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LeAnn Rimes: 'Lifting Lives' Concert in Chicago!

LeAnn Rimes: 'Lifting Lives' Concert in Chicago!

LeAnn Rimes takes the stage during the Lifting Lives at Joe’s Bar concert on Monday (August 15) in Chicago, Ill.

The 28-year-old singer, who headlined the show, sang to a packed crowd, which included her proud husband Eddie Cibrian who filmed the show for his wife!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“Might be planning on totally rocking Chicago tonight! :)” LeAnn tweeted before the concert.

After the concert, LeAnn received tons of fan praise on her Twitter for her excellent vocals!

“Chicago…… you!” she wrote in thanks.

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Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski; Photos: INF Events
Posted to: Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes

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  • kel

    Yeah, that’s about right, singing at local bars and fast food joints.

  • elaine

    tons of praise on her twitter is 3 comments. JJ check those facts. can’t wait for the huge vein running down her forehead to pop. now, that would be newsworthy

  • JL

    Eddie must be smashed having to be with her every second, that’s hell.

  • cara

    She is playing a BAR now?!! A bar??!! Too funny, yet with her GIANT ego, she’ll make it seem like she was playing for Buckingham Palace!!

    Her face, so awful and painful to look at with those small beady eyes and harsh manly angles. I can’t imagine waking up to that every day, let alone filming it, Eddie must be loving the money and lifestyle she provides him to do it.

  • Suzy Drum

    Cool cool. Eddie is a proud man right now. Look at his glow and beaming over his wife’s talent.

  • Heaven Bait

    It was a charity concert we’ Crystal Bowersox and it was capacity. The cast from EC’s Playboy Club were there too.

  • anonymous

    Playing in a bar now haha, hey LeAnne, there is a parking lot in my neighborhood looking for entertainment for our street party. I hear you are available hahaha.

  • anonymous

    Of course it was a CHARITY event, the charity is Lee-Anne’s stagnant singing career that needs all the help it can get.

  • Brandi says haters “SHUT UP”

    Advice from Brandi yesterday told everyone if they had nothing nice to say say NOTHING!

    Good advice . Right TROLL?!!!

  • Annie Bowl aka Rita

    She rocked it according to all the reviews. Fine wine

  • 001gia

    Chicago loves Eddie Cibs and Mrs. Cibs Wooooooohhooooooooooooo

  • frankly speaking

    One of America’s best vocal talents right now

  • the Greek God

    Eddie’s gorge, LeAnne has the sunshine and fun nature. Cute pair.

  • blair

    The bigger draw was Crystal Bowersox.T

  • Kitten jada

    Why the jealous hatred? Is that you Brandi?????
    Leann is 10 years younger and Eddie wanted relief from a problem housewife it does seem

  • !

    Wow, wewe’s paid trolls are here.

  • that’s my dog’s name

    Hey Blair is my little dog’s name
    Luv, abc

    Jealousy is oozing here. I agree it has to be BG. Cmon now it been 3 years that Eddie has loved Leann. Let em be

  • Is that you Brandi?

    Constant badgering of Leann’s spot in the limelight is eating the ex up.

    Anyway, the review I read had nothing but great things to say about the benefit concer With Leann & Bowersox

  • alexa PoO

    Anyone know if the Nigel Dick video made from the concert last nite will be available for purchase?

  • alexa PoO

    Guess Jared won’t let you say that word but it’s the guys surname.

    Nigel Di ck

    Team EC & LR

  • Hope4U

    Trailer park trash trolls are here to defend horseface leann..had one of my posts deleted..she must have increased their payments..they are ruthless today..he Leann supporter trolls you are sick and lowlife as she is.

  • Leannefan#

    You sure did “just might rock Chicago tonight” says Leanne

    Rockin’ good time. You made me high on sound last night. Lov ya babe

  • samantha the magnificent

    Thanks Just Jared for following Le and fans on her twitter. It shows how much support she caries and how loved she really is and what a positive force she is in a negative world. Gotta love her and WE DO!!!!!!

