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Leonardo DiCaprio: Umami Burger with Blake Lively!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Umami Burger with Blake Lively!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio head to Fred Segal to do some shopping on Friday (August 19) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor and 23-year-old actress then stopped by Umami Burger to pick up some food.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

Seems like Leo and Blake love the restaurant – the two grabbed a bite to eat at a different Umami Burger location earlier this month!

Before spending the afternoon with Leo, Blake got to work on her new film, Savages. Co-star Taylor Kitsch was also spotted on the drama’s set.

FYI: Blake is wearing a Love Tanjane maxi halter dress.

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  • ichi

    Leo is soooo Hot right now, is a shame, I need Leo single!
    by the way stop trying so hard Leo the Love is not comming if you still locking in the wrong pleaces!

  • Bar Refaeli

    You pig! B*****d!
    You b*****d!! Lying, son of a b***h! Oh, don’t you call me honey! You don’t ever get to call me honey, again. You understand me? You pig!!

  • Merson

    Blake is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl. I hope she finds love and happiness with someone her own age to settle down with.

  • Simon Pigg

    Leo is a good actor and seems like a decent guy but he needs to grow up and find someone around his own age to settle down with who can give him the kick in the balls he needs such as Winona Ryder, Melissa George, Cameron Diaz, Denise Richards, Kristen Wiig, Sandra Bullock, Neve Campbell, etc. Blake should be with someone around her age as well like Shia LaBeouf.

  • lily

    they are still together???

  • halli

    Why lower yourself to date this guy?
    Women are disposable to him, just like George Clooney.


    Leo GORGEOUS as always… I’d tap him ;).

  • William Forrester

    I think Leonardo will surely get a nomination for an Academy Award for J. Edgar (2011). I think he’ll get a Oscar nomination at least. He is incredible and he is amazing. And I think he will get it. It’s an incredible performance, just wonderful.

  • monica

    you would never look twice at this girl if she worked at starbucks

  • Q
  • Rovena

    She is such a talented pretty girl!! Why is she dating that old ugly man?! He’s just using you, Blake!

  • Marie

    What matter the age?? if you really like someone, like just friends or the romance level, age does mean nothing.

  • kà simply amazing

    nice to see cute leo :D

  • Please


  • kà simply amazing

    his gorgeous!

  • mike

    fortunate guy

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    Leonardo so sweet and cute

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

    @Bar Refaeli:

    Bar, Bar, wait, wait, wait. Yes, it’s Leo. I know it looks bad, but I can explain.

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    Black l like very old lol

  • http://twitter nicole

    l really don’t like this couple,Leonardo can not be with someone his age lol

  • Priscilla

    @halli: I agree in that he is a younger version of George Clooney. Maybe he will go the Warren Beatty route and marry much later in life.

  • @Bar Refaeli

    LOL, Please Bar, we know you got rid of that idiot and you look so much happier without him. Let another naive 20 something play his game by hiding under a stupid hat or lower her head because she is ordered to if she wants to date him.

  • kà simply amazing

    @18 you just werid people

  • Blake Fan

    OK Leo… still embarrassed and shy to be seen with a girl? Grow up, man. Or try to find someone you won’t be ashamed to show-up.

    Poor young Blake, she has no idea what will her future look like if she insists being his puppy. At least, with Penn, she wasn’t ordered to look down or hide her face when walking with him.

  • Oh her again

    He looks like a tool and she looks like she hasn’t bathed in weeks.

    Carry on.

  • porkchops

    omg he has her putting her hand up over her face now too… i bet if he was a doctor that found a cure for cancer he prolly wouldnt be hiding his face, but he is an actor only and hides his face… i guess he doesnt feel worthy as an actor to show his face or perhaps he would…no priide is the indication there, or get over yourself and make a movie by yourself without a crew … you follow ! hollywood truly enables the most off-putting behavior

  • Kind of upsetting

    They play pretend for a living and make more money than the people trying to cure diseases. At least do some charity work with your BF Blake, try and make your spot on the ’100 most influential people’ list, with good reason.

