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Brad Pitt Producing 'Twelve Years a Slave'

Brad Pitt Producing 'Twelve Years a Slave'

Brad Pitt and his production company, Plan B, are set to produce a big screen adaptation of Twelve Years a Slave, an autobiography written in 1853 by Solomon Northup.

The drama will be directed by Steve McQueen (Hunger), while Chiwetel Ejiofor, who has appeared in Salt, is attached to star, THR reports.

Solomon was a married, educated, and free man living in New York who moved to Washington, D.C. under the guise of receiving a job offer…until he was kidnapped and put into a slave pen. He was eventually freed thanks to the help of a Canadian carpenter who didn’t believe in slavery.

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77 Responses to “Brad Pitt Producing 'Twelve Years a Slave'”

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  1. 1
    Raine Says:

    Interesting curious to see his transition from actor to producer hope it turns out well

  2. 2
    mil Says:

    read more about Brad ♥ –

  3. 3
    jaye Says:

    You Go Brad! For all those who have Production Companies in name only; this is what a REAL Producer does. This isn’t Pitt’s Company’s first rodeo as Producer.

  4. 4
    first and last post Says:

    from last thread for lylian, skip please.
    127 first and last post @ 08/16/2011 at 3:38 pm
    re: #5 lylian @ 08/16/2011 at 6:42 am
    “Hubby and I went up to Edinborough on the overnight train once. We slept on bunks.”
    Hi lylian,
    I agree, not only will kids love it but adults love trains. I also enjoy the atmosphere of train stations especially in countries where the tradition of trains are very old and the main form of transportation over cars or buses is still primarily by rail. The best train bunk ride I’ve taken was a local commute train from Athens to Sarajevo. I had the top bunk in a four bunk arrangement…I could look down from my top bunk and experience the gustoes of family travel, Greek style…mother, father and two children, two chickens and a rooster LOL!!! I loved it…one just had to avoid using the bathrooms or even get within two feet of the door to avoid puddles of liquid would seeping out LOL.

  5. 5
    Brad Pitt holding a whip Says:

  6. 6
    bizzy bee Says:

    i know who azz is going to be wipe your.

  7. 7
    Slig o lambert ^_^cute Says:


  8. 8
    Alissa Says:

    Well, Brad should know all about it because, after all, Jolie has owned him for about 7 years.




  9. 9
    Slig o lambert ^_^cute Says:

    He so boring

  10. 10
    Reporting Says:

    The wedding buzz may swirl around the couple, but they’ve been leading separate lives in London as Brad films his zombie thriller, World War Z.

    When he’s not filming, sources say he spends off-hours with pals, in particular a mysterious young assistant who we’ve reported on before.

    “Angelina is seething!” the insider says. “When she rearranged her schedule and flew to London to be with Brad, she imagined they’d be having romantic dinners and hanging out together on the set, and he’s basically blowing her off.”

    In Angie’s view, Brad is basically a bad boyfriend.

    “They had plans; then he’s left her hanging at the last minute,” the source says of the pair. “For instance, they were supposed to go to this French restaurant.”

    “Angie got all dressed up. Then he called and canceled.”

  11. 11
    the pinster Says:

    pathetic haters, how miserable your lives must be.

  12. 12
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Why am I not surprised that the haters are the 1st to post. They are a bunch of hypocrites. JP own your @ss.

  13. 13
    Lara Says:

    It’s all go for Brad and Plan B, well done. He sure has been much more productive in all areas of his life since he met Angie.

  14. 14
    a fan Says:

    Brad is amazing.

  15. 15
    Blind Item time Says:

    This A list always movie actress says that she is crazy about her boyfriend. Loves him thinks he is the greatest. Her accolades are endless. Too bad they are not true. I think he might be surprised to know who she has been seeing other than him. More than one person. So, read all those articles and interviews with a wary eye

  16. 16
    Passing Through Says:

    # 115 from JJB @ 08/16/2011 at 2:57 pm
    Brad Pitt to Produce Drama ‘Twelve Years a Slave’ With Steve McQueen Directing
    I guess this’ll bring Spike Lee out of the woodwork screaming and yelling about why didn’t Brad ask him to direct…Just kiddin’ with ya, Spike! …not really…

  17. 17
    Tina Says:

    Brad’s Plan B has produced fantastic films and will produce more great projects in the future.

  18. 18
    bdj Says:

    Which B-C list ex sitcom star who still thinks she is A list is paying for a boytoy for the Tabloids(100th baby cover) and her upcoming rom com bust. Boytoy, in his skinny jeans and junior size biker boots, has had it up to his tiny ears with all the whining and staking of a famous couple and threatening to pull the plug on the fake romance.

  19. 19
    bdj Says:

    oops stalking as in a crazed bunny boiler with rabid hens. You guess, I guess.

  20. 20
    leni Says:

    Trolls live in their own alternate universe where the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. Poor things.

  21. 21
    Passing Through Says:

    # 11 Reporting @ 08/16/2011 at 3:54 pm
    Pfffft. That tab lie is soooooooooo last week. Dudette…if you simply must wet yourself repeating tabloid stories…could you at least make it THIS WEEK’S lies? I could use a good chuckle today…

  22. 22
    a Lurker Says:

    Hope Glasgow weather not cause problems to WWZ filming.

  23. 23
    just twelve years Says:

    Great project. Terrible titled. Change the title.

  24. 24
    sourpatch575 Says:


  25. 25
    WBPfan Says:

    Passing Through #17, I know you were just joking about Spike getting upset about not directing this movie but Steve McQueen is a brilliant British director who is black so Spike can’t pull the race card like he has with Clint Eastwood and Steven Speilburg in the past.
    McQueen and Brad met during the BAFTAS when McQueen’ won most promising filmaker for Hunger and Brad was nominated for Benjamin and Burn After Reading acting awards.

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