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Blake Lively Plays with Penny on 'Savages' Set

Blake Lively Plays with Penny on 'Savages' Set

Blake Lively carries a cool drink and her pet pooch Penny on the set of Savages on Thursday (August 18) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress stars in the Oliver Stone-directed drama, opposite John Travolta, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Aaron Johnson, Uma Thurman, and Salma Hayek.

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Last week, Blake was in NYC where she filmed scenes for Gossip Girl with co-star Leighton Meester.

Blake also recently dined at Umami Burger in Los Feliz, Calif., with Leonardo DiCaprio, People reports.

Leo “gently grabbed her hand at one point and he seemed very into Blake,” said one onlooker.

FYI: Blake is wearing Joe’s Wild Short in Renata.

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  • Cleo

    Ahhh her pooch is adorable! Love her chanel bag too!

  • PP

    She looks SO HAGGARD, i wonder what she puts up her nose on a daily basis……

  • James Kragen

    Blake is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl. I hope she finds love and happiness with someone her own age to settle down with.

  • Blake is ugly

    @James Kragen:

    Are you blind she isn’t NO where near beautiful, maybe in the Twilight Zone…Leo must be using this girl as a beard, so he can really date Luke Haas…

  • Horseface Blake

    @James Kragen:

    Maybe she should get more Plastic Surgery and stay on a few more casting couches..then she will find some happiness….

  • Dantius

    God, you have great legs.

  • DQ

    @cammie: You are right Gisele doesn’t have a feminine face but at the same time you can’t stop looking at her photos. It’s clearly not beauty but something is there. Charisma or something else but she has a wow factor. And she is damn good at her job regardless of her face. Lively has only manly horse face and she is just blah. Both as an ‘actress’ and as a person ( in interviews ). So nothing just a boatload of fake. Sorry but I can’t help but wonder what kind of man finds this woman attractive!

  • Hailey

    This isn’t Gossip Girl people. Her character in Savages is kidnapped and held hostage by a drug cartel. I love to see her filming! Thanks, Jared!

  • liza

    I like her! she’s my favourite blonde!

  • Hailey

    @James Kragen:

    She’s well past the age of consent. MYOB.

  • Horseface Blake


    True Gisele is a good model, but not the prettiest, and aleast Gisele didn’t have plastic surgery on her face, Blake had it and still looks blah…

  • @Hailey

    Gossip Girl or Savages it doesn’t matter. Ugly is ugly whether you play an UES useless socialite in expensive clothes or a kidnapped girlfriend.

  • Leah

    Looking at the next Mischa Barton.. I don’t Plastic Surgery, brown nosing, and suck off a A-list is enough to make

    Fake Blake a star…

    Why is the Dog cuter then Blake’s face…

  • dani

    everyone has to think like you? what narrow minded arrogance. there’s a lot of people who find her attractive. no one says you have to, but stop acting like those there is something wrong with people who do, like her boyfriend. she has a rocking personality too.

  • dani

    she already more successful than mischa.

  • DQ

    @15: Exactly. Gisele is not beautiful but she has talent and drive. With that face, that many people consider manly or horse face, she could achieve so much. If you are like Blake just an ugly face without talent or anything else this is how you do it. Plastic surgery ( and her nose is still dreadful), rumored casting couches and an aggressive PR team that forces you into our faces. That’s why I think many people are still convinced that this thing with Leo is just a setup. I hope it is.

  • http://buu xeeenia

    OMG !!! look !!! ; ((((

  • bronza

    looks like shes wearing leos clothes with the white t…

  • MAGS

    Gisele had a nose job. She looks great. So does Blake. If you want to see bad nose jobs, look at the peeps with hardly any noses left.

  • lizzie
  • It’s true.

    Blake has that “Jennifer Aniston” pretty factor. Plain and mediocre looking with hyped prettiness. So with blonde haire tan skin, 100% non-ethnic looking, people are tricked into thinking she’s some sort of beauty icon when she is FAR from it. It;s all about good PR. I have notice more of this about Eve Mendes. A sexy name…sexy supporting roles in movies, always wearing great dresses at red carpet events. But has anyone ever pointed out that she has facial similarities to the late Amy Whinehouse?? (love Whinehouse btw) Google image it. If they didnt movie about Amy’s life they should cast Eva mendes.

