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Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!

Leonardo DiCaprio makes a quick escape in his car while leaving Madeo restaurant on Sunday (August 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor ate dinner at the fancy bistro before heading off in his black Lexus sedan.

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Last week, Leo and his rumored girlfriend Blake Lively were spotted grabbing groceries together at Gelson’s in Hollywood.

In case you missed it, check out this preview picture of Leo in character as J. Edgar Hoover for his latest film J. Edgar, which is set to be released on November 9!

Bigger picture inside…

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150 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Madeo Man!”

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  1. 101
    The Great Eye Says:

    Leo is not an angel and not a demon, he’s a human being just like all of us with his own dark and bright sides. I don’t buy these blind items, they all sound like somebody’s sick fantasies :) btw, it’s funny that BL is still considered to Leo as his rumored gf, maybe they’re not dating at all and we’re all give too much fuss about them xD anyway, hope she won’t be with him in Australia ;) I’m getting tired of this talantless actress’ name concerning to Leo in every article about him :(

  2. 102
    I think it's Shia Says:


    Even if he does have a potty mouth that doesn’t mean he’s going to call his mom a B in a public place and lash out at her over Blake Lively, a girl he barely even knows that well mind you.. he’s only known her for what? 1 or 2 months now? LOL I think MOM takes precedence over Blake and always will..sooo, not buying this story.
    And like someone else mentioned, this is a conversation they would be having at home, not at a public location..and wouldn’t we have tweets about this incident if it were true? these tweeters tweet about everything nowadays. I swear, one of these days we will be reading a tweet of him taking a dump at a public restroom or something. It’s seriously heading in that direction with this twitter obsession.

  3. 103
    fance Says:

    @DQ: DQ, Blake tis moving with him in his LA home. She has already moved half of her staff from the house she was renting near by his home. He, on the other hand also moved his some of his stuff to her place in NY apartment were she is living.
    Now, go SCREAM till you die. LOL What you going to do about it. HUH!

  4. 104
    alli Says:

    @fance: I know that already? LOL
    You are too late for the news. By the way, she actually didn’t rent any home in LA because she mainly live in NY, and when she come to LA, she stays at her family home were they live in LA. Yes, she move her staff to one of his Malibu place, quiet some time ago. As the matter in fact, she her dog Penny is currently living at leo home. I don’t know about him moving to her NY apartment, but i know they have been staying there whenever he is NY. Actually there was a tweet about him and Lukas spotted coming out her apartment building like 3 weeks ago. So ya, they pretty much moving fast together. I didn’t believe all US weekly stories first but my sister who works for publication net work, in entertainment industry told me that she Blake and her brother were spending time with him at his place in LA playing Basketball and all that. So too late on your report but this is the overall correct information about living place status.

  5. 105
    ok Says:

    @fance: That is not true because Leo has his own place in NY and he is not that stupid to move in a girl who he hardly does not know.

  6. 106
    alli Says:

    @alli: Thanx for the info but what’s up with the Sarcasm! LOL

  7. 107
    I think it's Shia Says:


    oh yes, thanks for that inside scoop, my mind is swelling with knowledge now that I heard all this wonderful news for the day LOL
    I’m sure she had a swell time moving her “staff” into Leo’s place LMAO… alli and fence are the same exact person. I love the fact that you used the word “staff” in both of your comments, and love how you enjoy having conversations with yourself hehe. Omg, this place can be hilarious sometimes :)

  8. 108
    france Says:

    @alli: I am just reporting from the people who knows about their relationships that work on gossip girl sets. I also have people who knows about them closely than your sister who works on gossip site. LOL
    @ok Yes, i know he has his own place in NY but his building is not ready to move in completely. That is why he has been staying at a hotel whenever he is NY. I don’t think he is staying in a hotel anymore when he come to NY. I think he will stays at her place from now on when he comes to NY.

  9. 109
    alli Says:

    @france: I will ask about the NY living status but i can only tell you now that there are spending time at his place in LA whenever she comeback from NY setting. This week she was staying here in LA for about 3-4 days, but she is going back to NY by thursday to shoot GG again.

  10. 110
    ok Says:

    @alli: Still i just don’t believe, say what you want I don’t believe at all because alwaaays rumors about Leo relationships it turns out to be false all the time.

