Stop using her relationship with Leo to build her up. Nobody is buying it, and nobody is jealous of her *at all*. I know that making us think she’s drop dead gorgeous is part of your PR strategy to garner attention for her, but it ain’t gonna happen, so give it up!!

  10. 60
    greek Says:

    Of course you do, crazy. I expect nothing less.

  11. 61
    @greek Says:


    haha, crazy is trying to make people believe that Blake is pretty. Now that is definitely *C R A Z Y*

  12. 62
    oy Says:

    @ @greek: It couldn’t be more obvious that greek is a fake fan or part of her PR team. Waste of time reading her comments or replying!

  13. 63
    SM news Says:

    To the intuitives, give us some SM info please? Its much better to talk about than this bickering.

  14. 64
    @63 Says:

    Talk about a soulmate? More like daydreaming or fantasizing about someone who doesn’t exist or something that’s not gonna happen. This soulmate thing is your excuse or escape from the fact that Leo has no taste in women. Just accept it already! This was going on while he was with Bar and continues with Blake.

  15. 65
    good luck Says:

    I hope Leo will have better luck with his next girlfriend. Blake and her ghouls are really pathetic and are hurting her image rather than helping it. Just like what happened with Bar. People can see through the fakeness and the lies. but unfortunately they won’t see it until it’s too late.

  16. 66
    villedeville Says:

    Jane @ 08/15/2011 at 8:31 am
    Bar deserves better ,Leo is a loser
    Bar is a nobody who deserves nobody.

  17. 67
    good luck Says:

    @SM news:

    I have to agree, I enjoyed the SM talk much more than all this this fake PR stuff. I think it’s true that these “inside sources” are people that are working hard to make this Blake thing happen. It’s sad and truly pathetic. And believe it or not, as much as I think he’s stupid for allowing people to use him, I do feel sorry for him. I think he should give some serious thought to moving away from Hollywood for a while. Maybe leaving LA and moving out to the country, and staying as far away from the models/actresses/users as he possibly can, so he can gain some perspective. If he were an ugly man, who has to pay to be with a hooker I can understand. But why in the hell does a guy who is good looking, smart, successful and has so much going for himself need to settle for women who are just there to use him? I seriously can’t wrap my head around that. It was the same with Bar and in a way for me Gisele was also using him despite what people think, she was also using him to get more famous.I think maybe getting away from it would bring some clarity perhaps? or maybe he’s just doomed to get used forever or something, is this a karma thing? maybe the intuitives could shed some light cos I honestly don’t get it.

  18. 68
    good luck Says:

    And like another poster mentioned, Blake is really not that pretty. She is an ugly duckling with a nice personality. So this PR game they are playing of making her seem like she’s this great beauty who Leo has fallen for is ridiculous, cos home girl is not a great beauty by any stretch of the imagination. she’s borderline ugly ducking is what she is. :S

  19. 69
    larson Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I am starting to TIRE of this man. Really. I mean this whole thing with Blake is not interesting like Brad and Angie, it’s rather boring. Blake is not a good actress and is unattractive and Leo looks bored with her in every pic. I can say that I love her legs and have at times wanted to be taller, BUT I am much happier in my smaller, petite more feminine frame. 5’4 and loving it. Not to take anything away from taller women, but I just find shorter and petite women more feminine. And Leo in a suit is HOT. Leo not in a suit in NOT. If I saw him in one of his Armani suits on the train in NYC, I would think that is a good looking man. Him in his regular clothes, probably not. On the sm front, to me it’s like fan fiction, but it is interesting. What would be better is for the psychics on this board to pick up on LEO and not a person who might not exist or that he might not ever meet. Like his personality(real one), what kind of women he likes, what he likes to do, and for me, why does he like rap music so much? He’s been with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nas and even dapped Rick Ross. He also hangs out with Usher who sings r&b. At least I get that he’s not one of those weird white people who get uncomfortable around black people, lol.

  20. 70
    Soho Says:

    I don’t know what the paps were saying to her on the set last Friday, but the guy next to her is sending them his finger….


  21. 71
    Abbie Says:

    Thanks Jared for the pic.

  22. 72
    eye sore Says:


    that is one picture where she doesn’t look so bad because only half of her face is showing from the side. Thank God our eyes were spared hehe :D

  23. 73
    SM news Says:

    @ good luck: “But why in the hell does a guy who is good looking, smart, successful and has so much going for himself need to settle for women who are just there to use him? I seriously can’t wrap my head around that.”

    I completely feel the same way as you regarding this statement. I don’t understand why someone would allow people to use them? Maybe its his lesson to learn in this life, who knows? I would like to know what the intuitives have to say about it as well.

    @larson: Aww, you actually made me feel better about my height!(*blushes*) I am the same height as you. I never thought about it in that way before. I always considered it a nuisance because pants are always too long. I don’t feel so bad about it now :) I agree, the man looks amazing in a suit, but I also think he looks good in regular clothes. Even when he is dressed horribly, there is this dorkiness to him that I find endearing. You bring up some great questions that I would love to see responses from the intuitives. I also like that he doesn’t seem uncomfortable around people of different races. I am not African-American, but I grew up in an African-American neighborhood and I grew up listening to rap music, watching African-American Tv shows/movies, I’ve used a hot comb on my hair, use an afro pick to detangle it, etc. My neighboors that I grew up with are more family to me than my own relatives. So I have been influenced greatly by the African-American community. Maybe he grew up exposed to people of different cultures and that’s why he is comfortable around everyone.

  24. 74
    YUMMY Says:

    Really sexy, babe. Only one photo? Why do not more… he’s really very beautiful, nice and so sexy. HOT, HOT, HOT <3

  25. 75
    good luck Says:

    @SM news:

    I was laughing at your comment about pants always being too long. That really is one of the most annoying parts of being on the shorter side isn’t it? LOL. But I also agree with Larson, about the shorter petite frames. I think we are cuter, no offense to the tall girls. But Blake does have great legs and a great body, I will give her that. I won’t take that away from the girl :) But If I had to choose, I would rather be short despite the setbacks of having to alter my pants every time I turn around (rolling eyes) LOL


    LOL Larson, I love your posts girl. Maybe it’s because I hate dressing up but I kind of like that he dresses down.. I’m a lot like him in that i love to dress down and be comfortable, so I can relate I guess lol. I’m sure you will enjoy the wardrobe in Gatsby though. He will be wearing a lot of suits in that movie, so I’m sure you will enjoy that :)

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