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Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: New 'Straw Dogs' Posters!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: New 'Straw Dogs' Posters!

Alexander Skarsgard looks ready to “take care of his own” in this new poster for his latest film Straw Dogs.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor’s co-stars Kate Bosworth and James Marsden grace their own respective posters as well!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

“Don’t let them in,” reads the writing on Kate‘s image, while James‘ reads, “I will not allow violence against this house.” Spooky!

In case you missed it, check out these Straw Dogs stills, featuring James, Kate, and a shirtless Alex.

Straw Dogs is set to be released in theatres on September 16.

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  • Liluka

    can’t wait to see it … Alex is hot hot hot !!!

  • Fowler

    It is disappointing that they are showing little to nothing of James Woods in this. Straw Dogs will mark his only return to the big screen since An American Carol (2008). I wish he would do more mainstream movies like he used to.

  • sarah

    oh kate… no talent hoe

  • iampretty

    i hope they die

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    You just ok also cover like him

  • Dieter

    Kate is so beautiful !!!!

  • burbank ca real estate

    What do you guys think of this?

  • YouBetYa

    Cant wait for the red carpet, all the kissing and hugging.

  • Mod

    Now we know : no kate boswoth’s post without mention alexander skarsgard, poor Kate , she’s nothing without men…

  • Newsflash

    Kate’s fans used to claim the paparazzi followed her everywhere that’s why she was always on JJ. Why no more pictures? Did Kate run out of gas money to give them?

  • Dieter

    I hope there is a love scene !!! Kate’s love scene in 21 is among the top five hollywood love scenes ever !!! She is such a good actress !!!

  • lafamepoma

    His birthday is coming soon, on Thursday, if JJ upload a post of him, we must congratulate him. The first pic of thi post, Alex is like…. I have no words to describe him, he’s so sexy…

  • FFer

    Kate and Sienna are TNT…

  • P90X

    at least the poster looks good..

  • Margie

    I’ll take James Marsden please! Love him! Alexander isn’t my cup of tea. This movie looks good though, can’t wait for it to come out.

  • keyzlvr

    @FFer: TNT? What do you mean?

  • keyzlvr

    @FFer: TNT? What do you mean?

  • @18

    Have you ever hear of actor acting? No?! Have you ever heard of douchebag. Well you are one.

    These poster are lame. Why so many words on a poster, a strong picture says it all. God it gets cheesier and cheesier this marketing for this movie. Just be done with it already. I am sure Alex is great in it anyways. He is a good actor.

  • Dani

    No new sightings of him in a few days, come on tweeters get with it haha

  • Macy

    Wow some of you are total losers. What the hell goes on in your head to post that garbage? I can’t believe some of these posts are allowed to stay on. Why doesn’t JJ ban these people?

  • mforman

    I just had to tell you guys to make you laugh at this. I went to the movies last night to see “Fright Night”, really good for a remake, but aside from that, they showed all the trailers for the upcoming September releases and which one was the only one missing, that you had to go onto Virgin Mobile phones to watch. Yes, you guessed it Straw Dogs. I couldn’t believe it, and I wasn’t the only one that made a comment about that.
    I think we should forget about a big red carpet, if they cannot even get the money for a trailer shown for free at the movies. How pathetic.
    I feel really bad for AS(my favorite of course), but also for James M, because they are two actors who deserve alot better.
    I think after this we won’t hear anything about Rod Lurie (the moron) for quite sometime if ever, he had blown this entire movie and him and the creature are to blame; because I will bet money AS and JM will get great reviews and the wooden, disgusting thing running in barefeet will once again get the usual disgraceful review.
    Like all of HW knows she is a paraih to anything she is associated with.

  • Jessie

    Try these links if you want to watch TB and don’t get HBO. They worked last week,

  • remember mesquite

    Still posting mean comments about KB eh? Might want to check out CNN and read about what can happen when mean-spirited people post on the internet. Check out what happened in Mesquite, NV this week. I hope KB never reads the comments some of you post about her.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    I can’t wait to see the love scene. Apparently, Kate acts like she does like the FVKKING, but I real like she was loving every minute of it. She pretend to be all startled in order to get into Askars pants, which eventually did. What a great actress! I smell Oscar in her performance. :)

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    Correction: I was drinking and watching tv while I was typing.
    Sorry if you didn’t understand me the first time.

