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Chely Wright: Married to Lauren Blitzer!

Chely Wright: Married to Lauren Blitzer!

Chely Wright holds on tight to her spouse Lauren Blitzer in this Twitter picture posted right before their wedding on Saturday (August 20) in Connecticut.

The 40-year-old country singer and her 30-year-old love said “I do” in front of over 200 guests, according to People.

“Let’s get this party started xo cChely tweeted!

“The freedom of being out and open about who I am allowed me to find and fall in love with Lauren – the most amazing woman I’ve ever known,” Chely told People.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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    Wow. Look at all the low class, redneck, white trash HICKS from Texas posting!!
    Your parents were related, obviously. Ever go to the bathroom in the house?
    Get off the internet and stop commenting on things you don’t understand.

  • Annie

    This might be a superficial comment, but it’s nice to see two women getting married who actually look feminine and beautiful on the big day. Congrats!

  • gone

    have a happy life u two

  • Sue Denim

    So glad all the homophobes are getting shot down on here!

  • Sonia0404

    @Alicia: Same here.
    Don’t know who they are, but the 2 of them are so beautiful!

  • kokolo

    @InTheIndustry: Do you know what’s more urgent than fighting for gay rights on this “sight” (as you called it)? – Literacy. You should work on THAT.

  • Lily

    @Eslay: I didn’t know you had a direct line with your God, how can you possibly know what he considers a sin ?
    The Bible was written by men not by God.

  • patty.

    to those people that are sending hate to this couple that is married…you are really ridiculous and you aren’t god so you can’t judge them oh and YES I SUPPORT GAYS AND THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET MARRIED.

    hate all you want on me but everyone should have equal rights and gays shouldn’t be treated differently.

  • Lily

    @kelli: Normal’s overrated.

  • Lily

    @screwups: It’s not difficult to see that you have no knowledge whatsoever of human psychology. You don’t become gay because you’ve been raped as a kid, that’s absurd.

  • Lily

    Congratulations to both of them. May they have a blessed life.

  • T.I.

    Good Lord, so many haters here. They have no idea what love means. And I’m sure Lord aproves love between these beautiful girls. He made them that way. Congrats!

  • lin

    Lou you’re a dumbass

  • Jenny lou

    So what that she is the first to come out in country at least she has the balls to be herself instead of hiding behind rumors or others expectations! I pray her and Blitzer have a beautiful life together and multiply the earth :)

  • Cort

    Congratulations to you both!!! You both look Beautiful!!!
    It’s refreshing that parts of America are waking up (and growing up) and overcoming ignorance and stupidity.

  • Peaceful Eve

    AWW I’m so happy for them:)
    I wish them many happy years together:)
    God is Love not hate:)

  • fixedgear808

    Congratulations to Chely Wright: and Lauren Blitzer! I wish them the very best in their future lives together.

    Perhaps my invitation to the wedding was lost in the mail?

  • kim

    I am glad Chely found happiness, but I am disappointed in how she treated Brad Paisley both during their relationship and in her book. He deserved better than that and he really loved her. For her to put their personal business out by claiming, she cried during their love making is so wrong when all he was doing is being natural, while she was being a liar to him and herself.

  • TC

    I’m very happy for them both. The pictures are beautiful. To those that criticize I can only say she’s an artist and art is self expression, it’s very personal. So if you’ve never been through a coming out process you have no idea how huge an event it is. How freeing. Being gay or straight is a core level of one’s identity. You only difference is our society is aimed at straight people, most people weren’t raised knowing that they are one or the other or a mix. They are assumed straight until they say they aren’t so obviously it’s a bit of a trial to get through. It makes perfect sense to me that someone who believes in something strongly (like tolerance) and has something to say would say it when they are able.
    Cheers Chely and Lauren!

  • InTheIndustry

    @ #106—-No idea what you are talking about me needing to work on literacy but okay. Sounds like your just a BIG A$$HOLE!!!! But even A$$HOLES like you need to be treated equally, like the GAY COMMUNITY!!!!

  • Guess Who




  • Nana

    This is disgusting to me. i know it’s not their faul, they were born like this but this is forever disgusting to me

  • home town girlz

    Have known Chekhov since childhood, think she awesome! I am straight as they come but have numerous gay and lesbian friends! Totally awesome people and love them all. My God strick you all down for the hate u feel for these beautiful people. Love ya Chely and congrats to u both!

