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Christina Aguilera: Max's Black Eye Explained

Christina Aguilera: Max's Black Eye Explained

Christina Aguilera arrives in Kauai, Hawaii with her son Max and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler on Wednesday (August 24).

The 30-year-old The Voice coach caught a late night flight out of Los Angeles the evening before when Max‘s black eye was noticed.

Christina‘s lawyer has shot down outlandish reports of child abuse and revealed the reason for the black eye was for a fall at the park.

Christina is a wonderful mother and was not present in the park when Max fell and hurt himself,” the lawyer said (via TMZ).

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  • Gilly

    The internet is a scary place. So many are saying she abuses him.

  • clamity

    You don’t know what happened, it probably was just an accident kids always get hurt playing around for all you know she probably is a great mother.

  • merlito

    Mediatakeout is such a DUMBASS! I’m glad that Christina’s taking legal action against these morons.

  • annie

    she looks so young. love the hat and glasses.

  • merlito

    It was an ACCIDENT. Max was chasing a squirrel at a park with his nanny, Consuela and got bumped in a rock. To people who thinks she abuse her child is F*CKING RIDICULOUS. She’s a great mother first and foremost.

  • annie

    DEAD @ CONSUELA. haha

  • cindy

    Oh Christina Aguilera my heart goes out to you and Max. Hope you sue the media outlets who always want to bring you down it’s so injustice to you. I can see why you feel that enterainment is more jaded than ever.Now more than ever I see why you don’t say things since they others love to hate on you and make things up. Keep your head up and keep being a fighter girl!!

  • Idiots

    all of the people who r saying she abuses her own child are all idiots

  • G

    I know everyone’s on the lookout for child abuse, but 1/2 of it is now wanting to defame people. People, instead of looking at celebrities, look out for your neighborhood children. They are MUCH more likely to be victims. And in that case, you can actually DO something!

  • xtincta

    Whatever we all know she socked him in the eye after he was caught singing born this way……

  • Jenny

    Why do people hate her more than everyone else?

  • ace11

    Let me guess

    She was screwing the daylights out of her boyfriend

    Little Max walked in on them

    and she kicked or slapped him and he ended up the black eye

    To bad his dad doesn’t have FULL custody of him

  • Justin Aniston

    Words can’t bring you down, Christina! I know you’re a good mother! :)

  • Allison

    Her bf is such a loser. Her problems will all go away when she gets rid of him. Just wait and see guys.

  • Adrianaisamoron

    Wow. Could @Adriana be any more dense? Have you ever entertained the thought that maybe Max doesn’t like the many strange men that are taking he and his mother’s photo, flashing in his face and screaming his mom’s name? Please get a brain.

  • Ryan

    It’s annoying how one little bruise turns into something like this.

  • rayjay

    It’s so sad how disgusting people are to stoop to this level of child abuse accusations. Christina is not only a victim of child abuse herself, but she also is a well-known ACTIVIST against domestic abuse. It’s sad that people hate her so much that they’d resort to making up lies and accusations about the thing that she loves most in her life. I’ve seen lots of hateful things written about her in the past, but I cannot believe how evil people are to throw this out there on her. No wonder Christina is so jaded towards the media.

  • Adrianaisamoron

    You are an idiot. Seriously. Did you not SEE the pictures of Christina holding Max at the airport and him crying because he CLEARLY didn’t want to be held? Most 3 year-olds prefer to WALK. I swear people like you, who nitpick and blindly hate people for no reason are the reason why the world is a shitty place. Get a life and a brain, please.

  • Erin

    Christina is an amazing mother and I can’t believe that she even had to explain something like this. She’s been abused as a child and has said she would never allow her child to be in a home like she was. I will never understand people’s hatred for this amazing woman. She was abused as a child, bullied in school and has been bullied endlessly by the media her whole career. She deserves some fcking slack.

  • XtinaistheBEST

    She looks GREAT!!! SHE’S A FANTASTIC MOTHER! Toddlers fall all the time. Get over it, people.

  • Bea

    All this over a black eye? Kids need to be kids and they love to play rough and tumble. Sh*t happens.

