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Katie Holmes: NYC with Suri and a Baby Doll

Katie Holmes: NYC with Suri and a Baby Doll

Katie Holmes carries her daughter, Suri, out to a waiting car as they leave their apartment on Wednesday (August 17) in New York City.

The 32-year-old Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark actress also carried one of Suri‘s baby dolls.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suri Cruise

Also pictured inside is Suri wearing a fedora while going out with a nanny on Tuesday (August 16) in NYC.

Last week, Katie served as a guest judge on the final week of So You Think You Can Dance!

FYI: Suri is wearing Venettini “Melody” loafers in Lilac.

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  • Kallen

    stop carrying around that LARGE child !

  • Ron Cheadle

    Katie has amazing shapely legs.

  • Urszula

    Isn’t it about time she had another child so she can stop carrying this one? You would think Katie wants a son as well but she doesn’t seem interested. Her relationship with Tom Cruise has been basically stagnant since 2006. They could have had at least 3 children by now.

  • Honestly!

    When is she going to stop carrying this spoiled little girl everywhere? When she’s 20?

  • Eliza

    Now I dont particularly care for them but understand that she holds the girl because the RAZZI are scary to her if you cant understand that your cruel. Whats funny to me is that Suri is wearing a coat in the summer in NYC but none in the winter she is one funny gal!

  • andamentothat

    the doll in Katies hand looks like an american girl doll. .KIT

  • trish

    PLEASE throw away those Boots!!!!!!!

  • anon

    She’s probably carrying Suri to protect her from the paps. And Katie needs a stylist ASAP.

  • Desperate & Awkward

    Funny how Suri is always fine walking in front of tons of paps with her nanny but for some reason Tom and his wife need to carry her. If I didn’t know any better, I would think they were trying get in the shot. We often only see Tom’s wife’s hand when she let’s Suri walk.

    Desperate a

  • Kelly

    The circus is back in town.

  • Desperate & Awkward
  • Marinés

    she keeps carrying on her little girl.. i don’t understand, she needs to walk alone

  • @desperate & awkward

    i think suri feels confident around her nanny and that her parents stress her out. she barely knows them.

  • Elena

    She’s slowly morphing into Dakota Fanning. She will probably start acting like her, too (i.e. annoyingly precocious).

  • Cankle Boots

    Katie always chooses the worst look for her body type. Also, those boots look stinky.

  • KC

    Katie is wearing those God-awful boots again! No fashion sense whatsoever!

  • mwannir
  • Hat Trick

    So, now Tomkat PR is going to make this kid wear different hats in the hot summer? I know Krazy Kate dresses off season so she can make early print in fashion magazines. No values.

  • @Hat Trick

    TWO HATS IN ONE DAY???? These people are pathetic!

  • Sorry Suri

    I actually don’t like your outfit or your mother’s. You’re the brain behind them..

  • sasha

    Oh God people are so cruel!

    Don’t care about the rumors and their lifes but Suri is really gorgeous like her mother

  • Susie#1

    It’s not Halloween, so why is Suri dressed for a cool Autumn night? And what’s with the coy poses and need for hats and heels? Something is very “off” with this family. And are Katie’s cankles getting bigger? Very unflattering outfit.

  • Susie#1

    It’s not Halloween, so why is Suri dressed for a cool Autumn night? And what’s with the coy poses and need for hats and heels? Something is very “off” with this family. And are Katie’s cankles getting bigger? Very unflattering outfit.

  • coupon lady

    Photo op time!

  • Sonia0404

    That Prop girl looks like an old lady. That clutch bag and the fedora, give me a break.
    And the mini heels, honestly, Suri’s look reminds me of Helen Thomas and the 85 yo hotel tycoon Hemsley.
    Anyway, a very sickening and toxic look, not an ounce of innocence.

    The whole family is posing, very sickening.

  • Roxy

    @Eliza: I was thinking the same thing. She wears a coat in the summer but doesn’t in the winter, and NYC is hot and humid as heck…weird

  • coupon lady


    Well ladies, as you know, fashionistas will do anything for fashion. Next at age 6 we will most likely see her in five inch stiletto heels.

  • Sonia0404

    @coupon lady: Or coming out in lingerie.
    And even heavier makeup.

