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Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Trailer!

Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Trailer!

Check out the trailer for Gerard Butler‘s newest movie, Machine Gun Preacher!

The 41-year-old Scottish stud stars in the inspirational true story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing criminal who undergoes an astonishing transformation and finds an unexpected calling as the savior of hundreds of kidnapped and orphaned children.

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Earlier in the week, the film’s poster was released!

Machine Gun Preacher, directed by Marc Forster, will hit the big screen on September 23.

‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Trailer
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752 Responses to “Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Trailer!”

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  1. 76
    Amanda Says:

    Yes, it really is the start of a series of mindblowing performances from our Scottish lad.

  2. 77
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    This is his year to shine!!
    Loved the MGP trailer..I just lent out my dvd’s to a coworker here at work..she wanted to see Gerard Butler’s best work..
    The Jury, Please,a short clip but powerful performance..300 of course and Dear Frankie..

  3. 78
    Appilonia G. MontiNegro Says:

    Hey GFW !, I completely agree with your post #52, 63, 65.70. The Gerry fans are all excited this morning! The Board when I came in had 79 posts on it and within 10 minutes someone removed 10 posts, guess JJ decided to keep watch on the WEIRDO’S….finally. Gerry and the cast should be so very proud. Gerry is just the best, I have been a long time admirer of Gerrys work and keep a watch on his life and keep him in my prayers always. This Trailer just had me weeping and tearing up and then I just felt so overjoyed at the end of that. lol just a crazy emotional moment to see Gerry in the scene when he was begging to get more trucks to help those children. I watched Gerry in Attila for the first time and I have been watching ever since, Beowolf and Gendal,The Jury, The Ugly Truth, Bounty Hunter, 300, all of these and more. Gerrys talent is that he just takes you to another place, makes you feel and believe and that is what I call real talent. I am very happy that MGP will hit the screens here late September. GERRY IS JUST THE BEST, and he KNOWS IT,,,,LOL
    Appilonia G. MontiNegro

  4. 79
    Enough Already Says:

    MGP is going to be magnificent. Can’t wait to see it. So very nice to see so many positive posts on here today!! Hopefully this helps keep away the trolls and Ouija boards! LOL Have a great day JJ friends!!

  5. 80
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    I have to add…
    Phantom of the Opera..I love that movie and on occassion, will watch it…Something about it,,the music, the costumes and set designs touch my heart..not to mention Gerry’s performance..I truly believe the movie deserved more recognition…

  6. 81
    Brooke. Says:

    Yep next year might be his year career wise.But personally this is going to be his year.

  7. 82
    Brooke. Says:

    Wow, a thumbs up.First time for everything I suppose.LOL.
    Yes it’s his personal life that is gonna make this year his best ever.Next year its gonna be his Career and then who knows.

  8. 83
    Brooke. Says:

    And then it’s gone….suprise,suprise…NOT. (Still can’t handle it…oh well your probs).LOL.

  9. 84
    so gullible Says:

    Still here Georgia sorry hun you gave it away yesterday if there was any doubt left with anyone.

    Back to reality, I think Gerard lost his way after 300 – whether it was bad advice or he just did his own thing or Hollywood did not know what to do with him, who know. In Hollywood you should only do silly fluffy stuff unless your forte is comedy, and it is not in Gerry’s case, but only after you’ve established yourself at the serious stuff or you’ll confuse casting directors and get yourself stuck like Matthew McConaghey in romcom hell after such a promising beginning of his careeer. Don’t sell out for the big paycheques, I don’t see Jeremy Renner rushing to do any romcoms.

    Gerry should have been doing the action stuff then when he was younger and in the best shape of his life already. Now if he was hurt after 300 maybe he had no choice. Maybe someday we will understand what the strategy was.

    He now seems to be back on track with action movies now coming his way or he’s bringing them to himself with his production company But hold off on any more romcoms in the near future. PTF is a done deal and I think it may play more like a bona fide comedy I am hoping. In any event I think as long as they didn’t go too schmaltzy it could be very huge.

    Waiting for the drama/thrillers that aren’t action movies per se in there, like to see Gerry play an all out villain or Play a character unlike any he has played before, something really out of the box or another ambiguous villain/hero again like in LAC. . White Jazz would be the perfect vehicle for the latter. Too bad that appears to be in development limbo.

    Be interesting to see how his production company fares over the next year. So far 1 for 1.

  10. 85
    Put Brooke on Moderate Says:

    Why moderate GFW, whose comments have been brilliant, but not the know-nothing hearsay-blabbing careless with peoples privacy attention-seeking Brooke?

  11. 86
    so gullible Says:

    PS I forgot about Mavericks, looking forward to that. A drama I guess in the bio pic sense, different character, different settings so has he done his bio pic quotient for the decade? Attila, Sam Childers and Frosty Hesson. Does King Leonidas count as a biopic?

  12. 87
    Brooke. Says:

    @so gullible
    Again I’m not her. You will see that eventually.
    Careless with who’s privacy?. Oh and BTW I do know something.

  13. 88
    Brooke. Says:

    @so gullible
    Question,Why do you keep saying her name as if you know her?.You don’t,you don’t have a clue who she really is.

  14. 89
    so gullible Says:

    Gee it’s like a broken record in here. La la la la la la la.

  15. 90
    Put Brooke on Moderate Says:

    Is this really going to start up again?
    I can’t believe Brooke is going to commandeer this really fine thread with her no-nothing say-nothing I know something you don’t attention-seeking fraudulent nonsense? I’m finished here.

  16. 91
    I'll Bite Says:

    It looks like they took a decent amount of the story to give audiences a taste of what this about – but not too much to give it all away.

    GFW – thanks for a nod to the editors ;) It takes a lot of people to make a project a success. A world of difference can be made with the inclusion – or deletion of a single frame. Makes a difference between catching that look of wonder or just an ok scene.

  17. 92
    common sense Says:

    @Put Brooke on Moderate: You have nobody but yourself and a few others to blame for her to stick around here. You feed her so take her with you.

  18. 93
    Butlerized :D Says:

    I thought i had respect for Gerry before which was already a lot but now it just went through the roof!!!! If he don’t get nominated for some type of award for this role then idk what Hollywood is coming too.

  19. 94
    sockpuppet Says:

    : Photo from Santa Cruz via!/mamatazz0

  20. 95
    sockpuppet Says:


    ok, did not all come out: her words: My daughter met Gerald Butler today making a movie in our coastal town he was very nice and very down to earth nice to see glad to know.

    Gerald Butler Hot Hot Hot!!!!

  21. 96
    Brooke. Says:

    Fraudulent??? Don’t think so.Those pics couldn’t be faked if you tried.

  22. 97
    CJ Says:

    Because its summer where I am and hot and humid…

  23. 98
    Brooke. Says:

    esp. the kissing ones.

  24. 99
    dargabriel Says:

    @Enough Already: not a chance, I will always be here, Gabriel watches and keeps a close eye on obessesed fans. Dargabriel

  25. 100
    PsychoB Says:

    @Brooke.: I get it now. Gerrys “GF” is violin girl. again Brooke I am sorry your life is so bad you seek out this kind of attention.

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