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Gerard Butler: New York Yankee Fan at LAX!

Gerard Butler: New York Yankee Fan at LAX!

Gerard Butler heads into LAX Airport sporting a New York Yankees hat to catch a flight out of Los Angeles on Tuesday (August 16).

The 41-year-old Scotish actor is being sued by two former employees who used to work at a Hollywood restaurant he co-owns with That 70s Show stars Danny Masterson and Laura Prepon, among others.

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Gerard and the other owners allegedly stiffed the employees out of overtime pay, rest time, and meal breaks, according to TMZ.

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37 Responses to “Gerard Butler: New York Yankee Fan at LAX!”

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  1. 1
    JJ Says:

    These pics came out this morning on another site – with almost the same copy. Seriously JJ, put in a little effort.

  2. 2
    Swansong Says:

    Stop wasting film on this talentless idiot.


  3. 3
    Gerry Says:

    Is he running from the Po Po?


  4. 4
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    If those employees are like these here in Burbank….they are not legal. I know several here who do not have their green card and have worked at several places here and in LA. This is going to be interesting to followto see how this ends….



  5. 5
    ha ha Says:

    he should always wear a hat on his head like that

  6. 6
    Latesummer's Eve Says:

    It’s pretty obvious to me he’s heading to PA.

  7. 7
    nyob Says:

    He looks hot, in an ordinary guy sort of way (which happens to be my favorite way).

  8. 8
    Winter Haven: a novel Says:

    The boytoy is hot.

  9. 9
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @Maggie P.U.: Legality will not matter, they get the pay if they earned it. Same with workers compensation. These pay related actions are very common, no reason to be making so much hay out of it. Restaurants stiff their employees often

  10. 10
    CJ Says:

    If they were illegal aliens I doubt they would sue…would be found out by immigration…this happens a lot in the food get owners who don’t want to do right by their employees…these just happen to be famous owners..

  11. 11

    Running away from his problems I see. Loser.
    Gerard is NOT a “catch” by any means.
    Nice guy when he wants something. Otherwise. Like a big doofus.

  12. 12
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @CJ: @CJ: no one in State workers comp or in State labor actions ever contacts the INS (who are feds) . INS does not have enough people to arrest all the illegals in Southern California working in the various industries. For the most part, they have purchased social security numbers somewhere that may pass limited inspection. For some purposes, the labor board has assigned them specific limited social security numbers, so they collect disability, etc. I was often told in depositions where the social security number was purchased, and how much it cost. There was nothing I could do about it.

    I would guess half of my caseload during the 16 years I worked for the State of California were illegals. We never reported them, just too many of them to bother. INS would have laughed at us. If they had injuries, we took care of them. Many employers tried to take advantage of them, and not pay overtime, or provide breaks. This commonly came out in depositions.

    With some people who were very seriously injured, we might make arrangements for them to have a sustaining business back in the home country.

    Once in a while INS will do a bust on a garment factory, and people go flying out windows and doors. Changes in the workers compensation system, the recession, and some improved programs for employers to check the validity of identification have cut into the annual influx of illegals, but huge numbers are still here. They do very well with an underground economy as well, flea markets, etc. Amazingly resilient.

  13. 13
    Slobs Says:

    I wonder if Christina Aguilera and Adele fought over the snack table on set???

  14. 14
    Dumbo Maggie Says:

    @Maggie P.U.:
    Hi stupid. You can’t sue if you are an illegal.

  15. 15
    Water Boy Says:

    Every time I see Gerard I laugh because I heard he sucks in bed.

  16. 16
    Scaliwag Says:

    He is running to NYC to see Israeli Model lol

  17. 17
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @Dumbo Maggie: Dont show off anymore, my dear, are you about 12? Yes, indeed, people sue in Labor and Workers Comp boards all the time, as illegals. See my post above.

  18. 18
    Stinky P.U. Says:

    I don’t think anyone wants to read your novels on these boards, oldlady.

  19. 19
    Paisley Says:

    By the way…can’t wait for Gerard’s sh*tstorm of movies hits the theaters – direct to video.
    He will be solidified as a Z-Lister after this crop o’ stinkers.

  20. 20
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    #14 Dumb A$$ Maggie- My A$$ they can’t!!!!! I have been in court and seen it!!!!!! Any lawyer will tell you they are the cases a Attorney wants!!!!! Not just here in Cali., but every State is dealing with the issues….. they work in a job regardless of card or not they fall under Labor guidelines and regulations (not to mention WC, (Workmans Comp)… thus my remark I will like to see the out come of this…. because if no green card and hired that is another issue and it may continue on not leaving it at this one suit….

    Before you make your snide remarks why don’t you research first. I did and have for several years now. In the mean time have a nice day….



  21. 21
    Aqua Says:

    Their are so many G.B.threads I can’t keep up! but I’m not complaining. I like the shorter and dyed hair on him myself but I do like the Grey on him also,having more than my fair share myself

    Comment about the last G.B. thread.I never noticed the “package” myself until you all pointed that out.I couldn’t finish my lunch Thank-you very much!

    @ Manny and Maggie P.U. I know their is nothing that I can say or do to make things better but *hugs*

    Being a Yankees fan myself I’m really like the hat! The smile of his is what always gets me *swoon* BTW why is he always described as “Scottish Actor”? most people know that by now don’t they?and what do you all think of the supposed lawsuit?

  22. 22
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @ 9 OBND…not surprised…. but have a funny feeling (going on what read) it won’t end there….

    Thanks for the input.



  23. 23
    Stinky P.U. Says:

    @Maggie P.U.:
    You let yourself get riled up over random drive by trolls?
    No wonder Manny has you in a virtual headlock.
    You lose your sh*t over everything.

  24. 24
    Brooke Says:

    Any recent posts were imposters. I haven’t posted in a while. More important things to do

  25. 25
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @21 Aqua…thanks babe for your kindness… sure Manny appreciates it (and will). And as for the “package” must not have read the label on the neck of his suit (will shrink when wet…Dry Clean only).

    @6 Late Evie-Think so to… that is where the MGP thing is isn’t it?

    @14 Dumbo Maggie…forgot something-”Stupid is is as Stupid does”
    and while you are sitting on your throne passing judgement…why don’t you look up issues in Texas….. where illegals are suing from the other side of the border (from Mexico), *just for starters….(can’t sue my a$$…..)

    Have a great day…



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