  • don’t worry be happy

    Ditto on the THX Jared!

  • Hope4U

    Wow seems like the same idiot is posting under different names..I guess that is what one would call mulitple personality disorder..Leann’s fans are pretty sick and be expected when you support a homewrecking loser like that horseface.

  • Kimmy

    I saw this on her twitter page. Someone put up the link to this gossip site. Yip! Are there any live clips from the show circulating yet? Anyone know where?

  • Shay

    Eddie must have his parents on here so he can get a bigger allowance.

  • abc=AnnieBowlCalgary

    Good morning fellow Leann fans…BBL

  • 8scowlies

    Love the outfit Le, not too risque but perfect for the setting. Where next?

  • Lee

    #29 Burger King, of course.

  • Cman

    Joe’s bar must hold about 200 people so yeah, it was packed with Bowersox fans and LeAnn is riding her coat tails. As for this thread, obviously its another LeAnn post. I do give credit to Eddie for flying his parents to Chicago to look after the children. Obviously, even Eddie doesn’t trust LeAnn to keep them safe.

  • Guest

    Hows Give doing on the charts again? didnt her CMT movie get delayed? yup some career shes got

  • Guest

    The Country fair

  • What Limelight

    @Is that you Brandi?:

    bwhahah what limellight.the only thing LR is now known for is her stalking and homewrcking, she doeant even talk about music but tweets nonstop about eddie and brandi’s kids..too bad most of the public cant stand her..dont believe me? how come her album has been delayed for years, singles have tanked AND her movie is being fans get over yourselves, your idol is nothing more than a tabloid star

  • Lorraine

    Eat something! She has lost so much weight and is too skinny now. Why did she do it? She was perfect before. Please put 10 pounds back on. She looks wasted. She should have a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. EAT SOMETHING!

  • Someone who knows

    Beautiful girls all around the world ain’t got nothin on you babe-ain’t got nothin on you babe

  • Gosh Darn

    Dang! Lookin good Cibrian family

  • Just somepoints


    and don’t forget atourdate at some malls.

    LeAnnRimes,playing at a bar.

  • Bell

    I hate to say it, but I am starting to like them together.
    They look really happy. Wish she would quit tweeting so much though.

  • elaine

    Just wondering the capacity of Joes Bar N Grill for her PACKED show .20, 40 maybe ?she is such a leech . would have been FANTASTIC if they could have flashed the pictures of her digging in her nose for boogies behind her while she sang.

  • gwen

    LeAnn Rimes: Uses the ‘Lifting Lives’ Concert in Chicago to promote her relationship wtih EC just like she used the tornado victims to promote her relationship with EC (just as many of us predicted she would do)!

    1) “The 28-year-old singer, who headlined the show, sang to a packed crowd, ”

    Packed crowd? Is that sorta like how all these threads are “packed” with fans even though we all know it’s just one person using 10-15 different names?

    2) “which included her proud husband Eddie Cibrian who filmed the show for his wife!”

    Strange, if this was a charity even how come all of LR mouthpieces are focusing on EC and LR relationship rather than the real issue at hand?

    So that is what this is all about? This was just another attempt to convince people that EC is lovE with WEWE and isn’t cheating on her because according to WEWE mouthpieces EC was “proud”?

    That look on EC face says otherwise. He looks like he saw something that he didn’t like.

    3) “Might be planning on totally rocking Chicago tonight! :)”

    TRANSLATION: Using a charity event to promote her relationship with EC.

    4) “After the concert, LeAnn received tons of fan praise on her Twitter for her excellent vocals1″


    Is that a joke? Everyone knows by now that those “fans” are not REAL fans. It’s probably just 1-3 people who use 10-15 different accounts.

    Look at the first page of this thread. Just like the previous thread, someone is posting positive comments in favor of WEWW using several different names. That would not be necessary if WEWE had a packed crowd or received tons of support from her fans.

  • gwen

    Wow, now where did all of these WEWE supporters come from? That is right, just ONE person posting under several diffferent names to make it look like WEWE has support. Based on the fact that GINGER has used ovee 10 different names on the first page alone, it’s safe to say that his concert didn’t go as well as JUST JARED would have us believe.