  • Bea

    All this over a black eye? Kids need to be kids and they love to play rough and tumble. Sh*t happens. Helicopter parents are so overrated.

  • NYC

    Boys will be boys. I thought her son fell….
    Never assumed she would abuse him.
    Hang in there CA. Fame has its ups and downs.
    Good thinking with the lawyer letter.

  • Wesley

    People, there are photos aplenty on Tumblr of her carrying her son and them being affectionate taken every other day so please don’t judge when you guys didn’t see those photos. It’s so unfair to both Christina and Max!

  • B

    Yes accidents happen but wow! Maybe SHE should of been watching him at the park rather than a nanny or whoever. Poor kid.

  • Zoe

    Christina grew up with domestic violence in her home and she feels very strongly about the subject and talks very openly about it, she would never abuse her child shes said she would never want her child to be in a situation like that, thats absolutely disgusting saying that she abuses her child all because he has a bruise on his face, when I was little I had cuts and bruises and lumps and bumps all over my head because I was prone to tripping and falling all the time, majority of kids his age are. So to even think that is case is awful. Clearly the photo’s taken before this of Christina and Max at the airport prove she loves him dearly anybody who believes that BS are assholes.

  • Jan

    First off let me just say Christina does not look happy, what a way to start off a family vacation she is gonna give someone the damn business! And anyone with kids know they are magnets for injury. I mean we know that Max is always photographed on play dates @ the park and looking at the bruise its not all that fresh to have bloomed like that and Christina was in Spain until Sunday!! He could have been with his Dad when it happened! They both use the nanny and Max obviously didn’t look scared to be held by her. As a side note Max is always so cute rolling his little bag behind when he goes places. But I mean kids are rough especially boys looks to me like he hit his nose because in the other pics he had a bruise under both eyes and on his nose.

  • Adrianaisoncrack

    First oft @adriana get a damn life she has shared custody of her son! Not only that Christina is always photographed with her son laughing and smiling at that matter and how in the f*ck would u suggest teaching a 3 yr old to deal with paps. Not only that she has mentioned in all her past recent interviews that Max doesn’t like the media or anyone around his mother! Do you rejects really think if she beat him that she would chance being seen in public. So you all are bashing Xtina how come no one is asking where the hell Jordan was?? Grow up kids ur sad and pathetic!

  • Cri


    Stfu!She didn’t do anything wrong to him.She was holding him in the airport,maybe the child wanted to walk.What was she supposed to do?Force him?You people hate her too much.Just mind your own business and go stan for that man Larry Gogo and leave us all the eff alone.

  • linker nippel

    she looks hot and young
    its RIDICULOUS to call her a bad mother and that she abused him
    i really cant believe it that the media is so against her
    but xtina is a fighter cant bring her down ;)
    stay strong hooney

  • mariano

    @Ryan: One LITTLE bruise? I bet that’s what all child-abusers say: it’s JUST a bruise. He was “playing”, he “fell” down.

  • christinalover

    I’m sick of this, christina is a great mom and always will be!

  • laverdadduele

    Great mother my a s s. She cheated on her husband and didn’t waste anytime to parade around with her new boyfriend. That’s gotta hurt the kid more than a hit in the face.

  • Elina

    Oh come on! Children fall and het hurt all the time!!

    But her legs are getting scary big!

  • To all you critics out there

    Kids fall and get hurt. That’s the way it is sometimes.
    I cannot stand it when people without children criticize parenting.
    It really drives me nuts and is unfair.
    Have a kid and then open your mouth.

  • JJ

    She is total white trash! How disgusting of her …
    She is over.

  • abi

    Clearly JJ has not children! I have 2 and have now lost count how many tyms the kids have had bruises n there has been a few black eyes n even a chipped tooth! Kids fall of things (alot may i add) they fight with each other, they throw toys not realising that there is such thing as gravity and throwing a toy straight up wil result in it hitting u in the face! My son who is the same age as little max also recived a black eye from the playground! Must say he doesnt go near children playing on swings!