  11. 111
    LOL Says:

    Don’t we just love this self-conversationalist from Fake’s PR team? ‘I have a sister who works fir a publication whatever’ Sure, Us Weekly? ‘ I know people who know their relationship’ but I come here to JJ to tell all this. Give me a break! Leo and Lukas were seen leaving her apartment and that’s the proof that he moved in? Sorry but how stupid are you? You really think people will buy that? Lei’s place is not ready to move in even though he bought it years ago and he stayed there with Bar this spring?
    When the bike riding photos were posted all of a sudden we had someone whose friend saw everything. The story was posted right after someone said Leo left her behind. Now we have not one but two people here with inside info posting in the same style minutes after each other! I soooooo believe it! LOL!

  12. 112
    LOL Says:

    Also has anyone noticed that both alli and france make the same kind of grammar mistakes? I bet it`s just a coincidence! LOL!

  13. 113
    Elena Says:

    @LOL: yeah, and in one post it’s misspelled “fance” instead of “france”, meaning they probably changed their name in between posts. not incredibly crafty!

  14. 114
    LOL Says:

    ` I am just reporting from the people who knows about their relationships that work on gossip girl sets. I also have people who knows about them closely than your sister who works on gossip site. ` Priceless! People on GG set know their relationship or a sister who works for a `publication net work` but the info is posted here… Don`t we just love the 6th grade Gossip Girl fans?

  15. 115
    the self talkers crack me up Says:

    @LOL: @Elena:

    tell me about it, I couldn’t stop laughing when in both posts she made the same exact grammatical error under two different names. And than to top it off she even starts talking to herself in the same exact style, with the same broken English LOL These inside scoops keep getting better and better… yesterday it was Blake had a hickey , and now today she’s moved her “staff” into Leo’s house LOL

  16. 116
    larson Says:

    @the self talkers crack me up: @LOL: @Elena: LMAO, guys stop it. LMAO, and they say we are the crazy ones.

  17. 117
    hahahahaha Says:

    @butter face: Well if making rude comments about someones appearance is ‘a nice conversation’ to you this says a lot about you and yours.

  18. 118
    @117 Says:

    Rude? Rather TRUE!!!!!
    I have just read an article about Kate Winslet who is against cosmetic surgery and she started some sort of league against the pressure of undergoing these surgeries in Hollywood. Given the fact how close she is to Leo as a friend I bet they`ll have a nice conversation about it and about Leo`s new plastic and unnatural girlfriend.

  19. 119
    LOL Says:

    I can`t wait to see what`s coming today! What kind of `dish` we`ll read from people with inside info? LOL!

  20. 120
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    Awaiting moderation again!!!!! Curses you fakelively ninjas, you know I got something to say

  21. 121
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    I’ll say it quickly….vaccuum cleaner +pr= hickey….ha! Maybe they were inspired by hoover….hoover? Get it?…..yes I.m reaching on that one, i’ll go get my “staff” and go home. So transparent fance,france, alli …whatever, just like this fauxmance. Get yourself some elecution (not electracution) less and hang with the ggteam! Oh wait! You do!…..riiiiiiight!

  22. 122
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    Crap! I said less instead of less… Fance’s engrish is rubbing off on me! DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECT!

  23. 123
    DQ Says:

    @Tigershavefeelings2: Moderation is in full swing on JJ. Even if you manage to post your comment it can get removed pretty quickly afterwards…
    Hoover? Good one! LOL!
    Any news on upcoming movies? Maybe a sequel to `The Break Up`? Way overdue!

  24. 124
    Elena Says:

    LMAO a freaking hickey on her chest, puh-leeeeeze. first of all i don’t know of any guy over the age of 16 who would give a girl a hickey anywhere, and while i’m sure your cousin’s buddy’s sister’s dog walker who used to date a production assistant for gossip girl is an infallible source of information, it’s a freaking bruise. i can see four bruises on my body right now and i have no idea where they came from. and even in the unlikely scenario it is a hickey, what the hell does it matter? it doesn’t mean she is anything more than a f*ck buddy which even the most anti-blake person here admitted was a probability.

  25. 125
    YUMMY Says:

    Dammit! Can we stop making every post that comes out of Leo into a war over their new relationship? I, as a fan of this great actor, I see crazy people do it and everyone goes to comment on these rumors meaningless. It’s all gossip, rumors and lies… get it all! I had said I would not comment on his girlfriends because it sucks! Leo is so beautiful in this picture, his new movie (J. Edgar) is to debut, he will begin recording another (Great Gatsby) in Australia, is running for a prize of greater international celebrity to fight for the preservation of the environment (you can vote for him here:, many about him and his career… and all you do is comment on his personal life because of rumors that some crazy **** are posting here. Enough!

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