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Katie Holmes: Helicopter Ride with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Helicopter Ride with Suri!

Katie Holmes holds onto her adorable daughter Suri as they head to a helicopter for a ride out of Manhattan on Wednesday evening (August 17) in New York City.

The 32-year-old Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark actress went out in NYC earlier in the day with Suri, but changed her daughter’s outfit for the evening.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Suri, wearing Venettini footwear, even had a doll with her wearing a matching dress!

While in the helicopter, Suri made funny faces by pressing her nose against the glass window. So cute!

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72 Responses to “Katie Holmes: Helicopter Ride with Suri!”

  1. 1
    Heather Says:

    Angelina does it better……. NEXT

  2. 2
    loverducky Says:

    Does that little girl not know how to walk or something? Sheesh, she’s what, 5? I hardly ever see her on the ground

  3. 3
    BEAN Says:

    How old is she now like 11? Lmfao this kid is too big to be carried up and down like Katie does. She is crazy hahaha

  4. 4
    ceci Says:

    Suri is sooo cute!!<3

  5. 5
    Katie Says:

    Cute mommy & daughter =)

  6. 6
    pooter Says:

    she’s cute…she’s adorable??? NOT!

    she’s the biggest brat on her way to becoming a diva.

    what’s with those silly hats Katie now wears?

    what an airhead!

  7. 7
    S Kaye Says:

    AMEN. She is rarely seen walking.

    Are they coddling this child to the max or what??????

  8. 8
    Annie Says:

    Awful legs.

  9. 9
    Katie, Katie Please!!! Says:

    Cover those legs!

  10. 10
    Gigi Says:

    Oh great. A hat.

  11. 11
    typical child Says:

    Great photo of Suri in the ‘copter picking her nose.

  12. 12
    OMG! Says:

    The child is 5 1/2, teach her how to use a tissue already! She’s been digging for treasures for years.

  13. 13
    typical child Says:

    Mail Online has pics of Suri on the ‘copter throwing a fit.

  14. 14
    Ralph Ehlers Says:

    I liked her with the long hair. The bob cut looks more like, “Tom would like me to be more sophisticated, and the top stylists tell me what to wear, how to wear it,

  15. 15
    Whatevah Says:

    That’s Isabella on the photo, why the heck does she looks like the nanny of this brat instead of the sister?……

  16. 16
    TheGR8NPwrfulOZ Says:

    Come on Katie, I want to be able to post nice things about you but then you go and wear things like this… And again with those damn booties! Oh well. I will say I like the side braid but the rest of you is looking like one hell of a mess….and not a hot mess, just a mess.

  17. 17
    Just say no Says:

    Mrs. Cruise looks “not high” again:

  18. 18
    polo Says:


  19. 19
    katy Says:

    i think katie is always holding suri because of the paparazzi. and suri is a CHILD! children sometimes pick their noses.

  20. 20
    PEONY Says:


  21. 21
    Roxy Says:

    She’s been picking her nose for awhile now. Darn Katie I know you have enough of Tom’s money to get a new pair of better shoes. I can understand wearing the same shoes at different time, but those ain’t even cute. She’s carrying Suri because of papzz…yeah right!! Why is it other celeb kids are seen walking. Angelina & Brad has SIX kids and more famous than Katie, is hounded by papzz everyday, but all their kids are walking. Katie put that child down…geezus

  22. 22
    Sheri Says:

    Don’t tell me that’s a pacifier that Suri’s got in her mouth (in the last picture)??!!

  23. 23
    We want Vanessa Marcil Says:

    The difference Robin is that if it is Isebella she does not need to carry all that stuff. As. For nannies they don’t need one when they have Isebella
    To do it for them. Conner is seen more like a son to Tom !

    Where is Suri’s car seat? Surprised no one said anything

  24. 24
    Peapo Says:

    That little girl scares me. She’s got the look of evil. And she does pick her nose A LOT.
    Katie is pathetic. A lost cause. And a horrid dresser.
    And Isabella just makes me sad. It looks like the way that they dress her and treat her she is nothing but a neglected nanny held captive.

    And Tom is just the big g-y cult member that holds the key to all of they’re big dungeon of a life.

  25. 25
    siennagold Says:

    Why do they keep carrying Suri? Let the kid walk for chrissake.

  26. 26
    ang Says:

    they treat this girl with them like a nanny because it is a nanny not Isabella

  27. 27
    lucy2 Says:

    Katie and Tom are so pathetic to destroy a child for the sake of their cult. …and I agree…that can’t be Isabella because Katie is letting her walk beside her and Isabella always had to walk behind her.

  28. 28
    Karih Says:

    I can’t wait Suri to grow up and weigh around 100-120pounds, it’ll be fun to watch Katie trying to carry her in her arms LOL

  29. 29
    Milla Says:

    @Karih: I couldn’t stop laughing whilst imagining what you’ve just said. In fact, I have a feeling that Kate/TomTom will STILL carry her around at the age of 20, dragging her feet behind!

