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Taylor Lautner: Cirque du Soleil's Iris with Gus van Sant!

Taylor Lautner: Cirque du Soleil's Iris with Gus van Sant!

Taylor Lautner and director Gus Van Sant go backstage after checking out a Cirque Du Soleil performance of Iris – A Journey Through The World of Cinema on Saturday (August 13) at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.

This isn’t the first time the 19-year-old actor hung out with the Oscar-winning director – Taylor went out with Gus and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black for lunch back in July. Looks like they definitely have a film project in the works!

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In late September, Taylor will hit the big screen with Lily Collins in Abduction.

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  • Panpan

    Is he gay??!

  • quit hating

    no he is not gay .

  • ss

    Wow Taylor has grown so much in the past year! His face has changed a bit. More MANLY!

  • Happy

    No, Taylor is not a gay. His girlfriend is Lily Collins. If Taylor meets with Gus so much it means they have some project in the future which is under negotiations..

  • ModestMouse

    @ss: He has also gotten more comfortable with his sexuality, evidently. To sum it up, he’s gay.

  • 2 Funny


  • ccc

    Does he wont to tell us something?

  • SarahC

    Taylor looks good here! He looks much older!

  • nina

    awwww….. look at them, they’re so cute together! TayTay has a sugardaddy!

  • paige

    Taylor looks good. So cute in that baseball cap. Hope he’s working on something with Gus van Sant. He’s a very talented director.


    He looks HOT here and definitely more comfortable in his skin, which ever way he swings

  • dinadana69

    oh no he ain’t gay (note sarcasm)

  • Katie

    Who cares if he’s gay… he’s hot.

  • alex

    he is definitely gay he even cant hide it well, he should stay every minute with his fake girlfriend this way he will have some career.not that he can act but he still can do it in hollywood.theres alot of people that cant act there.go taylor .so what if he is gay?

  • veronica

    its just amatter of time he will go out .i know it he is gay

  • aby

    W T F. I do not understand this…

  • tootie

    all actors are gay…

  • brentwwod

    i know someone who knows him, and yeah, he is but his daddy is one mean sob and wants it hidden, supposedly to save his career. poor kid.

  • Winter Haven: a novel

    Totem is a really good show. He looks okay.

  • Jenle

    I honestly do not think Taylor is gay. He acts the way other 19 year olds should act. For example, he is curteous, intelligent sounding when he speaks, his pants don’t sag down his ass because he knows that is not sexy to sane women, etc. I’m glad he is the way he is and hope he doesn’t change for the worst when he’s a huge star.

  • aquarius64

    @brentwwod: I don’t believe he’s gay, and unless that person you know has a sex tape of TL with another guy he can’t back up his claim.. His dadager is another story. I think he controls him, right down to the girls he dates. Selena Gomez was tossed b/c Pops didn’t want anything serious with her. (It looked like a girl TL really liked.) I wouldn’t be surprised if dear old Dad arranged Swifty and Colins, girls with showbiz pedigrees to help sell his All-American image. The only concern Dad has for TL is financial; his son is his meal ticket.

  • Shankia

    Ha, ha, ha! Yall need to stop, please! lmao Even if he is or isn’t, having Gus Van Sant as a partner is like doing your grandpa and nobody want to hear all that! Somebody looking as sexy as Taylor can’t be that desperate. They did the same thing to James Franko when he was hanging with old Gus to much. Can people have gay friends these days without F*cking them. I got three, but if one of them looked like Taylor it would be “Friends with Benefits.” lol

  • Tom

    Casting couch.

  • Samantha S

    @Jenle: I Agree, he doesn’t act out like some actors when they get more noticed. People think that, he’s probably gay because he’s hanging out with Gus van Sant! People don’t like to think… it could be a possible movie in the works, there’s rumor going around that Green Days, ” American Idiot”, play might be turning into a movie and maybe Taylor is interested in playing lead role of the characters. On top of that doesn’t he have another movie, ” Incarceron,” in the works? Gus could be the director for that!

  • Samantha S

    @aquarius64: Sad but true:( His dad kind of seems mean, although I don’t think he is. He just probably wants the best for his son. I do agree I think he did like Selena, but afterwards no disrespect to Taylor Squared fans, went with Swift to get over her, until she dropped him(who would do that?!). If you look at the time line. When it comes to Collins?….no comment.

  • Iscia

    Hey Aquarius64, I just saw an intersting article about Lily collins. In fact, her fans and they are not a lot, debated on her and Kristen Stew and then the name of taylor lautner was written somewhere, someone said it is Taylor lautner who uses the name of Collins to have more PUBLICITY.
    ARE THEY KIDDING dont know but it is weird and funny, every time we talk about collins we talk about lautner and the publicity behind their relationship. Really dont know what to think anymore. And if his father wanted to set up things with Lily well its a bad choice because there are only bad publicity on them. I am in Europe and I saw that here too soée are questioning about the validity of that couple. What do u think Aquarius64

  • aquarius64

    @Iscia: how’s things in Europe?

    Please, that trick wasn’t known until she bagged Lautner under foul circumstances. If Collins is such a big deal, she would have the paps after her on her own, or getting daily production stories about her SW. (There’s one article over that states she is so tight with the Twilight cast. What a famewhore.) Swifty wiped her off the map when the TaylorSquared reunion talk was in earnest. NO ONE, except British based blogs, acknowlegded her as the gf at the time.

    Next time you get on those bogs find out how they feel about her dumping a stuntman boyfriend for an A-lister? I’m just curious.

  • Iscia

    Hey Aquarius64 Europe is ALRIGHT lol, well Here people are waiting for the movie to be released but again they only talk about Lautner and Singleton , a little about collins, except in England of course,.
    As for Swift, their reunion during the teen choice is not even mentionned , they only talk about swift and her ultimate choice. I do not think that Europeans in general believed in their relationship neither, a possible reunion of them dont know, it would be GOLD for paparazzi and medias and of course for Swift who did not date for a while now.I think Taylor Lautner is maybe dating someone actually but someone who is not in the BUSINESS, he knows how it is painful to date teens celebrities…
    People are speculating a lot but I think that is more intelligent that we may think.

  • aquarius64

    @Iscia: If Collins is worshiped in England, God help Lautner if he goes there. I know you are aware the “death” of Tayly showmance. The British press is going to rake him over the coals like they do Kirsten Stewart. Fleet Street is going to hold him solely responsible for the breakup.

  • Iscia

    I never believed they were together. they can say what they want because lily is not the innocent and sweet girl they think she is

  • Samantha S

    @Iscia: I keep hearing that too! Not because of some of the people who dislike her but some people said she was rude on set when filming Abduction. And other people who have seen her around California top shops, here and there say she’s rude, and bratty like everyone is suppose to wait on her hand and foot. I don’t know to believe this, but that’s what I hear.

  • Samantha S

    Well I take that back maybe it’s because some people dislike her for those reasons.

  • Iscia

    @Samantha S, I had nothing against her til she stared to film Abduction. A lot talked about her behavior thats why they dont like her and think that Taylor Lautner deserves better and by better I dont mean Swift either. But hes still young he ‘ll have other dates…….I think he just need to escape from those two

  • quit hating

    I live in england and collins is definatly not worshipped by the press here in fact i havent seen her in any magazine at all of late . people dont even no her apart from the fact that her dad is phil collins.