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Vanessa Hudgens: Backyard BBQ!

Vanessa Hudgens: Backyard BBQ!

Vanessa Hudgens steps out in a pair of distressed jean shorts as she goes to a backyard barbecue on Saturday (August 20) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress accessorized with lots of bracelets and necklaces as well as a silver arm cuff.

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Earlier in the week, Vanessa and her little sis, Stella, were spotted going out to lunch together in Los Angeles.

Vanessa and Stella also were recently photographed doing a little shopping at Urban Outfitters.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Blu Moon Kimono Jacket.

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Credit: Fern; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • BEAN

    Her hair looks cool

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    Where she go

  • lauren

    shocker she’s with laura

    gurl where are your other friends.

  • lauren

    shocker she’s with laura

    gurl where are your other friends.

  • Jenny

    She looks sexy

  • lauren

    shocker she’s with laura

    gurl where are your other friends.

  • lauren

    she ‘s with laura

  • lauren

    she ‘s with laura

  • lauren

    sorry for the extra comments
    jj was being lame

  • justme

    Before the hate star she so sexy and short hair suit her

  • whatsthat

    She’s clearly wearing a G-string! lol
    I miss her long hair :(

  • JustMe

    Cute V! Beautiful.

  • lauren

    @ whatsthat
    lol i was gonna say that .lol

  • Q

    She looks great! I love her outfit :=)

  • Ivana

    @lauren: She was with other friends too, but it seems like she arrived with Laura and Kim to the BBQ or something. And she´s not the only girl to stay close with her best friend, alot of other girls choose to hang out with their closest friends too. Why all the hate because she´s hanging out with Laura alot?

  • Lisa

    Vanessa is sooooooo AWESOME ! she should have been a judge on X Factor U.S. instead of talentless Nicole her music SUCKS!

  • Please!!!

    Ughhhhhh that hair is dreadful

  • Jenny

    @lauren: Ha, are you seriously calling her out for hangin out w/ her best friend?

  • Jenny

    Btw, she looks gorgeous. Lovin her outfit

  • nina

    was she always this chubby or did she put on weight lately?

  • lauren

    @ jenny
    she’s always hanging out with the same people,
    even before she did the movie in june,
    she was with laura, josh* brittany for some reason they havn’t hang in months, ashley, u would think she would have more friends.

  • Emelie

    @nina: She put on weight for a movie
    Her short hair really suits her, I miss her long waves tho

  • Sean

    Where’s her sister?

  • teamhudgens

    @nina: She gained 10 lbs for her new movie “Gimme Shelter”

  • e

    Vanessa looks great here, I like the outfit and since it’s a simple bbq with friends on a saturday afternoon/evening there is nothing of about it.


    Some have already tried to expian this to you over and over again everytime you have to bring it up but I guess it takes time for you to get it but as we’ve said, Vanessa was really betrayed by someone/some people she concidered friends in the past most likely due to jealousy and anyone who have experienced that knows how hard it is to trust people and meet new once, espacailly when you’re in showbiz, and besides, why does it matters who her friends is, wether they are close friend or just people she hang out with it’s her life and I can tell that the once she does concider her friends are people who really care for her and isn’t that what anyone wants, ratter a few really good and close friends then a bucnh of people who doesn’t care about you who only wants to be friends with you because of your name and money.

  • Dani

    She’s with Laura a lot because Laura’s her bestie (I wonder if they are housemates since Laura’s party was at V’s house? We never see them at “Laura’s house”, so maybe they share?) and with Kim, Shelley Buckner when she’s in town, she sees Ashley about once a week, Mandy Jiroux (who’s in BG5 with Laura) came to Laura’s party and V/Laura/Kim went with Mandy to Dani Vitale’s party, and she has her sister…how many more friends does a girl need lol?

    The only thing that does worry me is that she (and Laura) don’t seem to see Brittany at all any more (although Laura retweeted Britt’s “love is louder” tweet when gay marriage passed in NY-they had done Love is Louder appearances together)…I hope there wasn’t a falling out. V/Britt/Laura used to be like three musketeers, now it’s just two. :(

    Btw she looks beautiful but that’s pretty much a given lol.

  • real estate burbank ca

    Ugly. Super ugly. Wow.

  • Jr

    Laura is her best friend so why shouldn’t they hang out together. I got no idea where josh is maybe still in NC. As for ashley why would vanessa want to be around her anymore?
    Plus there were other people at this bbq

  • http://j ivanka

    looking good

  • hello

    I can tell Vanessa lost some weight by looking at her waist. I used to be pretty bubbly after she filmed Gimmie Shelter. I actually think her legs look beautiful and toned. I love how she’s been styling her hair lately. It gives her more of an edgy look.

  • kerri
  • Kro

    V looks great, she lose some weight and keeps getting hotter and hotter, josh is in north carolina, they are still filming hunger games, its just jennifer, josh and their keepers or guardians, liam already finished his scenes. laura has been V´s friends way ago, since hsm to be honest and shelley and kim plus V and Laura hangs a lot, V was with asley last week, and its better to have close friends than have a lot of acquaintances. some ppl may not have close loyals friends and need to change them every other day, but not for V and her friends, they are a ithgt group

  • Kro

    @lauren: prtty dumb assupmtion, better to hang out with close friends, than be with just acquaintances

  • sophie

    gorgeous Vanessa!

  • sophie

    she is with kiim too…

  • Soni

    I think she has looked better. I understand she put on weight for the movie. But she has always been diligent in exercise.
    She looked better when she was with Zac. And before you all get on my case for bringing his name into this, I just don’t understand. They said that they broke up because of distance in their relationship. So if they are still friends, like they said, then why do they not hang out together? They supposedly were only friends before they came out as a couple , so now why do they not hang out as friends.? Maybe because they are still a couple, but are keeping it a secret again to throw people off. I may be a hopeless romantic, but I just love the two together.

  • sophie
  • sophie

    lol yup

  • jazmine

    @Please!!!: I didn’t mean to like your comment, I hated it! Her Hair looks great okay?!

  • Tina

    Vanessa you look damn good:-)

  • sophie

    for a movie role

  • sophie

    i think V looks more happy now

  • sophie

    it’s better have one or two really good friends that a bunch of phony friends

  • sophie

    lmao…. with her friends?

  • Please!!!

    @jazmine: gtfoi you only like her hair because it makes ur hair lOok good. You two can have garbage for hair together. Her hair used to b the shyt I’ll give her that much.

  • bebe

    the shorts are okay, but what the he** is up with that shirt. Hun, i know it’s summer i wear short a lot too right now but seriously get over this hippie style because it does not suit you. Or get a stylist that is brutally honest. high rise shorts like those look best with simple shirt, tucked in. If she doesn’t want to wear something tight fitting right now she could pull the shirt out a bit after tucking it in so that it is looser but still looks great. I just don’t understand what she is thinking when she puts on these outfits. She can look so much better and has shown that. So why the sudden change just because you’re single now. If she is passionate about fashion then it shouldn’t matter whether or not she is in a relationship. Just my opinion, I know that not everyone will agree, in fact a lot will disagree, but you gotta admit that I have a point.

  • Quinn

    Just looking at her arms you can tell vanessa has lost some weight! She looks good, But I thought she looked good with the extra weight too:-) love her hair!

  • Pandora

    Beautiful girl! loooooove you V:-)

  • Uma

    Vanessa is simple just a gorgeous girl. Extra weight or not! I love her<3

  • Mikado

    At leat someone who dares to cut her hair short. Way to go Vanessa, you look good!