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Kate Gosselin: Haircuts for the Kids!

Kate Gosselin: Haircuts for the Kids!

Kate Gosselin takes her eight kids to Hansbury Barber Shop on Friday (August 19) in West Reading, Penn.

“Just got home from haircuts X8. Only 1 thing on the long list of school prep… Moms, u no what I mean? So much 2 get done. Sad 2c summer go!” the 36-year-old reality mama tweeted.

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“I know that I’m glad to be divorced and on my own. I wouldn’t change my marriage because I have eight awesome kids that I would not change,” Kate said in a recent episode of Kate Plus 8, which will air its final episode on September 12.

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  • Marisa

    After a while of not seeing paparazzi pictures, we see her out & about just after the cancellation of her show. Hmm. This woman is taking to the media like a duck to water.

  • ck

    14 minutes, 59 seconds………

  • collo carlo

    Kate’s weave looked busted, she can’t afford the upkeep anymore.
    She might have to wear those sequin thong platforms twice, mama ain’t making the money she used to.

  • No

    I liked her short honey blonde hairstyle best. The one she had when she first started the show. She looked really polished and sharp. Who ever gave her this style should be fired? It looks like a fried mess, terribly overprocessed and I bet she paid a fortune for it. She has a pretty face, but this over bleached hair is killing her look. She should go for her natural darker blonde with just a few highlights.

    Her whole image screams “I’m a 16-year-old hottie” instead of a mom caring for her children. She needs to tone it down for the sake of her kids. Whatever happened to “modesty”?

  • Maxxxx

    WHY can’t those kids see their Grandparents. They have very right to be with them. What kind of “person” would keep their kids from seeing their Grandmom and Grandpop…SAD. SO SAD…

    And WHY does anyone even watch this show. She keeps showing up on “celebrity” pages. WHAT???

    Here it is…I LOVE ME…WHO DO YOU LOVE…

  • mwannir
  • enoughK8already

    Enough of this lady already! Go away!

  • Brainy box


  • bellisima

    Kate still has other options for supporting the kids they just won’t be on tv as a series anymore and if the money is invested wisely they will live comfortably for a long time.

  • Tanya

    Her kids grew!

  • plez

    why are the kids still wearing matching cloths

  • deke

    She is totally irrelevant.

  • TBT

    He body is ok, but she looked better before the breast implants, which maker her look thick. She is such a cheesy dresser.

  • neorules2112

    She’s hott … I would be my pleasure to give her kid #9, this way her show could get renewed. Awesome body slurp slurp.

  • click here

    Hot body. Eh face.

  • Vanessa

    I don’t know why she tweet moms you know what I mean when everyone. Knows Kate has nanny taking care of her kids she no mother Kate to busy shopping tanning and spend quality time with her bodyguard . Thank god tlc finally saw the light with Kate she nothing but a fame chasing money hungry ego manic . Who used her kids as when to make millions

  • laverdadduele

    I hope when her show is off the air we’ll finally stop seeing posts about this worthless POS.

  • MichaelFassbender.HowIlovethee

    I love how Kate tweets in trying to relate to everyday moms. Kate will never understand that most loving mothers can not & will never be able to relate to her. They work hard. Either as a stay at home parent, or as working parent to support their kids. The total opposite to that of Kate’s scenario. The kids are the ones that support HER financially. It was because to the kids why her and Jon were granted a show.

    As for her whining in the past about being a single parent and struglling. I really do wish she would shut up. It is an insult to those single parents that really do struggle. Having 2-3 jobs to make ends meet, whilst trying to get in as much quality time with their kids as possible. Putting the children first, is something that Kate is unfamiliar with.

    Having nannies taking care of her children so Kate can do as Kate pleases. 9k hair extensions, holidays paid for by TLC, a show (ex show) that boasts her a nice paycheck is not and never will be classed as struggling.

    I feel really sorry for those precious kids, the only attention they probably received was from their dad, the camera crew and now that all that is gone. Jon should have gone for full custody. As much as I dislike him, he really is the better parent for those children. Affair or not, he loves his kids dearly and is more interactive with them than she is. Her interaction with the kids is almost condescending and robotic.
    Glad TLC finally shut this show down though, and hopefully they will pay for the kids therapy.
    Sorry to go on, but this woman really grates my nerves. She is one selfish character. Her motherly skills greatly lack instinct and genuine feeling.

  • Appletini

    Seriously, she takes her kids for a haircut and its news?! I took my kids to the dentist, but I didn’t get in the news for it. I can’t wait for september 12th. Once her show is canceled we never have to see or hear about her again, and no more posts about her on celebrity sites, yay!!!

  • sarah

    Kate really is over. A couple of years ago there would have been a hundred posts by her “fans” attacking and insulting anyone who dared question anything she did and calling everyone jealous. Now, her show is over and I think that even those diehard Kate supporters can see her for the self centered, narcissistic, deluded woman she is. The public have grown to despise her and while she may claim to have a lot of great opportunities to decide upon, it is most likely just wishful thinking and trying to put a positive spin on the fact that she expected to be able to continue to exploit her children’s growing up years to keep her in the lifestyle she feels she is entitled to but now has to find a plan b. Guess she doesn’t need a body guard anymore. Not that I could understand why a z-lister like her needed one in the first place.

  • lady da-da

    personally i liked the show. remember that most of the stars have nannys and boyfriends. if i could make money on my kids and not have them hurt dam skippy i would and so would all those haters who claim not to, its only because nobody wants to see your family. people are so fake!. sure her time has passed and many don’t care to see her now but to call anybody that you don’t know personally those kinds of names is rude. we have been putting up with the stars and their crap and washed out lives for so long that its just business and another day. if she wants to be seen then so be it. its not like most of you can see her out your window. you must get your news of her via the internet and we know it carries a pack of lies just as any other paper or tv. so just don’t click on and artical with her name or picture then she won’t be on your nerves!!!!! lord knows i rather see her in the news then missing and murdered kids and crime and lieing politicians along with high prices, would’nd you?