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Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio makes a quick escape in his car while leaving Madeo restaurant on Sunday (August 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor ate dinner at the fancy bistro before heading off in his black Lexus sedan.

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Last week, Leo and his rumored girlfriend Blake Lively were spotted grabbing groceries together at Gelson’s in Hollywood.

In case you missed it, check out this preview picture of Leo in character as J. Edgar Hoover for his latest film J. Edgar, which is set to be released on November 9!

Bigger picture inside…

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Credit: JML; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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150 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!”

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  1. 76
    ichi Says:

    is true I’m short too, and my pants never have the long that I need, but I like my figure, I’m a Latin girl really curvie, I have good breast and sorry as……ss, and you know thats the kind of type petite women has. we all have pequeñas cinturas!

  2. 77
    SM news Says:

    I also like it when he dresses down. I like when he wears hats and when he wears them backwards :) He’s just too cute with a backwards hat on.

    @YUMMY: LOL, I love your comments! Yes, he’s hot, but his behavior recently with the PR relationships isn’t. Hopefully he will snap out of it soon.

    @good luck: I am also a more casual dresser, so maybe that’s why I also like it when he dresses down. I’m glad I made you laugh with the pants comment :) It’s funny, eventhough I am short, I LOVE tall men!! I just wanna jump on them and like them to carry me around :)

    @ichi: LOL, i know clothes can be such a challenge when you’re short. I’m glad that you like your figure, and I understand epecially since you have a small waist. be proud girl!

  3. 78
    good luck Says:


    si, las cinturas pequenas y el culo grande LOL Me too Ichi, I am the same :)

    @SM news:

    Oh yeah, ditto on the loving taller men comment. I want to jump on them, and I don’t mind being man-handled a little bit too. hehe;)

  4. 79
    YUMMY Says:

    I don’t like to comment about his relationships… this is not my business. I like him, only him. I come here to comment on it, because I cannot keep talking about his girlfriends… later, in a few days he’s with other hot models and I’m here, the village idiot!

    All about him… OK. I’m interested. But don’t call me for talk about his girlfriends. That I will not do. Thanks @SM news :).

  5. 80
    sab Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I havent commented on here for a while….hope you are all well and having a good summer.
    i agree with you yummy, i only want to talk about leo…..his looks, his personality…..the man!!!!……i think what makes him so attractive (to me anyway) is that he doesnt even try….its like hes reached the stage where he knows that he is fanticized about by a million people and doesnt need to make the effort anymore…and theres nothing sexier than an ‘ I dont care attitude’. also i like it when hes in his ‘slob’ mode..probably cos i cant be bothered most of the time myself to make the effort. the way i see things is that if a guy sees you at your worse and is not repulsed…that makes you feel attractive (i know it sounds twisted…but its a fact)……i also get the feeling that leo is a very private person in that he does not let people get too close. the only thing he has left is his sanity, emotions, insecurities etc….after titanic, the media, fans….they all took a piece of him……what he has left he keeps very close to himself. i dont think there is anyone besides his parents who actually know him and he feels 100% comfortable with….not even his closest friends, lucas etc. that is why he has never been in a serious progressive relationship because he has never shared himself totally with someone. i think he knows this about himself and when he is able to and wants to share himself 100% with someone then he will have definately have met his match. what we know for sure is that he loves a challange…he thrives on hard work, its what drives him……hes not stupid…he does not waste his time and energy on things that are irrelevent in the greater scheme of things but he does try to have a good time. i believe he knows exactly what he is doing…..but i think that he still has not met anyone who he is willing to open up with… actually share his life with. ……to be honest i dont think he gets phased by anything…he just does not care about what people think…..he does what he wants to do…..ok i ve gone on enough..sorry about the waffle…..its just my take on him.
    by the loving him with the longer hair and he is looking very fit lately….the only thing that i dont really like are the shorts he always wears AND with socks and those sneakers, they would look better if he wore flip flops…he has great feet…..and we all know how great his hands are.!!!
    does anyone know when he will be going sydney?…i thought they were due to start filming in aug…..theres only 2 weeks left.

