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Gerard Butler: 'Coriolanus' Poster

Gerard Butler: 'Coriolanus' Poster

Check out the just released poster for Gerard Butler‘s upcoming film Coriolanus.

Here is the synopsis (via THR): The film follows Caius Martius “Coriolanus” (Ralph Fiennes), a powerful Roman general, who is at odds with the city of Rome. When he seems the esteemed position of Consul, he lacks the votes and love of the public needed to win the title. His anger at the public’s dislike of him causes a riot that leads to his expulsion from Rome. Coriolanus is forced to turn to his sworn enemy, Tullus Aufidius (Butler), for the help he needs to take revenge on the city.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Coriolanus, which also stars Jessica Chastain, Vanessa Redgrave, and Brian Cox.

Bigger poster pic inside…

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gerard butler coriolanus poster

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  • Swansong

    I will watch this for everyone else but Gerry. I just hope he doesn’t ruin it.


  • poster

    The trailer looks good, but I’m not digging this poster.

  • Drive Bye

    I’m not sure if that’s the most enticing poster. It certainly conveys that these two men will confront each other. What I am impressed with is that Oscar Winner Fiennes has put Butler on the Poster as a shared billing. Very generous that.

  • Sharp

    I actually really like this one. It’s stark and bold at the same time. Very dramatic.

  • kiki

    it looks similar to the deathly hallows poster with him and daniel randcliffe.

  • Mellifera

    Waaaaah can we stop with the “3 new Gerry threads a day”?? I can’t keep up!
    Meanwhile, I am REALLY looking forward to this movie…

  • The Noise In The Walls

    @Sharp..I have to agree…#4..
    From an artistic view..Yes…I like that it’s bold and stark…:)

  • Orchid

    My list of “must-see movies” gets longer. I’ve liked Ralph Fiennes since Schindler’s List.

  • Winter Haven: a novel

    Ever notice how they always cast British actors to play Romans and Ancient Greeks, but never any actual Italians or Greeks?

  • too bad……

    …… one will see it except his fans

  • too bad……

    …… one will see it except his fans

  • too bad……

    …… one will see it except his fans

  • jamie

    voldemort vs gerard butler

  • Canera

    Poster is good, trailer is great can not wait to see it

  • dumb gerard

    gerard looks like he’s going to snog ralph
    which i am sure he’d (gerard) love

  • Paisley

    this movie will stink and sink like the other crocks of whole raw sh*t this fool is in this coming movie season.
    F-Lister = Gerard Butler

  • Fornicate with Models Only GB!

    @Winter Haven: a novel:
    ITALIANS AND GREEKS ARE 400% HOTTER than any English man or woman could ever be on their best day.
    English/Irish/Scottish people are generally very UGLY/basic-looking.
    I mean we are talking about people who think Pippy and Kate Middleton (2 manfaces with no a&&) are attractive.
    I have Greek and Armenian background. I have very exotic looks. I lucked out in that department.

  • Stinky P.U.

    He is holding in a farting in that picture haha

  • ??

    As opposed to ‘cooked sh*t?’ I presume?

  • Paisley

    Gerry will ruin it. I’ll be watching for Ralph: someone who can actually ACT.

  • Passing Through

    Hmm…reading the posts…I thought this guy had a lot of fans? Guess not.

  • CJ

    @ Winter Haven : The Novel…its the accent that the british have that win them these types of roles…but I agree..its a Greek story..the Greeks should be used…its like the old westerns from years ago….the English, Scottish, Italians and the Irish settled the old west but the roles mostly went to american speaking actors so that their speech patterns could be understood by everyone..I’m quite sure that the people that immigrated to American did not all start talking in a american accent as soon as they hit the shores of America..

  • postwatcher

    Who was the idiot that cast Gerry. He is going to spit and spittle his way thru the dialogue and ruin the movie.

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    I like this poster too! It has gotten my attention.You can tell that their is some tension between them.

  • juliet of the spirits

    Fiennes may have thought it was good marketing for the story or he was given a push by the producers/distributors.

    Gerry will pull in the general audience that Ralph can’t for this type of movie. That is why he is on the poster and gets that kind of billing. Others in the cast are just as central to the story, but their names above the title do not bring in the $$$ Gerry potentially can.

    Some younger male fans will look at that and say, oh good, action movie. I might see that!

    Having said that, hopefully G will make the most of his part in this. He certainly looks good in all the photo releases .

  • Passing Through

    Its sexual tension. And yep Gerard will spit and spittle and chew his way through the entire script disgusting everyone.

  • gossiphound

    @postwatcher: Oh silly teenaged boy wanking off at his computer screen or is that the bitter Lainey, Coriolanus has already been revealed to the world and the reviews of GB’s performance were all good.

  • sockpuppet

    @gossiphound: @gossiphound:

    lots of strange posts the last two times. Read like young boys or teens posting? Maybe even coupl people who are using different names?

    Tweet on WO says Gerard up in Santa Cruz, not gone East.

  • Mellifera

    I think Gerry is on the poster because his character in the movie is integral to the story, not for any other reason. But its true that the movie will attract a wider audience with Gerry in it. And thats a good thing.
    Can’t wait to see Vanessa Redgrave’s and Brian Cox’s performances too, and I see James Nesbitt is in it too – he’s not my favourite actor but I’ll admit he usually plays his characters well.

