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Ryan Gosling Breaks Up Street Fight in NYC

Ryan Gosling Breaks Up Street Fight in NYC

Did Ryan Gosling prevent a street scuffle from escalating to an all out brawl? The answer is yes!

A video posted on YouTube shows a man wearing a striped tank and a blue cap – who looks strikingly similar to the 30-year-old actor – intervening while a group of men argued in a NYC crosswalk over a painting on June 24.

Eyewitness Valerie told OMGICU that a man walked off without paying for a painting from an Astor Place artist – and Ryan settled the issue by paying the artist and making sure the man was allowed to leave.

FYI: Ryan is wearing an Alternative Apparel “A Game” tank in natural/royal stripe.

Ryan Gosling Breaks Up NYC Street Fight?
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Credit: Theo Wargo; Photos: Getty
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  • sara

    Must be him, thats his tattoo. How nice of him :)

  • Cal

    Wow. Go Ryan! He’s seems like a great guy.

    The girls filming were annoyingly giggly though, but I’m glad they got this.

  • loverducky

    Yah, he has a tattoo there..and I have seen that hat before on him..(I am not a stalker..don’t make fun of me! haha)…It takes guts to get between people like that, I hope things worked out alright!

  • ck

    If you read the recent article from (I think Esquire), I can believe it. He was going all over NYC interacting with folks at Coney Island and the like.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    ..I remember seeing him riding his bike down Thompson St (Soho) and totally got a man-crush for a few mins. LOL ..That same day and street I seen Terry Richardson maybe an hour after.

  • clamity

    he is soo sexy and how manly of him yum yum!

  • Ohahai

    “That’s the guy from the movies!”
    “What movie?”
    “The Notebook!”
    “Where!? Are you serious!?! Are you serious!?!”
    “No is it? is it? You’re lying, you’re lying! You’re lying, You’re lying!”
    “Oh my gosh it is!!!!


    that has to be the sexiest thing i’ve ever seen…. and hilarious commentary lol

  • Oh Pleas

    Can you say publicity stunt. He’s hardly a tough guy who would take such a chance. LOL

  • anon

    @Oh Pleas:

    Hardly! If that were the case then there would be NO question as whether or not it is even him. Try having a larger view of people and the world.

  • hello

    @Oh Pleas:

    I think if it was a publicity stunt, there would be more than just some random girls taking bad video of it. I don’t think Ryan is someone who goes out of his way for fame…if anything, he tries to avoid it.

  • Louise

    It’s shameful that people were standing around filming this and giggling instead of doing something about it. At least he had the intention to stop it. Actors are simply normal people with a public job.

    If more people felt the way he did about trying to stop that fight then the world would be a better place.

  • janie

    wow, i dont know why. but THIS just made him so freakin sexy . ok, i’m feeling hot

  • Wink

    Based on how he looks in this clip, it’s probably a month old too; it’s definitely not a publicity stunt.

    If you’ve read interviews or stories about him, Gosling’s just kind of an out-there guy. This type of thing is right up his alley.

  • VictoriaGirl

    Its obviously not Ryan. At no time do you ever see the guys face, and when the guy gets close to the camera, the stupid chick covers the lens with her hand.

  • Wink

    @VictoriaGirl: It’s obviously him, as the guy in the video has the same tattoos as he does.

    Not sound stan-ish, but Ryan’s also been photographed in that same hat and tank before too.

  • Monkey

    It takes balls to break up a fight, especially when you don’t know the people… those girls were funny ”are you serious? are you serious?” at ryan. But why were they giggling at people fighting? That’s not funny!

  • YAYA

    Why when ryan was coming towards the camera did the girl decided to put her fingers over the lense . Dumb, Dumb

  • Lucas

    Why this girl was afraid to film up close?

  • Go Ryan!

    Ryan Gosling was not on my radar before, but THIS just made him SO flickin’ sexy to me! That was totally HOT! It takes real balls to break up a street fight. What a nice guy.

  • Marieme

    Very cool of Ryan, but what a couple of dumb idiots filming. Yeah, girls, it’s so funny to see people attack and fight each other. It’s hilarious! *roll eyes* What a pathetic outlook some people have. And yeah, I’d have absolutely no problem stepping in. What else are people here for if not to intervene when possible?

  • Julian

    “Very cool of Ryan, but what a couple of dumb idiots filming”!!!

    That’s right!

  • RedRover

    I’m not saying the video is a publicity stunt but there’s something a little off about it… I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is.

  • taylor

    I cant believe the people recording were actually filming this and giggling before the supposed “Ryan” showed up. It’s disgusting. Im surprised “Ryan” wasn’t assaulted for getting involved. Wasn’t Gavin Degraw assaulted in NYC?

  • S

    What a nice guy!

  • Rachel McAdams

    He’s my hero =)

    I agree Taylor. Those girls were ridiculous

  • durrrr

    isn’t he just the prefect guy? Hot and a nice guy.

  • Frida

    And now I love him even more!

  • carrie

    Yes, that is Ryan Gosling. I love him more!
    check this if you still don’t believe it

  • cbcarrie

    click this if you need more proof of him.

  • jules

    Did you see how there were others trying to break up the fight, but then when Ryan came in he was like a freaking dude whisperer & immediately calmed the one guy down? lol I love it. I understand that the girls didn’t want to risk getting punched in the face but they didn’t have to laugh at the fight. And I’m assuming she stopped recording when they got closer because the guys that had been fighting were still angry; they might’ve started another fight if they saw people in their faces with a camera.

  • YooPyzl

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