    1) @don’t worry be happy, samantha the magnificent

    Wow, another Thx post? Now why does this sound so familiar? Because you make a lot of those posts when you are posting as KAYLYN?Why are you thanking JUST JARED, they are just doing what WEWE pays them to.

    What “fans” on twitter? If WEWE had the support , was a positive force, or was loved then you wouldn’t have shown up here with all these different names. All that came out of this staged photo-op is that once again WEWE used charity to promote her relationship with EC. How strange that this article isn’t about Lifting Lives, but about how EC was proud and WEWE so called fanbase. It’s people like WEWE who make this world a negative place. How come WEWE can’t do charity without making it about her?

    Who is we? DB and LR?

    2) @ Leannefan#, alexa PoO, the Greek God, # 12 frankly speaking, 001gia

    So what we can conclude is that WEWE isn’t getting positive feedback from the concert and LeannInc has to commensate for it by coming here and praisng WEWE.Of course you are team EC and WEWE, seeing as how you are still posting under all these different names, it’s safe to say that no one else is.

    So why are you using all these different names if WEWE and EC are so loved?

    3) @Is that you Brandi?, Kitten jada

    This is how we know that LR and her mouthpieces are not being honest because LeannInc is trying to deflect by trashing BG.

    LeannInc think that they can redeem WEWE by Constantly badgering
    BG. The fact that BG has a spot in the limelight is eating WEWE up.
    What review? Everyone knows that WEWE pays the media to write nice things about her.We know that the review is a lie because YOU showed up in this thread with over 10 different names on the first page alone.

    Why all the jealous hatred from WEWE?

    4) @that’s my dog’s name

    So if all went well with WEWE concert, why are you stalking other posters?

    Of course you think that all the backlash against WEWE is caused by BG. So then by your logic how do you explain what is happening on ITUNES with WEWE single? Is BG also responsible for WEWE single not charting in the top 20s on Itunes? We know that Jealousy is oozing from WEWE. BG is getting attention and the media is crowning Kim K wedding as the Royal Wedding 2.0. Cmon now it been 3 years that Eddie has loved Leann MONEY. WEWE should just let EC and her money be.

    6) @# Annie Bowl aka Rita

    No she didn’t. If WEWE rocked it, then why are you STILL posting under all these different names.

    So WEWE is being dishonest to her fans and reporting false numbers.

    7) @Heaven Bait

    Well someone is lying because if the concert went as well as you and JJ are claiming, why then are you using all these different names?

    Of course the cast was at the show, WEWE friend is the producer, he probably made it manditory for the others to attend WEWE show.

    8) @ Suzy Drum

    This is a charity event, why is the article about how proud EC was? Because WEWE used this charity event to promote her relationship with EC?

    So it looks like LR is lying about her concert and may even be reporting false numbers. You can always tell just how bad things are for WEWE by how many different names GINGER has used to do damage control.

  • gwen

    Well one thing is for sure, WEWE concert DID NOT go as well as WEWE and her mouthpieces are reporting. Why would they like that? The fact that GINGER is here using over 10 different names says it all. She did the very same thing WEWE album had to be postponed.

    1) @ Bell

    Hi KAYLYN. You wrote this very same post on E News as KAYLYN. What a shame that things are so bad for WEWE that you have to pose as several different fans.

    Wow, and here you go again, trying to convince us that looking happy means that a couple is happy. EC also looked happy with BG, yet you have written several posts telling us that he wanted out of his marriage.

    EC sells out his own kids, so why would anyone believe that he loves WEWE?

    2) @ Gosh Darn

    So you are still going to keep making posts in Gosh Darn name? So why are using Gosh Darn name to make posts in favor of WEWE and EC?

    3) @Someone who knows, 8scowlies

    Here you go again, since WEWE didn’t get positive feedback you think that you can fix it by writing even more nice comments under several different names?

    4) @ abc=AnnieBowlCalgary

    Odd, so you are STILL making good on that threat you made in the other thread?