  6. 81
    hahahaha Says:

    @good luck: ‘people’ is just you and two of your hate filled trolls, get over it, Leo is with her because he wants to be, nothing more, nothing less, have any of you thought he may really like her personality?? all you idiot go on about is her man or horse face, you’re ridiculous. go look in the mirror, what would Leo think ot you? losers :)

  7. 82
    well Says:

    the fact is that she indeed has a face of a horse on her worse days. on her better days she looks like a man. her talent is nonexistent on any day just like charisma or being natural. pretentious and fake. if he indeed likes her `personality` that speaks volumes about him and his…

  8. 83
    Amused Aussie Says:

    I posted in an earlier thread:
    Heres another update:
    Our Sunday telegraph had a report this morning that said LD is due to fly into Sydney this week (in the middle of the week). Tobey, carey and Isla follow the week after. Filming is not expected to start for another 3weeks- Baz is still casting extras and finishing preproduction stuff.
    LD is not staying in a hotel but has rented a house – though they said the location is being kept secret obviously!! Filming is predominately at the fox studios- although there will be some filming around Sydney.

    As someone who lived and worked in Randwick for 5years (fox studios is next to Centennial Park and Randwick)- my guess is the house will probably be in the closest beach burbs Bondi, Clovelly, Turramurra- or possibly something like Double Bay with views of the Harbour

    SO its now 9pm Tuesday – I suspect there will be photos from Sydney airport Wednesday pm or Thursday Am.

    The latest local gossip (and apparently the strongest rumor yet) the house is located in Point Piper ( next to Double Bay) harbour side not really beachside. The source of that particular info (house locale) only has (at best) 50% strike rate. They also said BL would probably be with him- can’t see that if she is still filming in next 2 days.
    WE shall see ay??!!

    Oh and the Gatsby cars were rolled onto fox studios lot today. Way cool! Immaculate vintage cars!

  9. 84
    sab Says:

    @Amused Aussie:
    thanks for the info

  10. 85
    butter face Says:


    LOL get over what? there is nothing to get over, we were having a nice discussion until you butted in with your gibberish. And I agree that he most likely likes her personality. I myself like her personality. She has a nice body too, but you forgot to mention her butter face :) lol

  11. 86
    @amued ausie Says:

    BL will be there? Maybe she got some role in the movie too and the public has not been told so, so far….. coz they all want it to be a SPECIAL SURPRISE for us? 3 weeks before the shoot is gonna be lonely, who is he gonna bang meanwhile if not ms.FLively? Can’t go on banging strangers all the freaking time. *LMAO* Anyhow…. guess LEO D can’t stay away from the leggy-long-legs-flakey. I seriously don’t like her body, i mean….. it’s tooooo huge! the legs are longer as compared to her torso….. femininity comes from longer leaner torsos…… and she’s not sexy or hot either. I’m sorry i just can’t seem to bring myself to like her, and it has nothing to do with LD. I switched the channel while i was watching “Sisterhood of the traveling pants” when i saw BL in it. I was like ‘I soo don’t like her’. Couldn’t stand her. And this was waaaaay before. Didn’t know that THAT girl was BL up until LD happened. She seems the annoying type. I doubt I’d ever want company like hers. How on earth does LD stand her? Is it Love? Or just the Oscar Winning DESIRE of his that he’s makes a bigger fool of himself with each gf of his?

  12. 87
    Cammie Says:


    She will chasing behind him like a lost puppy on breaks, ducking in cars, wearing silly big hats…Her PR team will be upset.

    Fake Nose is nothing but a hole to Leo, more then any of his other GFs she had to work extra hard to get his attention.

    When this little honeymoon stage is over, he will move on to the next, lower profile, foreign, model…

    He probably wanted to be with that Polish model Anna J but she turned him down, so he took the leftovers..Plastic Blake.

  13. 88
    DiCatchaho OR LaDouche Says:

    Monday, August 15th 2011
    Blind Items: I Guess, You Guess

    This A list movie actor who has always been close to his mother snapped on her last week. They were at a restaurant and started arguing over his latest romance and he got up and said, “What? Are you jealous? I’m not supporting you anymore and that starts with you finding your own way home. *****.” (CDAN)

    Leonardo DiCatchaho or Shia LaDouche?

  14. 89
    I think it's Shia Says:

    @DiCatchaho OR LaDouche:

    sounds like Shia Ladouche to me, I don’t think Leo would ever talk that way to his mother. Shia on the other hand is an annoying, little brat imo. I don’t understand how he gets all these roles in these big blockbuster movies. The kid is annoying as hell and has one of the worst cases of ADHD I’ve ever seen..

