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Angelina Jolie Meets with the President of Croatia

Angelina Jolie Meets with the President of Croatia

Angelina Jolie goes for a walk through the Adriatic island of Brijuni in Croatia with the nation’s President Ivo Josipovic on Friday (August 19).

The 36-year-old actress, who attended a theatrical production in the country earlier in the day, was also joined by actor Rade Serbedzija.

Angelina met with the president to discuss land mine problems that have remained from the war in the 1990s.

Earlier this week, Angelina and her partner Brad Pitt took their kids on a chartered train from London, England to Glasgow, Scotland to the set of Brad‘s film World War Z.

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Photos: AP Photo
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  • clamity

    so pretty <3

  • JT

    Jolie Rocks

  • toy1

    Looking beautiful as always La jolie!

  • sop

    She is looking more of her best lately.

  • Winter Haven: a novel

    She put some weight on and is starting to look healthy again. Good for her.
    She’s a lovely lady.
    How does she and the fam manage to remain so famous and yet so private at the same time?

  • mervyn

    Simply stunning.

  • Observing

    Such a pretty girl! ;)

  • lylian

    Wow! I’m on the first page again! Angelina meets with the President of Croatia – Yes, that’s my girl!

  • Jen

    Beautiful Angelina.
    The Angels carry you and your loved ones back safely to Brad.

  • marina

    I saw pics of the islands and they are BEAUTIFUL. HOw lucky she is to be traveling so much, having a beautiful set of children to cherish and educate to be better men and women, a job that allows her to be with her young children, a real vocation in helping people and create awareness in actual problems, and also she’s lucky to have a working family man whom to love and receive love from.

    Sorry english is a foreign language to me, but you get the idea…

  • Frenchy


    This is a really big deal!

    waving to all…………..

  • locksmith los angeles

    Angie is always doing some crazy stuff.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    She is so pretty. Gorgeous smile.

  • atimdo

    it’s a fake account.
    there is no website for this “jolie project” under the handle name.
    key give away. NO WAY is angelina jolie on twitter, for no other reason than too many trolls.

    btw, HBP and acronia are actually following that account, LMFAO! #guliable

  • mili

    She looks so pretty in the pics.
    Maybe Mad and Pax were the ones to travel with her this time. they weren’s seen in the last pics, probably doing their homework!

  • Jen

    The people of Croatia LOVE Angelina.
    It says….”Jolie will spend the night in the presidential residence ……”
    Angie’s friends love her and show her such great respect.
    She is the consummate professional.
    God bless you dear lady.

  • Jen

    Jared there are more beautiful pictures of Angie….I cannot tell you where,
    but she is looking absolutely radiant and glowing.
    Perhaps you will add more later.
    Thanks for the thread Jared.

  • Agatha82

    Angelina is very famous in the world attracts people

  • Jen

    You expressed yourself beautifully.
    What a nice post.
    This woman is simply wonderful. She is such a sweetheart and the man she is with is her perfect match.

  • seini

    In Europe everything is so close… How many hours is it the trip from England to Croatia?
    It makes me remember my job as a teacher’s trainer. We had to come and go all the time from the country’s capital city to receive courses or info. No mater how young our children were… and then go back to work all week from 8 to 5… Actors are so lucky, and more those who earn this type of money. They get to stay home and not having to be working away for hours and days with limited vacations…I bet AJ spends a lot of time with her children and then BP also gets to enjoy them … all day long!!!!!! :D

  • Sonia0404

    Wow!! She’s so beautiful! She’s radiant !!




  • luvangie4ever

    Very lovely and sophisticated. Her genuine love and concern for people in need is inspiring; she’s always doing what she can to help, whenever she can.

  • bizzy bee

    Classic Angelina!

  • Another Fan

    So proud of this beautiful, amazing woman!

  • bizzy bee

    New thread! Trolls, Angelina is no one’s fool, she’s a woman who knows what she wants when she wants it. Brad and Angie have a pact where they don’t work at the same time. When it’s Angie’s turn, she’ll work. She’s not ready to give up her career but she’s enjoying her time with the kids just like Brad enjoys his time with the kids. When she’s ready, you’ll see her doing stuff.

    These are two people who understand each others lives and this is how they work things . So leave them to live their lives and just be happy for them.

  • jk

    Svaka cast Angelina :)

  • J

    Oh, just mingling with another world leader. No big deal.

    God, what a woman.

  • Andamentothat

    Beautiful and so diligent with her work!!!

  • Alice

    She and Brad are beautiful from inside and out.

  • Val

    She looks really lovely here. Simple yet striking.

    To YES: Go to he¡! and take the rest of satans spawns that are polluting the thread with you. Your place is not here where human beings belong. You dog!

