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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: 'Rolling Stone' Shoot!

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: 'Rolling Stone' Shoot!

Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley pose together for a photo spread in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, on newsstands August 19.

Here is what the cast of The Vampire Diaries had to share with the mag:

Ian on competition in the vampire genre: “The whole Twilight thing is about to be over. And teenage girls can’t watch True Blood with their parents – that would just get weird. So we’re getting ready to kick some major ass this season.”

Nina on playing both Elena and Katherine
: “They’re both in me. They’re both challenging, but they both feed a different part of my soul.”

Nina on the photo shoot: “We’ve been doing a photo shoot that’s unlike any that we’ve done before. We’re testing the limits of gravity.”

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FYI: Nina is wearing A|X Armani Exchange‘s “Metropolis” mini dress.

Click inside to watch the behind the scenes video below to check out Ian going shirtless for the shoot…

Behind the Scenes of The Vampire Diaries Rolling Stone Shoot
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ian somerhalder nina dobrev paul wesley vampire diaries rolling stone shoot 01
ian somerhalder nina dobrev paul wesley vampire diaries rolling stone shoot 02
ian somerhalder nina dobrev paul wesley vampire diaries rolling stone shoot 03
ian somerhalder nina dobrev paul wesley vampire diaries rolling stone shoot 04

Photos: Max Vadukul Photography/Rolling Stone
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  • Winter Haven: a novel

    Paul looks like an older version of Justin Bieber. Lol!

    Can’t wait for VD now that Teen Wolf is over.

  • BEAN

    Lol kinda just looks like a United colors of Benetton ad; especially the second picture. Cant wait for the next season though! And modelling looks hella fun!

  • BEAN

    @Winter Haven: a novel: LOOOL He DOES!!!

  • http://j ivanka

    paul is justin bieber! and ian looks like a douch with that smirk

  • Isabela

    I hate the fact that it’s always only nina and ian’s names on the tittle! what about paul???
    they all look sexy though


    whata bunch of fools. ian looks like a skinny drugged out clown. the chick has a pie face and who invite dthe ballerina guy?

  • Kat

    Ninas face looks weird 0_o

  • Jasmine

    TVD has the sexiest cast on Television.

  • Wes

    Ian and Nina FTW!
    Damon and Elena FTW!

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute


  • Kandi

    Love these guys. Best cast ever. Awesome, talented and sexy. I cant wait for S3 TVD and the Rolling Stone issue. *__*

  • SarahC

    They all look so hot!! Especially Paul! I seriously cannot wait for S3 of the VD! Sooooo excited!

  • Ohaihai

    Paul Wesley is also there….. you should mention him in the title of the post, just sayin’..

  • finchel 4-ever


    my sentiments exactly!

  • baby cake

    Love it when Ian tries to act butch. I think he’s still dating that studio guy on sunset?

  • janiece

    @Winter Haven: a novel: So glad someone else pointed out the resemblance. Everyone seems to think I’m crazy when I say Paul and Bieber could easily pass as brothers

  • kgg

    I love, love this photoshoot! They all look gorgeous. I’ll have definitely buy this mag when it comes out.

    BTW, Baby Cake, STFU!

  • ewww

    Ugh somerholders ugly troll face. BARF

  • terri

    Surprised with the size of Ian’s head and ego he (he’s so short) was able to fit through the door. Klaus ftw

  • really?

    i guess if you are 12 you could find them cool or attractive.

  • Dee-J

    Fantastic photo shoot. Nina is so gorgeous and sexy, Ian is extremely hot and sexy. It is no wonder they call him “Smolderhalder”. The two of them together = PERFECTION

    This was definitely a different photo shoot for them. Actually, all three – Paul, Ian and Nina looked stunning.

  • Lisa D.

    One Word for all the haters = BITTER! :P

    you hate them because they’re HOT! so you say such negativity just to feel better.

    The truth hurts right?

    welcome to Earth guys LOL, accept the fact that TVD and these guys
    are hot and georgous and whoever thinks that Mr. Somerhalder is Ugly hasn’t seen the real world in so many years.


    wow ian has a big head ..this looks more like a shitty GAP ad then a rolling stone shoot sm

  • ummmmmmmm

    fan girls calm down everyone is just stating there opinion so stfu!

  • Snookie Stackhouse

    Cool ad….

  • Mandy

    Am I the only one reminded of Wolverine Origins in the first picture?

    And what it is it with all the insults against Ian? He’s not cocky. He’s just used to being a public speaker, you know, for his environmentally benefitial organization? I don’t really see it as being cocky. I think he’s just a very passionate person. People just don’t recognize pure passion anymore.

