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Vanessa Hudgens: Lunch with Mystery Man!

Vanessa Hudgens: Lunch with Mystery Man!

Vanessa Hudgens heads out for lunch with a mystery man on Sunday (August 21) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress went to get her car washed after lunch to clean it up after decorating it with her favorite bands.

Vanessa and her sister Stella attended the Lands Music Festival last weekend and made their car festive for the occasion.

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Earlier this weekend, Vanessa stepped out in a pair of distressed jean shorts as she went to a friend’s backyard barbecue.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Blu Moon‘s Summer Lovin’ Maxi Dress.

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Credit: Fern; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lauren

    you go girl, lol

  • froock

    That is actually Josh Hutchersons half brother Andy

  • lauren

    how in the world do you know that? did you just make that up?

  • Sara12

    Okay look at Vanessa tryin’ to step up from Zac, I see you girl (He’s damn sure not a step up from Zac) but I still see girl LOL

  • Kro

    SAY WHATEVER YOU GUYS WANT, BUT THE GUY IS UBERLY CUTE!! V has good taste, and the guy obviously does too!! she is hot!

  • Krista

    thats right.. he was at the premire of JTTCOTE.. he really cute btw, he has joshs’ eyes

  • lauren

    how in the world do you ppl know he’s josh half brother? do you people just decided oh i’m just gonna say whatever i want and see if people believe me?

  • sophie


  • Krista

    he was at the premire of ‘Journey 2 the center’ his name is Andrew Hutcherson and him and josh look exactly alike

  • lauren

    so now im just gonna take a guess that vanessa is dating josh’s brother?
    i dont know.

  • Xox

    @lauren: Or maybe they’re friends? Guys and girls can hang out without screwing each other.

  • http://j ivanka


  • Creed

    Andy is insanely hot but they are prolly just friends.. Vanessa looks so gorgeous

  • sophie

    lmao Yes, that’s right, they can’t be friends….

  • lauren

    this has nothing to with anything and just a random comment that i agree with at sophie, apparently i cant go to the movies with my guy friends enless people think were dating or whatever, its like just because i go to the movies alot with my friend doesn’t mean he’s my boyfriend, yea thats right i just wrote a comment about absolutely nothing.

  • Haters Suck!

    you just had to imply something didnt you JJ? i dont know who this guy is and i dont know much about josh but i read his bio hes got a little brother but i didnt see anything about a half brother. but again i admit to have very little knowlege of josh.

  • gracemarie

    Ladies Josh Hutchersons brother only has one broter Conner who is younger than he is.

    So he is not Josh’s brothe

  • Xox

    He looks alot like Josh. That’s cute that they’re hanging out.

  • sophie

    i love that she is friend with Josh family <3
    BTW i didnt know that Josh has an older brother, I knew about Connor, but i didnt know about Andy… there isnt any picture of them both together?

  • Peggy


  • VanessaBryant

    She’s rly in white man lol

  • cheese

    that actually his half brother, it is soo adorable she is so close with Joshs family. im totally in love with it

  • mary

    Josh only has one younger brother, guys.

  • Marie

    Josh only has a younger brother. This is just a friend of Vanessa’s.

  • Marie

    Josh only has a younger brother. This is just a friend of Vanessa’s.

  • mel

    Josh doesn’t have a half brother.

  • mel

    Josh doesn’t have a half brother.

  • cheese

    yes josh only has 1 FULL brother. Andy is his HALF brother, he is way older than Josh and he has been to a few premiers Ive seen him before

  • mel

    Unless Josh has been hiding him for years (cause i can find no proof of him at any premiere), then he is definitely just a random friend of Vanessa’s.

  • vancrazed

    he is HOT! he’s all man so I’m good with it. And V…you look cute girl

  • Peggy

    They are probably just friends

    They definitely only seem like that

  • Haters Suck!

    i dont know, still cant find anything about josh having a half brother, little brother yes, half brother no. Who knows maybe this is a new bf prospect for V (i doubt it) but more then likley is just a friend she had luch with.

  • sophie
  • kami

    i think vanessa and this dude are getting married tomorrow. have to be, they had lunch together. lol

  • sophie

    does anyone have a link?

  • Soni

    In my opinion Vanessa either needs to find a guy or get back with Zac

  • jj17

    @VanessaBryant: She’s asian of course she is into white dudes! lol

  • peggy


    Zac and Vanessa have only been broken up for good about 7 months why does she have to jump into a new relationship – he doesnt seem in any hurry either

  • florence

    Why does he have to be connected to Josh in any way she’s out having lunch with a friend that maybe she has known for a while or could even be a friend of her parents. Either way it’s lunch nothing more nothing less.

    Her ex went to lunch the other week with two girl’s so just like him she has to eat.

  • e

    He could very well be Joshe’s half brother or related to him, didn’t some say that the wedding Vanessa and the rest fo the cast was went to when they were filming in Hawaii one of Josh’s relatives, I think someone mentioned his half-brother or cousin so it’s possible since they do look a bit alike, oh well, if it’s a date then so what, I don’t mind seeing Vanessa getting out there and meeting new people (guys) and she does looks great.

  • armyofkittehs

    the guy looks like josh hutcherson but he’s ugly. zac’s hot and probably gonna win an oscar soon…why wud she let go of him?

  • peggy


    LMAO on what basis to you think Zac is going to win as oscar cause if CSC is your basis you have a long wait.

    Also stop being such a simp he’s probably just a friend and I don’t know about you but I don’t pick my friends based on looks

  • Peggy


    That’s not the guy in the Hawaii wedding pics where Josh was best man. And Josh has only one brother Conner who is younger there has never been mentioned or written about a half brother.

    A cousin maybe but a lot of people look alike and are not related – but I really dont get all the speculation hes probably just a friend and they decided to have lunch and catch up.

  • Mia

    People really? Do you think Vanessa would go on a date this public? Aren’t you the ones saying she is a private person? She is, so she wouldn’t go to a date with knowing the paps will take pics of it. She is out with a friend of hers, coud even be a friend of Zac js she is friends with or god knows what. I don’t see anything at all. And I don’t think he is Josh’s step-brother and even if he is, then what? Vanessa did’t see Josh for 6 weeks or more…

  • Carla Menezes

    This guy can be a part of the Hutcherson’s family, yes, but he’s not Josh’s brother. I read several biographies and watched even an interview with George Lopez, where Josh says he only has one brother, Connor, no sisters and nothing more.

  • Vera

    Wow Vanessa looks gorgeous!

  • Annie

    he seems real interested in her. NOT. ugly as always. ugh

  • Raina

    Haha omg people, stop the speculations about him being josh brother! He’s not!!!

  • Wendy

    To me they just look like two friends having lunch! But if there’s more too it, I’m gonna be happy for Vanessa:-) he’s really hot!

  • quinn

    if they are dating they would make one HOT couple!