  • Naomi

    OMG what happened to her? Without make-up, she shouldn’t be allowed to be seen in public. Gosh….

    Correct me, if I’m wrong, but she doesn’t look very happy there.

  • @lizzie

    Too funny!

  • mmmmmm

    my god he has amazing lips….never noticed before

  • ?

    she must give the best head in the world or something

  • @dani

    Who said anyone has to think like me or anyone else here? This is a blog where people post opinion whether you agree or not. Don’t think like the others and feel free to disagree. :)
    ‘rocking personality’? Do you know her? Or you say that based on interviews?

  • ?

    haha wel she does have a big mouth….BLAKE SWALLOWS

  • Sarai

    She’s doing a movie? Good for Blake!

  • @25

    sorry meant @? as my name

  • Sarai

    My my there’s some sexist piggies here. Grow up.

  • Janie

    Blake’s official butt Kisser..Laineygossip…wants to believe that those sweats are Leo, and Lainey thinks it’s sooo cute if they are…

    She fail to mention…Blake’s plainjane looking face in the process..if that was Ashley Greene or Jessica Biel looking like that, she would have torn them to pieces..

    Why has Lainey decided to start kissing Blake’s Bum…I don’t know

    when she was the main person saying how Blake is a career climber who was chasing Leo or any A-List Actor..

    I don’t care about Legs.. there are of plenty of Long leg girls in this world, but Blake is so bland, there are plenty of more talented/Prettier blondes in Hollywood

  • @sarai

    Yeah, an other movie fir her to ruin!
    @?: There has to be something behind this romance. I don’t buy it that Leo would fall for her!!! No way!

  • kiki

    whos penny…..her va j j…..

  • allie


  • @Janie

    Why are you wasting time reading Lainey? She lost credibility a while ago when she became one of the official ‘Leo is so into Lively’ sponsor.
    Moderation here on JJ is in full force recently. I wonder what happened since it wasn’t like this before!
    My comment was removed so I’ll repeat it. Blake is ugly, an eyesore and Leo must be completely blind.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Go Blake!! Oliver Stone!!!

  • kà simply amazing

    sheis cry A a a aaaaa

  • Reallly

    He only likes tall, thin, blonde girls now, but he always choses the one with most unattractive/bland faces…
    I wonder why…

    Never anyone with a truly gorgeous face, do the gorgeous girls turn him down and takes the left over ugly faces..

  • Stella

    @Janie: Lainey hates Blake Lively so much. What are you talking about?

  • Duh

    The girl is not happy.

  • Reallly


    Maybe she used to hate Blake Lively but no more, You must have stop reading her Blog since she started dating Leo, she goes on about how Leo is SOOOO taken with her, that he never felt this way about any girl and she shoots down any breakup rumors about them…

    Actually Blake is one of Lainey’s pets, like Posh Spice and Gwyneth , she might make a snide remark, but mostly she likes them.

    It’s like Lainey is working for Blake’s PR team..always trying up play this relationship and make like Leo is lost puppy for Blake.

    That’s what Iam talking about, anyone who reads her daily knows this..

  • Sasha

    Is it because of her role that her hair needs to be so dirty and neglected? She sure is not attractive. She even looks sick.

  • Abbie

    23? I still can’t get over the fact that she is ONLY 23. She definitely looks like 35 at least.

  • @Stella

    I don’t pay much attention to Lainey but from what I read she certainly doesn’t hate Lively. She turned into part of her PR team. At least that’s how she sounds recently…

  • Raine

    i Cant stand Blake Leo wake up the sex cant be that good!

  • what?

    Why in the hell is she wearing Leos PJ’s?

  • Stella

    @Reallly: She still insults Blake like clockwork, but she believes Leo is really into her. That doesn’t make her a fan of Blake’s, because I don’t think Lainey finds Leo to be some big prize.

  • @Stella

    Lainey doesn’t hate Blake that’s obvious.

  • @raine

    …is he that desperate? Her body is nothing compared to the woman he was dating before. Frankly.

  • Paulyp

    @Duh: She probably is not happy because Leo left today for a 17 week shoot in Australia (The Great Gatsby) and I don’t think Blake could handle THAT commute to see him. Also, Leo usually does not have his girlfriend on the set when he works…….doesn’t believe in that.