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding:

    I can’t wait to see the love scene. Apparently, Kate acts like she doesn’t like the FVKKING, but realilty she was loving every minute of it. She pretended to be all startled in order to get into Askars pants, which she eventually did. What a great actress! I smell Oscar in her performance. :)

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    Correction. Sorry for the typos in the last message.
    I can’t wait to see the love scene. Apparently, Kate acts like she doesn’t like the FVKKING, but reality she was loving every minute of it. She pretended to be all startled in order to get into Askars pants, which eventually did. What a great actress! I smell Oscar in her performance.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    @remember mesquite:
    I wish she did. She might like them. It might give her great comfort knowing that so many people are thinking of her. :)

  • Rachel()

    @remember mesquite: You know…your diss would sting a little more, if you actually explained what you were talking about. How many people do you honestly think will go to CNN….when you haven’t posted a link….just to see what bad people they are? Gotta think these things through, maybe then we’ll learn our lesson. Oh well.

    As for the post, anyone notice how much cuter KB looks when her face is shrouded in darkness. Maybe that’s why she’s been “avoiding” the spotlight recently.

  • mforman

    @ Alexander Skarsgard is Balding—Please get your meds refilled. Obviously you do not come onto to Askars posts often or you would know the fans you are picking on are all smart, intelligent women, who happen to be fans of an extremely talented actor, who has a great reputation and is wonderful to all the fans who met him in person.
    You also have never seen anything he or his father or brothers have been in because then you would realize they are an acting dynasty, each with their own talents.
    To throw in your disgusting and ridiculous comments about his stepmother show you know nothing about him or his family, and maybe are throwing in things from your own troubled past, because who else would think of these troubled things.
    I said it before about you, if Askars, his father and their fans bother you so much why come on here, it is of course a country that has Freedom of Speech as a right, but why use it to write nonesense, just to read your own sick and disgusting comments. Unless you are on the creatures payroll and are trying anything to make him look bad, because he dumped her anorexic a*s like a bad habit. Just remember he has alot more fans than that thing that used him and is a pariah in HW, who only can get a part based on favors it calls in. If you are on payroll tell her to move on, and be grateful that he allowed her to pretend that there was something with them until July, when we all know it ended back in March. Remember it is know as a crazy bit*h in all of HW by everyone and every gossip site, aside from the ones she pays.
    KB’s cover is ridiculous, BlackBook should have pulled the cover, changed the title and figured out how to save the creatures cover. We all know it will not sell, her Nylon and Lucky issues did awful, whereas bookstores, magazine stands and anyplace else that sells magazines sell out of his cover issues in days. I know because I have had to buy some of them individually directly from the publisher paying a lot more for them, but boy oh boy was it worth it. So they really are making a mistake with the creatures cover.
    She is such a sad creature that is so desparate to stay relevant that she would love even negative comments, anything that keeps her name anywhere, that is why she keeps certain gossip sites and gossip papers and paps on her payroll, she lives to stay relevant, no matter how bad the comments are.
    Thank goodness the creature can no longer ride AS’s amazing coattails, she did that enough and he caught on, thank heavens.

  • James Wood is great actor


    James Wood is an awesome actor – i think he did this movie for the money – there’s no kudos to anyone taking part in this movie – it’s a pointless remake. James Wood, I wouldn’t be surprised, doesn’t want to be associated with this movie

  • PrettyShoes

    Skarsgard playing a character that is violent toward women. How surprising.

  • Mia

    Okay, I was away a couple of days so I just got caught up on the prior threads and saw all the nastiness directed at myself, Ladybug and Camille. Here’s what I have to say to the troll: You don’t piss me off you just make me laugh! Now go back to your room in your parents’ basement and dust your unicorn and barbie collection.

  • Camille

    Just ignore it. They’re looking for attention in the worst possible way.