  30. 30
    Desperately Seeking Susan Says:

    Agreed and agreed! Funny how “Tom” got Katie pregnant 2 minutes into their relationship, but hasn’t managed to get her pregnant again in the past 5 years. Hysterical that they are still trying to pass Suri off as his. ROFLMAO!
    oooh and Karih, I think you are right. Suri is going to be tall like both her real parents so it will be fun to watch Katie try to carry Suri and hide the diaper with a blankie when she is a teenager :-)

  31. 31
    Kelly Says:

    That poor little child leads the most abnormal life I have ever seem. A pacifier should not be in the mouth of a child who is over 5. She wears high heels and is allowed to choose whether or not to wear a coat in cold weather but she is treated like she is still an infant the rest of the time. Odd parenting choices to be sure.

  32. 32
    Sonia Says:

    @Heather: Way way way, one whole light year better!

  33. 33
    Just saying...... Says:

    In the photo no. 3,Katie looks like a witch!!!!!!!!
    I think it is a big insult to compare Katie and Angelina’s parenting!!!!!!
    Gosh!!!!!!Angelina is a way better MOTHER than her!!!!!!!!
    Right ROMEO??????hahaha

  34. 34
    Hardly Says:

    That’s NOT Bella. That’s the nanny. Katie never looks happy when Bella is around. I think Katie is always in New York to get away from Tom’s family.

  35. 35
    a 1,000 words Says:

  36. 36
    Sonia0404 Says:

    @a 1,000 words:
    Wow, what a nasty kid!
    Glad they are home away and gated. What a nasty nasty monster kid.

  37. 37
    Sonia0404 Says:

    And it will be a good betting game when the closeted gay midget and hie beard will have surgery on the nasty monster Suritard. She’s got Katieturd’s original nose though.

  38. 38
    KingOfPotatoePeople Says:

    That woman really is a nanny, not Isabella. For better pic of her see
    In DailyMail, they also refer, that Suri started crying because she had lost her blanket. She stopped after the blanket was found by a staff member.

  39. 39
    No Says:

    Having the pacifier is no different then a thumb stuck in her mouth just looks more stupid I think…and all the kids with thumbs and pacifiers at age 5 or older look stupid and that goes for Brad and Angie’s kids too not just Suri…

  40. 40
    Lissa Says:

    Suri is a lucky girl to be able to have 5 American Girl dolls. I’ve seen 5 DIFFERENT ones she’s had over the past week. At $100 a doll, she’s one lucky kid !

  41. 41
    Sonia0404 Says:

    Imagine Suritard throwing an EPIC scale temper tantrum in the copter!! Screaming and wailing with torrents of tears! Plus kicking, squeaking, swinging violently in the TINY Cockpit!! I feel bad for the pilot! Nobody deserves this!

    I am all very sympathetic with the pilot, no where out but putting up with this bratty tard’s screaming!!
    What a meltdown!! How advanced, amazing and magical!

  42. 42
    anon Says:

    Carrying that little monkey again I see. Katie you better drink lots of milk and take calcium because she will break your back when you are carrying her when she’s 16.

    BTW, can’t use that pap excuse here. It’s an airstrip! That brat is in no danger of getting trampled. Let her walk before she becomes a cripple.

  43. 43
    anon Says:


    She probably eats her boogers too. Won’t be surprised since she still uses her binky and drinks from her wawa baba. She must be best friends with Leah Remini’s backwards child.

  44. 44
    anon Says:

    @We want Vanessa Marcil:

    Of course Isabella is the glorified help since Tommy likes to use free slave labor from the Scis. Why would he treat Isabella better since she’s “adopted” and no where near as cute as pap-bait Suri is.

    Isabella run! Go live with Nicole.

  45. 45
    pooter Says:

    @typical child:

    saw the brat on mail online throwing a fit. wonder why JJ does not post the negative photos of the little adorable cutie pie daughter? ugh!

    They coddle this kid way too much and its not healthy for her mind.

    airhead of a mom!

  46. 46
    anon Says:


    How pathetic is that? She should be weaned off it. The only way she will get off her babyish behavior is if she went to a normal school and the kids laughed at her for her blankie, dipey, binky and baba. This is pathetic!

  47. 47
    ...and she eats them Says:

  48. 48
    VIDEO of it all Says:

    jean yang was there too. don’t think suri likes her. suri seems to have a lot of nervous habiits.

  49. 49
    gigi Says:

    she had the tantrum after they got the blanket from the luggage compartment.

  50. 50
    pooter Says:

    the brat eats her boogers.

    her behavior…when you look at all the videos….is typical of a child with some form of autism.

    pity the kid with those clueless parents

  51. 51
    Sonia0404 Says:

    And the sudden deluge of tears and crying! Such telltale signs!

  52. 52
    Romeo Says:

    There are more pics of her walking than there are of her not #2 and #7.