  • Mag Hags

    They are trying to get Suri mentioned in the big September issues of fashion magazines that are about to go to print. In other words, they are pimping her.

  • Mkae Up Again

    Close ups on other sites show that she is clearly wearing make up

  • Joji

    Are they trying to get Suri the lead in a remake of Pretty Baby? She’s probably the only person on earth who gets lipstick marks all over her baby bottle.

  • Roxy

    @coupon lady: LMBOOO!!! SO TURE…sacrifice common sense to look like and idiot. I feel sorry for that kid

  • Mikado

    Wait until Little Suri is growing up and sees all over the inernet how her mother USED her for her own need of publicity…
    Katie is a lowsy mother. And her grimace is far from beautiful.

  • eeod

    The boots look awful.

  • NG

    Do you guys notice Suri is carrying her doll and a baby bear in her hand? She always needs to carry sometime in her hands or else they look like crab hands.

    Check it out. There are photos in other threads where Suri’s hands look strange and maybe all the photographers yelling her name out, bring out anxiety and trigger something in her because her fingers bend in an ABNORMAL manner.

  • Too much!
  • Sonia

    It’s called stimming.

  • Just somepoints

    Let her walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is6 yrs.old.

  • …and she in heels again
  • NG

    @Sonia: Thanks that was the word I was looking for stimming.

    Suri’s hands when they are stimming reveal she is suffering from autism and they try to cover this up (or help her get on with her day) by giving Suri something to hold on to. Suri is RARELY seen outside without something in her hands. Well, Cruise have the money to find ways to help Suri out in this way by taking her to ballot, art classes, etc.

    I think Suri is beginning to ENJOY exiting the door without her parents. She seems quite comfortable and enjoying the spotlight when she is exiting her apt alone with her nanny. She seems to be basking in the paparrazi’s attention. When she’s with Katie, Suri reverts to being an infant.

  • anon

    Heels again? Tacky gold ones too. It looks like Suri got Tommy’s or Katie’s gross old hats. I hope they washed it before she wore it. That child does not need to be carried and she is beautiful without that horrid make up. She looks like Jodi Foster from Taxi Driver all right.

  • yes!

    Finally.. she is wearing a coat to keep her warm, oh wait, it’s August in NYC. Never mind.

  • Sonia

    @…and she in heels again:
    Not just the heels, POINTY TOES too!

  • NG

    @ #9: I agree that Tom and Katie will carry Suri to get in the picture. Do you notice that the papparazzi’s focus is on Suri and not Katie or Tom? But notice how even Suri is getting less hits on photos than lets say 1-2 years ago. When she was longer she was more popular.

    How sad if Suri is beginning to think the paps are photographing her because she is special. Hope she doesn’t feel entitled to all this attention always because I doubt the paps will always be after her. As she gets older and if she doesn’t have a talent they will be waiting for her to misstep, get her upset and then photograph her like that. The papparazzi as exciting as it may feel is a double edged sword.

  • DailyNightly

    Hey, she stole Bosworth’s boots!

  • NG

    Suri with her nanny and Suri with Katie almost seem like two different people. When Suri is with her nanny she appears normal, walking on her own. When Suri is with Katie she seems to have regressed to being an infant, and it looks like Katie encourages that behavior and it definitely keeps Katie in the picture.

    You can see what appears to be a script in Katie’s handbag. She probably is reading for a Broadway show. Katie looks happier when she’s in New York than Los Angeles.

  • chris0929

    I do not like this girl, she is too spoied and strange!

  • Katie

    Am i the only one very concerned about Suri? Her parents need to let her grow up! Come on, She’s 5-years-old!!

  • booo

    this goes to show you how crazy this whole family is. she doesn’t wear a jacket in 40 degrees whether and she wears a coat when it’s 80 degrees outside?!?

  • really full of crap

    They say they “support her creativity” in interviews…Let her wear flamenco and princess dress to the park… whatever. I’m not worried about just this incident. ITS ALL OF IT COMBINED. all of the wacked out stuff you all know! This girl doesn’t look cute… it looks weirdo Micheal Jackson-like” WTF… people say shes cute. Please, she is, KIDS ARE. But, these parents are JERKS. I googled “video-Suri” and came up with this SAD video. KATTIE HOLMES IS A PIECE OF CRAP. CRAZY- over the top parents… I hope she’s ok when she’s older.