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Orlando Bloom: 'Three Musketeers' Japanese Posters!

Orlando Bloom: 'Three Musketeers' Japanese Posters!

Check out these new Japanese promo posters of Orlando Bloom and his co-stars in The Three Musketeers!

The 34-year-old English actor stars opposite Christoph Waltz, Milla Jovovich, and Logan Lerman in the upcoming film, in theaters October 21.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Here’s the synopsis: “The hot-headed young D’Artagnan along with three former legendary but now down on their luck Musketeers must unite and defeat a beautiful double agent and her villainous employer from seizing the French throne and engulfing Europe in war.”

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  • Nooooo

    What happened to you? You used to be so cute.

  • jaye

    Ok, Orlando looks hilarious. muhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • iHeartbrianLittrell

    the japanese characters look awesome.

  • theresa

    go to this site and look at the photo of the Duke of Buckingham. then, you’ll get the idea.

  • Huh

    He looks like he aged about 20 years since the last time I saw him. And I thought that bang*i*n*g supermodels was a good thing

  • yay!

    I think that he looks fantastic!
    You can just tell that he is loving every minute of playing the campy villian. That eyebrow is just killing me!
    He finally has a role where he can just have fun and chew the scenery.
    Such a beautiful man!

  • YES!


  • sara

    I can’t wait to see Orlando play another bad guy. He was brilliant as The Stain in Sympathy for Delicious. And while The Stain was a nasty S O B. The Duke promises to be all moustache twirling fun.
    Not to mention Orlando looks gorgeous in those elaborate costumes!
    Is it October yet?

  • Lauren

    This looks hilariously awful. This is what his career is now? Thank God he has Miranda and her modelling money.

  • Ali

    He has lost his mojo, big time. This film is going to BOMB – nothing is appealing about it.

  • @9

    If you are going to comment on his career, maybe you should actually know something about it. And as far as his finances, you really are revealing your ignorance. He could live quite well off of residuals alone He could retire right now and still live the life of a star.
    Now he doing what he always wanted. He is doing great work in independent movies, but The Duke gives him a chance to reach a wide audience to break out of his ‘good guy’ image.
    Oh, and I guess that you haven’t heard about a little idie that he is doing at the moment. A little film called The Hobbit. A role that was written especially for him, because of his, and his character’s popularity.
    His career is just fine. And he looks fantastic.

  • @9

    I guess that Christoph Waltz has “lost his mojo” too, then. I mean, he is in the film as well isn’t he? Or do your rules only apply to Orlando?

  • Annie

    Woah, he looks super handsome! Film looks good!

  • gah!

    I think that I am really going to like wicked Orlando!
    So hot!

  • wow!

    he looks anazing as the duke! i can’t wait!

  • are you sure?

    How do you know “what he always wanted” unless you are Orlando himself? You have to be objective- what he is doing for years are independent small movies. I hope Hobbit is finally going to change it, but he will be in the Hobbit for about two minutes. Being an actor is not only about money. He has his income and he could live three lives from his residuals. Most of the actors in very successful movies can do so. But most of them are still acting and fighting for the big roles in the big movies. Why do you think Orlando is different? Are you sure he is very satisfied with this? His career is stagnating – he should move forward.

  • @are you sure?

    He has been attached to interesting-looking projects that nearly got made but didn’t (Red Circle, The Cross), and also tried to produce some ambitious projects that nearly got made but didn’t (Fools Rush In, that Rory Stewart project). So these probably show the type of thing he’d like to do.

    He said in an interview that his friend David Miles advised him to do small movies with challenging roles, not keep playing the same role in big films, so that he could grow as an actor. He’s also said several times that he chooses projects that scare him.

    This film may be quite trashy but it is a kind of role he hasn’t played yet, so that fits in.

    I think he’ll be in The Hobbit films for more than two minutes, and they’ll keep his name around for a few more years, during which he gets more chances to push his career in the direction he wants. I think he’d do better by nudging his persona more gradually and playing to his strengths, but I’m not an insider.

