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Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: Back to 'Paperboy'

Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: Back to 'Paperboy'

Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman get back to work on their new film, The Paperboy, on Tuesday (August 23) in New Orleans, La.

The Lee Daniel-directed thriller centers around a reporter who returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving a death row inmate.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Nicole will soon head to Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress and Nicolas Cage will premiere Trespass at the event, which kicks off Sept. 8.

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  • lauren

    1st comment. lol

  • Miranda


    I am really enjoying seeing you two filming a movie (:

  • carrie

    pamela anderson?

  • ‘ellie’

    Nichole your are a beauty and a great actor…Zac…your just to gorgeous…and your acting is pretty good…Looking forward to seeing this movie…

  • LMAO

    He is gonna look SOOOOO bad opposite Nicole Kidman…….his acting is so fake. But McConaughey stinks too.

  • Miranda

    @LMAO: Take your little jealous ignorant self and go jump off a bridge. kthanks

  • Zzz

    Nicole youre the only hope for this movie. Your other two co stars are just there to take their shirts off and well that’s pretty much all they can do. Even though I think they’re both way overrated in that department.

  • IllWill


    And who do you think looks better than them with their shirts off?

  • Sara12

    Why do people bother to post dumb shit on this site, They are ALL pretty good actors and if they stick to the book it should be a good movie, WTF is with all the hate here.

  • LOL

    I know this is a period film but the wardrobe is really hideous.

  • shank

    Omg…somebody needs to flag that last comment. Physical threats are not funny or cute. Everybody doesn’t have to like Efron or Matthew they both have hit and miss movies and at the moment shirtless moments is what they are known for. CStC was awful 17 Again was great. A time to kill was awesome. Lincoln Lawyer not. Chill out.

  • berlesa


    Your comment has been saved and will be reported to police for evaluation.

  • LOL


    So do you want me to send this the police or….?

  • taco

    Kidman is in the movie, so it will be a guaranteed flop. Take a look at what is happening to “Trespass” if you need proof.

  • wtf


    Keep talking like that and you might just end up going to a psychiatrist for evaluation.

  • dani

    Actually I think the problem with Trespass is Nicolas Cage. Kidman comes off looking like Oscar worthy potential next to his wooden acting.

  • dani


    Katy you’ve been flagged!

  • hemm

    looking good efron!! :D sexy as always!

  • ava

    I’m looking forward to this movie, though I’m really hoping it’s not as dark as Precious. What a great opportunity for Zac to work with Lee Daniels though

  • lauren

    are you serious?

  • moumou

    hahahahahaha this is the funniest comment ever LOL i think you love zac more than your life hahahhahah
    nicole and zac in one movie i think this movies wouldn’t mack 1 million $ in the weekend

  • Selena

    Sorry but didn’t you’re mother ever say to you “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all?” If you don’t like any of them just don’t comment on their post. Its as simple as that.

  • moumou

    no she told me to say my opinion and not keep it in my head

  • taco

    @dani: Kidman does a poor acting job when she is in fear. She is no better than Cage in that movie.

  • Roxy

    I happen to think Nicole is a good actress. I didn’t follow the High School Musical movies, but I loved him in 17 Again

  • dani


    I thought she was much better than Cage! However, the entire movie looked bad. Scary but not well acted. I think it will be a Redbox rental if anything.

  • So&So

    One time for black directors work!!

    Lee Daniels (Precious) is helming this Nic and Zac project and John Singleton’s got Abduction comin out next month. No shade Tyler P but I’m glad to see work from Lee and John.


  • Linda

    Those hot damn legs !!

  • Josef

    Efron looks fat

  • hehe


    He’s buff, you fail at life for thinking that.

  • Moh123

    Nicole is gorgeous lady!

  • Nat

    For everyone doubting Zacs credentials opposite Kidman, maybe this is a chance for him to show how good he really is? Just saying.

  • tumblr

    @florence—> ” The boy looks like he needs to start wearing a bra his pecks”
    You can borrow him yours.. but please wash before.. better for him that he did not contact with your germs and your snappish.
    @florence—> ” just like his whole top half there is toning up and looking fit and then there’s the extreme that he has gone and it’s to much”

    Damn, you’re good! Do You want to be my personal trainer.. you know.. study buddy? Pleeeease!!!
    @florence—> “ I mean you can see the veins in his arms it’s gross ewww.”

    Where oh where? I also want to see it.. do you also see there a white rabbit ?
    @florence—> “ I wonder how many times he and matthew have had their shirts off and compared chests “
    hmmm, let me guess .. none
    [my advice do a poll]

    btw. I just wonder.. so tell me what you meant when you said “that boy”, someone close to you?

  • athena

    Ugh….I can’t bear to look at scene shots from this film…three of my favorite actors and they all look unattractive and awfully dressed….Call me shallow, but, yeesh….I can’t stand looking at these greasy looking images…enuff already.

  • florence

    I wouldn,’t give efron myr bra let alone anything else and he would’nt need mine anyway he’s probably got a whole draw full from all his one night stands.

    The boy I’m referring to is efron he’s a long way being a man. Needs to rid of his man boobs first he’s got bigger ones than what Nicole has.

    And once again as soon as people start nit to fawn over him and his body people jump on the person making the comments and try to make them feel small, well sorry to disapount but I don’t feel small in anyway and I am free to express my option if people don’t like it then don’t reply simple logic really.

  • Butterfly

    @florence: No you don’t feel small because you don’t do anything but repeat unfounded rumours. Plus to be honest, by responding we are just inflating your ego, since our indignity is all you wanted. Therefore I suggest to others to ignore ‘florence’ next time she is trolling on her and perhaps she will go away and leave us to enjoy Zac’s posts in peace. Severely doubt it though. We can but try…… :)

  • kerri

    Hot Efron :) Can’t wait for the movie.

  • tumblr

    @florence—> ” (…) he’s probably got a whole draw full from all his one night stands”
    PROBABLY.. the best word in this sentence
    @florence—> ” I don’t feel small in anyway”
    Oh .. good for you.
    This will change soon, be patient.
    @florence—> ” I am free to express my option”
    Keep this $hit to yourself & tell it to someone who cares.
    Your opinion is full of crap!
    btw. let me guess .. You’re one of those people who feel the need to tell everyone every little fu*king thing that fills their life.
    I do not understand all of these people, They pisses me of!
    @florence—> ” if people don’t like it then don’t reply simple logic really.”
    if it were only that simple..
    But it’s hard stand your stupidity [in silence]

  • SE

    Love you Zac !!!!!!

  • ?????????

    can’t wait for this movie to come out


    @florence: I have an “option” for you: post on another website. Zac’s man boobs are the most perfect thing on his whole body, although at this moment I can’t tear my eyes away from “dem jeans he’s a wearin” .

    Obviously you’ve never seen the inside of the gym, but then I guess it’s difficult when you weigh 500 pounds.

    PS: What really gets you is that he can act his tush off, and that he’s moved onto the A list.

  • kyle

    Eagerly waiting for this movie. Zac is slowly but surely moving to bigger and better things. Good for him.

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