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Lady Gaga: 'You & I' Video Premiere

Lady Gaga: 'You & I' Video Premiere

Check out the video for Lady Gaga‘s latest single, “You & I”!

The new track is the fourth single off Gaga‘s album Born This Way.

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The single art featured Gaga in drag.

“You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don’t love yourself,” the 25-year-old pop star wrote on her Twitter account.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lady Gaga’s video for “You & I”?

Lady Gaga – You & I
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  • CK

    don’t know if its just me but the song seems to have some bits of country sound or smth…or even smth Kid rock could sing…hehe, i know weird but thats the association i got, anyway i don’t like the song at all, not even smth i could tolerate…and the video that sometimes looks like an attempt of a new take on Frankenstein is totally off, it doesn’t fit the song at all, even editing doesn’t help…esp the dance parts, its like totally some out-of-place video pieces taken out of some 90′s tacky rock or dance videos….but, well, its just my opinion.

  • nena

    Wooooww Taylor Kinney is soooo damn HOT!
    Love his tattoo…Sexy

  • Tony

    All her fans are so stupid ,She can buy their love with her stupid videos all she have to do to strip down and they will drop to their knees

  • Lady Copycat

    Lady Copycat copies everyone.

    This is a fact that most non-ignorant people over the age of 18 already know.

    Why are the Lady Caca fans crying over this fact? It’s the truth.

    The poor monsters can stay upset at the reality.

  • Olga

    she’s so boring

  • Lady Gimmick

    Lady Gimmick Clown is a huge boring pianist and horrifically average singer without her wigs.

    This is why she makes me yawn, while the monsters scream and cry in amazement. They are so easily impressed. Poor dumb@sses lol.

  • Lady I sabotage epic singers

    Lady I-used-CHRISTINA-AGUILERA’S-NAME-IN-PAID-ADVERTISEMENTS-online-because-me-and-my-first-cd-were-ignored-and-flopping-for-almost-a-whole-year will never have my respect.

    Lady TANYA-HARDING is an insane, crazy, b@stard, fame-wh*re, delusional, hypocrite, liar that sings like a man that can’t riff nicely, that writes to stupidest of lyrics worldwide and steals beats from Madonna for her repetitive, lame, terrible music. Her piano is boring.

    That’s just how it is.

  • GBSmith

    Excuse me, I have to go vomit.

  • Adla

    I love this song!♥

  • groovacious

    she’s become boring…

  • Lisa

    I love this song but felt like there was too much to absorb in the video – sometimes less is more…

  • OhGaGa

    I think she’s running into the same issue Madonna did at one point in her career. How do you out-shock the queen of shock? Is this album selling? I personally do not enjoy most of the songs on this one. I think she should take a break from trying to shock America and focus instead on the music.

  • Loop

    Lady GAGA is an amazing epic vocalist, She shines head and shoulders above the rest of the poptarts in the game!
    Gaga is the VOICE of a NEW generation!
    She keeps gettin better!

  • Stacy

    This songs blows and was the one that I thought was the worst on the album. So just because Taylor Swift is huge, you have to try and copy her too? I mean, that’s the only reason I think Lady Gaga could’ve possibly made a pseudo-country song like this. It sounds like complete crap. And the video has wayyyy way too many ideas, and would fit much better with an up-tempo song. Maybe if the whole video was shot out in the field with the male and female Gagas and piano, it might’ve worked with the song. No matter what though, nothing could make this song good. Sucks.

  • :) :( :0 :* 8) B0

    EWWWWWWWWWW i hate her soo much she is awful :P

  • :) :( :0 :* 8) B0

    EWWWWWWWWWW i hate her soo much she is awful :P

  • :) :( :0 :* 8) B0

    EWWWWWWWWWW i hate her soo much she is awful :P

  • :) :( :0 :* 8) B0


    no she isnt

  • :) :( :0 :* 8) B0


    no she isnt

  • :) :( :0 :* 8) B0


    no she isnt

  • Danie


  • ha ha

    she’s looks gross as sh/t

  • Rita

    The song is nice, as well as her voice. Does she really need all this?? So confusing…

  • #1littlemonster

    How FIERCE! love it so much, love the first outfit, she’s outrageous! <3 xxx

  • lafamepoma

    First of all I loved this video and the song I know for a long time.

  • km

    im indifferent about gaga but everyones free to feel what they what…

    thumbing down every comment supporting her and giving thumbs up to every overstated negative comment is unnecessary.

    its a shame people cant just be decent to one another (at least while were stuck on the same planet)

  • lady caca


  • http://itzaoffcial Blue

    Im a fan of GaGa, but comon, she could do better. This is just plain crap, we all know her talent.

  • Lady Mister

    Lady Gregory is following in Christina Aguilera’s footsteps (but she would NEVER admit to this, of course). Lady Patrick wants to do everything, LIKE WHAT CHRISTINA’S BEEN DOING for the past decade. Pop, dance… and JAZZ + SOUL IS NEXT. Just watch.

    Lady Larry remains “inspired” by Aguilera. (She is simply a poor man’s version of Aguilera, however)

    Christina already did it all. And excellently. Take a listen at her ENTIRE discography and listen for yourself.

  • nad

    Booooriiiinggg! couldnt even finish it!

  • lafamepoma

    First of all I loved this video and the song I know for a long time.
    There are two thing related with Walt Disney:
    When she’s a mermaid, reprsenting “The little mermaid” and when she’s running creepy, representing ” Pocahontas”
    Jo Calderone is quite hot…. and the actor who plays her boyfriend as well.
    Since she’s been on the entertainment, all her videos were futuristic, this one is more realistic, with nature.

  • Jesse C

    ok why is cosplaying miku hatsune a mermiad wtf

  • Victoria s.

    i miss the old disco stick lady gaga not this meat dress wearing creepy one

  • Victoria s.

    i miss the old disco stick lady gaga not this meat dress wearing creepy one


    Video was lame

  • fleri


    Yeah she did. I just dont care for her anymore. Your only as good as your last album and this IMO is a flop..i mean which other artist in HISTORY has sold their album for 99CENTS ?!!!! just get to get album sales?!!!!

  • katherine

    scary, but other then that i love the song and the part when the song starts xD

  • Foreverbeyonce

    @Floptina: Your only as good as your last album..lets be honest BTW is no Fame Monster… FLOPGA

  • Foaullin23



  • Nelly EmoGirl Sweetie

    Video You And I by Lady GaGa is pretty cool:)


    If all you are going to do is criticize her and the video, don’t watch it. It is as simple as that.

  • Smashinbeauty
  • Horrible!

    I absolutely loved GAGA when she did her first album but THIS one? No thanks! I am sorry GAGA but you have lost a HUGE fan of yours!

  • Smashinbeauty
  • Barbyohlala

    @iamamiwhoami: agree they do that with Ysan Roche and other artists too.

  • Barbyohlala

    @Lady Man Mister Mr. Monsieur: @Lady Man Mister Mr. Monsieur: get back to me…i know someone who has the same very bad experience. You could get together

  • Sandra Cannon

    As long as I dont have to look at her, I really like the sound and beat. She definately has a good voice but I also agree that she is just a copy of older outrageous artists who made it big being extremely strange. It’s working for her too somehow. IF the video was not so completely disjointed, I might have enjoyed that too but she takes strange to new levels and it’s the attention ho copy-cat attitude I dislike the most.

  • Gilberta

    All her fans are so stupid, She can buy their love with her stupid videos all she have to do to strip down and they will drop to their knees