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Alexander Skarsgard Starring in 'The East' with Brit Marling?

Alexander Skarsgard Starring in 'The East' with Brit Marling?

Alexander Skarsgard is in negotiations to star in the thriller The East opposite Another Earth‘s Brit Marling, THR reports.

The film, which Brit co-wrote, centers around a female agent who infiltrates an eco-terrorist group.

“If a deal comes together, [Alexander] would play the leader of the group who seeks revenge against unethical corporations,” according to the mag, which adds that filming is tentatively scheduled to shoot in October and November in Nashville.

Pictured inside: Alex wearing a red shirt on the set of his latest movie, What Maisie Knew, on Monday (August 22) in NYC.

WOULD YOU WATCH Alexander Skarsgard and Brit Marling in The East?

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# 2

Um, I posted this on the last thread a long time ago. You’re welcome I guess. Pffff! We should get kickbacks for doing the research for you.

# 3

OMG, for some reason this picture reminds me of how he looks in Om Sara. So frigging hot! I love him in red, though I wish the shirt wasn’t so baggy.

# 4

I would really love to see him stray away from thrillers and try out a romantic role. Not like true blood. But an actual drama/romance type.

# 5
♥The fifth member♥ @ 08/22/2011 at 11:56 pm

@ladybug @chelle_surgical_resident @camille @canuck:
Waiting for ya!

# 6

Wow JJ another thread today, he is out of control lol
Also what is Alex smiling & looking up at in those pics?

# 7

He is such a beautiful man! <3

# 8

Hey, at least we’re getting some news with our daily dose of vitamin A! You sure get a good idea of just how invasively close the crew are when filming, can you imagine having that around you when you’re filming love scenes a la TB?

# 9

@Dani: Filming, so he’s probably smiling at a pretend something.

Sarah4890 @ 08/23/2011 at 3:10 am

Why, yes. I would watch him in anything. Anything at all. He is both gorgeous and talented.

Even though I prefer Alex in black – i love these pics ;)
I love his hair here – looks yummi as always!

@♥The fifth member♥:

Canuck/ladybug/camille/chelle – you’ve hardly commented … you lot can normally bring it up to over 100 comments wittering about sod all …… how’s the weather in Vancouver and other boring tidbits ….

this man is over-exposed


Someone said it was fans that were screaming from a distance he was teasing or playing with, maybe out a building window? lol

Also WTF again with all the thumbs down for now reason, can the trolls please go away ……..waiting for more thumbs down again hahaha

To me it’s clear he’s filming something. You can see the cameras pointing right at his face in some of these shots. Though he is super cute doing it! Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

@Dani: I had a theory on the thumbs down, but Admin deleted it, darn! Lol

So im guessing you are not allowed to troll here anymore. wont be any more posts in the Skarsgard threads then.

LOL let’s hear it.

holy cow..those red shirt totally make him hotter..arrr *dying*

I agree with ib8, I would like to see Alex in a romantic movie, he is so hot!

@Camille: It had something to do with constantly hitting the “down” button and never realizing that it didn’t make you any better at going there, and that it wasn’t what the guy meant by practise anyways. It was a lot less circular the first tme…

@YouBetYa: You’d be wrong as usual then.

@Jessie: That’s funny, Jessie. I was thinking the same thing! That scene in Om Sara where he is at the open house and talks to his ex out on the back porch. That picture very much reminded me of him leaning against the porch post.
He looks amazing in red, btw. Great pictures and some actual news..Thanks JJ :)

Yay, this made my otherwise sh*tty day!

LOL, I hate it when you write an awesome post and it doesn’t go through or gets deleted.

You know what it reminds me of? Om Sara, but the scene where he comes and she’s sleeping on the couch and she’s mad at him and he wants him to forgive her and then eats the pasta. He’s wearing a red shirt then too.

@Camille: LOL! I forgot he was wearing a red shirt in that scene. I must have been too focused on the shower part ;)

@♥The fifth member♥: what I was doing was harvesting organs from a 16 yo girl that lost her life… probably by a moron like you… drag racing on a public street. BOY WHAT FUN!!!

AS does look great here but nothing is going to make me smile right now …except maybe tranquilizers.

LOL you mean the part where he did everything humanly possible NOT to have s*x with his girlfriend. He was SO damn hot in that movie. I love his hair that length.

@Camille: Yep, that part :-)

@chelle: Hug. Jesus… :(((

@chelle: So sorry to hear that, Chelle. I can’t even imagine working in a field where situations like that are a daily reality. I am thankful there are people like you who are able to do that. Her physical life may be lost but try to focus on the lives saved with her organ donation.

Brit Marling is so beautiful! I can’t wait to see her in more films.

@Stacy: Beautiful AND smart. Very talented lady.

@Canuck: @Mia: OK I totally just lied a little …on my way out this ginormous fat guy handcuffed to a gurney flipped over the railing and hit the floor. He’s lying there with his arm up in the air screaming Where’s my 40…who took my 40…gotta love the crazy drunkards. I almost peed myself!

I hop AS does get to do this film. It seems interesting.

That sucks Chelle! I’m sorry you had a tough go at work.

@chelle: LOL, who cares about the handcuffs when your 40 is missing, hahaha! Why was he handcuffed to a gurney?

lafamepoma @ 08/23/2011 at 5:36 pm

I don’t know who is this actress but I really hope he get this role it could work.

i never understood this part. why was he trying to not have s@x with her?
what was his problem in general? it appeared after she got a job. was it that he didn’t want his woman to work?

I’ve not actually seen the whole film, just the Alex parts on youtube. From what I gather, he’s got some issues mentally. He looks scared to have sex with her in other parts of the movie too. Then after she wakes up, she sees him watching porn and j*rking off. I think he does have a problem with her working, but I think he had other issues as well.

@Camille: yeah but after sara he gets married and his wife is pregnant so the problem has to be with her working(?)
i mean after getting married to sara he kinda rapes her and says to her he hates her? wtf?

@Canuck: not sure why but all he had on was boxers …drunk and disorderly maybe? His head was bleeding so that explains why he was in ER. Maybe his significant other smashed him. We had one guy whose wife shot him in the leg for criticizing her biscuits and another guy who had a hatchet in his head because his wife got tired of being hit.

Like I said, he’s got some issues. I would guess he just wanted a trophy wife that would just sit around and look pretty while he played soccer or whatever, but she didn’t want to do that. Kalle is messed up that’s for sure. Then again from what I understand about the rest of the movie, Sara is no peach either.

WTF on the biscuits? Sheesh! I mean the hatchet is brutal but it could be self defense. The biscuits thing is just crazy.

@chelle: Wife 1… Kind of an extreme reaction, but they couldn’t have been that bad or she’d have used one as a weapon. Wife 2… Not that I condone violence, but good for her.

At least the guy had boxers on. ;)

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