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TLC Cancels 'Kate Plus Eight'

TLC Cancels 'Kate Plus Eight'

TLC has pulled the plug on Kate Gosselin‘s Kate Plus Eight, can confirm.

Here’s a statement from the network: “TLC has decided not to renew another season of Kate Plus Eight. By the end of this season, Kate Plus Eight will have hit the 150 episode mark (including Jon & Kate + 8); an exceptional milestone. TLC hopes to check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future.”

The final episode of Kate Plus Eight will air on September 12.

ARE YOU SAD that Kate Plus Eight has been canceled?

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  • James

    I think this is the best decision for everybody. Kate needs to concentrate on raising her kids.

  • hm


  • vinha


  • Kylie

    Thank goodness – may we never have to see this self-centered, worthless person again. I hope those poor kids get some peace. Now that she can’t exploit them she’ll probably dump them off on Jon (where they belong anyway).

  • SJ

    Hopefully those poor kids will finally have a shot at a normal life, if Kate can go back to being a mom instead of a “celebrity”. Why people watch these reality show drivelfests is beyond me – they’re worse than watching a car wreck.

  • Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

    Go away pointless celebrities!

  • Winter

    It’s about time.

  • Bella


  • Jenni

    The only thing that makes me sad about this show’s cancelation is that it took so long for it to finally happen. It should have been canceled years ago.

  • whohoo

    Yayyyy!!! Maybe we’ll get rid of her pics for some time.

  • kel

    Buh bye Kate. Good luck, 8!

  • Michelle Duggar

    Just as long as they don’t cancel my show! Smell ya l8ter, Kate!

  • Seriously?

    She’ll just have to find a different way to use her kids for profit!

  • MichaelFassbender.HowIlovethee

    Feel bad for the kids. Look how she treats her children when the camera crew are around. God only knows how she treats those children behind closed doors, when it’s just her and her children. I dislike John, but you can’t deny that he genuinely loves them, and they seem content with him. They seem to enjoy themselves more with him, than with her when they were still married.

    They need a normal life. Poor Kate better get yourself a job and stop pimping your kids out for you to get 9K hair extensions.

  • haa

    now she goes insane

  • sdfskdf

    Now how is she going to pay for more hair extensions, and plastic surgery? She and Jon should have saved up the money they were getting for their kids’ college tuitions and such, rather than buying expensive unnecessary items.

  • Lisa

    Finally dumped from the gravy train. I can’t wait to see how it behaves.

  • Khate the Pimp

    This just in:
    Khate is moving her family to Thailand where authorities look the other way.

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    What this comment?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Finally TLC has come to their senses!!

  • yikes!

    It really won’t hit Kate till she realizes she’s recieved her last freebie.

  • laverdadduele

    It’s about time this worthless POS is out of the airwaves. Now, if they cancel the S l u tdashians and the Jersey W h o r e s, that would be a great day.

  • KC

    Good. That show destroyed the entire family. Hopefully the kids can get on with their lives without cameras shoved in their faces. I just hope their mother doesn’t blame the children for the cancellation.

  • blah

    THANK GOD! Now this woman can just vanish from our memory….

  • kà simply amazing

    i dont wish this

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    ..It was still on TV?!? ..ahahahahaha

  • Ivermom

    I am not a Kate fan at all…in fact I cannot stand her…just way too bossy and Vain!! But I will miss seeing the kids!!

  • Linda

    How long before we see her on QVC hawking some product?

  • Jesse

    Wow is this even relevant? Who gives a rats ass

  • Gilmore

    Bless this post, bless TLC for canceling this, bless everyone involved for ending it. We are free now!

  • flo

    I wonder if TLC took a few of the millions they made and put it in a fund to pay for the therapy the kids will need after living with her.

  • Anon

    about time!

  • Abbi

    More like is KATE sad that Kate Plus Eight has been canceled? Of course she is! Now she actually has to go out and WORK for her money just like the rest of us.

  • camillus

    what a fame whore thats probably why she had all those kids, now can she take the Kardiasan’ with her too.

  • BSAQ

    poor kids……she only let them have fun in front of the camera. if the camera is not on, she doesn’t take them anywhere. she even admitted that herself.

  • Tami

    If I really focus and get to the “zen” stage, I may lose some sleep over this… ah, NOT!!!!!!

  • Tami

    If I really focus and get to the “zen”, I may lose sleep over this…ah, NOT!!!!!!

  • Natasha

    now lets pray and hope the KARDASHIAN klan is the next family show canceled!

  • Lucky Charm

    Finally, it’s been long overdue. Am I sad that it’s been canceled? H— NO!!!! Am I sad that it took so long to do it? Yes.

  • anon2

    Sadly, I think this means we will be seeing more of desperate Kate trying to find ways to make a buck in Hollywood. She’ll probably start acting on a soap or in some B movies shortly…anything to avoid a “real” job.

  • Anna

    E! now your turn: it would be awesome to cancel the Kardashian shows!!!!Pleaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssse!:)

  • Sandy

    How long before Kate and her 8 end up in a homeless shelter just so Kate can blame Jon and TLC for her failures.

  • Ginger


  • Mary

    The show is getting redundant. Her monologues are so boring. Plus, I hope she finds peace and happiness within herself. She is a very unhappy woman. I also hope the kids will adjust well to normal life (so bored without all exotic trips no more).

  • Just somepoints

    What happenedto allof her minions?

    Good the show is over so that these kids can live a life now not on camera,esp,asthey grow out of their cuteness and into their duckiling stage of pre-teens for the twins.

  • alessandra


  • Marisa

    HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLEEEELUUUJAAAH! We’re all rejoicing but now, but I can guarantee that Kate will find another way to squeeze herself into the spotlight. Let’s just see if she really stays out of the limelight without her show.


    She is one bitter chicly-poo who needs to think about being good, kind and happy. She turned her kids into her career and forgot she was really a mom, not an actress. She has cold eyes and bitter lips. I am hoping she just quietly disappears. She chose all of those kids, now I hope she has fun at it.

  • anon2

    I have to write again. The reason this show was popular at first was the fact the show was about two parents, one working as a nurse and other in IT, who were raising their “unexectedly” large family which consisted of adorable twins and sextuplets. We watched the parents juggle jobs and raise a large amount of young children – how they organized things, relied on family and friends, found alone time for one another, how the kids were developing, etc. The parents were very relatable and the kids could not be cuter so….ratings gold. Then, both parents suddently were not working anymore, the mom was getting free plastic surgery, freebies galore for parents and kids, the parents fought, divorced, the kids were split up betwen the parents, the kids were having problems in school, the mom was getting makeovers, the dad was dating college women, and the parents were in tablid news every day. Yet, the show still went on, no one knew why. Now it is over and we ALL know why.

  • Annie

    Good. Riddance. Can’t stand this obnoxious freeloader.