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Brad Pitt Signs Jerseys for Young Soccer Stars!

Brad Pitt Signs Jerseys for Young Soccer Stars!

Brad Pitt flashes his pearly whites as he poses with a local soccer team on the set of his film World War Z on Monday (August 22) in Glasgow, Scotland.

The 47-year-old actor met the players and signed their jerseys! Brad even told the youngsters to sell the shirts on eBay to help raise money for the team.

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After meeting the team, Brad waved a final goodbye and got back to work on set.

In case you missed it, check out Brad on the cover of New York magazine with his Moneyball co-star Jonah Hill.

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  • Mllllllef

    Wish I was a young pre-puberty boy…

  • elizabeth

    What a great person, hurraaaahhh Brad.
    Thanks JJ.

  • Lara

    Lovely gesture from a very happy and fulfilled man. Bravo, Brad.

  • Yolanda

    Brad is such a sweet guy – so down to earth!!!!!

  • laab

    so adorable

  • Rocky



  • teri

    Lookin good Brad.

  • Sad Fan

    Maybe they were having a serious talk.These are not their best pics together.They just don’t look happy at all in these pics. :(

  • anustin

    yeah,they really are not happy..b/c they are expecting triplets!!!!!! moron!

  • bdj
  • bdj

    TORONTO – George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Neil Young and members of U2 are among the stars set to attend next month’s Toronto International Film Festival.

    The fest revealed its glittering guest list this morning.

    Celeb watchers on the streets of Toronto might also catch a glimpse of Glenn Close, Hugh Laurie, James Gandolfini, Jane Fonda, Gerard Butler, Jon Hamm and Jason Reitman.

    Also expected is Clive Owen, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel Weisz, Seth Rogen, Evan Rachel Wood, Viggo Mortensen and Pearl Jam, along with dozens of others actors, musicians and filmmakers.

    The Toronto International Film Festival runs from Sept. 8 to 18th.

    For the first time in its history, the fest will open with a documentary, Davis Guggenheim’s look at U2 entitled “From the Sky Down.”

  • bdj

    Happy Monday to all the fans. Wow this site is like pulling grass, trying to get a post through. However, ole bambi has no problems with her nonsense.

  • anustin

    hello miss bdj,thanks for the good news and links.

  • Wbpfan

    BDJ, thanks so much for the link re. Angie and Halo Trust. I did some work with them in Angola and the folks at Halo are a terrific and dedicated group of people.

  • LOL

    What happened to Brad? He looked so youthful on that mag cover, and now he has aged 20 years overnight. What a difference Photoshop makes LMAO

  • Xxx

    Great Brad with All son’s

  • turth be told

    The hater comments get more pitiful as the years go on. They try to analyze every facial expression or movement that Brad and Angie make in a negative way and over and over and over again they are WRONG!!!!! LOLLOLOLOLOL>>>>>

  • sunrise

    Such a nice guy!

  • LOL

    @turth be told:

    Before you LOLOL, learn how to spell “truth”


  • Robert

    He looks so much like shiloh

  • Jones

    He’s hot AND sweet! Lucky Angie got the whole package!

  • Jolie pitt

    Pretty boy

  • dianad1968

    @Sad Fan:


    LOL, so “Q” you’re back with a new name today. You have been at this all day yesterday, dont they at least pay you for bathroom and lunch breaks?

  • Nick

    Not more like shiloh in new magazin we can say shiloh pitt

  • Lara

    ———————-New Angie Thread———————-

  • villedeville

    Re: @Sad Fan:
    #8 LOL, so “Q” you’re back with a new name today. You have been at this all day yesterday, dont they at least pay you for bathroom and lunch breaks?
    Of course she does bathroom and lunch breaks! She’s got a potty-training pot at the foot of her computer stool and a loaf of Wonder Bread with a jar of Kraft peanut butter beside the computer screen, always available when the need arises, which most often occur simultaneously.