    Also, I’m gonna be brutally honest and think Nina looks the best of the three here. Because of their large female fanbase, Nina always seems like the least better looking out of the three but personally, I think she should get all the acknowledgement she deserves, and being third best just isn’t enough.

  • liza

    paul looks hot (even better than in the show) bieber is not hot at all, I just can’t relate them! nina looks good but she can do more, and I don’t like Ian sorry, not my cup of tea :-)

  • sasha

    I’m a girl and not a haters but I don’t found Ian handsome, something is bizarre. Nina is cute but ordinaire, don’t find her hot.

    I prefer Paul, he’s simple, charming, discret… It annoys me that now that Ian and Nina are a couple, Paul is put aside

    Oh and Lisa D welcome to reality! It’s not because we don’t find someone beautiful or attractive that we are haters! Each his own! Must also know to be objective and not be in adoration

  • Lisa D.


    wazzup! was I preferring to you when I said the word HATER/BITTER?

    I was preferring to all the comments that are “NEGATIVELY OBVIOUS”

    so don’t react if you’re not one of those who commented immaturely. ’cause the way I see it. you sound so guilty :P i mean just look at your comment. It just says how much you’re annoyed on both Ian and Nina being a couple and Paul is put aside.while my comment says how much i’m annoyed about the haters who just comment against both Ian, Paul, and Nina that I find offensive. see the difference. so who’s being objective bet. us right now?

    look who’s talking…..

  • Dee-J

    If you don’t like Ian and Nina why come to an article that says: Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: ‘Rolling Stone’ Shoot! ????

    If you want to see more articles about Paul Wesley, then why come to an article that says:
    Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: ‘Rolling Stone’ Shoot! ????

    All these ridiculous hateful rude and crude comments are unnecessary. Maybe there should be a moderator on this website so that people that do want to read an article about their favorite stars can do so without all this “hating”. Show some maturity peole, as well as respect for others.

  • Dee-J

    Show some maturity PEOPLE, as well as respect for others…..

  • lani

    So bored of the damon show. Yes I stopped watching midway through season 2 because of him and his crying/chasing/acting all whipped and pathetic. As for season 3 probably check in every so often. My luck that will be the episode where he’s whimped out again. Before any of you damon fans go all 13 year olds with attitude. Not I’m not stelena or delena. I’m just into a great show. Season 1 was great. Season 2 was way too much about damon and his whimpy/sucky ways. Yes yes I know it’s not just 13 year olds that watch it’s older women to. Ian only refers to his teen fans though. Jokes on you older gals he doesn’t even acknowledge your age group. Anyways, good luck vampire diaries fans with season 3.

  • Britt

    Ian needs a haircut asap!!!!

  • E20

    I’m very disappointed in Jared for not acknowledging Paul in the headline. Paul IS a main character of the show and to dismiss him in a magazine spread that features all three is just a slap in the face.

    THIS is one of the reasons why I can’t stand Ian and Nina and I cant stand Damon and Elena together on screen. It’s just a slap in the face all around.

  • E20


    Hell yes!!

    I thinl that’s so rude not to put Paul’s name in the headline. So freaking rude!!!

  • liza

    it’s so funny how the obsessional fans ask for maturity while they’re just some childish worshipers!

  • Dasha

    Remind me of Shannen, Luke and Jason’s cover of Rolling Stones during the glory days of BH90210, funny because i used to be obsessed with them and now i don’t see what’s the big deal with these new people, i guess it’s because i’m not a teen fangirl anymore ;)

  • jen

    Damm!!! Paul Wesley is so hot!!!! but why do them two get all the attention, what about the rest of the cast???

    Paul is sexy as hell !!!!

  • jen

    Damm!!! Paul Wesley is so hot!!!! but why do them two get all the attention, what about the rest of the cast???

    Paul is sexy as hell !!!!

  • lcb

    Damon and Elena have an amazing firey chemistry. I watch the show for the delena scenes. There’s something about the “I shouldn’t want you but I can’t stop myself” longing that is so alluring.

  • Damon Fan

    They all look fabulous as usual especially Mr. Smolderholder :) And Paul’s name should be in the title too!

  • __________

    You do know that Paul is there too? This is not a Nina and Ian photo shoot. It’s Paul/Nina/Ian. Just sayin’

  • Danielle

    Amazing photos! I love the concept; it’s so badass!

  • http://@ILUV_JB_1D Gabrielle :D

    OMG I love the cast so much! They all look gorgeous! And Paul does kinda look like an older version of JB lol I am diening for the new episode of season 4!