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Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Trailer!

Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Trailer!

Check out the trailer for Gerard Butler‘s newest movie, Machine Gun Preacher!

The 41-year-old Scottish stud stars in the inspirational true story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing criminal who undergoes an astonishing transformation and finds an unexpected calling as the savior of hundreds of kidnapped and orphaned children.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the week, the film’s poster was released!

Machine Gun Preacher, directed by Marc Forster, will hit the big screen on September 23.

‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Trailer
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752 Responses to “Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Trailer!”

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  1. 101
    Brooke. Says:

    Who’s violin girl? What are you talking about?.I’m talking about the pics on the phone,of him and his GF.

  2. 102
    CJ Says:

    This post is to Babbiling Brooke and to all those that respond to her…

    One definition of insanity is saying and doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results every time..time to stop the maddness people..♥

  3. 103
    lolita Says:

    @CJ: CJ, I have been checking all over the internet and all the places have the MGP trailer and they are saying so many good things about Gerry’s performance. I am so thrilled for him. If the rest of the movie is as good as the trailer it should be a huge success for him. Both MGP and Coriolanus are getting good things said about them. I think it was really a good thing that Gerry let Sam and his family and friends get the limelight last night. Sam’s approval must have made Gerry’s day since I do think he respects Sam and the job he does. I haven’t been so excited to see a movie in a long time.

  4. 104
    lolita Says:

    @ Try, Hi there, how are you? I have been looking for a release date for MGP in Australia, but all I have found so far is the limited release on Sept. 23rd. If I find anything I will let you know. So excited, can’t wait to see it.

  5. 105
    CJ Says:

    Hi Lolita…I too think the movie will be Gerry’s shining moment…of course we all knew he had it in him if any of us has seen “The Jury”…it will be a hard movie to watch but maybe that is a good thing…♥

  6. 106
    lolita Says:

    @CJ: Real life can sometimes be a harsh task master but thank goodness there are people in the world like Sam who are tough enough to try to make things better and also to Gerry who saw this story and knew the world should know about Sam’s work. I had never heard of Sam until this movie came to light. Sometimes Hollywood can get something right. He will shine in this role, I just know it.

  7. 107
    ewis Says:

    Potential new movie role update:

    In other casting news, ComingSoon has also learned that Gerard Butler might star for Phillip Noyce in Hunter Killer. The adaptation of George Wallace‘s novel, Firing Point, is being scripted by the author and Don Keith, focusing on “an untested submarine captain who must work with a Navy SEAL team to rescue the Russian president, who has been taken prisoner during a military coup, in an effort to stop a rogue Russian General from igniting World War III.” Butler would be in the lead as the submarine captain, Joe Glass.

    Keep in mind that this is still an early development, so nothing is confirmed, although it has been pointed out that the involvement of Relativity could be a good sign for him joining — they’re also distributing his upcoming Machine Gun Preacher. The film has been scheduled for a release on December 21st, 2012, but that’s one of the most crowded months I’ve probably ever seen. I could easily imagine them moving this up or back a month or two, although that’s just speculation on my part.

  8. 108
    gossiphound Says:

    @sockpuppet: Do you think Gerry has Beach Boy tunes in his head all day long now?

    “I wish they all could be California girls!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “Catch a wave and I’m sitting on top of the world”

    “Good good good good vibrations” hee hee

    I have to go find my Beach Boy Endless Summer CD now.

  9. 109
    lolita Says:

    @ewis: Maybe since MGP and Coriolanus are getting good reviews HW is finally taking notice of Gerry and considering him for bigger budget movies because they are finally seeing his talent. That sounds like a good story, thanks for the link.

  10. 110
    gossiphound Says:

  11. 111
    a question Says:

    Is it just me or does it seem there is much more talk of potential parts for Gerry now that there has been so much great, positive affirmation of his talent from MGP and Coriolanus?

  12. 112
    Brooke. Says:

    “I wish they all could be California girls”.
    _ _ _
    Nope he doesn’t. “Best is British” —-his words.

  13. 113
    Try sitting ina office allday Says:

    @lolita: Hi L, how are you? hope your move went well. I can’t find a release date for OZ either?? we will probably be left to last. So not fair !!i really can’t wait to see this movie.
    I suppose its crazy to suggest GB come to Australia to promote this film. How great would that be !!
    You are all going to have to let us know as soon as you see the film and update fans elsewhere in the world who have to wait.

