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Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'Wonderland' Magazine

Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'Wonderland' Magazine

Alexander Skarsgard wears a sleeveless top on the cover of Wonderland magazine’s “Priceless” issue, on newsstands and in bookstores on August 26.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor stars in the upcoming Lars von Trier-directed film Melancholia alongside Kirsten Dunst, who also landed her own cover of Wonderland!

Alexander‘s cover was shot by photographer Bjarne Jonasson with styling by Way Perry. Kirsten‘s cover was photographed by Miguel Reveriego with styling by Grace Cobb.

In case you missed it, check out the recently released poster for Melancholia featuring Kirsten wearing a wedding dress and veil.

Melancholia will be available on VOD October 7 and will hit theaters November 11!

Check out Kirsten‘s alternate cover below…

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alexander skarsgard covers wonderland magazine 01
alexander skarsgard covers wonderland magazine 02

Photos: Bjarne Jonasson, Miguel Reveriego
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  • lily

    mmmmm hot

  • Chloe

    I like this cover, it’s different than the usual stuff with. It has a cool retro feel to it.

  • Doreen

    Alexander looks fantastic here. I love Kirsten Dunst’s cover too. Very cool shoots and styling.

  • Karen medeiros

    Cute pic

  • chelle

    He is absolutely adorable …he is not only extremely beautiful but talented and an all around nice guy.

  • truebloodsucks

    looks like a theatre f*g. tottaly overrated

  • Anansi

    They look great! Much better than than lame, poorly shot BlackBook cover. Kirsten looks real, not like that overly photoshopped famewh*re joke on the BlackBook cover.

  • halli

    he’s balding

  • Strawberry Shortcake


    Sure, he’s balding . It doesn’t matter he’s still look pretty darn good looking. Haven’t you heard the last trend ? Bald men have more fun. Maybe he’s balding but on his butt, which you probably meant. In that case, even better to look at his naked a$$. I bet you’d like that. :p

  • Strawberry Shortcake

    He’s balding, but probably on his @ss. Do you think anyone cares about him balding? He is in Hollywood. If he wants, he can use Rogaine or get hair plugs, but he doesn’t need it . Regardless, he is a beautiful person in the inside as well as on the outside. Looks to me mean nothing if you don’t have any class or good character. To me
    Alex attracts people with his eyes, not with his hair.

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    Cover just ok

  • Celebrities

    I like the cover..And even the magazine is wonderful

  • Alexander Skarsgard is Balding

    The brunette he’s been with is probably his Step-mommy. He’s stealing from his craddle-robbing Daddy. Wouldn’t it be sick if he sire kids from his Step-mommy who is also the mother of his brother? Gross motherf***er. Daddy can’t get it up anymore, so Askars has finish his work for him. :(

  • kà simply amazing

    cover good as u jj

  • Tatanka

    Oh, I like that cover, he looks really good and…playful. Usually, Alexander does not really good at photo session, He frowns and he’s stiff. He’s better than he does’t pose and in move. But here he’s so adorable and sexy.

  • alex

    great suit each other very much, this binary

  • katy

    Kirsten out of a very beautiful

  • Canuck

    Wow, the sleazoid brigade is out in force already. Especially YOU #13.

    I’m sure John Mayer didn’t have ASkars in mind but does anyone else have “Your body is a wonderland” running through their heads?

    Nice shots of both of them.

  • Anna

    God, he makes me swoon

  • kiki

    very sexy kirsten and very beautiful

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: I noticed our troll showed up again starting last night, I guess they had some time after getting off of their after HS job or something.
    And from the previous thread, no he doesn’t sign the fake, armpit hairless photo:

  • lafamepoma

    OHHHH! I’d love him if he wore that outfit in the street, mostly the hat, love it. Since the last weeks he’s been in ( don’t remember how many) a lot of inteviews, That’s good for him. It doesn’t matter whatever he does, we will always find him handsome, cause he is.

  • Camille

    This cover is cool. It’s not his norm, and that’s good to see. It shows he can be diverse. What’s with some people, seriously his stepmom? Ugh, grow up!

    I wonder if most of the PR he’s going to do for SD isn’t in print, magazine interviews and stuff and not showing up for the premieres everywhere. That’s going to be awkward if he does, though I’m sure he’s professional enough to handle it.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: I just went back and read the comments from the last post. Oooooh, someone takes offense to posters who actually converse. LOL. I can understand that, given that the troll only seems to be able to converse with his/herself under various screen names. Pathetic

  • ladybug

    @Camille: It might be a lot easier for him to do any publicity out of NYC, since he’s working.
    Canuck, I’ll violate my own rule and talk about the troll(s) (everytime you feed a troll Michelle Bachmann gets a campaign donation). Despite my joking that the troll is probably a high schooler, I think not. They just act like one. Definitely lurks and reads ALL the threads, and probably posts occasionally, and seems normal. But really, how emotionally stunted do you have to be to attack commenters on gossip site? This isn’t like going to a right wing site like RedState and trolling about Tea Partiers and how you believe in evolution. You’re specifically attacking a few commenters for ‘going off topic’ by talking about iPads and stuff. You’ve got some issues there.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Possibly sour grapes if it was someone from the “30 thumbs down” crowd.

  • Camille

    And apparently two pages of comments about a necklace, when there were only like 8 posts. LOL! It’s like 25 posts for a page but whatever. I also think it’s someone who reads all the threads.

    I wouldn’t doubt it if it was. Obviously it was only one or two people since all the posts were saying the same thing and most of them were like 2 minutes apart.

  • Canuck

    @Camille: Reads them all and seethes with hatred for ASkars. Maybe because he dumped KB, maybe because they are rabidly invested in Moyer or one of the other TB hunks and think that by slinging insults it will make Alex seem less appealing and make us run and hide like the coward they are.