  • @16

    He has said it himself in several interviews that he had started his career “backwards”. Starring in big budget films from the beginning, instead of starting small. That is why he did Haven while he was at the height of his career. He wanted small, character and story driven roles We know this because he said it himself..
    Now he knows that in order to have a great, and extended career has has to change people’s ideas of what kind of characters he can play. That’s why he wanted The Stain so bad. In that film he proved that he could convincingly play a nasty bad guy. Same for The Good Doctor. He wanted to turn people’s opinions about him on their ears.
    And how do you know how long Legolas will be in The Nobbit? Are you Peter Jackson? Or are you just in the habit of believing every article you read? The dwarves spend a lot of time in his home forest, and the Battle of Five Armies will be epic. His role will be small, but he will definitely make an impact. His appearance will be well remembered.
    And if you consider his doing exactly what he wants to do, and stretching his sbilities as an actor as “stagnating”, then maybe you just want something different for him. Is Viggo’s career “stagnating” too, because he is only doing films that interest him?
    If all Orlando wanted was big budget films he could have done Prince of Persia instead of doing a play in London. And if he wants to do indies for the rest of his life, then that’s great. If he throws in a big budget film once in a while, that’s great, too. If you want to continue to follow his career, then follow it. But follow it with more clarity than you are doing. If you don’t want to see him in anything but ‘Will turner’ roles, then you will have to move on.

  • atar

    I think that he will make a spectacular “petulant child”.
    i can’t wait!

  • YAY!

    I wonder if he will be able to attend any of the premieres since he will most likely still be in NZ in October?
    I want more red carpet Orlando!

  • are you sure?

    Viggo was nominated for Oscar two years ago for Eastern promises. He did History of violence. Do you think those movies are small? Stagnating career for Viggo???? You can not compare it to Orlando’s, not near. Viggo does what he wants – and gets Oscar nomination. About Prince of Persia- Disney didn’t want Orlando. Use facts. I like Orlando and I think that he did something very wrong with his career. What does it mean to go backwards? Some actors became stars in childhood. Should they wait? For what? If you are famous, you are famous. Try to stay famous, popular, rich and better.

  • @21

    Orlando IS famous, popular and rich.
    And Viggo is box office poison. NO ONE goes to see his films. Even a big budget Disney film like Hidalgo bombed. He hasn’t had a hit since ROTK. THOSE are facts. Instead of taking advantage of his Oscar nomination, Viggo disappeared.
    And yes, even History of Viloence was a box office bomb.
    Facts are facts.
    Maybe you should use them sometime.

  • pssst

    Eastern Promises came out in 2007.
    And Disney (Bruckheimer) DID want Orlando….desperately.
    And where has Viggo been since EP??
    He’s disappeared, doing small indie films, JUST LIKE ORLANDO. The only difference is that Orlando has had much more success than Viggo.
    So claiming that Orlando’s carrer is “stagnating”, while Viggo’s is not, is hypocritical. But I guess that you are just used to applying double standards, aren’t you.

  • HUH?

    How is it that Luke Evans is two years younger than Orlando, yet looks ten years older?
    Poor Luke. By the time he is 40 he will be playing old men.

  • @24

    So true!
    Luke looks like Orlando’s much older brother.

  • are you sure?

    to 22 & 23:
    In the LOTR and in life- – Viggo is the KING and Orlanso is the PRINCE. Maybe he will be the king once. BTW, he is out of Effie. Just saying.

  • @26

    He is out of Effie because they are to start filming in October.
    He will be busy doing a little movie called The Hobbit. He can’t be in two places at once. And are you also going to claim that the birth of his first child was just a “convenient excuse” to pull out of Albert Nobbs? Because that’s what the delphidiots are saying.
    And Viggo may have been a king on screen, but in life he is the court fool. He hasn’t had a hit since ROTK, yet he was so arrogant and egotistical that he priced himself out of Snow White. Pulling out of a film due to prior commitments and/or CHILDBIRTH is a bit different than being DUMPED because yu demended more money that you were worth.

  • yay!

    FINALLY! We have some pics.
    Orlando and Miranda were spotted out and about in Wellington with Flynn.
    I was wondering when new pics would surface. They have been there for weeks and NOTHING!
    YAY! I love new pics!