    5) Seriously, so JUST JARED said that WEWE go praise from a ton of fans but if what was posted on this thread is an indication of WEWE twitter site, then we know that those posts on WEWE twitter site weren’t made by REAL Fans.

  • gwen

    Because WEWE and EC are so TACKY that once again they use yet another charity event to bombard the media and internet with stories about their LOVErelationship. This would have been more believable had JJ, Dailymail, and Radaronline not made it a point to mention that EC isn’t cheating on WEWE because he “proudly” stands in the crowd and videotapes WEWE. For all we know, EC is videotaping another woman, but that’s the fairytale that WEWE is trying to create.

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Love the Cameras — Are They the New Heidi and Spencer?

    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places. Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?


  • Speak Now


    You know what’s twisted? People like gwen dedicating their lives to hate. MOVE ON. Leann has, too bad you lot can’t!

  • Kaylyn

    Whatcho talkin bout GweenieB? I post as kaylyn-I went to this site knowing you were burning the comments as usual. Now get off that hamster wheel and give your poor poor mind a rest! LeAnn is doing fine-so is Eddie. It is so silly that you worry over them so much…….

  • Veronica

    LOL! Yup….I bet it is the same person posting uder different names…..I have NEVER seen so much love for Leann on Just Jared!! He/she must have gotten a raise!!!!

  • Veronica


  • gwen

    @Speak Now:

    Hey GINGER (aka CBME/RACY/KAYLYN/Katie/CO/merc/gungho, irena)

    Interesting. So your response is to show up with TWO more different names? What exactly does that do for WEWE? What I just learned is that WEWE and her mouthpieces report false information to her fans. There would be no need for you to keep posting under all these different names if WEWE concert had gone as well as WEWE and her mouhthpieces are saying.

    1) “You know what’s twisted? People like SPEAK NOW and WEWE dedicating their lives to hate. MOVE ON, SPEAK NOW. Leann hasn’t moved on, it’s why GINGER has to come to JJ and post under all these different names, stalk BG and the BBs using several different twitter accounts, makes posts in our names, and of course compensate for WEWE low fanbase by using different names , too bad SPEAK NOW can’t!

    So how many different names will GINGER use? Did you see all the different names she is using on CB?

    2) @ Kaylyn

    You post only as KAYLYN? That is a lie. Remember the hamster in a ball posts you make? Didn’t you make a ton of those posts on E news in my name and when you use to go by the name of merc? Since you have made posts in my name, we know that you are posting under several different names. We know that merc was posting as michela/irena/ellen/gungho because of the “BG cheated with EC when he was engaged to JM” posts you were making. Seriously, think before you post. You are your own worst enemy.

    Remember when you first showed up as KAYLYN? You stated that I had been stalking you, and as I pointed out, I had NEVER responded to a KAYLYN, just to CBME/RACY/micheala/merc.

    Are you rewriting history about when you showed up on this site posting as KAYLYN? Let’s recap. CBME stated that she was going to Vegas. Since you couldn’t post on this site as CBME, you started using KAYLN as your back up plan.

    Thanks for mentioning the hamster wheel, just like you posted when you were posting as merc on E NEWS. So what can we conclude that KAYLYN=merc=micheal=cbme/racy.

    When will WEWE get off of her hamster wheel that is her iphon and give her poor poor fingers a rest!

    If WEWE was doing fine, you wouldn’t have came back to this site with TWO more different names.

    It is so silly that GINGER worries over us so much if according to her words, WEWE is doing fine…….

    Messing with the votes, won’t SAVE WEWE.

  • Hope4U

    @Speak Now:

    Of course the horseface has to move on…wouldn’t it be ashamed for her to stop for one moment and realize what a homewrecking piece of garabage she truly is? She has never shown regret for doing he part unless it was staged interview..based on her actions since she hooked up with the loser Eddie, she clearly has no move on for her is to continue thinking she did nothing wrong..she is loser of the first orded and a disgusting embarrassment to woman who don’t cheat and who have integrity.