  • Kind of upsetting

    They play pretend for a living and make more money than the people trying to cure diseases. At least do some charity work with your BF Blake, try and make your spot on the ’100 most influential people’ list, with good reason.

  • L

    God now she’s covering her face too? You know she and her publicist tip off the paps. Don’t act like you don’t want to be photographed Blake, being with Leo is the only thing your career has going for it.

  • Fake blake

    @Q: Wow!!! What a long BIG nose she had before surgery! Ugly

  • Fake

    @Q: Wow!!! What a long BIG nose she had! Ugly

  • liza


  • true

    great couple

  • clamity

    hollywoods most boring couple and fakest but Leo is hott

  • jane-lee

    I think
    Relationship will not last long

    Leo has always pretty girls, but yet it’s still changing

  • Look of love

    This pic says it all…

    “DiCaprio appeared to enjoy himself, Says an onlooker: “He gently grabbed the onion ring at one point and he seemed very into it.”

  • @Look of love

    LOL…. So Leo is very passionate with his onion rings.

  • @Q

    OMG! The nose, my dear….. the nose! LOL, LOL!!!!

  • Jennie

    So according to the article at x17, Blake sat down at Fred Segal to work on her planner while Leo also sat and texted on his phone. X17 photographers can be pretty obvious when they are taking your pic. Plus, in some of the pics the paps appear to be inside the store with them, but instead of dropping everything and running, like at the supermarket, they decide to stay, chill, work on errands on her planner and be photographed?

    Plus she only hid her face in the pics that showed Leo hiding his face, if you look at the full set of photos, all 48, in a few she looked dead at the camera. These two are so inconsistent.

    Thanks for calling them anyway Blake!

  • The show must go on

    So one more photo op before Leo went to Australia. Could it be more obvious that this is for publicity? The showmance needs a new chapter! Boring! They went shopping on the day he had to leave to Australia for 4 months? That’s so romantic! I guess this time Us Weekly won’t be able to turn this into a lovey-dovey sighting since there are photos to prove otherwise. When they were seen sunglass shopping ( conveniently after the breakup rumor ) the tabloid claimed they were all over each other but E! said Leo was on his phone all the time. Just like now…
    @mike: indeed fortunate guy with unfortunate taste in women!
    Who calls this woman ‘gorgeous’ and ‘talented’? Are you on something?

  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    Leo is obviously out with Blake just to show off. He saw those her twit pics and the pics from Greece. Let’s just say PAY BACK IS A B****H!

  • The show must go on

    @Jennie: Wow, excellent points about the photos in the store! Good eye and good thinking! Could this be any more obviously arranged?
    Great couple? Right, great PR teams! What the h*ck is going on with Leo doing this and being associated with her?
    @Q: Boy, that nose! It’s still scary and ugly ( not to mention huge ) after surgery so looking at it before her nose job is sheer torture! Let’s not even start with the mole and the fake boobs!

  • sasha

    @MarilynandtheDiamonds: LoL, you sound so 13 amateur.

  • mila

    leo really looks great those days

  • Louise

    Obsessed with her dress

  • bar

    Bar saw this photo on her twitter, and she tweeted saying “what a cute couple”, ” i can’t wait to be their wedding planner”. LOL Bar added saying, Leo looks so hot. I wish i was hot as Blake. Lucky girl, they both look cute together. I am jealous of her. Bar concluded on her tweeter. LOL
    Gosh, why she tweet so much? Don’t she have a job or something to do except tweet about her personal life or someone else! AMAO

  • ace11

    its about Sex people….

    they are both coming off relationships

    they are having sex

    thats it…nothing more, nothing less

  • sant

    @ace11: Thanx for the inside info. You really seem reliable source. LOL…

  • The show must go on

    @sant & Sasha: you both sound so mature! lol Gossip Girl fan club in action!
    @ace11: seems like you are right!

  • Lisa

    Love the dress!!
    Is that a LOVE TANJANE
    Nicole Richie wore the same one
    Help here I want that dress!