  • home town girlz

    Have known Chekhov since childhood, think she awesome! I am straight as they come but have numerous gay and lesbian friends! Totally awesome people and love them all. My God strick you all down for the hate u feel for these beautiful people. Love ya Chely and congrats to u both!

  • Love&Justice

    Kudos to them both for being themselves and having love in their lives!
    Their love is not hurting anyone so the nasty comments are truly uncalled for!
    But is takes all kinds to make this world go around even the judgmental, hate filled, ignorant, racist, bigot folks are being judged by a higher being so when it comes your turn to meet you maker and they leave your a$$ outside of the gate, just go back to this day!

  • LMAO




  • http://Nikkiegp NikkiG

    Beautiful Chely. She looks happy. She is such a beautiful and graceful person. I just hope this girl really makes her happy and has her same values. Her partner did look beautiful too, must admit I was impressed.

  • FFer

    No wonder God created the Gucci knock-off suitcase A-Bomb.

  • P

    I like that they both wore gowns, how beautiful is that! No idea who they are(not into country) but congrats! Finding someone special is a rare and beautiful thing in life.

  • jd

    Wow very beautiful ladies!

  • laverdadduele

    Makes me want to puke.

  • Tchelo


  • The Ugly Truth

    MEN, I mean BOYS are just pi.ssed because they won’t get a shot with EITHER of these gorgeous women…haha
    Congrats to you both!!

  • megan

    what a beautiful couple.

  • Hallo

    Pity on the two of you….what a future??????….

  • Denise

    All of you anti-gay people who say you have a “right to your own opinion” and how “gay marriage is not accepted in the Bible” need to open your ignorant eyes. Sorry, but the Bible doesn’t play a huge part in everyone else’s lives like it does yours. Quit being blind. And if you’re gonna have a “right to your own opinion” at least back it up properly. Like wtf? “Marriage is only proper between a man and a woman.. ” – SAYS WHO?! Unless a homosexual relationship causes some serious damage to society then I suggest you shush up, and congratulate this beautiful couple.

  • Chance Windham

    They do have the option regardless of what they are shown or told……idiot

  • wikidts

    It’s plane to see you are not intelligent enough to come up with this on your own, so please inform us as to who is telling you such misinformed bias with no factual proof.

  • Come on!

    I just can’t believe some of the comments here. Where does all this hate come from? All you people who call yourself christians, what in the world are you thinking? The Lord proclaims love, not hate. It’s not up to us to judge. Love (between consenting adults) is a beautiful thing and should always be treasured.

  • joey

    @Come on!: christians believe that God’s definition of love can be expressed towards human kind equally, but what is there to love about homosexuality when God first created Adam and Eve, and that He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19) because of all the evil it had, and that evil being homosexuality.

  • Come on!

    @Joey: I fully believe in the Lord. But I don’t put much faith in the bible since the bible is written by men from that era who, I believe, wrote down their own view of things.

  • Bob

    Congratulations and my you have many years of love and happiness together. Remember to live everyday like you are still on your honeymoon.

  • Philipp

    @Wroong, so wrong:

    Who the F are you to judge wether people are allowed to be together or not? I’m not gay either but I still think they deserve to get married and celebrate their love just the same!
    ALL LOVE is equal, therefore we all should have equal rights! If you wanna be bitter take it somewhere else where none of us open minded loving people have to read about it! So sick and disgusted by people like you! Intolerance like yours turns people into scum bags!

  • gone

    To all haters get off if u domt like it

  • qboy

    congratz love is beautiful and we should all celebrate :)

  • amoeba

    and people still wonder why so many celebrities just don’t come out… *sigh* Thanks to JJ for sharing such a beautiful moment

  • anonymous

    no big deal. live and let live. the right wing religious fanatics are too concerned with the lives of others.

  • Hannah

    What makes me wonder is, if God hated gay people and didn’t think they were right for society. Why did he make them?

  • mariano

    @Hannah: “He” made no mistake when “he” made them. However, what “they” are doing with this pretend-heterosexual bride/bride and groom/groom parodies IS ridiculous. For people who take “pride” in being different and even have annual parades to prove so, “they” seem desperate to actually be like everybody else, in the most ridiculous way(s).

  • Sprmcandy

    Two gorgeous girls.