  • Mia

    @Camille: That I can do! ;-)

  • Rina

    Wow, I’ve got to say I have never seen more bitter mean-spirited comments on any website ever. I don’t know why I bother reading any of your comments. I wouldn’t even visit JJ except for Askars pics. Get a life ya’ll.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    @mforman: # 29
    Bwahaaaaa at your comment that “the fans you are picking on are all smart, intelligent women, who happen to be fans of an extremely talented actor.” Give me a break. You seem to be jumping to conclusions. Do you actually know these chicks? You also know very little about me. You should just get off you high horse and think about what you are saying yourself. Everything you say is full of SH!T. Look in the mirror before you start calling the kettle black.
    So it’s okay to diss Kate Bosworth when you have never met her personally. Give me a break. If she wasn’t good at what she is doing how on earth did she garnered so many praises for her movie roles. Also, she will forever be linked to Askars which you and the other Hoes never will be. I can see jealousy when I read it here. It’s not like she even cares what hoes say about her.
    All you hoes look like trolls compare to her.
    If most guys had to choose btw her and you ugly hoes, they would most definitely pick her. You can continue spewing your venom all you want.
    By the way, Askars doesn’t care what we are saying about him. He doesn’t sit and read these comments all day. He’s got better things to do. I don’t think he has the time or day to waste reading about how much you love him and how much you Hoes hate Kate.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    Whatever Hoes! I work most of the week but come here just for a good laugh at hoes like you and your troll friends. Might I add I don’t play with barbies or unicorns. Maybe you do. I have other ways to amuse myself. Right now, it’s you and your ugly friends Camil-toe and Ladypig. Mwaaaahaaaah.

  • mforman

    #36–Alexander Skarsgard in Balding—No unfortunately I do know these fans personally, but if you were a fan of this site and some of the other AS sites, you would read the things that they say.
    What I do known about you is that you are an ignorant, cruel and nasty person, who says things without any backup or proof, and that is very dangerous.
    I have never, ever been on a high horse, I just do not like people that think they are better than the rest of us, and make sure they let us all know it.
    I have never stated anything about the creature that wasn’t true; KB releases any and all statements and facts about hereslf, she doesn’t care what they say as long as she is mentioned and then of course she stays relevant.
    Why be jealous when I have pride in myself and the work I do. Why be jealous when I can do things myself, without having, a man that I have to cling to, so I can look like a tramp. The best of them all is I must be jealous, because it takes a real woman, with class and respect for herself to go after her friends husbands and doesn’t even look back.
    Of course, you will say that I am just repeating things off of the net or that are printed in gossip magazines, maybe that is true, but what kind of woman wants that, she loves it and to her it makes her relevant and important.
    The best part is when you talk about how she gets such praise for her acting. Have you ever read her Wiki page or any of her other reviews. She is indiviually picked out with words such as cold, wooden and usless, aside from others that are their to do a job, they want to be proud of. The only reason she gets the parts she does is usually the following names: Ryan Kavanuagh(who she helped destroy his career), Kevin Spacey and a Relativity Media. and who knows the countless others. She calls in favors and when they dry up, she clings to the next up and comer, thank goodness AS woke up and realized what she was.
    The only people I want to meet are those that I respect and that have done something that they will be remembered for. Both counts that KB doesn’t ever have to worry about.
    AS he has remaind a true gentleman throughout this whole awful ordeal. I mean seriously all the Gossip Sites aside from the two she pays call her a crazy bit*c, with her stalking and other antics, this is how she is known throughout HW. You say we look ike trolls compared to her, how do do know what we look like? By the way she does care what we think, because that is why she pays the paps and certain Gossip Sites (JJ and Popsugar), to always make sure she gets talked about and photographed at the Vets.
    You are right on one point AS is too busy reading scripts and developing products, so he really doesn’t have time for much ele. Isn’t it amazing when you have real talent, how busy and well thought of you are.
    I am so curious to see if you will respond to me. Personally, I do not think so.

  • Nope

    Gotta say, mforman is crazy!!! I also have to say I’m seeing clips from Straw Dogs and it looks really good.