  • me

    dang..he still looks like the sexiest man alive while wearing that sleeveless shirt and that there any man can do it? NOOO..only askars can do :D

  • seeshay

    very different look, nice change. Definitely has a ‘music’ vibe to it which suits him. Not a fan of the Black Book cover so much. I think the Vogue editorial still ranks number one for me, or maybe GQ, or Interview… We’ve gotten a lot of ‘pretty’ from the magazines this year. Keep it coming.

  • Nope

    I don’t really like this cover. It’s kind of silly. I think Kirsten’s cover is good. I like Alex’s BlackBook cover and Kate’s, too.

  • ladybug

    @seeshay: I don’t mind the BlackBook cover, though it is sort of well-dressed creepyish. I do wish they did more smiley/goofy photo shoots. I am interested in what the Men’s Journal photos will look like. And didn’t he do another Vogue shoot in early July? I’m going to have to budget more for magazines.

  • Anni

    What an excellent picture of Alex. Totally hot!
    Kinda like that outfit on him ;)

  • Anni

    Huiiii this is an excellent picture.
    I could get used to those pics and shoots!

  • SexOnLegs

    This man get hotter every time I see him. He looks so much younger and hotter in person. Why they try to ruin his looks and appeal in True Blood?

  • Lillemor


    The “trolls” are deffo some jealous moyerists and mangejellofans. They have now allied and bash Alex every possible TB or ASkars related page. Some of them even say they are ASkars fans but don’t wear rose colored fan glasses but obviously they have them on their noses when they are drooling over moyer/manganillo.

  • Camille

    Exactly. I don’t get it but whatever. Something to pass their time I suppose. Obviously we must be important to be singled out all the time. LOL

    I wish they’d take more smiling shots of him too. He has such a natural and beautiful smile. I guess they think the smouldering stare will sell more. I had thought he’d done another Vogue shoot too, so maybe that’s coming out later.

  • Danielik25

    He has three septembers covers in the row. They are fifferent, but Alex looks everytime sexy and beautiful.

  • Dani

    Love the new pics!

    So no new sightings today? What is wrong with the New Yorkers out there

  • Canuck

    @Lillemor:( Ok, not being an “exclusive” fan of “Eric as portrayed by ASkars”, I don’t get how bashing the actor who plays a character is going to make the “character as portrayed by another actor” any better. ASkars is immensely talented and it shows because he has a character that allows it and a director who sees it. Moyer is also obviously a big talent as well, although his character (book wise) is destined for less of a central and sympathetic role over time. The guy who plays Alcide, he’s hot and regardless of whether he’s your type or not, you can’t deny his hotness. But his character is pretty one dimensional on TB. I don’t know if all of the characters are written so flatly and it’s the actors who fill them out, or just certain parts that get the 1D treatment so it’s pretty hard to say whether it’s the actor who makes the difference to the character because they are all flat to start with, or if certain characters are written as flat paper cutouts and the actor has nothing to work with..

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: I don’t think the troll who’s personally attacking commenters is a fan of any of the actors. I do notice that most of the troll(s) who claimed to be Joe M or Moyer fans (and even the Kinnaman troll) and went on about how their favorite actor would never be seen with someone like KB, they’ve mostly disappeared (or at least no longer claiming to be SM or JM fans).
    I understand criticizing some of the TB characters. But personally going after the actors? Especially since the biggest crime one of the actors could be accused of was having especially bad taste in women? It’s not as if the actors are divas, or future Lindsay Lohans or Charlie Sheens.

  • mel

    Showing his humor!, like this shot, but also like the super awkward black books shots. It’s all about range.

  • Loser_Couple

    Kate Bosworth has one too.
    And LOL at people thumbing down balding comments.

  • Loser_Couple

    Kate Bosworth has one too.
    And LOL at people thumbing down balding comments.
    (oh FYI I AGREE, he’s balding (look at his brothers) but I’m not the same person.)

  • Loser_Couple

    wow, I just read the comments and I’m definitely not the same person.
    I know what it means, but really, 33 years is a grown woman, hardly from a craddle.
    I think ASkars sucks, but I like the non-famewhore Skargards.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    I surprise Camil-Toe, Mianus, and Ladypig haven’t hijacked this place yet. I don’t see even see Lamey Gossips ugly 65 year old twin here either. Cool.
    Askars should maybe go for a sex-change b/c he would have more tabloids following him around. He can look like Ang(ho)lina ‘s fakey a** and start garner sympathy from the media.

  • Amelie

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding: ahaha ladypig…

    Dad Skarsgard is still acting because he is good, but Alex won’t because he’s just looks IMO (plus he’s so boring and a bit dumb in his interviews, by listening I would say he’s 16)

  • Canuck

    Oooooh… Looks like someone got their hour’s worth of internet at the library again today LOL

  • YouBetYa

    Hmm people say hes ugly, others say he just famous for his looks, which is it.?

  • Debbie

    Not sure about this cover; despite the muscled arms he still manages to look kind of scrawny.
    It’s the True Blood make up that doesn’t do him any favours – all that red eyeliner and pale make up isn’t a good look, but at least he doesn’t sparkle… ;)
    And what’s with all the nastiness on the last few AS threads? Why does it matter of people post a lot; just skip their comments if it bothers you that much, it’s what normal, well adjusted people do in every aspect of life. You wouldn’t listen to music that you didn’t like, you’d change channel if a TV programme irritated you and you’d avoid the company of people you didn’t like. Why not do the same here? Or is it that you need to feel good about yourself by belittling others but don’t have the balls to do it from anywhere other than behind a computer?