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Blake Lively: Sleepy Sunday!

Blake Lively: Sleepy Sunday!

Blake Lively hugs a large white pillow as she makes her way into LAX Airport on Sunday (August 21) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress looked ready for a nap as she walked into the airport for her nighttime flight.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

Over the weekend, Blake and her rumored beau Leonardo DiCaprio grabbed burgers together at Umami Burger in Santa Monica!

That same day, Blake filmed some scenes for her upcoming movie Savages, where she was joined on the set by her parents and her little puppy!

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  • Tom Franks

    Love Blake Lively, very attractive and sexy.

  • Simon Pigg

    I hope she finds love and happiness with someone her own age to settle down with like Shia LaBeouf.
    Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor and seems like a decent guy but he needs to grow up and find someone around his own age as well to settle down with who can give him the kick in the balls he needs such as Winona Ryder, Melissa George, Cameron Diaz, Denise Richards, Kristen Wiig, Sandra Bullock, Neve Campbell, etc.

  • abby

    she’s a nice person. all of the people who are saying she’s arrogant havent met her!!! she is actually very nice to her fans!! love her!! if she and leo are together, so be it. Our lives wont improve if they are not dating whatsoever.

  • Stephanie

    Lovely Blake! Could she be on her way to Sydney? Or New York?

  • Naomi

    Hmm… Except for the “stupid” hat, she is dressed exactly like Bar Refaeli when she travels….

  • @Stephanie

    Probably NY. Don’t worry her powerful PR team will make sure everybody knows the minute she flies to Australia.

  • ??

    Yeah I was wondering…. how in the world the columnists from Australia already know that she will visit DiCaprio in Sydney? Who told them? DiCaprio’s real agent abroad? I mean who…. but Miss Plastic Surgery’s PR team. When I think that this A list actor used to be sooooo discrete about his private life. LOL!

  • @Naomi

    You know I think she took the clothes Bar left in the closet when she left Leo’s house in LA.

  • @??

    Good point. Very good point.

  • Jen

    beautiful lady

  • @??

    Probably guessing that she will visit or was there anything specific info about her visit? Duh! She is ( unfortunately ) his girlfriend so isn`t it obvious that she will probably visit during his 4 months visit? You don`t need a tip from a publicist to figure that out.
    Probably she is going to NYC since she is working on her `outstanding` TV show and ruining yet another movie. She has more damage to do before visiting her PR-mate…

  • hahahha

    Have any of you ever travelled long haul? you dress for comfort if you have any sense at all!!

  • Toni

    Well, Leo’s here in Sydney now – we’ll see how long before she ‘visits’ ;-)

  • hahahha

    @@??: @@?? miaow !!!! retract those claws

  • clamity

    @ simon pigg you seem a little obsessed you write the same thing on every blake and leo post hun seriously move on!

  • @15

    So what? If that`s his or her opinion than why can`t it be posted on different threads? Excellent points by the way. If you don`t like it move on!
    @hahahha: … or else? Speaking the truth! Be real she is a horrible actress and a famewh*re and apparently she turned Leo into one as well.

  • Issy

    @Toni: leo arrives sep 12th for 3 months.. i live in south australia

  • Issy

    sorry toni your right i just googled it.. my bad

  • linz

    Does this girl ever wash her hair? It always looks dirty lol. I doubt shes on her her way to Australia that quickly. The people who think these two are actually in love are kidding themselves. In the pictures from the burger joint, it looked like they were so bored. Her sitting there writing in her planner, him checking his phone. I don’t know but If Leo were my boyfriend and I knew he was leaving for 4 months I’d hope he’d want to take me somewhere a little bit more special than Umami Burger. And if he really cared about the girl you know he would.

  • Toni

    No probs Issy, I’m from Sydney myself :-) Actually cast for an extra role (with hundreds of others as well, LOL), so keeping fingers crossed to get onto The Great Gatsby. But if Baz is handpicking the extras (like he did for Moulin Rouge and Australia), then I have no chance LOL

  • Toni

    Linz – funny you should say that – he was the same with Bar. I’ve never seen him show any sign of affection to Bar (or anyone else) – and IMHO – she is a gorgeous girl, and seems really nice as well.

  • @linz

    Agreed. They were seen out hours before he got on a plane to Sydney. And what do you know they went to FS store that is a paparazzi hotspot. Just like the grocery store they shopped a little while ago. Not to mention there were two tweet photos of them at Umami burger. Nice and clear shots. You don`t take photos of Leo like that if he doesn`t want it to be taken. It was a clear photo op before he left. I mean there were photos inside the store and they didn`t care? Come on!
    @Toni: He did not show affection with Bar in public BUT he didn`t seek opportunities to be seen with her in public like he does it with Blake. From the beginning this whole romance is a showcase and it wasn`t like that with Bar.

  • yajaira

    since when she doesnt like to be photograph?? oh yes, when she star dating leo, pathetic

  • Joanie

    I wish this talentless, plastic girl would go away, Iam mad at Leo for giving her more PR, it’s bad enough that her PR driven, butt kissing family gets her stuff she doesn’t deserve,but now Middle Life Crisis Leo is jumping on the bandwagon. Iam SO happy that hottie Ryan Gosling/Reynold, didn’t give Ms.Silicone Breast the PR she wanted.

    I would see Leo with Bar then this Fake Chick

  • Joanie


    Seems like he had to do one more “We are Together” photo OP before he left for Australia…

    Together they look like a Brother hanging with his sister…Eww….