    Holmes doesn’t care how other people raise their kids as you shouldn’t either, #22.

    How is Isabella Cruise not like a daughter to TomKat, #24? Simply because she helps them carry things? That’s ridiculous. Isn’t she too old for a car seat now?

    The way TomKat dresses Isabelle a Cruise, #25? Huh? I’m sure she dresses herself and I don’t know how a nanny is supposed to dressed.How do they mistreat her? The netire family seems to be very happy and gets along just fine.

    You’re an idiot, #28.

    Where would you get a ridiculous idea like that, #35?

    What’s it you, #43? How could you say such a thing, #45?

    Why don’t YOU post them, #46?

    Autism, #50? Hardly.

  53. 53
    huh??? Says:

    That child needs to go to school! There was a picture of her in gold heels. It looks inappropriate. It makes her look like an adult midget. Why does her parents think it’s cute for her to look seductive.

  54. 54
    Julia Says:

    I don’t like Katie. It’s very obvious that she loves all the attention she’s been getting since marrying Tom Cruise. She is a famewhore and she does not care if she is hounded with paparazzi’s wherever she goes because it will all the more make her more famous. Famous for the wrong reasons. She has poor acting skills and she sucks in everything that she does. Suri will grow up as a histrionic and shallow person because she is taught with nothing else but clothes, fashion, shopping early on in life.

  55. 55
    arabella Says:

    This kid should be sitting between her Mom and the nanny, NOT by the window where she will fly off if that helicopter door is not tightly secured AND she needs ear muffs to muffle the noise NOT a blankie!!!!!!!

  56. 56
    Suri Queen Says:

    @Heather: Who is Angelina???

  57. 57
    Sonia0404 Says:


    How do you know that they didn’t try?
    But that TARD is a strong woman! Amazing and magical while sucking on her pacifier and eating her boogers.

  58. 58
    Tulip Says:

    Suri to paps: “Take a picture of my baby instead!!” Ha, ha, Suri rocks:

  59. 59
    to: dumbeo Says:

    Romeo….it’s not my job to post negative videos and such. It’s probably cuz JJ needs to be careful about negative remarks….or his website would suffer idiot.

    You go around with blinders on when it comes to your lovies- Katie and Suri.

    They are a hoot! abnormal and clueless among other things.

    here is one video/ photo that JJ did not include. There are hundreds more….’

  60. 60
    Cari Says:

    Sorry, but this child is old enough to be taught that if you are going to pick your nose and eat the findings–then do it in private instead of public. GROSS. Unfortunately for Suri people will look at those pictures and this video and gag. One would think that KH would drum some nose picking manners into this child.

  61. 61
    fingerlickinggood Says:

    manners? Katie is not capable of even that!

  62. 62
    gugo Says:

    is it me or this “adorable brat” getting ugly and uglier every single day

  63. 63
    Cari Says:

    @to: dumbeo:

    Romeo is incapable of doing his own research. He evidently can only deal with JJ’s site. So if you don’t provide links to click on he is stumped as to how to find something on his own even if you give explicitly directions.

  64. 64
    anon Says:


    Well she speaks! We’ve never heard her talk so now we know she can. Suri, if you can speak in sentences, you should give up the dipey, binky, baba etc. Also the ugly ratty blanket must go too and you can get off your Mommy as well.

  65. 65
    Deanna Says:

    Calling Joshua Jackson. It’s your daughter Suri, help me!!!!

  66. 66
    Ana Says:

    I feel sorry for Suri because she is being used by her own parents just to get publicity. This is probably what Tom and Katie wants so that they remain famous because let’s face it, they are 2 of the mediocre actors around. Yes, Tom is famous, rich, successful but in terms of acting talent he lacks it no matter how much hardwork he gives. As for his wife, Katie, she has poor acting skills. No matter how hard she tries, she still sucks at everything she does. Poor Katie. And as for Suri, she will grow up to be immature because of her upbringing. I think the only sane people in the Cruise’s household are Tom’s children with Nicole, or at least that’s how they appear to be.

  67. 67
    Suri Queen Says:

    @Ana: WHO ARE YOU???!!!

  68. 68
    YES Says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!at least SHILOH is not a brat……..HAHAHA
    SHILOH RULES!!!!!!!

  69. 69
    FAME!!!! Says:

    @Suri Queen:

  70. 70
    Katya Says:

    I wonder why people keep telling that Suri’s Joshua Jackson’s daughter. He seems like a nice guy, if Suri really was his daughter I think he would try and take her far away from TomKat. No offense, I’m just curious what makes you all believe she is his daughter.

  71. 71
    poots Says:

    I could care less who the father is of this brat.

    As long as she has a bimbo of a mother…..she’s hopeless!

  72. 72
    juliet Says:

    @Romeo: Romeo, I’m starting to think you are Katie Holmes. You’re posting as a dude so that people don’t think you actually are Katie Holmes

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