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Alexander Skarsgard Works It Out in NYC

Alexander Skarsgard Works It Out in NYC

Alexander Skarsgard heads home after going for a workout in New York City on Monday (August 22).

The 34-year-old Swedish stud, who kept it incognito in a pair of Persol 2999-S Sunglasses, listened to music on his iPod on the way home.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Over the weekend, Alex‘s cover of Wonderland magazine was released – be sure to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

Also earlier in the week, new posters from Alexander‘s latest movie, Straw Dogs, were released!

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Credit: Jason Winslow; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • saymyname

    He’s H.O.T!!!!

  • ladybug

    from an earlier thread:
    @Camille: Since my reply is also awaiting moderation (probably because I linked to new AS pics from this morning), I think that the dream sequence could have been funnier and sexier. But at least it put out the notion of a woman with two men instead of a man with two women. Of course, there’ll be those who will want to call Sookie a s*** for even contemplating the notion of maintaining a sexual relationship with both Bill and Eric.

  • Camille

    True enough. It was just built up to be this big thing and in the end it was a couple of smooches and biting. Kind of a rip off if you ask me.

  • Piper

    i am going to be in New York next week – quick, someone tell me which neighborhood this is so I can “hang around” it. by hang around, i mean stalk lol.

  • Camille

    He looks good, though I don’t like his hair all combed back like this. He looks so much better with it down on his forehead a bit like in Maisie, both when he was in casual clothing, and the black suit. Though he probably just combed it back because it was wet I suppose.

  • Ria

    can anyone tell me where I can get a Hammerby t-shirt like the one he is wearing? I love it:)

  • Camille

    Mostly from what we’ve read/seen it’s in the East village somewhere. Maybe some in Soho. I think he’s staying in Soho as well.

  • Camille

    He had it made, and a bunch for his Swedish posse.

  • danielik25

    He was so beautiful and sexy in the last TB episode . Old good sheriff in Sookie´s dream. How is it possible to look so good in whatever?

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    Hahahahah now he work befor talking more how lair

  • kà simply amazing

    jared why he not happy now ?

  • Wow
  • Wow
  • YAWN

    Alexander Skarsgard Works It Out in NYC

  • lily

    mmmmm a hot beautiful wonderful actor!

  • Mia

    Glad to see he is not slacking on his workouts. Keeping that megahot body in shape for all of us to enjoy ;-) Thanks Alex!!!!!
    Haven’t seen last night’s TB yet but can hardly wait. Only 3 episodes left, y’all :-(

  • Jessie

    Looks like some more pics from today, getting some lunch after working out. His hair looks better here.

  • Jessie

    Unfortunately, you can’t read the article that she linked because it needs a password but maybe this is the new Nashville project Alex might be doing? Something called Disconnect?

  • Mia

    Thanks for the links, Jessie. I’d be in 7th heaven if he came to Nashville. Hope this project is happening. Maybe there will be some more details soon.

  • eyknow**90

    Loved his LONGER hair in first season of TB. I really thought he rocked that look.

    This show is so good…it should be longer –or extend the series a few episodes. I cannot deal with the fact that ONLY 3 episodes are left.

    It was great last year with Russell Edginton (who I think will return)
    it has surpassed my expectations this year!!

  • Nicki Minaj Ass

    █ The best part of last night’s True Blood episode…Alcide’s buns Vs Eric’s buns –>

  • Yum

    @eyknow**90: That was a wig on the show, which he hated. He does look good with longer hair, though.

  • Mia

    @eyknow**90: This season of TB is definitely the best one yet. I didn’t care too much for the Maenad storyline of season 2 though. She was a nobody in the books and they blew that way out of proportion on the show. Anyway, I also think Russell will be back. At least they left open the possibility. I suppose he won’t be too happy if he ever gets out of his cement grave.

  • ladybug

    @Mia: AB has confirmed Russell will be back for next season. IIRC, they were going to try and have him come back at the end of this season, but it didn’t work out.
    I didn’t like the wig, and getting rid of it led to some very funny scenes: “Is there blood in my hair?”, the Bill/Eric scene in Forever 21.