  • Weird

    Shiloh just like mom but twins looks like dady

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    Hello wake up wake up good monring

  • sop

    I would love to see the red carpet pics of Brad and Angie. But more than that I would love to see them being a couple I don’t even care if they walk together anymore they could just show the couply thing may be in the after parites etc… That is what will shut the unessarly speculation and change the game for them int he tabloids blogs etc and by every photo of that king that is taken of them they will put a nail on the dismissal of The Maniston disease that has been running way way too long more than its remotely should have existed.
    .They will never could have a real successful movie in the US with this kind of image. They have him this boring, cheat who still has the ex ugly shiit from million years ago on his back and just s some one who went set up a home with Angie and he doesn’t act like he love her freely. They never act like a couple. He lost what made him who he is the loveing persona. He is always looks scared to act free like a man in US afraid of the jealous back slash from the disgusting ugly hens and stupid media who make their money on him acting miserable. He can break from this all free and start a new way for him and Angie. loving and happy couple able to be sexy and interesting too. The illusion of singledom or being the middle guy image is not working for him because that is not how he is known for. This is my take I don’t care if you thumped me. Brad needs intervention.Saying nothing and acting.stop being afraid Brad. See where it takes you because this kind you can always get back to it you won’t lose it.

  • Lucky Charm


    I’m not quite sure what you said! I couldn’t understand what point you were trying to make, so I didn’t thumb you up or down.

    OT: A Tale of Two (Three) Women:
    Which of Brad’s fiancee’s/wives/partners has the most appeal and the most people interested in her? No contest at all, apparently! I just did a quick run-down of numbers of all posts about them between July 20th – Aug 12th:
    GP – 3 posts, 92 comments, average 31
    JA – 7 posts, 656 comments, average 94
    AJ – 13 posts, 4,658 comments, average 358
    So the most popular BP better half is, not surprisingly, AJ. Her average comments is more than half of JA total and more than 3 times GP total. And trolls say that no one cares about Angelina, lol! Numbers don’t lie, my friends. No one can hold a candle to Angelina because she has substance and interests in important things that matter. She has it all – Beauty, brains and brawn and is not shallow or superficial at all. In short, Brad Pitt’s perfect partner! He could not have asked for a better match to spend his life with. Congratulations Brad, you HAVE won the jackpot!

  • Eli

    Not a fan of this look at all, he looks like he needs a shower and a haircut lol. Great that he took the time to pose with the kids though.

  • reeven


    LOVE U BRAD!!!!

  • busted

    Love you Brad

    and obviously the haters do too.

    He is a good man and nothing anyone says or post will ever change that.


    your post is a bit all over the place. Brad and Angie have had silly stories posted about them for years.. Some when they didn’t even know each other and of course the craziness they have around them since they fell in love and built a life together.

    do you really see any of that having affected their ability to make or sell movies.. NO.. so they don’t need to prove their a couple to anyone.

    YOU sound a lot like an old poster that was rambling about them talking against the media coverage. I think that was in fact you and now you are starting that again under a new name..

    They are a real couple and their personal life does not have to be like a movie to entertain you or any of the fans. Thing is they are a normal couple. If that is boring to you then go find another celebrity couple to follow.

  • Orchid

    29 sop @ 08/23/2011 at 3:08 pm -12
    being a couple
    the couply thing
    They never act like a couple
    What do you mean exactly? Everybody knows they’re a couple. What do you think they should do to make them ‘a couple?’ Sit on the bench, kissing? That’s for teens.
    Mention another celeb couple who you think do the ‘couply thing,’ and that Brad and Angie should copy. Ben Affleck and Jennifer? Chris and Gwyneth? Matt and Luciana? Who?
    Another rc is coming soon, for TOL. I can’t wait to see the dress she has chosen to wear to that!

  • andamentothat

    This is why we love Brad.. SELFLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cheer up Angie

    As the saying goes no smoke without fire… I was obssesed with Brangelina and their togetherness for 7 years,but just like Brad betrayed good wife Jennifer Aniston I can consume he can cheat on his baby’s mother Angelina. He’s a casanova what can you do… He’s crystal clearly flirting with the assistant. It’s wrecking his relationship with Angelina. Only time will tell but now I can feel what Ms. Aniston might have felt. I feel sorry for Angelina but I don’t think their relationship will last in situation like this. Feel sorry for the 6 kids though. I guess Brad will pay handsome money for child raising fees though and he can get away with his little whore.