    Enough of this blah couple already

  • Jeanne


    Gorgeous compared to Who a horse..People on this site don’t know Gorgeous..Charlize Theron, Grace Kelly are/Were Gorgeous.Tall, thin, blonde with a fake nose is Gorgeous..Please Stop …this bland face girl ISN”T anywhere near Gorgeous.. or striking..just average

    He seemed more natural with Bar and Bar didn’t spend mths chasing Fake lively did

    In the beginning of the relationship he showed Bar alot of affection…. as the yrs went he stop with that, but they just started dating, and already he is treating her like a stepsister in public..

  • :)

    It does look like he is her chaperone… Which is weird because she looks like she is at least 40 years old. Man, she has an ugly face! No wonder she tries to cover it ( all of a sudden ). Meanwhile Leo is in Sydney … not sitting in his mansion!
    averieharvey Miss Averie
    Also… I saw leonardo dicaprio tonight. He walked right into my bar #idied
    20 minutes ago

  • Cammie

    When people call Blake…Beautiful or Gorgeous…I truly don’t see it, she is average bottle blond even with the nose job, Being tall and skinny doesn’t make a person “Beautiful”.Her face just isn’t remarkable

    And Even before she dated Leo I never got the big deal about her, if her family didn’t hype her and do aggressive PR, she wouldn’t have gotten the stuff she has gotten…it has nothing to do with nautral beauty or real talent.

  • y

    DOWNLOAD: Band Perry – If I Die Young (MP3)

  • AManda

    She’s gorgeous because she is rich and therefore she can very easily cover her flaws unlike other people who aren’t rich…

    She’s just lucky in this lifetime.

  • Elena

    Bar deserves better

  • hahaha

    ‘She is gorgeous because she is rich’? How stupid are you? She can have all the money in the world nothing is going to help that ugly man face or her honker to look better! Ugly is ugly regardless of the amount of money you have!

  • Nancy

    I bet shes at least 1 million better looking than you

  • U

    Everyone remarked how beautiful she was IRL,even Elizabeth Hurley ,I think the haters must be really ugly ,fat and short

  • hahaha

    Whatever you say, material girl. It doesn’t matter how do I look because I don’t try to pretend to be an actress or a fashion icon even though I don’t have talent or taste. I know what I’m good at and I don’t push myself to break out of my own league. I don’t think there are many women on earth who look worse than Horse Face Blake.
    @U: ‘everyone’? A little exaggeration don’t you think? LOL! Who cares about Elizabeth Hurley? Another GG actress! Impressive!

  • Cari

    Gee carrying a King Size pillow screams “HEY PAPS–LOOK AT ME. HERE I AM. TAKE MY PICTURE!” Anyone who travels a lot knows that sleeping on a plane is uncomfortable regardless the size of the pillow so you don’t need a king sized one. Only reason for one this size is to make sure the paps know she has departed and arrived.

  • Siren

    Are U Bar?

  • hahaha

    @siren: No. Now go and get over yourself. You think only Bar doesn’t like her? Which grade are you in?

  • What is Leo

    @hahaha: @AManda:

    Even with the plastic Surgery she isn’t “Gorgeous”, so covering her flaws didn’t work, also what about not being talented…can’t buy talent

  • LOL

    @What is Leo: @hahaha: @AManda:
    Even with the plastic Surgery she isn’t “Gorgeous”, so covering her flaws didn’t work, also what about not being talented…can’t buy talent

  • What is Leo


    Maybe if Haha is a Horse with Blonde hair who can type on a computer, Blakie is better loooking, because Blake’s little puppy is million times Better looking the Blake…

    Fanatics let it go..Fake Blake is not exceptionally goodlooking, there are plenty of College/mall girls who look much better then her without getting their nose Fixed.

    And Fake Livley had to lick Leo’s balls to get him.

  • liza

    paps took the same kind of pics last year, her hiding under a pillow! I get her, but I just don’t get why she just doesn’t wear sunglasses….

  • True

    @What is Leo:
    Her puppy is better looking than all the celebrities,everyone in hollywood has surgery

  • hahaha

    @true: Do those other celebs look better after their surgeries? Her nose is still hideous and her boobs couldn’t look more unnatural.

  • What is Leo


    So if you don’t find her beautiful You must be short, and fat..bish please come with a better reason that same lame excuse….Looking at pics of her she IS not beautiful…..

    Check out young, Gene Tierny, Jaclyn Smith, Grace Kelly, if you want to see Beautiful

    She looks average and had plastic surgery and I don’t care what her stupid fanatics think, she is not remarkably goodlooking. We are looking at pics of this girls face….

    What is so striking about her..her fake NOSE

  • What is Leo


    Dream on NOT everyone had Plastic Surgery, also Not everyone WHO did have was Ugly like her before the surgery.Her surgery is SOOO obvious…some people looked pretty before she didn’t

    Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawerence, Candice Swanpoel, Charlize Theron..NOPE….Natural

    They weren’t UGLY like Blake with a flat chest and ugly nose…

    And yes her DOG looks better then her and Is MORE natural then her.

  • Oh God

    Come on @What is leo i guess if you were money you will do a lot of plastic surgery.
    Envy is so bad dont is?

  • Jenna

    I really like to understand, why if you people don’t like her you just don’t read or simply not give importance to it.
    I’m sorry but all this bickering is so childish. I bet she’s not there for those who do not like it
    This all hates thing for me is repressed love. (to her or anyone)

  • Fakey flaty chest

    God! She had a huge ugly nose

  • Toni

    Hi all – when I mentioned ‘gorgeous’ before – I was referring to Bar (just in case of misunderstanding) :-)