  • Mia

    @ladybug: That’s great news. Denis O’Hare is an amazing actor and he was fabulous as Russell. I didn’t care for Eric with the long-haired wig either. He looks so much sexier with the shorter hair.

  • Anni

    grrr – why is my comment awaiting moderation? – where is the dislike button here?
    had no links posted – just mentioned thanks to jessi for the pics.
    He looks amazing – i loved last episode when sookie opened the door and he was standing there – my heartbeat just raised up ;)

  • ladybug

    @Anni: I think the software JJ is using to auto-moderate comments is glitchy today, it’s catching stuff it normally doesn’t.

  • Anni

    guess so- or it was catching my post because i said thanks to JJ ;)
    still i am waiting for the new pics from the cafe
    sometimes i wish i could live in the US for a week -

  • Celebrity News

    Oh my God…!!!
    He is so handsome…and very good looking..

  • So H.O.T.!

    Yes, he’s a Heavily Overrated Twat.

  • Canuck

    Did anyone else find from the dream scene that Anna has dropped too much weight?

  • Mia

    @Canuck: I haven’t seen the full episode yet but just watched the dream scene on YT. She may be a little slimmer than she was compared to season 1 but I don’t think she’s too skinny. She looks healthy.

  • Canuck

    @Mia: I thought she looked healthy in the “I’m smelling your dreams” episode, I find her looking a little bobble headed in this one.

  • Camille

    Thanks for the new pics Jessie. His hair does look better there.

    Russell is coming back for season 5, so that will be awesome because I loved Denis O’Hare. Much better than the damn maenad crap. Fiona Shaw has been good this year too, but I’m already tired of the witch stuff. I hated the wig. It looked for for the first episode he was in, but then it became ratty looking, like they didn’t take care of it or got another wig or something.

  • Camille

    I think she’s probably been working out a lot since she’s spent most of this season naked so far. She’s thin, but she still looks healthy to me, she’s got muscle tone to her body.

  • Mia

    @Canuck: Okay, when you compare those two scenes, yes, she definitely appears skinnier. I think the ethereal glow around her in the recent scene could also be to blame. She does have a slightly large head for her tiny frame. Still very pretty though.

  • Canuck

    @Camille: @Mia: Her legs look better now, except in this scene from the front, imo. She’s definitely toned, but I’m not loving the ribcage / jutting hipbones on her. Sookie is supposed to have curves, not a visible ribcage.

  • Camille

    True, but she’s never been what Sookie has been in the books. Sookie was supposed to be like a size 10 with big boobs and whatnot. Anna Paquin is nothing like that body type, even in the first season.

  • Mia

    @Canuck: Book Sookie is not only curvier (about size 8) but also much more bosomy. I must admit, when I first saw who was cast as Sookie, I wasn’t too sure but Anna has really grown on me.

  • Dani

    Was he filming today, doesn’t seem like it.

    In those pics he is eating alone, he looks so cute!!

  • Canuck

    @Camille: @Mia: I suspect that is as close as HW is willing to come to a size 10. She was probably a size 2 ( 4 with bad PMS), now she’s probably a size zero or less if that exists.

  • Sarah

    So beautiful and deliciously tall.

  • Mia

    @Canuck: Do you think she is that small? I am a size 4 (6 with really bad PMS :-) ) and Anna doesn’t look like she’s much smaller than I. Could be wrong though. Cameras really do add 10 lbs. Why is that? I may look into that.

  • Joyce

    Could the commenters microscopically analyzing Anna Paquin’s weight please give it a rest!!!

  • Mia

    @Joyce: I think we’re done :-)

  • Canuck

    @Mia: Yes I do. I know what size I wear when I look like that, and I’ve got several inches on Anna.
    @Joyce: No

  • ladybug
  • Jessie

    Here’s a pic of him from today. He looks so cute with his smile.

  • Jessie

    What the hell is with all the thumbs down? What is so offensive about the comments on here? Seriously most people are just talking about Alex, and I posted a couple pictures. Big deal. People should grow up.

  • jessiej

    Does anyone know where the lingerie Anna wore in the dream sequence came from? Possibly Frederick’s or Victoria Secret? Maybe it was custom made like the purple dress she wore to dinner in S2?