  14. 114
    gossiphound Says:

  15. 115
    Brooke. Says:

    What is the point of the sh!tty Beach boy clips.Your really showing your age.LOL.

  16. 116
    Looker Says:

    Uh Oh…. Georgia is mad…she thinks gossiphound is imature…lol

  17. 117
    Brooke. Says:

    What a loser,again I’m not her and for a start she is still in Portugal.Why keep bringing her up,she’s never done anything to you except be Gerry’s GF for 6 months.Not her fault you’re all Jealous,no wonder she wanted to stay out of the limelight,with all you crazies.You don’t even know who she is, yet you’re calling her names and so on.
    It was me who said that to gossiphound – the last one “I get around”.Yeah he might of in the past before he met her, things have changed.He’ll get her back,news is she wants him back too, then what are you all gonna do.

  18. 118
    lolita Says:

    @Try sitting ina office allday: Still in the process of moving, Oct. 1st. Thanks goodness I have the extra time, so much to get rid of. Between working and coming home and packing I’m exhausted. It will all be worth it in the end. I’ll probably take a box of tissues with me. When he gets tearie eyed, I’ll fall apart I know. I had to watch TPOTO three times before I saw the whole movie without crying and saying I’ll live in the catacombs with you. They will probably announce more dates in the near future since it is getting so much good reviews. Good to hear from you and I hope all is well with you also.

  19. 119
    Canera Says:

    Have to admit eyes watered on this one. Can’t wait to see it. That emotion he brings out shows what a wonderful actor he is. Lets hope the industry starts to realize that they have gold, if they would just give him the parts to let it shine. Good luck , because this should give him an Oscar nod. By the way come to PA that accent, in certain parts, is real we drop g’s.

  20. 120
    Brooke. Says:

    Question – When you meet Gerry do you ever tell him your “names” from any of these sites?.(As if he cares) If the answer is yes,I wouldn’t from now on – I’m sure he’ll be looking out for 1 or 2.Just sayin’ – with you slating his GF and all that.- He is going to get her back afterall.
    Ok I’ll let you all get back to your Mothers – sorry GrandMothers XD meeting.

  21. 121
    Thoughtful Says:

    I’ll engage :

    You know it is one thing to post about meeting the guy, another to gossip that a friend of a friend knows him, etc…
    In fact, just yesterday at my work a young lady, former flight attendant, came in and we got to talking – said she met Gerry on one of her flights. Said he was quiet, and asked her how she like her job. She loved his accent.
    See. Innocent. Just a little anecdote.
    But even if I knew him intimately, or had some inside knowledge via a friend of his, I don’t know that I’d feel comfortable hashing it out on a public celebrity fan/gossip site. Ya know?
    And then it becomes quite another thing when a poster constantly berates and eggs on other posters with supposed knowledge that hasn’t yet been proven with any absolution – because really, in the overall scheme of things, does it matter if this one celebrity finds true love? Are we gonna b!tch, moan and dissect because he has? Maybe. Maybe not.
    Perhaps at this point the mere fun of getting people’s goats is Brooke’s motivation. That’s all I can figure.
    Because it just goes on and on and on…..and for what?

  22. 122
    Brooke. Says:

    “Are we gonna b!tch, moan and dissect because he has”
    _ _ _ _
    You betcha.LOL.
    You b1tch,moan and dissect anyone (female) that goes within an inch of him.You don’t want him to get back with her – simple.

  23. 123
    Oh dear Says:

    hope he does really well in ” corolanius” and “machine gun preacher”. They don’t necessarily need to be oscar winning performance, but I think for his sake they have to noteworthy amongst the critics if he really wants to be considered a good actor. Also I think most film critics consider pulling off a really good accent in a role is essential if they want to take an actor seriously.

  24. 124
    Thoughtful Says:


    I do hope that you’re using ‘you’ as a generalization.

    Because, although it doesn’t matter, I’ve only posted on this site twice. And I’ve never berated anyone he’s dated or been seen with, nor have I antagonized other posters.


  25. 125
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Mat 24:12-14
    New International Version
    Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

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