  • Alice

    And they are loved by people around the world. I just saw the video that Brad’s car was mobbed by adoring fans in Scotland.

  • jmho

    psycho in da house, lolz

  • realist

    She looks So pretty.

  • rachel

    angie will never be replaced

  • sandisk

    all haters (liars) –

    Just finished thumbing you down.

    Isnt it a waste of time when all your posts are “covered”?

  • first and last post

    catching up from past threads. Hi to all JP fans.
    OT for “lylian” from previous threads. JA related. Skip please if not interested.
    re: 186 lylian @ 08/19/2011 at 5:16 am
    Hate to be cynical about cheaterboy but I do think he’s a pseudo intellectual and I’d be amazed if he truly can’t be bought!
    LOL lylian,
    all pseudo intellectuals can be bought…that’s why they are “pseudo’s” aka “wannabe intellectuals” and if they want it badly enough…the price is always high especially if he/she is ‘outed.’ I’ve known some “true intellectuals” (I also have a first cousin who was a child prodigy in everything!!) and they stand out from the crowd with quirks that are unique to them but they are never blatantly trying to be different especially in dress (aka JT’s kinky shoes with suit/tie photo with past girlfriend)…in fact they know they are special therefore the true intellectual tries to fit in and are publicly shy because they are so outstanding in mind.

    JT does come across as trying too hard as Cliniqua has stated only she used the description “edgy.” Is he a pseudo-intellectual or is he just trying to be “edgy”…the two distinctions rarely go together. He certainly doesn’t fit the mode of a true intellectual.
    However even “pseudo-intellectuals” have their limits…socially they do NOT want to be associated or identified with dumbo “thinking thoughts” ROTFLMAO because that close association negatively reflects on them with “true and other pseudo-intellectuals” they are trying to impress…LOL. This in turn diminishes the intent of a higher stature than regular folk (true intellectuals don’t really care and are very tolerant of those who are not…moreover, true intellectuals want to be socially normal even though it may be awkward for them).

    Game On…how long and for how much will “pseudo-intellectual” JT want to be associated publicly with a woman who talks incoherently from sentence A to sentence B because she has stifled comprehension skills from scattered thought patterns, who forms conclusions based on “low information rationality” by extracting selected information from headlines and article titles (e.g. the Mexican economy comment), who has a symbiotic whoring relationship with all the tabloids, who is everything shallow, superficial and fake…his greatest nightmare is she could really embarrass him LOL…can’t wait. Haven’t spent much time thinking about JT being a pseudo-intellectual but your insight is really funny and I’m laughing so much right now I have to take a break…thanks lylian for my laugh for the day.

  • juju

    angie @ 08/19/2011 at 10:56 pm
    many people?
    u mean the 2 crazy stupid envy jealous
    b i t c h e s that keep changing their names?
    angelina jolie is loved by many
    nd these crazy stupid envy jealous
    b i t c h e s that have wasted
    7 years of their lives obsessing nd hating on her
    only helped making her an Icon
    thx sickos

  • adamme

    amazing angelina….

  • bizzy bee

    @Brad’s Wig. you shut your trap h@le, and yes i do know them well, I believe every word they say because they have no reason to lie to little punks like you. moron. now go take your medicine like a good he/she and sleep well. tomorrow is another day.

  • juju

    angelina looks stunning
    thx jared

  • sandisk

    There might be many “troll” posts. But it’s written by the SAME person.

    This poster just keeps CHANGING screen names.

  • lily

    Well, some hens are probably p*ssed because the did not even get to the 1st page. Well, while angelina does good things with her life, and also shares time with her children, some poor immature souls use her as an excuse to vent their traumas.
    Poor trolls. I read that AJ is staying at the presidential residence… Such a beautiful country expect more JP visits to these places.

  • bizzy bee

    Like dirty rats they come out at night.

  • alana

    I admire this woman more every day.

  • evie

    proud of Angelina Jolie.

  • Moxie

    What an inspiring woman she is. Wow, staying at the presidential residence! I read she said next time she wanted to come back with Brad. Love this couple so much!

  • MJ

    @say no to drugs: Tell that to Anuston honey cause even Paul Rudd her friend admitted it that they’re taking drugs. Look at all Anuston’s videos, you can tell that she’s on drugs. Poor Anuston, one of her friends busted her.

  • bizzy bee

    @#72 how do you cool yours balls ? with ice that why you have no feeling. beside i bet his balls taste like candy yum

  • Moxie

    People are jealous of her..plain and simple. Also very sad. However, there are many,many more people who love and respect her. She lives her life hurting no one, helping many, and loving her family. For some she inspires them to be more, do more,care more; for others, she is a reminder of all they don’t do, won’t do and all they will never be.