  • Captain Obvious

    Oh shut up. Lainey has nothing to do with spittle. she doesnt like him duh.
    Gerard spits all over everything. he should wear a bib.

  • http://deleted Brooke.

    Yes he is in Santa Cruz, he’s there for a wedding.2 weddings in as many months – who’ll be next?.

  • MGN

    @Drive Bye Ralph Fiennes is a 2-time Oscar nominee but he has never won. Perhaps this film can change that…

  • LOL

    Busted again you dolt. Tony Curran isn’t getting married in Santa Cruz afterall. One of the ladies at WO made a mistake.

  • Enough Already

    I believe Mavericks is being filmed in Santa Cruz. He’s probably up there starting to work or perhaps looking for a place to stay. Here’s a tweet from this morning. The woman lives in Santa Cruz—-
    mamatazz0 kimberlee hull
    My daughter met Gerald Butler today making a movie in our coastal town he was very nice and very down to earth nice to see glad to know.

  • http://deleted Brooke.

    Get your own moniker you loser.
    @Enough Already
    He’s there for auditions and film stuff.

  • PsychoB

    Nice try Brooke, but you really should re-enter your info since you deleted your twitter its a give away that it was you in the post above. It sucks being caught.

  • Paisley

    @Paisley: Hello, whoever you are. I have no idea why you decided to cop my user name, but anyone who “knows” me here ALSO knows that this post is most decidedly NOT me. All of my posts are either supportive, congratulatory or concerned, whether I’m commenting on Mr. Butler or directing a comment to another poster. Have a nice day.

  • Paisley

    Having addressed the somewhat onerous issue of someone posting under the same name as me, I will go on record as saying that both the trailer and the poster for Coriolanus look INTENSE. Ralph Fiennes knew what he was doing casting Gerry opposite him. He knew that he needed to cast someone with an intensity equal to his own in the role of Tullus Aufidius otherwise one would overpower the other and there wouldn’t BE a story.
    Peace, everybody!

  • Appilonia G. MontiNegro

    I Love this Poster! Just Love It! This poster was done wonderfully… The face off desine is very, very smart! Ray and Gerry are going to be great in this. I saw the trailer, Wow. Gerry, Ray, Redgrave, just powerful! Of course, lol, I love to watch Gerry work, but I also have watched Ray, he is an Oscar Winner, an a guy that knows and chooses his scripts very well. Redgrave, is there egual! She is wonderful and was a shoe in for this film. All three of them are going to capitvate the house. This was a wonderful move and a great chance for Gerry to work with Ray and Ray to see the wonders of that Gerry Punch he puts in the film when Gerry works. I think this is another WINNER! SHOUT OUT to them all EXSPECIALLY Gerry! He is a delight to watch. Appilonia G. MontiNegro

  • gossiphound

    Gerry’s friend Tony Curran is getting married in California on Friday night, whether Gerry is attending who knows, according to the Daily Record, but looks like Gerry is doing film prep for Mavericks. Maybe spending some time with Frosty not Sam, LOL.

    The Daily Record says Gerard is invited at least and the wedding is to be held at “California’s plush Terranea resort” which is in Palos Verdes peninsula.
    Curran has apparently also invited Sir Sean too, does Sean live in California?

  • soozy coo

    @swansong and paisley

    You’re gonna watch the film but “not for Gerry, hope he doesn’t ruin it”…Who are you trying to kid eh??? you can’t wait to see him in it, you’re just being irksome cos you’re jealous of Gerry’s huge, I mean HUGE fan base. Quit the theatrics cos its getting pretty b-o-r-i-n-g!!!

  • so gullible

    @PsychoB: Did you actually see the twitter account, because that would be very illuminating if you noticed the location?

    I think because Gerry is from Paisley a number of people use that moniker, so might be best to rethink it.

  • Paisley

    @so gullible: Hi ,so gullible. I’m not “too” concerned about people confusing other posters with me because when I post ,my name comes up blue to indicate my journal link. It just caught me by surprise! Peace!

  • Paisley

    @so gullible: WHOOPS! You weren’t even “talking” to me, were you?! Sorry about that!

  • cubedweller

    @gossiphound: Congrats to Tony and his lovely bride! Here’s hoping their wedding isn’t invaded by phannies and paps. He better put extra security and a no-fly zone on that wedding wish list.

  • http://deleted Brooke.

    @Psycho B
    @so gullible
    Don’t know what twitter account you mean.I don’t have twitter anymore,deleted it a few months ago.

  • Observing

    I adore Ralph Fiennes. But he isn’t aging well :( But will always love his work and who am I kidding, I still would.

  • Explanation


    I thought you previously said that you didn’t have any social network accounts … no twitter, no facebook, etc. at any time.

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    OMG! He’s in Santa Cruz! Isn’t that where he’ll be close to his “twin flame” and she’s waiting for him? This could mean that the one he’s reportedly wanting back in his life and has devised this elaborate plot with beach blonde lady with the big red book to get her back may now be derailed by the strong influence of the “twin flame” vibes that will be drawing him! Poor Gerry! He won’t know whether to wind his butt or scratch his new Swiss watch! LOL!

  • sockpuppet!/mamatazz0 “My daughter met Gerald Butler today making a movie in our coastal town he was very nice and very down to earth nice to see glad to know.”