  15. 90
    @89 Says:

    And since when is Shia an A list actor?

  16. 91
    sos Says:

    @sabGreat post!@Amused Aussie:Wow we got our own Australia intel here. Thanks for the info and the updates keep it coming,even if it’s crap.Not sure if Bl will be there or not huh,she is working though so?Shouldn’t surprise anyone like commenter@53 said,if and when she does show.It will happen just to ruin our Leo only post streak we got going 3 in a row!Although it would have been nice to have more then one pic,in each
    @DiCatchaho OR LaDouche: I think it’s Shia too.
    I watched an old Leo movie on cable yesterday morning,Critters 3.It’s been a dog’s age since I’ve seen

  17. 92
    I think it's Shia Says:


    I guess your’e right, he’s not A list… but damn, I have a really hard time believing Leo would snap at his mom like that. :S Can it only be Leo or Shia? how come they only have those two choices listed on the website?

  18. 93
    It indeed IS Leo Says:

    well…. i kind of think so. He may not have used the word….. And…. u all have to agree that Leo is waaayyy out of his mind this time. BTW, what happened to that incognito on lipstickalley, all that he/she said was almost right up until the new peggy dicaprio story came up. And apparently shia is a-list – i don’t know WHY, but he is.

  19. 94
    Me Says:

    @It indeed IS Leo: Tell more on that story and the peggy dicaprio please.

  20. 95
    DQ Says:

    DiCatchaho? LMAO! That`s funny and so true! Especially with the new `catch`!
    I have no problem believing that the A-lister is Leo. Shia is NOT A-list and the rumor of Irmelin not liking B. Manly is around for a while. You know where there is smoke there is fire…

  21. 96
    I think it's Shia Says:


    I don’t think Leo would ever call his mom the B word in public or in private for that matter. I just don’t see him acting like that towards his mom. This sounds like something Christian Bale would do or someone with mental problems would do. Shia is probably considered A list because of the movies he’s been in. I still don’t understand why he keeps getting picked for all these blockbuster movies. But if the only choice is between Shia and Leo, than for me it would have to be Shia. Shia is a very weird guy, and I think he’s got some emotional/mental issues, so I wouldn’t be so surprised if its him. Leo on the other hand, I seriously can’t see him lashing out at his mom in a restaurant and calling her the B word.

  22. 97
    @93 Says:

    that incog on lipstick alley said that Leo’s mom is “in the loop” now…so if Irmelin knows that Leo/Blake is a showmance, then i don’t see why they would argue about it…

    @92 – Leo and Shia is who the blogger at dlisted thinks it is…usually he posts the blind items with his own guesses…it could be someone else though…

  23. 98
    @93 Says:

    that incog on lipstick alley said that Leo’s mom is “in the loop” now…so if Irmelin knows that Leo/Blake is a showmance, then i don’t see why they would argue about it…

    @92 – Leo and Shia is who the blogger at dlisted thinks it might be…usually he posts the blind items with his own guesses…it could be someone else though…

  24. 99
    sab Says:

    i dont believe this incident happened the way its portrayed and has to be wildly exaggerated if it concerns leo……if however it relates to shia, i have no idea what kind of person he is and whether he has the balls to speak to his mother that way.
    as for leo…………..i dont think he would ever spaek to his mother that way………she is the one (female) person on this planet that he has total respect for and holds in the highest esteem……with him, once you have his respect and loyalty, there is no way he would betray you…..and especially his mother!!!!!!!!!!!!…also if they were having a ‘disagreement ‘ about his gf, i do not think that they would discuss such a topic in a public restaurant………….they know how it works in la la land……………such discussions would be done behind closed doors at home…………….no matter how angry he got (he is only human)….he is so grounded that he knows that it is his mother that has made him what he is today with her support and sacrifices……………..there is no way that he said “What? Are you jealous? I’m not supporting you anymore and that starts with you finding your own way home. *****.”
    i dont believe it.

  25. 100
    YUMMY Says:

    Leo is a person very polite and courteous to do something like that. Shia can’t be considered an A-list actor, but Leo with certainty didn’t say in that way with his mother… I cannot see it. Leo is a gentleman with his mother… this is just to confuse people’s minds.

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